Chapter 98: The Murim Association (2)

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Chapter 98: The Murim Association (2)


Beep! Beep!


The intercom in the control room.


The head, who was staring at the CCTV, was startled at the number of people who were simultaneously calling in.


“Yes. I am the head of the control room.”


-What are you doing right now?


A thick voice filled with displeasure came through the receiver.


They weren’t even face-to-face, but the man seemed very upset so the head was standing stiff.


“I-I apologize!”


-Apologize…. How far do you plan on letting the cargo truck go?


The head was restless at the words he heard.


‘He was watching too.’


There was no way the man on the line couldn’t see it.


The most number of intercoms existed in the highest place of the Murim Association head office.


The cargo truck was moving fast.


The goal was, of course, the main office of the head office.


“Dir-director. They don’t seem to be ordinary warriors. They can freely use Flame qi…”


-Activate the EV fields.




EV field.


A device that scatters the energy around.


Since the disbandment of the MS group 15 years ago, all the technical equipment related to them had been completely taken away and banned by the State.


Numerous wires were deeply buried in the ground, and they were left untouched to avoid tearing down an entire site to retrieve them.


Of course, that was the reason why the Murim Association was placed in such a place, but not many knew the reason behind it.


“Director General, the use of EV fields has been officially banned. Unless a majority of the council agree…”


-What do you think we are doing right now!?




Currently, the council meeting is being held in the conference room. So rules could be made at any time.


Then there would be no particular problem using the field.


Except for one thing.


“But, if we use the EV field, it will also affect our allies.”


The worst downside of the EV field.


It would make it impossible for anyone in that area to use their energy.


Because it scatters all the energy around.


-In that case, won’t we have an advantage with numbers? Wouldn’t they have less advantage?


At those words, the head of the security room went silent.


Obviously, as he said, surely the energy in the bodies wouldn’t be harnessed anymore, and it would be difficult to handle the opponents.




The man knew.


Even if that was done, they had thousands of warriors there.


“I’ll do as instructed.”




With that, the intercom was cut.


At the same time, in the conference room on the 30th floor of the Murim Association office.


A tall, blue-eyed middle-aged man in a navy blue suit, with the disconnected intercom, turned his head and looked at the conference table.




A hologram device was spinning.


Most of those who attended the conference hall were present as holograms.


In fact, there were just six people who attended this meeting.


A middle-aged man with a sad-looking face, in the second seat, asked.


-If the problem is serious, you can postpone this meeting. Director Kwon.


“Not at all. What could be more important than the Demonic Cult forming again? We will continue with the meeting right now.”


“I know.”


When director Kwon took his seat, a tall man in his late thirties, sitting at the top of the table with a blue suit, started the meeting.


On the nameplate, was written, Mun Jeong-so, the acting chairman of Murim Association.


He was a disciple of the chairman of Murim Association and the director of the Ohshin Group.




A speeding cargo truck crossing the site of the Murim Association.


BI Mak-heon, who was holding the steering week, was on alert.


On the way to the office, there were a huge number of warriors that couldn’t even be counted with the naked eye.


‘My mouth has gone dry.’


And there were some strong ones.


It seemed like they were surrounding them to not let them go to the office.


The reason they couldn’t attack them was because of the numerous flame spheres around the truck.




Some warriors tried to get close to the truck, but each time, Mun Ran-yeong or Hu Bong would guard the truck with flames.


Nevertheless, they continued to move, and at some point, more warriors gathered in front of the office building.


‘What is their plan?’


It was the moment they were puzzled.




At the same time, the flame spheres spinning around the truck disappeared.


It wasn’t because Hu Bong or Mun Ran-yeong wanted to.


‘This is?’


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.


The energy of nature around him was rapidly dissipating.


All around them.


‘Is it like that time?’


Chun Yeowun had been through this once.


The EV field he experienced in the Research Centre run by the MS Group.




“Bong Bong. The energy is scattered.”


The two people on the truck were shocked at what they were experiencing for the first time.


Hu Bong raised his sword and tried to induce energy into it, but soon, the sword was back to normal.


“This is bad.”


Not being able to channel the energy meant that they couldn’t do wide-ranged attacks anymore.


“Done! We did it!”




The warriors screamed.


They had been gathered in front of the office because they were informed that an EV field would be activated.


Even if the opponents were amazing warriors, if they couldn’t make their swords fly or cast techniques, the battle would be close-ranged.


Numbers would definitely win.




Phat! Phat!


As if waiting for it to happen, at the shout of the leaders, the warriors moved for the truck.


When he saw people rushing in to fight the war.


“M-My Lord. What do we do now?”


Bi Mak-heon was terrified.


At this rate, it wouldn’t be weird if they abandon the truck and move out.


Those who used footwork were Super masters, and they were gradually closing the distance.


“Huh. I guess they aren’t all idiots.”




Chun Yeowun had lost interest as he didn’t like how the Murim Association responded to their intrusion.


This was supposed to be the Murim association


The first counterattack was horrible and didn’t meet his expectations.




“Yes! Master!”




Shakena passed through the driver’s seat.




Despite knowing her abilities, Bi Mak-heon was startled by her sudden appearance.


“Woah! A swarm of humans! They look so delicious.”


Shakena wiggled her tongue.


Instead of looking at them as enemies, she looked at them as prey.


“Use Phasing.”




With a hum, she placed her hands on the truck’s centre.


At that moment, a purple energy emanated from her dyed hands and gradually turned the truck transparent.




“What was that?”


“The truck is turning transparent!”


The warriors rushing towards it were confused by the strange phenomenon.


The leaders urged the warriors to not stop.


“Don’t concern yourself with that!”


“That’s just a gimmick! Move!”


At their leaders’ request, the Murims shouted and rushed again.






The leader of the vanguard troops tried to cut the truck in half with the huge sword.


And then came the amazing thing.






The sword just went through the truck.


It just passed through.


The truck didn’t stop and moved forward.






Flustered, the man tried to stop the truck with his sword, but the truck passed through him again.


And the same happened with other warriors too.




“W-what the hell is this?”




The warriors on the front swung their swords to smash the truck, but it passed through their bodies.






As the truck passed through them, everyone was shocked and stood still.


“Stop it! We need to stop it!”


“How can we even stop this?”


There was no point in attacking the truck when it could pass through everything.


The truck kept passing as if the 3,000 warriors ahead didn’t even exist.


And then reached the front of the Murim Association office, which they were desperately trying to defend.


“Such a stupid thi…”


“The intruders passed us.”


The warriors were stunned as they saw the truck right ahead of the office building.


For the first time in the history of the Murim Association, the enemy reached the office.


And that while passing through all the defensive power.




When the truck stopped, The door of its cargo compartment went up and around fifty people in black shirts and red letters came down.


The elite people, all above Super Master level.


“No. those clothes…”


“Demonic Cult!”


The clothes were the traditional attire of the Demonic Cult.


The warriors of the association who recognized that couldn’t hide their shock.


They all wondered what kind of enemies would do such a crazy thing. Who could have imagined that it would be the Demonic Cult?




“How dare the remnants of the Demonic Cult raid the head office of the Murim Association! The center of the Murim!”


The leader of the Vanguard troops, Kam Cheok, grunted his teeth.


He was furious from the moment these intruders broke through and now when they were in front of the main office too.




“Senior Kam.”


Next to him, Hang-ryong, the leader of the swordsmen unit White War troops, one of the five Murim Association units, approached the man and held his shoulders.


Contrary to his anger, he spoke in a relaxed manner.


“They aren’t stupid people. To think they would hit this association with that much power.”


“Leader Baek Cheon’s words were right.”




Baek Cheon, the leader of another unit, came up to them and clicked his tongue.


“Because of what they did in the Jinan city, the association was trying to put pressure on them, but it didn’t work out because they ended up coming here.”


“I guess so. We can certainly deal with the remnants of the Cult using this as an excuse.”


Hang-ryong agreed.


Kam Cheok, who regained his calmness, spoke with a cold face while looking at the cultists who got down the truck.


“I guess so. You are right. They just entered the tiger’s jaw on their own accord, they don’t know what they are doing.”


The only way out was blocked by 3,000 warriors.


Moreover, the main office they were standing in front of wasn’t any random place.


One of the Five Great Warriors, Hyun Won-gyeong, the Song Yang Swordsman, and the other strong executives were having a meeting inside.


And probably realizing the situation, they would be coming out at any second.


It was literally the worst scenario for the Cult.




At that moment, Chun Yeowun came out of the front seat.


Hu Bong, Mun Ran-yeong and Shakena followed behind him along with Bi Mak-heon.


When Chun Yeowun walked to the back of the truck, the Cult members went down on one knee and bowed, shouting.


“Long Live the Great Sky Demon Order!”


And with that, everyone knew that Chun Yeowun was the leader.


‘Is that one the lord of the remaining members of the Cult?’


The older warriors couldn’t hide their curiosity.


They had been fighting the disintegrated Cult, the Black Sky Company, for several times, so they knew all their faces.


‘Who the hell is he?’


‘When did they have such a young man among them?’


Just looking at his face, it was clear that the man was in his early 20s.


Even when they tried to sense how strong he was, because of the EV field, they couldn’t know anything.


‘Huh! It doesn’t matter! They are the ones we need to deal with, nothing else matters!’


Kam Cheok, the Golden Dragon Sword, came forward and shouted.


“How dare you Demonic Cult raid the association! I guess your lives aren’t worth much. Why don’t you get down on your knees and surrender to us right now!”


Seeing how widely the voice resounded, people knew how strong he was.


‘As expected from the Golden Dragon Sword!’


‘Indeed, the leader of the vanguard!’


The warriors who were feeling encouraged with it, yelled.


“Surrender now!!!”


And they seemed to work well together.


Hu Bong, who was next to Chun Yeowun, felt so annoyed that he ended up asking.


“Lord. Please let me kill them all right now.”




Chun Yeowun raised his hand and made a gesture to Hu Bong, asking him to stay still.


He then took a step closer to the warriors.


And said.


“Listen, you Murim Association people.”


It wasn’t even a shout, just a normal voice talking.


Nevertheless, everyone in that place could hear it clearly.


If it wasn’t for the EV, those with weak internal energy might have suffered internal injuries.


‘What amazing power!’


The faces of the leaders went stiff.


Being Superior Masters, the moment they heard Chun Yeowun’s voice, they realized the difference in strength.


And it was so shocking that they felt a chill run down their spines.


Chun Yeowun continued.


“Very foolishly, you people have committed a grave mistake by showing hostility to the Great Sky Demon order.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun turned his head and looked at the main office.


“Today, the Murim Association will pay the price.”




As soon as he said that, Chun Yeowun sprinted into the air.


The Murim warriors of the association were shocked at the man who kept climbing up as if he was stepping in the air.




“What speed!”


That was something that only a few people could do.


Normally, he would have just shot up at once, but because of the EV field, he had to use the energy in his body to move.


‘What is he trying to do?’


The eyes of the warriors were focused on Chun Yeowun, who continued to climb.


It was when he climbed till the 20th floor when Chun Yeowun pretended to grab something with both hands.




At that moment, something hazy was caught in Chun Yeowun’s hand, and then turned into a giant sword.


The warriors watching it couldn’t help but be shocked.


It was nothing like a sword.


“N-No way.”


“I-is that an invisible sword?”


The size of the invisible sword in Chun Yeowun’s hands was 20 meters long.


Despite being that grand distance, the sharp energy could be felt.


“D-Divine Master level?”


Only those who reached the Divine Master level could do this.


However, the size of the sword was too weird and large.


Just how much energy would be needed to create an invisible sword of that size.


“Wa-wait a minute! What is he trying to do!”


Kam Cheok stared at that in shock.


The direction at which Chun Yeowun was holding the sword was towards the office


“This is what happens.”


As soon as Chun Yeowun said that, he swung the huge sword in his hand.




The blade of the invisible sword struck the roof tile of the office.




With a loud roar, the tiles began to fall all around the office, and the blade of the sword pierced into the underside.


“S-stop it!”




The warriors’ eyes were wide as they screamed.




The office which was modeled after the old building of the Forces of Justice was being split in half.

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