Chapter 102 – Kobold King (1)

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Chapter 102 – Kobold King (1)

The sky was dark, and the bright moon illuminated all of the Dark Moon Graveyard.

Compared to the Normal Mode of the Dark Moon Graveyard, a great expanse of dense fog shrouded the wasteland. Not only did it obstruct one’s vision, but it also carried with it an endless air of murder. It was like a battlefield; a heavy and oppressive feeling permeated the wasteland, causing one’s body to grow sluggish.

“This is the Hell Mode of the Dark Moon Graveyard?” Gentle Snow surveyed her surroundings, revealing an indifferent smile.

She discovered that the fog here was almost alive, and she felt as if she were being watched. Moreover, there were crimson red spots glowing, floating about the fog, most likely the blood-red eyes of the Kobolds.

Just the number of monsters here far exceeded that of the Normal Mode. Moreover, there was also the dense fog hindering one’s vision, greatly increasing the difficulty of battle.

“Ye Feng, what are you trying to do here? Why did you bring us to Hell?” Zhao Yueru looked towards Shi Feng, interrogating him.

After experiencing the terror of Normal Mode, even an idiot knew how horrifying Hell Mode would be. This was not a place for people at all. Right now, they could not even clear Normal Mode, so coming to Hell Mode was just plain suicide.

Gentle Snow was also curious as to why Shi Feng had done such a thing. Judging from Shi Feng’s behavior, he was definitely not a brainless person.

Even Shi Feng’s own party members were extremely curious. They had clearly agreed on entering the Normal Mode, yet, why had they entered Hell Mode?

“I’m the team leader now; my words are final. Since I’ve chosen Hell Mode, I obviously have my own reasons. You may leave if you have any opinions about it; I won’t be stopping you,” Shi Feng said with a smile.

What comes around, goes around.

Previously, he had only humbly submitted to Zhao Yueru because he could not reveal his hand. Now that they were in his territory, naturally, he would no longer act with modesty.

“You… You bully~!” Zhao Yueru’s almond eyes widened into circles as she glared at Shi Feng, her twin peaks bouncing indefinitely. She stomped the rock beneath her feet, unable to find any words. She gritted her teeth, immediately turning her head away and no longer looking at Shi Feng.

This scoundrel actually went so far as to use her previous words to spite her, possessing not even a hint of a gentleman. When all of this was over, she would properly put Shi Feng in his place.

Originally, Blackie intended to mediate between the two. However, when he saw Zhao Yueru’s sudden silence, not speaking even a word, he secretly raised his thumb at Shi Feng.

As expected of Brother Feng! He even dared meet a great beauty head-on!

If he were standing in Shi Feng’s position, he would not have been able to do such a thing.

“Ye Feng, do you really have the confidence to clear Hell Mode? You should know that, although the difficulty is only different by two levels on the surface, in reality it is ten or more times harder. The requirement of equipment, cooperation, and leadership also increases by several levels. I don’t want my team members to die a meaningless death,” Gentle Snow softly asked.

Although the death penalty inside Team Dungeons was much lower than the death penalty in Party Dungeons, it was still a 5% experience loss. Moreover, Hell Mode was different than the other difficulties. The loss of experience in Hell Mode after a single death was 10%. Without a success rate of 70% or above, most players were unwilling to dive into the Hell Mode of a Dungeon.

“There should be no problems. However, we still have to try before we can know the results.” Shi Feng did not reveal his full opinion. Based on the team’s current composition and equipment, Shi Feng was extremely confident of clearing the Hell Mode of the Dark Moon Graveyard. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen Hell Mode in the first place.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, only after going through countless team-wipes and experience accumulation, he figured out several methods of passing through the Hell Mode of the Dark Moon Graveyard. If he let Gentle Snow to fumble about slowly, who knew how long he would have to wait or how many team-wipes they’d have to go through before they successfully passed through.

Watching Shi Feng’s calm behavior, after giving it some thought, Gentle Snow decided to support Shi Feng’s decision. It was a good chance for her to observe the extent of Shi Feng’s capabilities. If he performed well, it would be beneficial to invite him to join the God-Slaying Army.

Gentle Snow nodded. At this time, even if the others were still unwilling, they had no choice but to listen to Shi Feng’s commands. However, it was not because they believed in Shi Feng; rather, they believed in Gentle Snow’s decision.

After which, Shi Feng started assigning responsibilities. Overall, his arrangements were mostly similar to Gentle Snow’s. The difference was that he placed three Elementalists in the Dagger Party and disbanded the Scout Party to place their members in the Protection Party instead, protecting the healers.

“After entering the fog, both MTs are to activate your lifesaving skills and rush after me without stopping. However, pay attention to dodge attacks. Everyone in the back must also follow, and remember, no matter what happens, never stop moving your feet. Healers only need to use instant-cast skills to heal the two MTs. Everyone else should use your own recovery potions,” Shi Feng explained. “If all of you understand, then everyone should use a Speed Scroll now.”

Everyone grew suspicious after hearing Shi Feng. What was he trying to do, turn them into kamikazes? He even wanted them to use Speed Scrolls. Was he complaining that they wouldn’t die quick enough?

Moreover, they could only earn so much money from a trip into the Dungeon. There were twenty players in the entire team, which meant they would be expending twenty Speed Scrolls. Just how much money was that!?

“Alright, everyone just use your Speed Scrolls,” noticing the unwillingness in everyone’s eyes, Gentle Snow could only helplessly support the command.

Everyone was helpless. Speed Scrolls were very expensive, and each of them had only prepared two. However, before they even started killing monsters, they were already required to use one of them. This was just too extravagant.

However, such a decision did not alarm Shi Feng’s party members. Speed Scrolls had long since become a necessity for them to grind Elite monsters, so they each had six or seven on their person.

After everyone used a Speed Scroll, they followed Shi Feng towards the entrance of the maze area.

“Follow closely. I won’t concern myself if you fall behind,” Shi Feng reminded in the team chat.

Having Shi Feng tell them in such a way, everyone became nervous. If they fell behind, needless to say, only death waited for them.

“Run!” After seeing everybody ready, Shi Feng activated his title, Might of a Thousand, greatly increasing everyone’s Attributes. As a result, their running speed also increased.

Before shock took hold of anyone over their increased Attributes, Shi Feng started running. Every one of them tightly chased after him, disappearing into the fog.

Within, the fog massively limited everyone’s vision. They could only barely make out an area of five yards.

After running for some time, Shi Feng suddenly said, “MTs, use your lifesaving skills. Healers, heal.”

Hearing Shi Feng’s commands, the two MTs started activating their lifesaving skills. The healers also started using their healing skills on the two MTs.

Following which, black rays appeared, fired out from the fog. The black rays struck the two MTs, dealing a horrifying amount of damage. Fortunately, the healers constantly replenished their HPs to make up for the damage they received. In addition, the two MTs had high movement speeds, reducing the chances of the black rays striking them.

With the two MTs taking the full brunt of the damage, the other team members behind had nothing to worry about.

In such a way, everyone ran after Shi Feng for a full ten minutes, making twists and turns every so often. In between, they all used another Speed Scroll. If the healers were lacking Mana, they would drink Mana Recovery Potions. Such a situation worried the members of Ouroboros greatly. How was this still a Dungeon raid? They were just throwing money away!

Moreover, everyone clearly felt the countless monsters closely chasing after them. The monsters constantly bellowed, and as long as they halted their steps, those monsters would definitely kill them.

Fortunately, this place was just like a maze. There were plenty of paths available for them. Moreover, the paths were relatively narrow, resulting in a situation where the monsters hindered each other’s advance. As a result, it would not be easy for the monsters to catch up to the team.

“Turn left ahead and enter the small path. After everyone has entered, both MTs block the entrance of the path and use your lifesaving skills. Healers, spam your heals on them. Blackie, prepare to use Hell Flame. When the MTs are unable to hold on, the three Elementalists should use Frozen Nova to block the monsters. If the MTs die, all melees are to stand forward and block the way, but none of you are allowed to attack!” Shi Feng immediately shouted in the team’s chat as he looked towards the small path a short distance away.

Following which, everyone quickly poured into the narrow pathway. Both the MTs just happened to block the entire entrance of this path successfully.

When both MTs were in position, they received powerful attacks, one after another, constantly pushing them backward. Damage appeared above their heads endlessly. Just as the two of them were about to be sent flying from the barrage of attacks, Shi Feng placed both his hands on their backs, bracing against them. The two MTs felt like they leaned against a wall; their bodies unable to retreat any further.

“Blackie, hurry up! Elementalists, prepare your Frozen Novas!” Shi Feng hurriedly commanded.

“I’m ready!” Blackie chanted the final incantation.

“MTs, retreat! Elementalists, cast Frozen Nova!” Shi Feng yelled.

Following which, a Frozen Nova spread out to encompass all the monsters, freezing them and stopping their movements. Over twenty points of damage appeared over every monster’s head.

“Such a high Ice Resistance…” Zhao Yueru’s brows slightly cringed. She was extremely dissatisfied with the damage she inflicted.

At this time, pillars of green-colored flames shot up amidst the monsters, causing damages of over -300 to every monster. The pillars of flame lasted for 5 seconds, and during this period, the monsters’ HP incessantly fell. This scene dumbfounded everyone.

Even Blackie, himself, was stunned. Wasn’t this damage a little too high? After all, these monsters were all Elites and Special Elites. Being able to cause damages of over -100 was fortunate.

However, what Blackie did not know was that the Kobolds in the Dark Moon Graveyard lived in this cold and dark environment for many years now. They loved the cold but were afraid of fire. Hence, the damage from fire-attributed magic would be multiplied by several folds. It was especially true for the Kobold Zombies, as they feared fire the most.

After Hell Flame ended, the two MTs stepped forward once more to block the monsters. Due to the road being narrow, only two or three monsters could attack at a single time. If it was the large-sized Kobold Zombies, just one of them was enough to fill the entire path. Moreover, the Kobold Zombies were unable to display their might in such a narrow space. At most, one or two claw attacks would land on the MTs, and even then, the MTs were sharing the burden with each other. As a result, the Kobold Zombies became utterly harmless.

After more than ten minutes passed, Blackie’s Hell Flame annihilated the Kobolds that rushed towards the team. Everyone’s experience greatly increased as a result, and there was even a pile of dropped items.

The members of Ouroboros were astonished. Although Blackie’s magic surprised them, Shi Feng’s strategy thoroughly stunned them. He was actually able to think up such a strategy and discover such a location. His mind and perception were truly great.

Members of Ouroboros had always revered the strong. As a result, every one of them now felt embarrassed over their previous slandering of Shi Feng.

Even Zhao Yueru was rendered speechless after witnessing Shi Feng’s leadership. However, she still felt hatred for Shi Feng inside her heart. She silently lamented over the stupidity of these monsters.

“As expected, he does possess real skill. It is no wonder he rose to Level 6 so quickly.” Gentle Snow started her reevaluation of Shi Feng’s strength. She did not imagine that he would be capable to this degree. Not only did he possess a Title that could raise the entire team’s Attributes, but he also had such a frightening perception. Shi Feng’s performance far exceeded her expectations. If her team had such personnel in the future, they would have a much easier time conquering Dungeons.

“A total of twenty-eight pieces of equipment dropped. Among them, there are nine pieces of Mysterious-Iron rank, while the rest are Bronze Equipment. We’ll distribute them according to Jobs.” Shi Feng arranged the loot and distributed the equipment. He distributed them accordingly, and players who had similar Jobs would Roll for the equipment, with the higher number obtaining the equipment.

Hearing Shi Feng report their gains, everyone sucked in a deep breath. They were unable to utter a single word due to their excitement.

Currently, Mysterious-Iron Equipment was considered top-tier equipment.

Previously, they had killed so many monsters in the Normal Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard, yet, only a few pieces of Bronze Equipment dropped. Right now, however, they only killed a large wave of monsters, but already obtained so much Mysterious-Iron Equipment and Bronze Equipment.

This drop rate was just too frightening!

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