Chapter 93: Sky Demon Order (1)

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Chapter 93: Sky Demon Order (1)


Cho Hyung-mo was terrified and shouted at the National Guards.


“Wh-what are you all looking at! Shoot him!”




About three hundred infantrymen, who weren’t even sure whose orders they were supposed to follow anymore, aimed their guns at Chun Yeowun.


The problem, however, was that there were survivors between Chun Yeowun and the infantry.






The bewildered survivors screamed and crouched in order not to get hit.


At that moment, a huge wall of flame appeared in front of the infantry.








It was Hu Bong.


Even before Chun Yeowun had appeared, he was getting ready to fight them all.


“Who dares touch my Lord!”


The infantrymen were blocked by the flames.


“Your sin is to wish death upon my Lord.”


Hu Bong reached out his hand, and the flame wall covered the entire infantry.


There was no way that infantry, which was made of normal humans, could stop that.




“Spare me!”




In an instant, the entire place turned into a sea of flame.


Those inside the flame screamed in fear.


It was hell.


‘What is this…’


Cho Hyung-mo couldn’t believe what was happening in front of his eyes.


Two people able to annihilate the entire force.


‘I need to run away.’


Cho Hyung-mo, who thought that, staggered as he got up.


Was it true that the body could move if the will to live existed?


His body rose right away.




But unfortunately, it didn’t rise because of his will.


“I-I can’t move…”


It was due to Chun Yeowun.


Step step.




When Chun Yeowun approached him, fear overwhelmed Cho Hyung-mo.


“I am the head of the Internal Security, which is under the council. If you want anything, I can give it to you. Money or power or anything.”


“Father and son are so similar.”


At those words, Cho Hyung-mo yelled.


“If you kill me! A member of the government, then you are…”




“Who would even care about your death?”






Chun Yeowun’s fingers pierced the man’s neck.






A blue-colored light flowed from the black wrist guard on Chun Yeowun’s right hand.


The light went into the holes in Cho Hyung-mo’s neck, and his life was sucked out.




His skin turned pale white as if he was killed by a Ghost.




A Ghost would soon come out of the body.


‘I need to get rid of it.’


As his hand reached out to the falling body, the wrist guard trembled.


And the Ghost dispersed before it formed.




It was possible to annihilate the Ghosts without even doing much.


This seemed extremely convenient.




Chun Yeowun approached commander Mak who was on the ground.


With bullets in both his thighs, he was in pain and pale from the bleeding.


The pain must have been unbearable, but probably because he was a commander, he kept enduring it.


With a pale face, commander Mak asked Chun Yeowun.


“Are you going to kill me too?”


Chun Yeowun smiled at that.


“I like you.”


And he reached out to the wounded area.








The two bullets lodged inside the commander’s thighs were pulled out.


Chun Yeowun, who brought out the bullets, threw them away.




And when he sealed the blood points on the thighs, the bleeding stopped.


After that, Chun Yeowun snapped his finger.








Flames flickered around the wounded area.


At the pain, Mak Wu-cheong groaned in pain.


“You won’t die right away now.”




At those words, Mak Wu-cheong looked at his wounds.


In an instant, the bullets were out, and the wounds were sealed.


But this was just a temporary measure.


As a soldier, he knew that a bullet shot had to be given medical treatment.


“Why are you saving me?”


Puzzled, Mak Wu-cheong asked.


“It is a waste to leave someone like you to die here.”


The man was lucky.


If he didn’t stand up for his beliefs, he would have died like the others.


“What if I decide to go out and open my mouth?”


“Then I must have misunderstood you.”


At that answer, Mak Wu-cheong’s eyes fluttered.


Men sometimes had emotional changes in the most strange situations.


He was recognized by an unknown stranger, but that pleased his heart.




Mak Wu-cheong put his hands together and bowed to Chun Yeowun.


“I heard that warriors express gratitude like this.”


He wanted to get up and thank him, but his legs were both wounded, and he couldn’t risk getting up.


“Well, no need. I just did that on a whim.”


With that, Chun Yeowun turned his back, no longer interested.


Mak Wu-cheong hurriedly said to him.


“I want to repay the favor! Please tell me! I would like to help you in whatever way I can.”


When Chun Yeowun turned around, the man looked very friendly.


He seemed to really care.


‘Was he the commander of the National Guard?’


Chun Yeowun looked at him.


If he was a commander, then he must be someone in the line to be a major.


In addition, with the achievement of closing an S-class Gate, the man would be more famous.


‘It might be worth it.’


Chun Yeowun wasn’t interested in the government at all.


But seeing this man, he changed his thoughts.


The man looked useful.


‘Nano. Are you done?’


[The function you mentioned has been modified.]


The timing was good. Chun Yeowun approached the man.


“Show me your hand.”




At the unexpected request, he held out his hand.


Chun Yeowun raised the energy and wounded the palm.


Mak Wu-cheong frowned at the stinging pain.


Chun Yeowun placed a finger on the palm and lifted it.




The man didn’t know what was done.


However, he heard Chun Yeowun’s voice in his mind.


[Can you hear me?]




It was strange.


Chun Yeowun clearly didn’t open his mouth, but he heard him talking.


[When you want to talk to me, think strongly.]


He wasn’t sure if it was possible, but commander Mak wanted to try it.


And when he thought of wanting to talk, he felt something strange tickle his head.


[Can you hear me? Can you hear me? You can hear this?]


[I hear you.]




Mak Wu-cheong couldn’t hide his shock.


Because he was in the National Guard, he always got to experience the new communication devices, but this was a first.




“You don’t need to know.”


Knowing wouldn’t do him any good either.


The man’s brain now had a modified nano bomb.


Nano, which remodeled the nano bomb particles, made it easy to track and communicate.


This seemed like a great strength to use.


‘Not knowing gives you peace.’


His head would explode any time if he recklessly decided to disclose what he spoke with Chun Yeowun.


To the surprised man, Chun Yeowun said.


“You said you wanted to repay the favor?”




“Then let’s make a deal to help each other.”




Mak Wu-cheong was puzzled.


“What is it?”




Chun Yeowun opened the bag and showed him something.


The S-class core in it made Mak Wu-cheong’s eyes glow bright.


“The core!”


He still couldn’t figure out what the deal was.


“You caught the S-class core?”




At those words, Mak Wu-cheong grew excited.


It hadn’t been long since the Gate was destroyed, so he was curious who did it.


“What about the team?”


“I caught it myself.”


“The Alpha, all alone?”


The commander turned speechless.


He knew that Gate Keepers and warriors had abilities.


But they had limits too.


Even an A-class core was tough to catch without assistance.


‘Did he do something almost impossible even for an S-class Gate Keeper?’


If someone else had said it, he wouldn’t have believed it.


Who would even believe that an S-class Alpha was caught by one person?


“Only you need to know this.”


At those words, commander Mak nodded his head.


“The deal is simple. Let me know if any A-class or S-class Gates open in the future. I want to come.”


“T-that is all?”


This was a simple suggestion. And commander Mak would be the one gaining from it.


Chun Yeowun said it lightly, but it was as if this man had promised to take care of the A-class and S-class Gates, the worst disasters.


“That will help you too.”


“Help me?”


Closing an A-class Gate was treated as public service.


And in the case of an S-class Gate, which was impossible to close, even a promotion could be given.


It was more like being helped than making a deal.


“One more thing. We need something like a permission for me and my subordinates to freely roam when the Gates open.”


“… so you are not a member of the Association or a registered Murim?”


If they belonged to the Murim Association, then they could all freely participate.


Of course, it all happened under the guidance and control of the National Guard.


“I don’t belong to the Murim Association.”




“And I don’t like people controlling me.”


What Chun Yeowun wanted was to roam freely without anyone intervening during the Gate opening.


He could sneak in, but it would be a mess if he got caught.


‘You want to participate in the Gate wars independently.’


Now that was tricky.


It would’ve been a different story if it was Chun Yeowun alone, but he mentioned something about subordinates.


The Murim Department of the State council strictly controlled the Murim warriors under them and blocked individual participation.


“The first is possible if I write a report… but the second one comes under the Ministry of Murim, and it might be difficult.”


The Ministry of Murim had extreme power.


And had policies like other departments.


However, the Defense couldn’t get involved with the Murims, since friction could rise.


“Are you being on caution because of the Murims?”


At Chun Yeowun’s words which were close to provocation, Mak Wu-cheong frowned.


A line that no department would ever cross.


Politics is what it is.


“L-let me be honest. When the Gate happens, we need all the power we can from the Murim warriors. But it is the Ministry of Murim which has all the powers.”


So each department kept a close eye on another.


It was impossible to close the Gate with just the Gate Keepers, especially with Alphas.


“It is a policy of the Ministry of Murim that those who aren’t registered cannot participate in the Gate. As you said, granting the right to participate in the war as individuals would be denied by the ministry.”


‘He must be smart.’


Chun Yeowun shook his head.


This policy was made to exert influence over the Defense.


“The answer is simple.”




“Without being on the side of the Murim Association or of the Ministry of Murim, there should be an organization that could support the Gate problem in close connection with the Ministry of National Defense.”


“Right, but…”


Mak Wu-cheong couldn’t keep up with this.


The Ministry of Muirm had a Murim Department, which handled over 2 thousand associations.


It wouldn’t be easy for the Ministry of National Defense to accept an organization unless it was on the same level as the Murim Association.


“It might be difficult. But arrange a meeting with the head of National Defense.”


“Are you talking about the director of the Ministry of National Defense?”


When the request grew bigger, commander Mak went pale.


“Although you might be right, unless your organization is on the same level as the Murim Association, it wouldn’t obtain approval…”


Commander Mak thought of Chun Yeowun’s side to be a small group.


Chun Yeowun said.


“What are you so afraid of?”


“Aren’t you taking this too easy…”




Before he could finish it, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand, and held the air like holding a sword.




A dazzling black light flashed around, and an invisible sword appeared.


It was the invisible sword of Black Thunder qi.


Of Thunder qi and Sky Demon energy.


“Wh-what is this?”


Puzzled by the sudden action, he asked, but Chun Yeowun pointed to somewhere with the sword.


A mountain range stretched to the northwest side within the wall.




At that moment, a tremendous amount of black lightning flew to one point.




The rays of lightning, which passed through air, went for the mountain.




A huge hole was drilled within the mountain.


The hole was so wide that everyone could see the other side.


Mak Wu-cheong was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth.


‘N-no way!’


Was it possible to do that?


A single human showed a destructive power that no military machine could perform.


Chun Yeowun looked at Mak Wu-cheong.


“What about the Murim Association?”


Mak Wu-cheong looked at the man in awe.


This man was never arrogant.


This man knew what he could do.


“… what should I tell the director of the Ministry of National Defense about the organization you are running?”


Chun Yeowun smiled and answered.


“Sky Demon Order.”

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