Chapter 183 – Special Condition

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Chapter 183 – Special Condition

“What did you say?” Brilliant Wargod was stunned.

“Of course, I accept your challenge,” Shi Feng smiled.

After Shi Feng’s reaffirmation, Brilliant Wargod knew that he did not hear wrong. Originally, he had thought that Shi Feng would immediately reject his challenge after learning how fearsome he was. He had even been in the midst of thinking of a way to provoke or anger Shi Feng into accepting his challenge. However, it would seem that he had simply been wasting his time.

He had actually met a fool with mental issues.

Aqua Rose had explained to Shi Feng how amazing he was, yet this person still happily agreed.

However, this situation was fine as well. It would save him plenty of trouble.

“I didn’t think that you would have the guts. Since you’ve accepted, let’s take this outside. Rest assured, I’ll give you a quick and painless death, and I won’t embarrass you too much! Hahaha!”

Saying so, Brilliant Wargod laughed as he headed towards the restaurant’s exit.

“Master Black Flame, you really shouldn’t agree to him. Although he usually bullies others with his authority, his strength ranks within the top five amongst all the Shield Warriors in Echo Twilight. Moreover, the Diamond Guard Set Equipment he just obtained is Mysterious-Iron rank, while his Giant Bear Waraxe is Secret-Silver rank. On the other hand, you are a Swordsman. You also focus on your subclass as a forger. Dueling him would only be a farce,” Aqua Rose said worriedly as she walked over to Shi Feng.

Aqua Rose had a clear understanding of Brilliant Wargod’s strength. If he had the chance, he would humiliate Shi Feng in every way possible to take revenge for the previous incident. If Shi Feng were humiliated, how could she continue her cooperation with Shi Feng?

She had already spent so much effort and purchased so many forging materials. Originally, she could have earned a big sum of money by cooperating with Shi Feng. Now, however, Brilliant Wargod ruined it all. She wished that she could chop Brilliant Wargod into pieces right this instant.

“Miss Aqua, thank you for informing me of this. I already understand the situation,” Shi Feng thanked.

“It’s good that you understand,” Aqua Rose sighed in relief when she heard Shi Feng. Now, everything would be fine as long as she drove Brilliant Wargod away.

Originally, Aqua Rose wanted to say, “Let me deal with this matter, then.”

However, Shi Feng interrupted her, saying, “You can rest assured that I will settle this battle very quickly.”

Finished speaking, Shi Feng exited the restaurant as well, leaving behind a dazed Aqua Rose.

After wasting her breath for so long, it turned out that Shi Feng did not understand her at all. On the contrary, he even headed to the duel with confidence. Aqua Rose started to suspect that she had misspoken, causing Shi Feng to think that Brilliant Wargod was extremely weak.

In a city, duels could normally be conducted on the streets. However, both parties must agree to the rules and conditions before the duel could occur. Otherwise, it was only an attack, and the guards would personally kill and jail the player initiating the attack.

The moment Shi Feng set foot out of the restaurant, Brilliant Wargod sent the duel challenge. Moreover, the rewards and punishments were already set, and only Shi Feng’s agreement was necessary to start the duel officially. As the rules were absolute, once both sides agreed to them, there was no escaping the rewards or punishments. Even if players were unwilling to hand over the items gambled, the system would still automatically transfer the items to the winner; the loser would similarly receive the punishment agreed upon before the duel.

Shi Feng couldn’t help but admit that Brilliant Wargod had a truly cruel heart. The condition set for the loser was an immediate drop to Level 0, destroying their leveling efforts over the past several days. The loser would also have a huge level gap with the majority of the current players. It would be extremely difficult for the loser to catch up.

“If there are no problems, click the agree button,” Brilliant Wargod smiled coldly.

Shi Feng gave the conditions a general glance. After confirming that there were no problems, he clicked ‘Agree.’

“Let’s start this meaningless battle, then.”

Immediately after Shi Feng clicked agree, gigantic numbers appeared floating in mid-air. It was the 10-second countdown timer for the start of the duel, and players were given this time to prepare for the upcoming battle.

“Hahaha! Little brat, although this duel will be extremely boring, since you’ve dared slander me in front of Aqua Rose, this young master will make things a little more fun! I’ll let you know what the difference in strength truly is and how it feels to painfully struggle!” Brilliant Wargod retrieved his shield and one-handed axe from his back, his face revealing a sinister smile. He looked just like a hungry wolf hunting its prey, and a red glint flashed in his eyes as he glared at Shi Feng.

Only at this moment did Aqua Rose exit the restaurant. Looking at Brilliant Wargod’s appearance, her expression immediately sank.

“I’m finished…” Aqua Rose already despaired.

Not mentioning the fact that Shi Feng would definitely lose, Brilliant Wargod’s current condition was extremely dangerous. There might even be the possibility that he would drive Shi Feng insane, trapping Shi Feng in fear for a long time.

Brilliant Wargod would very rarely display such an ability. The last time Aqua Rose saw Brilliant Wargod in such a condition, countless corpses littered around his feet; he had massacred a small Guild with several hundreds of players.

She did not think that Brilliant Wargod would fall into this madness today.

Brilliant Wargod was extremely arrogant in his usual battles, and he would laugh madly as he fought. Only when he entered an extremely incited condition would he occasionally reveal such a sinister and cruel appearance. During such times, Brilliant Wargod was a lunatic, filled with unruliness. His battle prowess would also increase by several folds.

In such a state, Brilliant Wargod was a truly bloodthirsty berserker.

If even the normal Brilliant Wargod ranked within the top five Shield Warriors in Twilight Echo, it was uncertain where the current Brilliant Wargod might rank. It was possible that even the number one ranking Shield Warrior in Twilight Echo, Lonely Leaf, might not be a match for him.

Very quickly, the 10-second preparation time ended.

“Little brat, I’ll first cripple all four of your limbs! I’ll turn you into a crawling worm, then toy with you slowly!” Brilliant Wargod lifted his Bone Shield while his other hand wielded the Giant Bear Waraxe. His face revealed a sinister smile as he charged at Shi Feng. Brilliant Wargod’s current appearance did not resemble anything human. Instead, he looked more like a lunatic possessed by a demon.

After entering this crazed state, Brilliant Wargod became extraordinary fast and nimble.

He charged Shi Feng head-on. However, when Shi Feng sent a sword stabbing at him, Shi Feng’s sword merely penetrated the afterimage left behind by Brilliant Wargod.

“I’ll first cripple your right arm!” Brilliant Wargod suddenly appeared at Shi Feng’s right, his Giant Bear Waraxe abruptly descending and slashing at Shi Feng’s right arm.

By the side, Aqua Rose’s complexion turned terrifyingly pale. After seeing Shi Feng taking action, she immediately knew that Shi Feng was not strong at all, just as she had expected.

However, it was an ordinary situation after all. To become Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one forger, Shi Feng must have spent a lot of his effort on forging. Where would he find the time to increase his battle techniques? Even if Shi Feng were an expert in some other virtual reality game, it would not be the same in God’s Domain. After entering God’s Domain, even the experts of other virtual reality games would only be slightly stronger than others. A lot of time was necessary to sharpen oneself in God’s Domain, and one needed to constantly battle monsters to improve. However, Shi Feng clearly did not possess that much time.

Brilliant Wargod would torture Shi Feng here and now. He would fall into mental derangement for a long period. Even if he did not go crazy, he would be in a daze for a long time. How was she supposed to continue their trade with Shi Feng in such a state?

“It seems that I can only wait longer,” Aqua Rose said helplessly as she looked at the right arm Brilliant Wargod targeted.

Surprisingly, however, Shi Feng did not scream in pain.

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