Chapter 196 – Devastating Strike

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Chapter 196 – Devastating Strike

The elites of Martial Union, who had originally looked down on Shi Feng, had started to panic now.

What did a full HP Shi Feng mean? Martial Union’s elites already had the experience deeply ingrained into their bodies, so they understood what it meant.

Compared to only losing a level after dying, their current situation was far graver. As they had spent all this time grinding monsters, their equipment and weapons’ durability was almost depleted. If they received an attack from Shi Feng right now, that little durability would decrease even further, and their equipment and weapons might even be destroyed. This was much more frightening than simply losing a level.

If they lost a level, they could recover it through grinding. However, it would be a different story if they lost the equipment and weapons they currently relied on. They had only managed to collect all these items after much difficulty, and compared to regaining a single level, it would be much more troublesome to recover these items. There was even the possibility that they could not recover these items at all.

“Ye Feng, don’t go overboard! It won’t be beneficial to either of us if you continue your actions! It is not too late for you to leave this place right now! In the future, we will mind our own business, and we will each walk our separate paths!” Although Unstable Devastation felt dissatisfied, Shi Feng’s strength was simply too frightening. He could only grit his teeth and take a step back in this matter.

If he lost everything he had right now, his dreams of rising in Martial Union would also vanish.

“Overboard? These are your last words?” Shi Feng laughed at the absurdity.

He truly could not understand Unstable Devastation’s thought process. Did he think that, after slapping someone across the face, everything could be settled just with a simple apology?

Hearing Shi Feng’s contempt, Unstable Devastation felt humiliation for the first time. He had already taken a step back, yet, Shi Feng reacted so aggressively. However, he could do nothing to Shi Feng right now, so he could only watch as his subordinates were butchered, one after another. This sort of helplessness had driven him close to insanity.

Unstable Devastation never thought that such a day would befall him.

In the beginning, he had a 100% certainty of crushing Shi Feng. Now, however, due to a mystical exploding object and an Intermediate Recovery Potion, that confidence shattered. Even if they managed to kill Shi Feng today, the elites of Martial Union would receive insufferable losses.

“Ye Feng, you have forced my hand! Let’s see which one of us will die first, then!”

“Everyone, attack him together! He already has a super-red name! As long as we can kill him, he will drop all of his equipment, and it will be enough to make up for all our losses! Don’t be afraid! His HP Potion’s Cooldown is definitely very long! We can exhaust him to death!”

Upon receiving Unstable Devastation’s command, the members of Martial Union went into a frenzy. They used all their skills and techniques to restrict Shi Feng while slowly depleting his HP.

Meanwhile, Unstable Devastation also reluctantly retrieved a flame-red arrow from his back, aiming and firing it at Shi Feng.

This was Unstable Devastation’s strongest treasure. Originally, he had intended to use this arrow to deal with a Lord ranked Boss. Now, however, he could only use it to get rid of Shi Feng.

Xiu! The flame-red arrow soared through the air, leaving behind a sonic boom as it shot towards Shi Feng’s heart.

Extremely complicated incantations were carved on the flame-red arrow’s body, causing the surrounding fire-type mana to gather around the arrow. It seemed like a consumable item.

Shi Feng had also noticed this flame-red arrow flying at him. He stopped paying attention to the spells attacking him and immediately used Parry to block this flame-red arrow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment the arrow collided with Shi Feng’s swords, it exploded. The force of the explosion instantly sent Shi Feng flying. Fortunately, Parry had managed to block the attack fully, and Shi Feng received no damage from the arrow.

Shortly after, Shi Feng landed, unscathed. Immediately, he charged towards the mages, resuming his massacre of Martial Union’s elites. Just like slapping at flies, Shi Feng killed one player from Martial Union with each of his attacks. Within a short moment, four elites had died. Watching this scene play out, Unstable Devastation’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Even after he used his final trump card, Shi Feng had taken not a thread of damage from it. On the contrary, his attack aided Shi Feng in closing in on the mages and continuing his slaughter.

To begin with, Shi Feng’s Movement Speed was extremely quick. These mages had no chances of escaping him at all. Furthermore, due to the level suppression and Shi Feng’s magic resistance, these mages were rendered utterly helpless. They could only watch as they were slaughtered.

Noticing that the frozen effect on the melee players was about to dissipate, the mages of Martial Union released a sigh of relief. They finally saw hope.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng took out another Intermediate Frost Grenade from his bag, tossing it at the melee players again. The Frost Grenade landed precisely on the same location as before, and in the blink of an eye, these melee players froze solid once more. A damage of -400 also appeared on every one of their heads, and the Assassins and Swordsmen who had low HP fell into critical conditions. Shi Feng then made a slashing motion with his sword, sending a flame blade flying at the Assassins and Swordsmen, ending their lives. This attack even destroyed the equipment they wore.

At this stage of the game, where everyone’s levels were still low, there were plenty of skills that players had yet to learn. It was especially true for high-level skills that could remove controlling effects. Thus, the elites had no defenses against Shi Feng’s Frost Grenades. They had no ways of dealing with them at all.

With the melee players frozen once again, and Shi Feng killing so many of their allies, these mages truly felt despair. They no longer cared about Unstable Devastation’s command; they all ran, escaping in any direction they could.

Nobody would have thought that Shi Feng would still have a weapon of mass destruction like that. If they had known about this earlier, they would have long since fled and not remained here for slaughter.

“Everyone’s escaping now?” Shi Feng immediately felt his head ache. If he hunted them down, one by one, he might let even more players escape. After all, although the Frost Grenades had frightening might, nobody would be foolish enough to stand still and wait for their deaths.

Helpless, Shi Feng could only start throwing out Basic Frost Grenades without stop. Although there was a one-second Cooldown, it could freeze a player for three seconds. With this, Shi Feng could get rid of all these scattered players.

With Basic Frost Grenades tossed out, one after another, the sandy grounds turned into a world of ice, while all of the members of Martial Union turned into ice sculptures. Shi Feng then used the blazingly hot Abyssal Blade to end each of their lives.

Watching as his teammates died and their equipment destroyed, the remaining players trembled in fear as they were driven to insanity. Some of the players who could not endure the sight even tried to log off from the game immediately. However, players were not allowed to log off during combat. So, they could only helplessly wait as Shi Feng walked, step by step, closing in on them.

Very quickly, Shi Feng had reaped the lives of one hundred-plus elite members of Martial Union, and only Unstable Devastation remained alive now. Unstable Devastation quietly stood still, his mind in a daze. He had even forgotten to resist.

Over a hundred elite players had died, and all of their equipment was destroyed. These were all of his assets, and right now, it was impossible for him to climb back up in Martial Union even if he wanted to. He no longer had any means to compete with his rivals in the Guild.

At this moment, Unstable Devastation only had regret filling his heart. All of this had stemmed from his own arrogance. If he had known that Shi Feng was so frightening from the very beginning, he wouldn’t have dared to become enemies with Shi Feng, even if he were beaten to death. Even if he had to become enemies with Shi Feng, at the very least, he would have waited until all members of Martial Union had entered White River City. However, it was too late now.

Soon after, Shi Feng killed Unstable Devastation with two sword slashes as well.

“I’m finally done cleaning up. It should also be about time to bring Blackie and the others down to a Dungeon for some equipment upgrades.” Shi Feng took a look at his surroundings. After confirming that there weren’t any members from Martial Union remaining, he used the Demon Mask to wipe clean his name. He then took out a Return Scroll, chanting the incantation and returning to White River City.

After killing Unstable Devastation and the elite players under him, even if Unstable Devastation wanted to do anything to Shi Feng in the future, he would need to wait until these elite members recovered before he could. However, there was no need to concern himself over a matter that couldn’t happen for quite a while.

Shortly after Shi Feng wiped out Unstable Devastation’s entire elite team…

A large commotion occurred among the alliance of Guilds that wished to carry out a crusade against Shi Feng. This commotion was a result of Unstable Devastation suddenly declaring his retirement from this small alliance. Unstable Devastation’s actions had confused these other Guilds. He also refused to speak of anything in the alliance’s chat before leaving it.

After witnessing Shi Feng’s fearsomeness, Unstable Devastation didn’t dare battle Shi Feng any longer. Since Shi Feng could kill him at the White Sand Ruins, then he could similarly kill him again and again out in the field. The same went for his team. Unstable Devastation no longer dared think of this matter. He still wished to make a living through God’s Domain. He was truly afraid of Shi Feng now.

Hence, Unstable Devastation also expressed his apologies on the official forums. In the future, he swore to no longer participate in any matters relating to Shi Feng. As long as he met Shi Feng, he would make a circle and do his best to avoid Shi Feng.

Immediately, Unstable Devastation’s actions had sent shockwaves through the White River City region.

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