Chapter 98: The Murim Association (2)

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Chapter 98: The Murim Association (2)




The leader of the security team couldn’t believe his ears.


He wasn’t the best when it came to martial arts, but how could one utter such absurd remarks at the entrance of the Murim Association?


“Crazy bastard! Seize them and search the truck right now.”


Except for the 5 guards aiming their pistols at the front window and the driver seats, the other 8 people approached the back door of the loaded cargo truck.




A guard shouted at the driver.


“Put your hands above your head, or I will shoot you!”




The driver immediately raised his hands.


It looked like the guards were really ready to shoot him, so he followed their instructions.


As for the luggage.


“Open it!”




While the rest of the guards were aiming at him, the other guards at the back pressed the UP button at the back door, and the shutter entrance opened.




The shutter went up, revealing the huge cargo inside.


As there was no light, the entire space looked dark, but there seemed to be countless eyes lurking within it.




The guards’ faces hardened.


One of the guards was startled and tried to shout.


“T-team leade…”






Someone jumped out of the dark cargo and stabbed the guy in the head.


Flustered, the others opened fire.




Clang! Clang!


“N-no way!”


Those in the cargo compartment cut down the bullets with their swords.


It was so fast that the guards couldn’t even see what had happened.


“Uh, this sword is pretty good,”


The one who blocked the bullet was Hu Bong.


Satisfied with the sword made from titanium alloy, he cut the guards with light movements.


Clash! Slash!




In a second or two, Hu Bong knocked them all down.


The guards were all warriors too, but compared to Hu Bong, a Supreme Master level, they were like little kids.


“W-what is happening?”


The leader of the team, who kept aiming at the driver, looked back at the cargo in shock.


The floor below was in blood.


All the guards who were standing there had now fallen to the ground.


“Damn it!”


The leader, realizing that the worst had happened, tried to press the radio button on his chest.


It was a button that would sound the emergency alarm throughout the site.


At that moment, his head suddenly turned to the side.






He was a leader, a gatekeeper for the Murim Association, but in an instant, he lost his life.


And he wasn’t the only one.


Thud! Thud! Thud!


5 other guards who were aiming their pistols at the driver died in the same way.


The driver, who witnessed the scene, turned white not knowing what to do.


“T-they are dead!”


The person next to him just made a single motion, and all of them just died.


The driver, who was an ordinary civilian, considered the man to be the God of Death.


“The driver can get off.”


“Thank you for sparing me!”


Since he was spared, the driver was about to get out, when the person sitting in the middle handed him something.




“This will be enough compensation.”


It was a single gold card.


This card, which wasn’t registered by a user, could act like a check.


If this was taken to the bank and one asked to transfer the contents into their account, the amount would be transferred.


“You can buy three trucks like this.”


“Th-thank you!”


The driver’s expression brightened.


The driver was already paid a huge amount for this transportation.


Nodding, he took the card and looked at it a couple of times before running away.


When he disappeared, the one in the middle seat moved to the driver’s seat.


“Lord. Where to now?”


It was Bi Mak-heon.


When the driver was there, he tried to be calm, but he was actually nervous.


Once they would pass through the main gate, they would enter the head office of the Murim Association.


‘Is this really a safe plan?’


He trusted Chun Yeowun so he followed him here.


But this place was the centre of the enemy camp!


The site was filled with thousands of enemies, and the entire Wuhan city had tens of thousands of warriors.


Chun Yeowun, who was in the passenger seat, opened his mouth while looking at the text hanging on the gate.


“Ban on firearms… is that like a weapon ban?”


[Ban on firearms]


Those who wanted to enter the head office of the Murim Association weren’t allowed to carry firearms.


All the firearms had to be handed to the security office.


There was a thing called Weapons Ban in the past.


Those who visited a clan territory would have to keep away their weapons to show that they didn’t hold hostility.


“We don’t have guns so we can enter. Step on it Mak-heon.”




He stepped on the accelerator right away.


Chun Yeowun reached out his hand and the barricade shattered, opening the way.




The truck passed through.


And as if there was nothing stopping it, the truck went ahead.


Meanwhile, in the control room of the Murim Association.


A place where the CCTVs were all being checked.


A monitoring agent shouted.


“A-a cargo truck broke through the entrance.”




At those words, the head of the control room looked at the gate.


In the video, the gate was mashed, and the cargo truck sprinted ahead.


“What the hell are the security guards doing… shit!”


The head of the control room, who saw the CCTV video, shuddered at the sight.


All the guards were dead.


“Sound the emergency alarm! Now!”




An agent pressed the emergency button right away.


Wheeeing! Wheeeing! Wheeeing!


An emergency alarm resounded throughout the head office.


Each CCTV screen showed a number of warriors running out of the buildings.


Hundreds of them came to the building entrance.


“Crazy bastards! How dare they bring down a cargo truck into the head office of the Murim Association.”


The head of the control room clicked his tongue.


There were around 4 thousand people on the site.


And all were warriors.


Even if it was the National Guards, they would have to be defeated if they fought against these warriors.


“They will die.”


There were five armed groups in the Murim Association.


The first was the Association Defense Force, with the role to prevent enemies from invading the Murim Association.


“Lee Chan-oh, 2nd commander.”


In the CCTVs, about 300 people were holding spears in front of a truck which was sprinting ahead.


It was the Spear troops led by Lee Chan-oh, the Spear King.


One of three armed forces of the association.


“Spear troops! Get the spears ready!”


“Spears ready!!!”


At Lee Chan-oh’s cry, the members of the Spear troops took a stance at once.


A white light flashed on their spears.


All of them had reached the Master level and were able to create spear energy.




Besides, the other groups rushed in from both directions to the spot where the cargo truck was coming.


The three hundred people from the west were brute force troops, and the three hundred from the east were swordsmen.


The warriors, who were close to a thousand, were all elite troops.


“Lord Chun Ma.”


The face of Bi Mak-heon, who was holding the steering wheel, went stiff at the sight.


The three leaders of the troops were all Superior Masters and had a huge reputation in the modern Murim.


“Keep going. Until the building there.”


Where Chun Yeowun pointed was the tile-roofed building.


It was the main office.


‘Are we going to be fine?’


Bo Mak-heon was worried.


These people weren’t the police or the National Guard.


Even if they were in Master level, with their numbers, they could cut down the truck in half.


“Stop the truck right now!!!”


Lee Chan-oh, the leader of the Spear troops, shouted when the distance was around 300 meters.


Despite driving, Bi Mak-heon could hear the voice.


“They are stupid.”


And then gave the orders to the Spear troops in a second.


“Spears! Get them ready!”




The warriors threw the spears loaded with spear energy at the cargo truck.




More than a hundred spears came for the cargo truck.


“L-Lord Chun Ma!”


Bi Mak-heon called for him.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards the front.




Three hundred flying spears stopped.




“The spears stopped?”


At that sight, Lee Chan-oh and the others were shocked.


And that wasn’t it.


“Should give you back.”


When Chun Yeowun gestured, the spears turned back and flew back to their owners.




“Ugh! Shied!”


At Lee Chan-oh’s urgent cry, the spear users pulled their special alloy shields which were on their backs.


As if trained beforehand, they made a single line shield with it.


The only problem was that the spears weren’t regular spears.




As they had spear energy on it, they passed through the shields.






In an instant, 100 warriors who were in the front row fell down.


If it wasn’t for the special alloy shield, then those in the second and third rows would have been penetrated.




“Such monsters exist?”


Lee Chan-oh grunted.


He must not let this truck reach the main office.


“Spear holders! Follow me!”




Lee Chan-oh stood at the front ready to attack.


The surviving people in the spear troops followed.


It wasn’t just them.


“Swordsmen follow me!”


“Fist troops! Follow me!”


Swordsmen troops leader Ma Hyeon-joong and the leader of Fist troops Lee Cheong-un went ahead with their men.




Their screams reached the truck.


‘Oh my gosh…’


Bi Mak-heon frowned.


To get so much manpower.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun said.


“Hu Bong. Mun Ran-yeong.”




As if waiting to hear the call, the roof on the truck was pierced, and two people jumped out.


Chun Yeowun ordered them.


“Teach those cheeky youngsters the power of the Sky Demon Order.”


“We will teach them my Lord!”


Hu Bong and Mun Ran-yeong responded with power and extended their swords ahead.




Flames fluttered from the sword in Hu Bong’s hands.


Drawing a huge trajectory, it flew to the swordsmen.


“W-what is this?”






Dozens of warriors, who were trying to move close, were swept away by the sudden flames.






Similarly, from the outstretched hand of Mun Ran-yeong, a huge fan-shaped flame covered the fist troops.




In an instant, the warriors of the fist troops were crushed by the flames and fell down.




“W-what is this?”


The flame wasn’t just hot.


The flame had energy in it, and it exceeded the level the Association’s Defense Forces could stop.




“Damned bastards!”




The two leaders who managed to survive, got close to the truck.


“Oh! Come on.”




“Wh-what kind of swordsman…kuak!”


Hu Bong’s brilliant swordsmanship fell on the body of Ma Hyeon-joong, who couldn’t handle it and then fell down.


It was no different for Lee Cheong-un, who got on the truck.


“What is this damn bitch using!”


“Bitch? Don’t make me laugh. Try beating this bitch if you can.”






Without much effort, Mun Ran-yeong’s attacks made him bleed.


As the technique of the Dragon Fist clan pierced into his internal organs, veins bulged out and then he coughed up blood.




Having defeated the leaders of the two troops, the married couple walked ahead.


The warriors of the Spear troops who arrived a little late, were running at the truck.


“Honey, should we go together?”


At Hu Bong’s question, Mun Ran-yeong smiled and nodded her head.


And then they both stretched out their hands at the same time.




Hundreds of spheres of flame floated in the air.


The sphere of flames surrounding the truck were spectacular.




Lee Chan-oh felt terrified.




The spheres of flame flew towards them like cannons.


Lee Chan-oh cried out.


“Everyone! Avoid!”




Despite being warriors who had to be ready to die, the spear troops immediately spread out.


Struggling to live.






But there were those who couldn’t avoid getting hit.


Those struck by the flame burned up right away.


“Damn it! Do you think that I’ll be defeated so easily!”




The Superior master level, Lee Chan-oh, hastily blocked the flame with a spear and evaded it.






But The speeding truck hit him.


Bi Mak-heon, who was holding the steering wheel, frowned as the wheel shuddered a little.




Meanwhile, those monitoring the CCTV in the control room were stunned.


One of the five armed groups of the Murim Association that had to stop the truck.


Was wiped away.


The red-haired man and woman on the truck were monsters.


“They, what are they?”


The truck was already getting close to the main office.

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