Chapter 94: Sky Demon Order (2)

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Chapter 94: Sky Demon Order (2)


Hu Bong couldn’t stop being restless and kept on wandering around.


His gaze was unable to stop at any particular place.




The inside of the cave where Hu Bong was looking had been in flames for over an hour now.


So he was full of concern.


“Hu Bong. Be calm.”


“Euk! Yes!”


Only after hearing Chun Yeowun’s words did Hu Bong stand still.


Of course, that didn’t last very long.


Hu Bong’s body moved again, and he was just as restless as before.


Soon, the flames in the cave subsided a little.


And someone appeared from inside.


It was Mun Ran-yeong.




Hu Bong ran to her with tears in his eyes.


‘I am not getting used to this.’


Chun Yeowun was shocked each time he saw this different appearance of Hu Bong.


Mun Ran-yeong seemed different when she came out of the cave.


Her hair, which was dyed in black, was now blazing red like Hu Bong’s.


Besides, her hair grew long.


In addition, the contours on her face were much clearer, and it seemed like she looked even younger.


‘She seems to have been through metamorphosis of skeletal bones.’




It referred to the reconstruction of bones and muscles into the best version of the body.


However, it is probably right to say that she didn’t change because of a growth in level, but her body just returned to the previous state because of gaining strength.




“My Lord.”


Avoiding Hu Bong’s hug, Mun Ran-yeong kneeled to Chun Yeowun.


“Thanks to you, I am back to normal.”


Mun Ran-yeong had taken the blood of the Flame Qilin and regained her power.


Her eyes were not confident. And the aura she was emanating was unusual.


‘It feels good, but…’


Chun Yeowun was surprised.


He thought that it was strange for her body to have undergone changes when she hadn’t attained any enlightenment.


Even if she was at the beginning of Supreme Master level, this is much different from what he experienced, she was stronger, and he could feel it.


“You have made a lot of progress, Great Elder.”


“You are being too generous.”


She was originally a Supreme Master.


Even in the past, she was on the same level as the Five Great Warriors, but now, except for Chun Yeowun, there seemed like no one else could compete with her.


Therefore, even if her Dantian was damaged, she could still defeat those targeting her.


‘This is enough.’


Hu Bong and Mun Ran-yeong.


With those two joining him, he knew that his orders would be carried safely.


Although Chun Yeowun himself was the strongest here, there were few adherents in the Sky Demon Order of this era.


There were many warriors who were strong, and the strategies one used were diversified.


“Great Elder.”


“Yes. Lord Chun Ma.”


She confidently answered him.


“Put some clothes on.”




Her face turned red.


It was normal for all her clothes to be burned when metamorphosis happened.


Fortunately, Chun Yeowun, who knew that, predicted the burning of clothes and prepared an extra pair of clothes for her.


“Honey. Here.”




Hu Bong brought the clothes to her.


Mun Ran-yeong smiled at her young husband and quickly put on her clothes.


Chun Yeowun then asked her.


“Are you done?”




“Now extend both your arms.”




Mun Ran-yeong was puzzled by that.


Hu Bong said with a crying face.


“Honey. You might want to defend yourself with internal energy.”


“What do you mean?”


Eventually, she understood why Hu Bong said that.


Chun Yeowun, who was in a nano suit, hugged the two of them and flew at 13 Mach speed.




‘My face!’


It was the first time she experienced such pain in her face.


Yongchun Group headquarters in Jinan city.


In a small meeting room, the executives have gathered.


Someone was receiving the reports in awe.


“Is that true?”


It was the chairman Chun Yu-jang.


The person reporting to him was Bi Mak-heon, the vice-chairman’s assistant.


Bi Mak-heon had reported what had happened in the recent meeting.


Having heard about it, Chun Yu-jang went still.


‘Chun Yu-seong and his faction were wiped up.’


He thought that since they were all descendants, they would be punished and not killed.


However, no exceptions were made.


‘… I must never have ill intentions towards my ancestor.’


Even if they were descendants, there was no mercy in his heart.


He thought that Chun Yeowun would excuse them for the sake of uniting the Cult, but everyone was killed.


‘This is the Demon God.’


The legend who created the second great Sky Demon Order.


He knew that there was a lot of blood spilled behind that legend, but no one knew the truth.


And now, since they heard it first hand, not just Chun Yu-jang but all the other executives were afraid of Chun Yeowun once again,


“As expected, Master is wonderful.”


The only one who liked this side of Chun Yeowun was the secretary, Shakena.




Bi Mak-heon didn’t say anything to them.


He wasn’t sure how the executives would react if he said that this woman had eaten up the bodies of the Chun Yu-seong faction.


‘This woman is more frightening.’


Chun Yeowun is the head of the Sky Demon Order.


But this woman was different.


Her identity wasn’t a human, but a demon, a special type entity from Gate.


‘I need to give separate advice to the chairman and the executives later.’


He was afraid that they could get into trouble with Shakena.


And only Chun Yeowun could control her.


Then Shakena abruptly got up from her seat and walked to the window.




Everyone was curiously looking at her.


“Master… is coming.”


With those words, she put her palm on the window.


And the window turned transparent.




Three people passed through it.


“Lord Chun Ma!”


It was Chun Yeowun, Hu Bong and Mun Ran-yeong.


Chun Yu-jang and the others got up startled and then bowed on the floor at the same time.


Chun Yeowun never seemed to have entered through the entrance.




His secretary Yu So-hwa approached him and bowed.


She was currently adjusting to the predictable behavior of Chun Yeowun.


“Hey. Master!”


Shakena tried to hug Chun Yeowun, but Mun Ran-yeong stopped her.


“Get away.”


Shakena glared at the woman with an anguished expression.


“Human bitch. What is with you?”


‘It is starting again.’


Yu So-hwa, who was watching, shook her head.


But like Shakena, she was curious about the two people too.


From the eyebrows to hair, everything on their bodies was red, like a blazing flame.


And it looked natural, not dyed.




Shakena’s body turned invisible to some extent.


She reached out to Mun Ran-yeong to threaten her.


“I told you to get away.”


Mun Ran-yeong tried to grab her hand.


However, due to the ability of phasing, Mun Ran-yeong’s hand passed through.




“If you don’t move, I will pull your heart out. Human.”


Saying that, she reached out to Mun Ran-yeong’s chest.


At that moment, Mun Ran-yeong’s hand, which was red in heat, hit Shakena on her chest.




“Ah! Hot!”


Shakena was startled and stepped back.


She thought that her phasing ability would damage her, but heat seemed to work on her.




She couldn’t understand, so she looked at Mun Ran-yeong’s hand.


The air around her hand seemed to be hazing because of the heat.


As a current Divine Master, she too was able to freely control her surroundings.


As a result, she was able to transmit heat to Shakena’s body.


“You are strong.”


Shakena’s eyes were filled with joy.


Due to her war-like nature, she wanted to see who was superior.


“Let’s try again.”


Shakena rushed like lightning towards Mun Ran-yeong and tried to kick her.


But there was one thing that Shakena didn’t know.


Mun Ra-yeong was a member of the Dragon Fist clan.




Mun Ran-yeong was already prepared and then made sure to bounce off the foot of Shakena with her palm.


She then grabbed the head and slammed it into the ground.






She had no choice but to stop the phasing ability as the heat was being transmitted into her head.




Her head was violently smashed into the ground.


Without the ability of phasing, she was not able to cope with the Divine Master, Mun Ran-yeong.


Her power was nothing in front of Mun Ran-yeong.


“Don’t delude yourself. Chun Ma is not someone who cares for you.”


Mun Ran-yeong warned Shakena, whose head was stuck to the floor.


‘She can’t handle a Divine Master level.’


Chun Yeowun smiled as his guess turned out right.


Normally, he would have ordered Shakena to stop running wild, but he left her alone this time to show her that there were others who could subdue her.


‘Just a little more awakening and Great Elder…’


Then she would be able to control the entire space around her and not just the space around the body.


Of course, for that to happen, she would have to be at the peak of Divine Master level.


‘Got what you deserved.’


Yu So-hwa’s lips twitched.


She barely held herself from laughing.


She always wanted to see that demon suffer, and it was undoubtedly refreshing.


As her pride was hurt in front of everyone, she thought that Shakena would lay low for a while.




Shakena jumped up from the floor and grabbed Mun Ran-yeong’s hand with sparkling eyes.


“I’ll accept you as my sister.”


She seemed to recognize Mun Ran-yeong as her older sister.


Due to the nature of demons, they wanted to be close to people stronger than them.




Yu So-hwa felt upset again.


Yongchun’s Group’s conference room was full of surprises.


Chun Yu-jang and the other executives who found out about Hu Bong and Mun Ran-yeong thought they were losing their minds.


What was more interesting was their reaction to Hu Bong rather than Mun Ran-yeong.


“Flame Hu Bong!”


“Demon God’s right arm!”


“Burning swordsman!”


Titles kept flowing out from the executives’ mouths.


Although Chun Yeowun didn’t realize it, Hu Bong, as his right hand, had performed so many tasks after he disappeared.


He was more famous than any other member of the Cult.


Of course, the title of the right hand, which served Chun Yeowun, the Demon God, played a huge role.




Hu Bong, who was unfamiliar with the titles the future descendants were giving him, was flustered.


But he slowly began to feel proud.


‘… these are better than Bong Bong.’


Chun Yeowun wasn’t shocked by these new titles.


Looking at Hu Bong, he could see how much he had changed and improved.




The eyes of Bi Mak-heon, looking at Hu Bong, were filled with ecstasy.


Hu Bong had a reputation for using the Sword of Illusion from the Illusion Sword Clan.


And it was a natural reaction when he met the most famous figure in the clan.


“Hu Bong.”


“Yes, Lord!”


“Bi Mak-heon is a descendant of the Illusion Sword clan.”


“Oh-oh! Is that true?”


“Teach him everything and make him useful.”


“Alright, Lord.”


Bi Mak-heon was moved by Chun Yeowun’s words and fell flat on the ground.


“L-Lord Chun Ma! This is such a blessing!”


The man was genuinely happy as he seemed to be crying.


Chun Yeowun looked at the room where the entire air seemed heated because of Hu Bong and Mun Ran-yeong.


Everyone focused on him.


“Now is the time.”


“What do you mean by that?”


At Chun Yu-jang’s careful question, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.


“Now that we have sorted out the rest of the group, we will unite the Cult by gathering the members.”


“Huh? To bring in the rest of the group…”


“Are you seriously asking me because you can’t get what I am saying?”


Chun Yu-jang’s eyes trembled at that.


He did hear that the Chun Yu-seong faction, one of the three factions, had collapsed 20 minutes ago.


However, according to what Chun Yeowun said, he wanted to bring in the last remaining people in the Chun Yu-seong faction.


Chun Yu-jang cleared his thoughts and then opened his mouth.


“A… ancestor, is it fine to ask one question?”


“Tell me.”


“What happened to Chun Woo-kyung?”


“You should know what happens to those who pretend to be Chun Ma.”




Not just Chun Yu-jang, but all the other executives went silent.


Chun Woo-kyung lost his life too.


In the end, the fact that the two heads of the three factions were dead.


‘I am the only one alive?’


The only candidate left was Chun Yu-jang.


This meant that the 27 years-long war between the 3 factions had come to an end.


‘He did all this in just a few days…’


It was so shocking.


Everything was sorted out so quickly, although they have been quarreling for so many years.


‘Is this… the ability of those who have power?’


And Chun Yeowun showed them all this directly.


How much a strong person could achieve.


And when they all saw that, Chun Yu-jang realized what he was lacking as the Lord.


‘I am not good enough.’


If he was Chun Yu-jang of the past, he would have just been happy that the situation was resolved.


But now, he was embarrassed.


Now he was blaming himself for not achieving this with his own strength, and having to lean on Chun Yeowun.




Chun Yu-jang knelt and said.


“Ancestor… I am extremely ashamed. I came to realize that I amount to nothing.”


Chun Yu-jang bowed with tears in his eyes.


And silence reigned in the room.


Their leader realized his weakness and accepted the truth.


Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.


“You are lucky.”




“If you showed joy and happiness, I was going to take you down too.”




Hearing Chun Yeowun’s words, Chun Yu-jang felt his heart drop.


Chun Yeowun was not someone who would lie or spout useless nonsense.


Cold sweat dripped down.




It was then, the sound of iron clashing was heard.


He looked up to see the Sky Demon sword.


‘Sky demon Sword?’


Chun Yu-jang flinched as he was frightened.


It seemed like the Sky Demon Sword was being brought out to kill him.




“I hope that you will cherish what you have realized. When I think that you are not suitable anymore, then you will come down from the position at any time.”


“… the position?”






Chun Yeowun held the dazzling Sky Demon Sword above his head.


And spoke in a low voice.


“I, Chun Yeowun, the 2nd Chun Ma and the 24th Lord of the Great Sky Demon Order appoint Chun Yu-jang, who inherited the great lineage of Chun, as the Sub Lord of the Cult.”

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