Chapter 139 – Unstable Devastation

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Chapter 139 – Unstable Devastation

After he finished speaking, Shi Feng snuck into the forest.

“Sister Fire Dance, what do we do now? Do we leave?” Water Buffalo asked.

Fire Dance rolled her eyes at Water Buffalo. She looked towards the direction Shi Feng departed, saying, “Brother Ye Feng is the one who saved our lives. Of course, we have to help.”

Although Fire Dance believed in Ye Feng’s strength, she had personally witnessed how powerful those other players were. If they surrounded Ye Feng, he might end up in a very dangerous situation. If something occurred, a little help from her might allow Shi Feng to escape.

Immediately, the two snuck into the forest as well, following Ye Feng.

In the deeper regions of the dense forest, among the overgrown shrubs, Level 8 Shadow Leopards hid in the shadows.

At this moment, a 50-man team from Martial Union currently cleared away the Shadow Leopards in their path while they pushed forward.

“Brother Unstable, won’t we waste time if we go after that little girl called Fire Dance instead of continuing our search for Ye Feng’s teammates?” Ironsword Lion asked, disgruntled; his eyebrows scrunched up tightly as he looked towards the center of the team at the handsome youth humming a song with overflowing interest.

The humming youth was around the age of 27 or 28, and he was indeed the Brother Unstable who Ironsword Lion called out to. He was also the Vice-Leader of Martial Union, Unstable Devastation. Be it status or strength, Unstable Devastation far surpasses Ironsword Lion, and even Ironsword Lion had to refer to him as ‘Brother’ respectfully.

“Ironsword, you are still such a simple person. It is no wonder that brat Ye Feng toyed with you. You even entangled the Guild in this huge mess. Thanks to you, Martial Union’s reputation has suffered, utterly tarnished; do you understand that?” Unstable Devastation suddenly halted his steps. He looked towards Ironsword Lion, growling angrily, “If I had not discovered this so soon, Martial Union might have had no place in Red Leaf Town by now.”

Ironsword Lion lowered his head in silence.

“Your poor management has already destroyed Red Leaf Town’s Martial Union. Right now, in order to help clean up this mess of yours, I have no choice but to transfer all of the elites from the other three towns to Red Leaf Town to redeem our reputation. Yet, you still have the gall to speak up?” Unstable Devastation reprimanded Ironsword Lion in front of everyone else, not leaving Ironsword Lion any face. Ironsword Lion flushed red with anger. However, he did not dare reply, only enduring in silence.

The other leaders from the three towns sneered at this sight.

Every time Martial Union switched to a new game, the Guild’s hierarchy also reshuffled. In the past, Ironsword Lion was always able to go wild, but not this time. Currently, Ironsword Lion was only Level 8, while they were all Level 9. Moreover, the Guild’s development in their respective towns progressed fairly well, and they managed to recruit many newcomers with valuable potential. Compared to the current state of the Guild branch in Red Leaf Town, with only a few weaklings remaining, their branches were stronger by leaps and bounds.

“Ironsword, do you truly think that, after I have spent so much effort cornering Ye Feng’s teammates, I would let two of them escape?

“You should know that Ye Feng is our main target; his teammates are simply lures. If all his teammates died here, do you think he will still show?”

“We have already confined his teammates within Gale Valley, so we have achieved our initial goal. Right now, what we ought to do is to take revenge, and show the players in the town what the consequences are for challenging Martial Union. Meanwhile, that little girl is the best option as an example. She has killed so many of our people; many players are bound to pay attention to her. As long as we kill her back to Level 0, Martial Union’s reputation will definitely recover to its peak. If we manage to kill Ye Feng, then Martial Union can also use this chance to leap through the threshold of a third-rate Guild.”

Unstable Devastation had long since possessed a plan of his own. Ironsword Lion had always been one of the Guild Leader’s most trusted aides. Many of the elders in the Guild also supported the Guild Leader. If Unstable wished to become Guild Leader, he needed to increase both his influence and fame.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng was a player with a certain amount of fame within White River City. He was a publicly acknowledged Swordsman expert, and his fame even far exceeded that of the Guild Leader, Nameless Pride. Hence, Ye Feng was his best choice.

As long as he could kill Ye Feng and upload the recording, he would instantly become an apex expert, famous throughout White River City.

Moreover, it would allow the Guild branch in Red Leaf Town to rise back up to prominence.

When that time came, the elders in the Guild would side with him, and the day he became the Guild Leader of Martial Union would only be around the corner.

“Ye Feng, you will become my stepping stone!” Unstable Devastation proudly said with a laugh.

He did not believe that an independent player could survive once surrounded by so many. Only, even until now, Shi Feng had yet to show himself, annoying Unstable.

Just as Martial Union slowly advanced…

Shi Feng, traversing through the treetops, discovered Unstable Devastation and the others. After some silent observation, he discovered that these players were all elites. The lowest amongst them was Level 7, and a majority of them were Level 8. There were also four players who had reached Level 9. They all wore Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and the weakest of their weapons was also Mysterious-Iron Rank. Meanwhile, the handsome youth leading these players wore a Secret-Silver ranked longbow across his back.

“Isn’t that Unstable Devastation?” Shi Feng immediately recognized the bow-carrying youth.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, he had clashed many times with Unstable Devastation.

Unstable Devastation was a cunning and cruel individual. His battle prowess ranked within the top five throughout all of Martial Union. Compared to Ironsword Lion, he was much stronger.

Shi Feng was also familiar with the other three Level 9 players. They were all experts comparable to Ironsword Lion, and they were all branch leaders in other towns.

No wonder Martial Union suddenly has so many players. It turns out that they’ve called over the elites from three of the towns nearby. Shi Feng came to a realization.

These three Level 9 branch leaders were very strong. Only, in Shi Feng’s previous life, Ironsword Lion had managed to obtain the pass to Blackwing City, allowing him a lead against the others. He then gradually widened the gap, finally becoming the Guild Leader of Mini Martial Union.

However, the tracks of history had already changed.

In this life, not only had Shi Feng kill Ironsword Lion twice, but he also obtained the Blackwing City pass that Ironsword Lion possessed. Ironsword Lion’s life was fated to end in a tragedy, and he naturally was much weaker than the other three branch leaders.

If it were during the previous life, if Shi Feng met any one of these leaders, he would have had to proceed with extreme caution. If he met two of them together, he would definitely need to avoid them.

Now, however, although all five of them were together, Shi Feng had no intentions of leaving.

The situation was different this time.

Not only did Shi Feng possess a Magic Weapon, but he had also obtained the Ice-Blue Devil Flame and many other pieces of equipment that were top-tier at this stage of the game. He also had the advantage of levels; so, he naturally possessed the confidence to battle. Even if he couldn’t win against them, he could still escape them.

At this moment, Unstable Devastation had yet to learn that one of his elite teams had been wiped out. That was because players needed to wait 10 minutes before reviving at the graveyard. Within 30 minutes of revival, players could not transmit any information or communication. Hence, Unstable Devastation and the others did not know that Shi Feng had arrived. They were not cautious in the least, and it was a perfect chance for Shi Feng to launch an ambush them.

Hence, Shi Feng continued to follow his target’s unhurried advancement.

While they traveled, the team maintained impressive positioning. Their healers stayed in the middle, while Unstable Devastation and the other experts walked beside them. Moreover, the players in the center of the formation only watched the players at the front battle, with no intentions of killing the monsters themselves. This way, it would be difficult for even a top-tier Assassin to attack the healers.

Meanwhile, the players in the outer layer would not move further than 15 yards from the center. If something unexpected occurred, they could immediately lend aid.

Shi Feng did not seek a frontal confrontation. Instead, he would take advantage of his speed to slowly chip at the outer layer of this team. Soon after, Shi Feng silently closed in on them.

Within a short moment, the players of Martial Union met with a group of Shadow Leopards.

An extremely ferocious Level 8 Chieftain-Ranked Shadow Leopard King led the small leap of Shadow Leopards.

Shi Feng felt that this was his chance. He crept closer to the team, hiding in a bush and waiting.

Time passed, bit by bit…

The guards around the Shadow Leopard King were all dead, and the King was the only one left. The players of Martial Union grew very excited. Seeing as good equipment was about to drop, they all became much more serious and focused on the battle. They remained completely unaware of Shi Feng, already positioned on the tree above their heads.

“MT, make sure to dodge its skills; don’t let its claws land on you. As for everyone else, hold off as many strikes as you can. Healers, go all out with your heals.” Unstable Devastation was also excited. Immediately, the speed at which the arrows fired from his bow accelerated.

Unstable Devastation did not think that his luck would be so good as to allow him to meet a Level 8 Chieftain. This kind of field Chieftain would not just drop a single piece of equipment, but would normally drop several. Based on the Shadow Leopard King’s level, at the very least, it would drop Level 7 or Level 8 Secret-Silver Equipment and possibly Fine-Gold Equipment.

Mysterious-Iron Equipment was considered high quality at this stage of the game.

In the entire Martial Union, the total amount of Secret-Silver Equipment they possessed was no more than ten pieces. It was obvious just how precious they were.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Leopard King before them had the possibility of dropping Fine-Gold Equipment. Compared to Secret-Silver Equipment, it was much rarer, and its Attributes were much higher. Currently, not a single person in Martial Union possessed a piece of Fine-Gold Equipment.

Not to mention Martial Union, even those third-rate Guilds did not possess a single piece of Fine-Gold Equipment. Only second-rate Guilds or higher possibly owned such an item. However, Only the Guild Leader or Vice-leader would have access, while elite members could only look at it. It would be impossible for them to obtain it, as it would be the symbol of a Guild’s status.

If they could obtain one or two pieces of Fine-Gold Equipment, killing Shi Feng would be a small matter.

As the Shadow Leopard King was a Chieftain Rank monster, the other branch leaders and Ironsword Lion also participated in the battle, both sides engaging in intense combat.

[Shadow Leopard King] (Chieftain Rank)

Level 8

HP 40,000/40,000

A casual pouncing attack from the Shadow Leopard King could easily end a player’s life, while a single swipe of its tail could obliterate more than half the HP of a group of players. When it struck with its sharp claws, if an MT did not defend properly, they would instantly die. If the Shadow Leopard King roared, it could force back the enemies within an 8-yard radius, forcing them into a Fainted state for 3 seconds. In addition, the Shadow Leopard King was quite nimble and had extremely high Defense. As a result, the casualties and fatalities on Martial Union’s side were relatively high.

Meanwhile, the damage Martial Union inflicted was limited. The strongest player among them, Unstable Devastation, could only cause -40 to -50 damage to it, while the others could only manage slightly over -10 damage.

Fortunately, there were plenty of players on Martial Union’s side.

With a total of fifty players surrounding the Shadow Leopard King, they managed to shave off a lot of the monster’s HP. The Shadow Leopard King’s HP steadily fell, and when its HP was about to reach 50%…

Shi Feng immediately used Phantom Kill. Controlling his doppelganger to circle the group, Shi Feng prepared his doppelganger to ambush the mage classes and healers.

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