Chapter 148 – Underworld

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Chapter 148 – Underworld

Absolute Heaven disappeared with the wind after he died.

Shi Feng toyed around with the dagger Absolute Heaven dropped. The edge of the blade seemed capable of slicing air apart. A dagger with such a degree of sharpness was definitely a rarely seen item.

Blade of Assassination? Shi Feng took a look at the dagger’s introduction, discovering that the weapon was actually an exclusive item for Assassins.

[Blade of Assassination] (Dagger, Secret-Silver Rank)

Level 8

Attack Power +51

Strength +5, Agility +12

Attack Speed +2

Durability 35/60

Additional Passive Skill-

Sharp Edge: Attacks have a 15% chance to cause an Armor Break effect, reducing target’s Defense by 50% for 10 seconds. Non-stackable.

Class Restriction: Assassin

With such a high Attack Power and Agility, it was no wonder Absolute Heaven was able to deal such massive damage to Shi Feng.

This Blade of Assassination was an assassination weapon completely made to increase the user’s Attack Power and Speed. It was definitely a favored weapon for the Agility-type Assassins. Based on Shi Feng’s estimations, the Blade of Assassination was worth at least 1 Gold Coin.

With this death, Absolute Heaven will probably need a very long time before he can recover! Shi Feng looked at the Blade of Assassination, a smile plastered on his face.

Previously, Shi Feng still felt apprehensive towards Absolute Heaven constantly following him around and abruptly ambushing him. Now that Shi Feng used the Ice-Blue Devil Flame to give Absolute Heaven a thorough beating, not only did Absolute Heaven lose a level, all the equipment on his body was destroyed as well. Absolute Heaven had even dropped his Blade of Assassination after dying. It would be a long time before it would be possible for Absolute Heaven to come looking for trouble again.

“Brother Feng, you… you’re just too awesome! You were like the incarnation of the Fire God just now! Just looking from afar, I could already feel myself being burned. I didn’t think that Swordsmen would have such a skill. If I had known about it earlier on, I would have chosen to play as a Swordsman as well! If I were to use this skill to pick up chicks in the future, I would definitely catch one with every hook I send!” Blackie excitedly ran up to Shi Feng, his eyes filled with endless envy as he looked at the Ice-Blue Devil Flame covering Shi Feng’s body.

As for the matter of Shi Feng managing to kill Absolute Heaven, Blackie paid no attention to it at all.

In Blackie’s eyes, although Absolute Heaven was indeed an expert, he was still just an elite player of Martial Union. Shi Feng being able to kill him was all too normal. On the other hand, the elegant looking clear-blue flame surrounding Shi Feng was the truly shocking matter.

Hearing Blackie describing the Ice-Blue Devil Flame as a tool to pick up girls, Shi Feng became speechless. He did not understand just what was going through Blackie’s mind every day.

“This flame isn’t a Swordsman skill. It is a Mysterious Flame, and it can increase a player’s attack damage,” Shi Feng explained.

“Mysterious Flame?” Blackie’s face filled with confusion.

Although Blackie did not know what a Mysterious Flame was but hearing that it was able to increase a player’s attack damage confirmed it was definitely an extremely precious item. Seeing that Shi Feng possessed such an item, instead of becoming envious, his heart filled with joy. With the Mysterious Flame, Shi Feng could become even stronger than before. When the time comes, let’s see who still dared to bully them!

At this moment, Lonely Snow also hurried over after finishing picking up the loot from the Swamp Hippos. When he saw that Shi Feng’s entire body was covered in flames, giving off a scorching hot temperature and that Shi Feng was even able to control these brilliantly beautiful clear-blue flames, he too became incomparably shocked. He nearly regarded Shi Feng as a Hidden Class. However, after listening to Blackie’s explanation, Lonely Snow as well understood just how precious and powerful was the Ice-Blue Devil Flame.

The Ice-Blue Devil flame was definitely one of Shi Feng’s secrets. If others were to find out about this secret, there would definitely be tons of players wanting to obtain the Ice-Blue Devil Flame. Moreover, Shi Feng being willing to share this secret with them showed just how much he trusted them. Just this piece of trust alone was enough to let Lonely Snow feel that it was worth striving for Shi Feng.

“Let’s not chat for now. We should get rid of the Steel-skinned Hippo and quickly leave this place. After Absolute Heaven revives, he might tell the other players from Martial Union to come here and surround us,” Shi Feng no longer continued to explain, turning around and charging towards the Steel-skinned Hippo.

Blackie knew that they could not stay in this place for too long as well. He started chanting incantations, aiding Shi Feng in attacking and restricting the Steel-skinned Hippo.

Although the Steel-skinned Hippo had high HP and Defense, with its short vision range, it was destined to become an easy kill for Shi Feng.

What Shi Feng needed to do now was to charge up and go all out at dealing damage. After bursting out all of his skills, he would then turn to escape. Meanwhile, Blackie would desperately attack from a distance, and as long as Shi Feng finished using all of his skills, Blackie would use Evil Whip to restrict the Steel-skinned Hippo. Lonely Snow would then use Charge and Break before escaping as well. After Shi Feng was more than 25 yards away from the Steel-skinned Hippo, the Steel-skinned Hippo would lose its target, dumbly rushing about. When the Cooldown for Shi Feng’s skills ended, he would then continue with another round of bombardment, repeating the cycle all over again.

This time, Shi Feng did not keep his strength hidden away. He immediately used the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, increasing his damage output by 20%. Simultaneously, the power of ice-type and fire-type skills was increased by 40%.

With such an increase, Shi Feng’s damage against the Steel-skinned Hippo instantly soared. Even his normal attacks could deal around 50 to 60 damage now. As for Thunder Flame Explosion, the skill could cause over 400 damage to the Steel-skinned Hippo.

Even if the Steel-skinned Hippo had high HP, it still frantically decreased under the fierce onslaught.

Several minutes later, the Steel-skinned Hippo let out a blood-curdling shriek as its body fell to the ground with a boom. It dropped four items and gave a large amount of EXP after it died.

Amongst the four items, two of them were Level 15 Bronze Equipment, while the remaining items were a Tier 1 Strength Gemstone and a Bronze ranked leatherworking material. The effects of the Shadow’s Blessing was fully displayed here. Otherwise, aside from giving out a lot of EXP, a Level 15 Elite would at most give out a piece of equipment and some materials only.

“Let’s go somewhere else to kill Swamp Hippos.”

After killing the Steel-skinned Hippo, Shi Feng brought Blackie and Lonely Snow to another grinding spot.

The Silent Swamp was extremely large in size. Its size was at least two to three times that of the Gale Valley. Meanwhile, the habitat of the Swamp Hippos took up one-tenth of the entire Silent Swamp. Moreover, they were scattered throughout the entire silent Swamp. With the one to two hundred members of Martial Union, it would be hard pressed for them to locate Shi Feng’s party successfully.

Moreover, Shi Feng was very familiar with the Silent Swamp. He had once lived at this place for over twenty days in his previous life, so he knew which locations had the highest number of Swamp Hippos and also the locations with the fastest respawn rates. Shi Feng also knew the spawn locations for the Elite monsters in Silent Swamp. However, with the strength of their party of three right now, the only Elite monster they could deal with was the Steel-skinned Hippo, as the other Elite monsters did not possess any clear weaknesses. If they were to go against these Elite monsters, they would have to risk their lives doing so.

“Leveling up at this place is just too awesome! Originally, I thought that the leveling speed at Gale Valley was already extremely fast, but after coming to this place for less than two hours, I’ve already managed to reach Level 9. If we are to continue in this trend, within three hours, I would definitely reach Level 10 and be able to enter White River City! At this speed, the elites of those major Guilds have probably just reached Level 9!” Blackie excitedly said, “If Cola and the others didn’t die and were with us right now, we six would be able to enter White River City today, becoming the first party to enter White River City!”

Lonely Snow nodded, agreeing with Blackie’s statement.

He too could not help but admit to the invigorating feeling of having Shi Feng power-leveling them. This leveling speed was at least ten times faster than the other players. Even if Martial Union surrounded them and killed them once right now, with Shi Feng carrying them, they would quickly recuperate their losses. They did not need to fear having a confrontation with a large Guild like Martial Union at all.

Red Leaf Town, Slums.

Absolute Heaven was currently drinking away his sorrows in the Enchanted Bar. When the others saw Absolute Heaven, they all obediently distanced themselves to a corner, not daring to go near him at all. The reason was due to the waves of killing intent radiating off of Absolute Heaven. There was nobody who was willing to come into contact with that aura.

“Damn! I made a huge loss this time! Sooner or later, I will definitely have my revenge!” Though Absolute Heaven did not feel heartache over the loss of his levels, it was a different story for the equipment he lost. It was especially true for the Blade of Assassination.

As long as he put some time into it, he could easily catch up in terms of EXP. However, it was a different story for equipment. It was especially true for top-tier equipment. Those top-tier equipment were only obtainable through killing monsters or doing high-level quests. They were not something that could be obtained within a short amount of time. The opportunity was also needed to obtain them.

Just what is that clear-blue flame? After equipping his weapon, he could actually destroy my Mysterious-Iron Equipment with such ease, and even greatly reducing the durability of my Secret-Silver Weapons. Recalling the Ice-Blue Devil Flame that surrounded Shi Feng’s body, Absolute Heaven could not help but shudder in fear. To every player, the destruction of their equipment was much more terrifying than facing death itself.

Just considering the future, every time he fought Shi Feng, he would once again risk the possibility of all of his hard-earned, top-tier equipment being destroyed. It was truly a nightmare!

“Brother Absolute Heaven, long time no see! I see that you still love drinking like always!” a short-bearded man wearing a black cape said as he sat opposite to Absolute Heaven.

“South Wolf, why do you have the time to come looking for me?” When Absolute Heaven looked at the person speaking to him, his previous indifferent attitude was completely gone.

“Of course, it is to congratulate you!” the man named South Wolf said with a laugh, “Didn’t you always want to join Underworld? Right now, the higher-ups have already recognized your potential, and you already have the rights to become an outer member of Underworld. In the future, you too will be one of Underworld’s members. I think you should know what this means, right?”

“What? I passed the test?” Absolute Heaven nearly jumped up from excitement.

The frustration and depression Absolute Heaven felt from being killed by Shi Feng before were immediately swept clean. He no longer minded even the loss of the Blade of Assassination, as there was nothing more joyous than being able to join Underworld.

In order to join Underworld, Absolute Heaven had spent three full years undergoing over a dozen assessments and tests. Now, he finally obtained Underworld’s recognition, officially becoming one of Underworld’s outer members.

Underworld was a very mysterious organization. Its strength in the real world was extremely terrifying. The resources, influence, and information it possessed was not something any outsider could imagine. Just based on some of the identities of the outer members of Underworld that Absolute Heaven knew of was enough to astonish him greatly.

However, for reasons unknown, Underworld started investing into virtual reality games some ten years ago.

In order to join Underworld, the real world Assassin, Absolute Heaven, had also started playing virtual reality games.

Right now, Underworld was paying unprecedented attention towards God’s Domain. Hence why Absolute Heaven decided to fully devote himself into God’s Domain. Now that he finally managed to become an outer member of Underworld, how could he not be excited?

“Absolute Heaven, weren’t you Level 9 the last time I saw you? Why are you Level 8 now? You couldn’t have been killed by a player, right?” the man named South Wolf joked as he downed his drink.

He was extremely clear about Absolute Heaven’s strength. Absolute Heaven was definitely a top-tier Assassin. Moreover, the equipment on him was all of excellent quality, and he even had Secret-Silver Weapons. He also learned plenty of rare advanced skills. There were only a scant few players in Red Leaf Town who were capable of directly confronting Absolute Heaven. Moreover, the majority of these players would not have a win-rate of over 60%.

As for players who would have a win-rate of 80% and above, in the entire Red Leaf Town, only the famous Snow Goddess could possibly achieve such a feat; it was absolutely impossible for other players.

Moreover, if Absolute Heaven were to put all his might into escaping, even the Snow Goddess would not be able to hold him down.

Now that Absolute Heaven lost a level, there was a high possibility that it was due to him accidentally dying while carrying out a high-difficulty Quest.

However, after hearing South Wolf say so, Absolute Heaven’s expression abruptly turned gloomy, his mood turning extremely sour.

“It can’t be, right? Were you really killed by someone? Who did it?”

“Don’t tell me you went and provoked the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow? You couldn’t have been so foolish, right? Daring to provoke even her.”

Looking at Absolute Heaven’s dark expression, South Wolf immediately knew that he guessed correctly. He couldn’t help but abruptly spit out all the alcohol in his mouth.

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