Chapter 92: Ghost Qi (2)

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Chapter 92: Ghost Qi (2)


A gloomy blue light with the ability to rob the vitality of a being.


Chun Yeowun called it Ghost qi.


As a result of experimenting with various things he learned from the illusion, he learnt most things he could do with this qi.




‘Robs lives.’


If an opponent was stabbed with the sword, his life could be taken away.




‘Those without vitality are turned to Ghosts.’


And those Ghosts could exert around 60 to 70% of their abilities.


Normal Ghosts were vulnerable to heat, but Murim class ones could resist that to some extent.


They could even block the attacks if the Ghost was a Super Master.




‘A Ghost can be placed inside the Sky Demon Sword.’


The created Ghosts could be stored in the sword.


It meant that it could be stored semi-permanent.


In a way, the more the Ghosts, the more troops he had.


The only downside was, once it vanishes, it is gone.


It was still not known how many Ghosts could be put inside his sword.




‘Reading the memories of the Ghosts.’


Reading the thoughts of the Ghost before death. The sights it’d seen and the situations it’d been through.


Not all the memories though.


He could see about 10 to 15 mins before death.


It was a bit unfortunate, but good enough for Chun Yeowun.


‘That is all I could know for now. However, seeing that it was able to create the Ghost without touching the sword, there could be other abilities too.’


And he would gradually figure it out.


Chun Yeowun carried the special Derpencil and the S-class core in his waist bag.


He then asked.


‘Nano. Have you finished analyzing the smartphone?’


[As a result of analysis, there is no data related to the headquarters of Blade Six.]


Chun Yeowun read the memories of the Ghost.


And he found out that Bu Do-kyun is the president of an affiliate of Blade Six.


‘And seeing how he wasn’t using that technique, he couldn’t have been an executive at the headquarters.’


The man didn’t seem to be aware of Blade Six techniques.


If he did, then Chun Yeowun would have recognized him right away.


There was nothing about Blade Six in the phone since this man wasn’t related to the executives.


‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’


Anyway, Blade Six’s headquarters was open to the public.


Unlike the past where Chun Yeowun had to go through a lot of trouble to know where their clan base was, in the current era, they were visible to everyone.


And the same was the case with the Murim Association.


The more interests one had, the more exposed their organization would be.


‘The problem here is the MS group.’


The MS group, Chun Yeowun had no clue about them.


If one tried to divulge even the smallest information, their bodies melted.


It was difficult to even find clues regarding them, since they left no traces behind.


But things were different now.


‘Memories of the dead.’


A useful tool.


‘Should I head to Hu Bong now?’


Chun Yeowun opened his energy senses and traced Hu Bong.


Normally, Chun Yeowun could feel up to 2 km away, but since he reached Heavenly Master level, he could feel up to 15 km.


Of course, he could sense farther too, but the farther it went the harder it was to know.




Chun Yeowun frowned.


He thought that they would be within 2 km even if they went far.


However, Hu Bong’s energy was coming from 13km to the south.


It was close to the outer wall.


‘Already?… did he get into a car?’


Otherwise, going that far with the survivors seemed impossible.


However, it wasn’t just the survivors.


There were many energies around them.




Chun Yeowun immediately moved to that place.


About 3 km from the south gate of the wall.


Ten military trucks and five aircraft were parked.


About three hundred infantrymen had their machine rifles aimed at Hu Bong, Mun Ran-yeong and the other survivors.


“How dare you do this to my son!”


The person who was shouting in anger towards them was Cho Hyung-mo, the head of Internal Security.


Next to him was the commander, Mak Wu-cheong, who couldn’t hide his shock.


‘Ha. I am going crazy!’


Mak Wu-cheong glanced behind him.


There was a dead body with blood all over it.


It was Cho Hyung-mo’s son, Cho Hyung-man, the head of the planning department of Datong city.


‘How did this happen?’


Mak Wu-cheong shook his head.


How did it happen?


It started with the radio, which came in when the Gates were closing.


[This is the latter group. The condition of the rescued one is critical.]


Mak Wo-cheong, who heard it, hastily formed a team and rushed for the wall to retrieve them.


And when they arrived, the man was dead.


Hearing about what happened before and after the incident from the 4 warriors who brought the body, Cho Hyung-mo was angry.


[He was killed by a warrior.]


A warrior said it was a warrior who had seriously injured his son.


They said that they managed to escape because of the help from their leader Hong Pal-son and others who were fighting the Ghosts.


[These bastards!]


Naturally, Cho Hyung-mo asked the commander to arrest the people.


But an odd thing happened.


A military truck with survivors had appeared from the same direction and the person who killed his son was in that truck.


“Kill those bastards who killed my son, commander.”


Cho Hyung-mo recklessly insisted.


As a result, Hu Bong began to get angry.


“Honey. It seems impossible to reason.”




Mun Ran-yeong sighed at the situation.


While leading the survivors, she found a military truck and brought them to the south Gate, which was the safest place.


And once she dropped the people, she wanted to return to Chun yeowun, but then this happened.


“Commander! What are you dazing around for! Give the order to kill them right away!”


Cho Hyung-mo yelled.


Commander Mak Wu-cheong tried to calm him.


“Chief. They are civilians, and with procedure, they need to be arrested and investigated…”


“What nonsense are you saying! It is clear that he killed my son, what is the need for investigation? Five the order to kill!”


At Cho Hyung-mo’s words, Mak Wu-cheong was sweating.


Full of anger for losing his son, the man was unreasonable.


“If you act like this, I won’t stand still. Do you know that my junior is the deputy director of National Defense?”


At that, Mak Wu-cheong bit his lips.


This was the reason he couldn’t speak back to the man at all. It was because both departments were closely related.


Cho Hyung-mo was powerful.


“What do you want to do?”


“… I understand.”


In the end, he succumbed to the orders.


He didn’t want to bring down the honor of the National Guard in front of civilians, but he had no other way.


“Chief. First, we have to at least get the civilians away.”




Cho Hyung-mo didn’t stop that.


He only wanted the one who killed his son to be killed.


The commander shouted to the civilians who were behind Hu Bong.


“Datong city civilians, it might be dangerous, so please step away from that killer.”


The people were confused. A middle-aged man who couldn’t stand it said.


“W-wait! There seems to be some misunderstanding on the Defense side.”


“If you don’t move, you might get hurt.”


At Mak- Wu-cheong’s warning, the middle man asked Cho Hyung-mo by pointing to the dead man.


“Are you that man’s father?”




Cho Hyung-mo calmed down and answered.


And the middle-aged man said.


“You say that you are the father, so I will say it. Your son was sexually harassing this man’s wife.”


The man bluntly said it.


At those words, Cho Hyung-mo’s face distorted.


Who wouldn’t be shocked to hear that his son was killed as he sexually assaulted a woman?


“W-what nonsense are you saying!”


At that time, the woman who was beaten by his son stepped up and said.


“It is something we all saw. Your son molested this wife, and we were there. How can you even try to kill them without asking what happened?”


“Right! You are all being too much!”


The survivors voiced their displeasure and defended Hu Bong.


They wanted to repay him for saving them.




Hu Bong licked his lips at this new feeling which wasn’t bad.


On the other hand, Cho Hyun-mo didn’t like it.


One of the survivors said that his son harassed a woman and died.


As a parent, it was humiliating.




Cho Hyung-mo grunted his teeth as he stared at the people collecting his son’s body.


The warriors who brought his body waved their hands.


“We-we didn’t know!”


They were telling the truth. They were there after it happened and took the body out right away.


They had no idea what had happened.


‘Did my son molest that girl?’


Cho Hyung-mo looked at Mun Ran-yeong. The woman had an alluring look with short hair. At the sight of her pale face and torn skirt, he clenched his fist.


‘Hyung-man that bastard…’


He was the father of Cho Hyung-man.


He raised him till he was an adult, so he knew what kind of person his son was.


Even before being the head of the planning department, his son was always in trouble with women.


And it cost him millions of won to abort the kids he had with other women.


‘I told him to be careful.’


He didn’t think that his son would touch a married woman when a Gate was open.


It was clear since the survivors were voicing it out.


Commander Mak Wu-cheong had to change his decision and said.


“Chief. It isn’t good to order a kill on sight so how about we hold a detailed investigation.”


“Commander Mak.”




“I am sorry, but save the face of my son this one time. If you help me, I will do my best to promote you.”


At those words, the commander frowned. Because he knew what the cause of this proposal was.




“Kill them all.”




“If you leave them alive, what will happen to my dead son’s pride and name?”


The man didn’t want civilians alive as they could speak all sorts of things about his son.


And that would destroy his political career.


“Since you are wearing a military uniform, you need to stand at the top. I will support you to become the head of the National Guard.”


The man kept whispering sweet words to the commander.


The commander was losing himself to the tempting idea.




This was something which could raise him or break him.


And the wrong decision would hurt his conscience.


Mak Wu-cheong opened his mouth in a troubled way.


“Chief. I am the commander of a unit of the National Guard who protects the safety of citizens.”


The commander decided to uphold justice.


He could never point his guns at citizens.


Cho Hyung-mo sighed in disappointment.


“Commander… sigh.”


“I am sorry. I just can’t…”






A bullet went through the commander’s thigh.


Clack! Clack!


“W-what is this?”


The lieutenant and other people of the military pointed their guns at Cho Hyung-mo right away.


In Cho Hyung-mo’s hand, was a pistol with smoke oozing out.


“C… chief!”


Mak Wu-cheong grabbed his thigh and glared at the man.


Cho Hyung-mo answered.


“Isn’t it natural for a soldier who disobeys orders to be shot?”






“What is this?”


All the machine guns and the aircraft aimed at the National Guard.


The drivers in the tank tried to stop it, but the machines didn’t stop.


“Did you think that I came to this place all alone?”


At those words, the lieutenant glared at the bodyguards of Cho Hyung-mo.


They weren’t simple bodyguards, but talented people.


“Y-You are going too far! Chief!”


Mak Wu-cheong yelled at the man.


Not caring, he shot the other thigh.






And then spoke to the lieutenant.


“I will give you a chance, lieutenant Oh-pil. Will you be acting stupid like your head? Or will you listen to orders and get a higher position like a General?”


At the pistol aimed at him, Oh-pil turned scared.




Any soldier would dream of wearing that badge.


Oh-pil’s gaze looked at the machine guns, tanks and aircraft aimed at them and Mak Wu-cheong who was in pain.


There were very few options.


If he refused, then it would be death.


“Don’t make me do this. If you accept my offer, you can shoot your commander in the head with your own hands.”




“So we aren’t on the same boat?”


Cho Hyung-mo said it casually.


It was like a devil whispering.


“It is the same for you all. If you complete this task, then I will give you all a promotion.”


At Cho Hyung-mo’s sweet suggestion, the officers aiming their guns lowered them.


And that made Cho Hyung-mo smile.


At that, commander Mak yelled at Oh-pil.


“Ouch, what are you all doing! If you give in to the wrong side and shoot innocent civilian…”




“Y… you?”


Oh-pil aimed his gun at the commander. And spoke to the bewildered man.


“Are civilians more important in life and death situations than allies?”


“Kuak. Don’t say such things!”


“Don’t blame me, sir. I cannot sacrifice three hundred allies for 20 civilians.”


“That is what the National Guard was made for.”


“I did nothing wrong.”


With that, he pulled the trigger.




And then, it happened.






The bullet stopped mid-air and continued to spin.


A little bit further, and it would have pierced the commander’s head.


“W-what is this?”


Oh-pil couldn’t hide his shock at that. It was the same with Commander Mak.


“Bullet is…”


An unfamiliar voice was heard.


“I really liked it. Do not ever give up your faith.”






And someone appeared next to him like a Ghost.




Hu Bong shouted with a bright face.


It was Chun Yeowun.




Oh-pil aimed his gun at Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun just snapped his finger.






The bullet which stopped flew back and stuck the lieutenant in his forehead.


When the man collapsed, the others aimed their guns at Chun Yeowun, but not a single person could pull the trigger.


“What are you waiting for! Shoot him!”


Cho Hyung-mo screamed at them.


But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t pull the trigger.


“I can’t shoot!”


“What nonsense is that…”


At that time, Chun Yeowun raised his finger at three officers.




The three of them suddenly got their necks cracked.


Their death was fast, but terrifying to those who watched it.




Cho Hyung-mo, who was scared, tried to move away.


The bodyguards protecting him reached ahead to stop Chun Yeowun by using their abilities, but.




When Chun Yeowun waved his hand, their waists were bent at a weird angle.






Their spine was bent back, so there was no way they could live.


The two of them struggled and trembled before they died.


That frightened Cho Hyung-mo even more as he tried to run away, when Chun Yeowun appeared in front of him.




“Where are you going?”




Startled, he fell back as if he saw a ghost.

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