Chapter 190 – Taking Precautions

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Chapter 190 – Taking Precautions

Shi Feng had already received attention since the problem of the leveling strategy cropped up.

Now that he had priced the leveling strategy at a shockingly high price of ten billion Credits, he was once more pushed into the spotlight. Hence, it was only natural for the White River City Guidebook to receive everyone’s attention the moment it appeared.

These sales had far exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations.

Shi Feng quietly called up the half-transparent display screen. When he examined the sales records displayed on the official forums, Shi Feng involuntarily revealed a knowing smile.

The simplified version of the White River City Guidebook sold 25,364 copies.

The luxury version of the White River City Guidebook sold 367 copies.

In only half a day’s time, the sales had already reached such numbers. Even a best-selling book could achieve such a feat.

The simplified version, which was the cheapest version of the guidebook, already cost 300 Credits. This was much more expensive than any ordinary book. However, over 25,000 copies still sold. Moreover, 367 copies of the 20,000 Credit version of the guidebook also sold. It was obvious just how great the business opportunities were in God’s Domain.

Just the Credits Shi Feng earned within a day exceeded ten million. It was practically faster than robbing a bank.

Of course, the main contributor to such success was Shi Feng becoming too eye-catching and famous, even if most of it was infamy. Moreover, along with the passing of time, the sales of the White River City Guidebook would still increase. Although Shi Feng won’t be earning as much as he was now, his daily earnings would still be considerable.

Originally, Shi Feng estimated his earnings from the guidebooks would be around several million Credits. Moreover, he reached this conclusion after taking into consideration that every Guild within the White River City region would purchase a copy of the luxury version. However, the conversation records on the forums made it clear that it wasn’t just players within the White River City region paying attention to the guidebook. Players and Guilds from other cities also purchased the guidebooks, which, in turn, led to such a high selling rate.

Although it was a strange situation, Shi Feng could guess the intentions of the players and Guilds of other cities.

The difference between cities was not particularly large. Mostly, only the quests available, leveling spots, and amount of NPCs were different. However, the main rules in a city and the ways to develop a Guild in a city were the same. As long as they bought the White River City Guidebook, they would understand the basic rules of their respective cities. They could also quickly adapt to the playstyle in the cities. So, naturally, they would purchase a copy of the guidebook to get a general understanding of their respective cities.

Now that Shi Feng had gained over ten million Credits for no good reason, confidence regarding his future filled his heart. He might even be able to suppress Shadow at the Fellowship Party in a few days, becoming the center of attention during the party. However, before he could become the focal point, he needed to make plenty of preparations. After all, his background was simply too weak compared to Shadow’s right now.

Hard Stones will soar in price from now on. It should reach its peak by the time the first corporation enter White River City. That time would be the best opportunity for me to sell my stock and make a killing. Shi Feng closed the official forums as he thought. Right now, aside from Credits, he needed a lot of Gold Coins to increase his Workshop’s background. However, he could not just hold on to a ton of Gold Coins. After all, the true way of earning money in a virtual reality game was by spending money in the first place.

He currently had far too few Coins to carry out such a feat. Hence, he needed to earn many more Gold Coins.

Right now, becoming enemies with that many unrated Guilds had placed quite a pressure on Shi Feng. Although these Guilds were not much of a threat to him as a lone player, he still wanted to establish his own Guild in the future. Such a situation would be detrimental to his Guild.

As the saying went, the barefooted did not fear those with shoes[1]. Establishing your own Guild was the equivalent of putting on shoes. Having a Guild was the equivalent of having a house, supplying your enemies with an easy target; they could deal with you with greater ease. Hence, in Shi Feng’s previous life, plenty of small Guilds were forced to disperse due to being targeted by a large Guild. On the other hand, the fixed teams formed by independent players got by rather peacefully, and it went without saying that lone players could do so as well.

However, there was a limit to the strength of a single individual in God’s Domain. It was the same in the case of a large team. If Shi Feng wanted to establish his own virtual empire, he, even more, was in need of the strength of a Guild. Hence, establishing a Guild was his only available option.

To reduce the pressure on himself, Shi Feng needed to increase the pressure on these unrated Guilds. That way, they couldn’t spare any time to deal with him. Although there was still a long time until these Guilds would search him out, it was wise to take precautions.

Immediately, Shi Feng contacted Stabbing Heart.

“Brother Ye Feng, I am truly grateful for your help the last time! Because of your guidebook, the elite teams of our Guild could prepare far more than other Guilds. After we enter White River City, I believe it won’t be long before our Assassin’s Alliance reigns supreme over the other Guilds in White River City!” Stabbing Heart excitedly said, “However, after not meeting for some time, I never imagined that Brother Ye Feng would grow even more famous! I am truly envious! If I become as famous as Brother Ye Feng, I might even be promoted to an elder position during the next Guild meeting!”

“I’d rather be more ordinary,” Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

The nail that stuck out would be hammered down. Although Shi Feng had long since been prepared for this in his heart, he did not think that the actual situation would be so intense.

“Brother Ye Feng, since you are looking for me, do you need help for something?” Stabbing Heart asked. Normally, Shi Feng would not take the initiative to contact him unless there was something going on.

“Of course. Moreover, it is good news for you,” Shi Feng laughed.

“Good news?” Stabbing Heart grew slightly excited. He had received plenty of praises from the Guild Leader due to the help he received from Shi Feng the past several times. As a result, his position in Assassin’s Alliance had risen by quite a bit. Meanwhile, the matter of the White River City Guidebook even earned him the good graces of the Guild elders; they had already labeled him as one of the reserve elders of the Guild. Such a promotion was rare in the Assassin’s Alliance, and it displayed how highly the Guild Leader and elders thought of him.

“Do you lack Hard Stones right now?” Shi Feng asked.

“Lack?! My subordinates and I have a headache over this matter right now! Even though I’d sent many people out to grind, the amount of Hard Stones we obtained is merely a drop in the bucket! Does Brother Ye Feng need some Hard Stones right now?” Stabbing Heart breathed out a tired sigh when he heard the words ‘Hard Stone.’ He then immediately said, “If Brother Ye Feng needs them, I should be able to gather three to four stacks for you. I truly can’t spare any more than that.”

Stabbing Heart only spoke the truth. After all, he had prepared these Hard Stones for the forgers in his Guild to craft Whetstones.

“Brother Stabbing Heart, you’re overthinking things. I’m not calling to buy, but to sell,” Shi Feng laughed.

“Sell?” Stabbing Heart was awe-stricken. Hard Stones were extremely rare right now, and it was insanely difficult for average players to obtain them. Not to mention selling them, players would normally choose to keep them for their own use. After all, if one wanted to level up quickly, Whetstones were a must. “How many do you have? Be it two or three stacks, I want all of them! I’ll even buy them at above market price! What do you think about 9 Silver Coins per stack?”

In Stabbing Heart’s mind, Shi Feng was only an independent player. It was already heaven-defying for him to have two to three stacks. After all, Stabbing Heart’s own team, which consisted of hundreds of players, had only managed to obtain three to four stacks after a long time.

“No; I have fifty stacks. However, I’m only taking Coins for them,” Shi Feng casually responded, extended five fingers.

TL Notes:

[1]the barefooted did not fear those with shoes: this is a Chinese saying that refers to a person that has no scruples of doing something, as that person was already not allowed to do so.

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