Chapter 54 – Bible of Darkness

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Chapter 54 – Bible of Darkness

When Gentle Snow disconnected the call, Shi Feng let out a breath of relief. Fortunately, he was not discovered.

If Gentle Snow found out that Shi Feng was the creator of the Garrison Armor, terrifying consequences might have occurred. Also, Shi Feng did not doubt the possibility of Gentle Snow utilizing a forceful approach.

The Snow Goddess was not an empty title. Her iron-fist methods have tongue-tied countless experts. Otherwise, she would not have been able to take care of so many experts.

However, Shi Feng discovered an interesting matter from Gentle Snow’s words.

The many Guilds in White River City have already started attaching great importance towards the Garrison Armor. This meant the reputation of the Garrison Armor had already spread. Currently, the Garrison Armor’s popularity might have reached its peak. It was a great chance for Shi Feng to sell the Garrison Armor in large quantities, earning a ton of money. After another period had passed, the Garrison Armor’s worth would not be as great as it was now.

“Let’s first take a look at the Epic Quest; then I’ll return to making the Garrison Armors.” Shi Feng impatiently wanted to return to making Garrison Armors now that a chance for him to make a lot of money had arrived. However, the Epic Quest currently before him was much more important. If he gave it up part way, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.

This Epic Quest played a big role in allowing Fantasy Extinguisher a legendary achievement. Naturally, Shi Feng would not let go of this chance meeting.After spending twenty minutes maneuvering along the narrow pathways of the Slum Area, Shi Feng finally arrived at the Library.

On his way here, Shi Feng discovered the wonder of having a Divine Official walking by his side in the Slums. The NPCs who intended to rob him all backed away accordingly after seeing Sharlyn’s attire. Otherwise, Shi Feng would have needed to spend over an hour for this trip, continuously battling against these sewer rats. Moreover, these NPCs were literally dirt poor. Shi Feng would not obtain any rewards for killing these NPCs, not even EXP. The Library of Red Leaf Town had a withered appearance. The building only had two floors to it, and there was nobody present to manage it as dead leaves could be seen climbing the walls.Entering the Library, dust and dirt covered the entire building. The books laying on the wooden table had long since been parceled up by a layer of dust. The Library looked more like a haunted house than a place in which people once lived.“Apologies. It has been a long time since anybody has visited, so I haven’t been tidying up the place. Just sit wherever you want,” Sharlyn faintly smiled as she pointed towards a dust-covered chair, not understanding that her action was very inappropriate.“Revered Divine Official, I have come here because I wish to have this diary translated,” Shi Feng said, getting straight towards the point. His eyebrows slightly wrinkled when he looked towards the finger-thick layer of dust covering the chair. He truly did not wish to dirty his clothes.

However, Sharlyn remained minding her own business as she searched for something on the bookshelf. It was like she did not hear Shi Feng speak at all.

Shi Feng was long used to such behaviors, so he chose to remain silent. There were all sorts of NPCs in God’s Domain. It was especially true for important NPCs. Unique and bizarre behaviors were considered small matters. There were well-known NPCs that were much more damnable. These NPCs caused many first-rate Guilds to curse their mothers.

After waiting for ten whole minutes, Sharlyn finally came out from the pile of bookshelves. In her hands, she held a thick and tattered old book.

“I know why you are here. The moment you’ve set foot in the Slums, I could sense the evil energy coming from your body,” Sharlyn said gravely. She placed the tattered book on the table, causing all the dust in the building to abruptly soar, “Let me have a look at the item.”Shi Feng naturally knew the diary triggered such a scenario. He took out the tattered diary from his bag, carefully passing it to Sharlyn.Sharlyn was not in a hurry to receive the diary. Instead, she chanted out a phrase of Divine Words. Suddenly, streaks of golden Divine Words wrapped around the diary.

Just when Shi Feng was wondering about Sharlyn’s actions, a change suddenly came over the diary. Black smoke suddenly appeared on its pitch-black cover, and a sinister-looking face came into view. It looked as if it was in extreme pain.

“Evil be gone! Divine Spear!”

Sharlyn shouted, her jade-like hand drawing out Divine Words in midair. At the same time, she started singing out a Tier 3 Divine Curse, her voice echoing throughout the entire Library. A golden colored hexagram appeared above the Library, covering the entire building, and from the magic formation, three golden Spears of Judgement came flying out. The spears pierced the diary, tearing apart the sinister face.“Hahaha, I won’t give up! We will meet again!” The sinister face loudly laughed as it spoke the bone-chilling words. Both of its eyes were firmly affixed toward Shi Feng as if the words it spoke were meant for him.

Within a moment, the black smoke above the diary dispersed. Meanwhile, Sharlyn’s forehead was covered in sweat. Her complexion was deathly pale, and she currently looked extremely weak.

System: You have been cursed by a Great Demon[1]. All Attributes reduced by 50%, experience received from killing monsters reduced by 95%.System: You have been eyed by a Great Demon. The phantom of the Great Demon will come for you in thirty days. If you are killed by the phantom, your body will be taken over by the Great Demon.“Crap! Make it more ruthless, why don’t you?” Regardless of how self-restraint he had been, Shi Feng could not help but curse when he saw this notification. When compared to human standards, a Great Demon was the equivalent of a Tier 4 Job. It was on the same level as a Sword Emperor. Although it was just a phantom, it would still require Sharlyn, who had a Tier 3 Job, to handle it. However, instead of aiming for Sharlyn, the Great Demon actually went for a bystander and a minor character like Shi Feng.

With this curse around, how would he be able to level up? Not to mention the 50% reduction in Attributes. It had caused his Attributes to sink down to the level of an average player. It would be a problem if he wanted to kill monsters of a higher level. He also had to face the phantom of the Great Demon…

“Miss Sharlyn, are you alright?” although he was cursed, Shi Feng still spoke politely.

Sharlyn shook her head slightly, speaking with a smile, “Nothing too bad. I never imagined that you would actually bring such a terrifying item. You’ve weakened me quite a bit. However, the problem has been resolved now. If you had dragged on for a few more days, your body might have been possessed by the Great Demon, and your body would suffer in Hell for all eternity.

“Thank you, Miss Sharlyn. If it weren’t for you, I might have already been dead.” Although Sharlyn’s words felt somewhat wrong, Shi Feng had still thanked her. He rejoiced at the fact that he had come to the Library without delay. Otherwise, he would truly be finished. However, the problem right now had yet to be resolved. “No need for thanks. This diary is not as simple as it seems. It is a key. In it records the method to unlock the curse on a gate. Your job now is to find this gate, enter through it with this diary, and find the Bible of Darkness that is kept within. I can destroy the Bible of Darkness as long as you retrieve it for me. Once it is destroyed, the Great Demon would not be able to descend,” Sharlyn explained. System: Epic Quest “Darkness Descends” accepted. Find and destroy the Bible of Darkness and prevent the Great Demon from descending. Rewards unknown. Although Shi Feng had known about the extreme difficulty of completing an Epic Quest, there was still no need for it to be so damnable! At the very least, the Quest should tell him where to find the Bible of Darkness!

In Shi Feng’s previous life, Fantasy Extinguisher had completed this Quest in Black Dragon Empire. However, Shi Feng couldn’t just go to Black Dragon Empire. Even if he went there, the Teleportation Gates had not been activated at this stage of the game, so he would have to run there. However, even if he ran till his legs broke, he would still need to waste several months before he could reach the borders of Black Dragon Empire.

TL Notes:

[1]Great Demon: this is a rank for Demons (not monsters). This will be further clarified in future chapters when Demons are better introduced.

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