Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 13

Solo Farming In The Tower

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Theo is from the 75th floor, one of the neutral zones in the tower.

For a long time, Theo had been infatuated with Granier village’s most beautiful woman, Maril.

“Theo, confess your love! You can do it.”

“That’s right. The brave ones get the beauty.”

“Confess! Confess!”

Encouraged by the support of his friend Oren, the son of the wealthiest family in the village, Theo confesses his hidden love.

“Maril, I like you! Would you go out with me?”


“Humph! Know your place. How dare you look down on me!”

“That’s right, Theo. Know your place. I’m sorry, but Maril and I are actually dating. Kekeke.”

Oren kissed Maril’s lips, laughing at Theo.

“Kekeke. Theo, look at that dumbfounded face.”

“Puhahaha. How can he show his face around Granier village now?!”

The smiles Maril had given him a few days ago and the encouragement from his friends, or rather, those who pretended to be his friends, were all part of a play to fool naive Theo.

Humiliated in front of many people in the village square, where he had been urged to confess by showing his bravery, Theo could no longer hold his head high in the village.

Shocked, Theo stayed home for a few days and decided to become a wandering merchant to seek revenge by becoming rich. ‘I’ll get rich and take revenge!’

With the 50 Tower Coins he had saved up from working hard all his life, he bought the necessary qualifications and equipment to become a wandering merchant, and was about to buy goods from the market with the remaining 5 Tower Coins when

“Theo, I have a really good deal for you.”

Goblin wandering merchant Skaram, who had given Theo various advice about wandering merchants, approached him secretly.

“What is it?”

Theo did not doubt Skaram, who had kindly given him advice.

So, Skaram showed Theo the tumbler, mini fan, and portable hand warmer.

“These are items from outside the tower.”

“Items from outside the tower?”

“That’s right. If you take these to the upper floors, you can sell them for a high price. Those who live on the upper floors collect these items as a hobby.”

“Really?! I’ll buy them!”

“This is a map with the location of a new member of the Seed Shop. Since they’re new members, you might be able to get a good price if you’re lucky.”

Theo went up the tower following the map, trusting only Skaram’s words.

However, since he had given almost all of his money to Skaram for the items, he couldn’t afford enough food. That’s why Theo, starving, found his way to where Se-jun was.


“Huh?! You want to work together?”

“Yes, and all the items you brought are garbage.”

Se-jun first shook Theo’s mentality with a harsh truth.

“What?! Garbage? That can’t be!”

Theo was agitated by Se-jun’s words. It was understandable since he had spent all his money on the items, trusting Skaram.

-The purpose of this contract is for Party A and Party B to cooperate mutually and promote the sale of Party A’s agricultural products, thus obtaining benefits for both parties.

-From now on, Party B will sell the agricultural products provided by Party A for life and bring in the sales revenue.


-Party A will provide Party B with 25 grilled fish per week or an equivalent amount as a weekly salary.

-Party A will give Party B 3-5% of the sales revenue as an incentive.

[Special Provisions]

-Party B may terminate the contract if the total sales amount within one month of the initial transaction is less than 5 Tower Coins.

–Party B must sell agricultural products for an amount equal to or greater than the price set by Party A.

–Party B cannot establish additional trade partners without Party A’s permission.

–When trading, the Granier dialect must be used.

[Party A: Park Sejun]

[Party B: Theo]

At the bottom of the contract, Sejun’s stamp and Theo’s paw print were placed side by side.

Special Provision 1 was designed to make Theo sign the contract by providing an escape route. Special Provisions 2 and 3 were intended to prevent Theo, a big sucker, from being fooled again, and Special Provision 4 was added because Sejun was confident that people from Earth would love Theo’s dialect.

“What’s… this?”

“Let’s do our best from now on, Representative Theo.”

Sejun stroked Theo’s head.

“It’s not in effect yet. There’s Special Provision 1, right?”

But Theo pushed Sejun’s hand away and spoke coldly.

“Alright, but we’re still trading, right? Representative Theo.”

“Hmph! Well, that’s true.”

Theo answered, glancing at Sejun’s hand.

Sejun stroked Theo’s head again.

Shortly after, Theo, seemingly tired, fell asleep under Sejun’s touch.

“Sleep well, Representative Theo.”

Sejun laid the sleeping Theo on the floor and got up.

‘Everything is going according to plan.’

In this way, Sejun secured a means of earning Tower Coins.


“Uhaham, it smells so good. No! It smells really good.”

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