Chapter 90: Alpha Ghost (3)

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Chapter 90: Alpha Ghost (3)


In the heart of Datong city.


The eyes of the Murim people inside the moving military truck were directed somewhere.


It was where the red beams and explosions appeared from a distance.


“Look over there!”


“What is that?”


It was far, so they couldn’t make out what was actually happening.


But they knew for sure that something crazy had occurred.


“Might be the Alpha.”


“What do we do, leader?”


The Murims asked someone for his opinion.


It was the leader of this group, Bu Do-kyun, the president of Six Life Insurance.


He was leaning against the driver seat when he knocked on the window and said to the driver.




“Change the direction.”




The military truck veered towards the red beam.


A factory swept away by flames.


Not only the inside, but even the entire building had collapsed.


It was now only filled with traces of destruction.


Even the surrounding factories had collapsed, making the entire area look like a bombing scene.


“Did I overdid it?”


In the middle of the factory, Chun Yeowun was standing.


He glanced around and mumbled.


It definitely seemed like he overdid it.


However, there was nothing like Sky Flash when it came to removing multiple enemies at once.


Forget about the Ghosts, finding the bodies of the Murim warriors now seemed impossible.




Chun Yeowun looked at the sky in the southwest direction.


There was energy coming in from the Gate, which meant that the Alpha wasn’t dead.


“Where are you? You…”


Having Broadened his senses, Chun Yeown’s gaze turned from the sky to his feet.


It was then.




Where Chun Yeowun was standing, the ground lost its life and turned white.




Chun Yeowun jumped into the air.


In that brief moment, something jumped out at high speed.


That blurry thing was the Alpha Ghost.


“You were hiding there?”


[Huu… hu… uhhhhhh!]


All parts of the Alpha Ghost’s body were hurt with the flame, and because of that, it seemed angry.


The Alpha Ghost emitted waves of white particles which floated in all directions and then came for Chun Yeowun.




The white particles moved very quickly. In an instant, they reached Chun Yeowun.




The Alpha titled its head.


Shockingly, nothing occurred to Chun Yeowun even though the white stuff touched him.


“Did you think you could steal my soul?”


Black energy rose from Chun Yeowun’s body.


The Sky Demon energy protected him.


“It seems like I’m closer to darkness than you are.”


Chun Yeowun smiled.


Pure darkness, the energy that was filled with resentment, hatred and murderous intent, could never succumb.


“Now it is my turn.”




Chun Yeowun raised his hand.


Five invisible swords suddenly appeared around him. Sky Demon energy and Flame qi were both engulfing them.




The black flame gave an uncontrollable power that was so different from a regular Flame qi sword.




[Huu… huuu… huuuu!]


Did it sense the pure darkness and the bursting heat on the swords?


The Alpha Ghost stopped aiming for Chun Yeowun and tried to run away.




Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards it.


As if waiting, the five swords rushed and pierced the Alpha Ghost.


As it was an Alpha, it was more heat resistant than normal Ghosts.


However, nothing could stand against the almighty black flame.




An uncanny scream of unbearable pain.


Not wanting to die, the Alpha Ghost tried to seep its body into the floor.


“That will be your grave.”




As Chun Yeowun’s waved his hand, the black flame swords changed their trajectory and aimed for the other parts of the Alpha’s body.


Shhh! Puck!




The white particles turned black as they scattered everywhere.


When it repeated over three times, the Alpha Ghost’s original form was destroyed.




The Gate core, in the form of a black sphere, fell to the floor.


The core was the size of a human head.




This would have been an absurd sight.


How many people could make an S-class Alpha entity run away?


Chun Yeowun grabbed the core and used his internal energy.




The A-class core had cracked when he used this level of internal energy.


But this core was holding its ground.


Indeed. How expected from an S-class core!




He would have to put more effort.


When Chun Yeowun applied double the energy, it began to crack.


Eventually, the outer shell of the core was completely cracked, and a gap opened.






A strong wave of energy erupted from inside the cracked shell.




The waves spread in all directions.


It was as if it moved at the speed of light.


The entire city of Datong was covered.


Before long, the Gate to the southwest began to close.


Bang! Bang!


At the wall around the Datong city, the Defense forces, who were desperately trying to stop the Ghosts from coming out, shouted in shock!


“Uh! Th-there!”


“The Ghosts have disappeared!”




The Ghosts left like ghosts.


Their forms shattered and disappeared in white.




The soldiers who were watching this cheered at once.


The people in the aircraft tanks and those on the wall were all excited.


The garrison was in an uproar too.


“Commander! The Gate is closing!”




All the officers in the barracks screamed and cheered at the lieutenant’s report.


It was a miracle that an S-class hazard Gate was closed within 2 days.


Cho Hyung-mu, who was next to the commander, patted him on the back.


“Look there. What you said couldn’t happen happened!”


At the man’s political way of talking, the commander’s face frowned.


It was obvious just how much this man was going to use the Gate to his advantage.


And then, Cho Hyung-mu said.


“Commander! What are you doing? Now, if there are no Ghosts, conduct a large-scale search quickly.”




He did not forget to look for his kids.


At that moment, the expression of the commander darkened.


None of the warriors he deployed had reported anything back.


Meanwhile, Chun Yeowun was looking at the shell.


There was still a piece of shell attached to the core, but the energy reaching out was strong.




When Chun Yeowun induced more energy, the cracked shell pieces fell apart.




A pure core emitting light was revealed.




An exclamation flowed out of Chun Yeowun’s mouth.


When he examined the A-class core, the amount of energy was comparable to that of a spirit beast core.


However, the power inside this S-class core was much stronger than that.


Twice the energy of an A-class.


‘Everyone wants it.’


If someone would take this energy, then not just something on the level of Divine Master, but it could be a whole different level of growth.


However, the energy emitted in this core was so great that it seemed unreasonable for normal warriors to consume it without refining it.


‘The body won’t stand it.’


Only by reaching enlightenment would one’s body accept such a form of energy.


Recklessly accepting any source of energy might make it turn into a poison.




Chun Yeowun grabbed the S-class core and then kept playing catch with it.


‘Well, this is of no use to me.’


For Chun Yeowun, this pure form of energy was meaningless.


By absorbing the cores of 5 spirit beasts, he gained absolute strength and surpassed the limits of a normal human body.


He was able to freely use the energy in nature after reaching the Heavenly Master level.


‘I don’t need it.’


If it could have a use, then maybe to train others.


The Sky Demon Order surely lacked skill in this era.


And in this time, since the energy in nature was lacking, such a core was a treasure to have.


‘Then, let’s go to Hu Bong… hm?’


At that time, Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes and looked at the core.


He didn’t realise it because of the light, but he saw something hazy inside the core.




It was hard to see.


‘Nano, control the light which enters my eyes.’


[Adjusting the light in wide mode.]




Chun Yeowun’s pupils shook and contracted.


The light then faded away.


The phenomenon where the light entering his eyes was controlled.


In doing so, he examined the core.




Something was inside the core.


Something uniquely shaped.


Chun Yeowun asked.


‘Nano what is this?’


[Unknown. It is wrapped in pure core energy that cannot be checked.]


‘If I break it, will it come out?’


[That will result in a significant loss of energy.]


‘Can you temporarily absorb the energy of the core?’




In the past, Nano managed to absorb the core of the White Tiger and then passed it to Chun Yeowun.


It took that energy as a recharge.


The gatelinium metal in Nano made it possible. And this metal was something beyond the Gate which didn’t exist on earth.


‘Then, do it.’






Chun Yeowun’s hands, which were holding the core, soon had gloves equipped on them.


Wires protruded and wrapped around the core.


[Absorbing the energy of the core. 5%.]


The light was being sucked in.


Nano, who had absorbed the energy from the White Tiger core in the past, did this with ease.




However, it was happening faster than expected. Since the energy was pure, it seemed like the process of absorbing it happened quickly.




The energy was absorbed in 5 minutes.


The dazzling light on the core was sucked away, and now it looked weak.


“This should be enough.”


Chun Yeowun used strength onto the weakened core.


Then the core cracked like the outer shell.




When he applied more force, it cracked more.


And then the unique shaped thing hidden inside came into view.


‘What is this?’


There was something the size of a palm, and it gave off a dazzling light.


‘As expected.’


It contained a lot of energy too. However, this weird star-shaped core had a unique aura.


It resembled the gloomy Alpha Ghost energy.


Chun Yeowun was watching it carefully when an unexpected phenomenon unfolded.






Chun Yeowun brought out the wrist guard on his right hand, which was trembling.


It was as if it was resonating with the new star shaped core.


‘What? Why is the Sky demon sword?’


Chun Yeowun couldn’t figure it out.


The Sky Demon Sword was a sword made from a meteorite that fell on the earth during the time of Chun Ma.


It had the energy of the fallen dragon, but this was the first time that this sword had resonated like this except when it was first acquired.


‘What is it trying to say? Sky Demon Sword.’






The star shaped core trembled.


They were trying to get closer along with the resonation.


It was then.




Chun Yeowun didn’t call for it, yet the sword came out on its own.




At that time, the star-shaped core in Chun Yeowun’s hand got attached to the sword.


At the unknown phenomenon, Chun Yeowun tried to hurriedly grab it away from the stone.


But something amazing happened.




From the star shaped core, a bright blue light entered into the sword.


And the sword, too, began to be entirely engulfed in the brilliant blue light.


The light soon spread to Chun Yeowun’s hand.






The blue light permeated Chun Yeowun’s hand.


Chun Yeowun, who felt an intense ting like a lightning strike, let go of the sword, but illusions appeared in his mind.


‘This… this is…’




It was like when Nano sent him information. However, this wasn’t that simple.




As if it was being engraved into his mind, the illusion was showing him something.


And suddenly, blue light flashed from Chun yeowun’s eyes.




When he was immersed into this, the bright blue light disappeared from the star shaped core as it fell to the ground.


It was now emitting an ordinary light like a pure core.




Chun yeowun, unaware of that, continued to be captivated by the blue illusion and didn’t move.


Ten minutes passed.




30 men in protective suits ran towards the factory ruins.


They were all warriors who came in haste.


They were looking for something in the ruins.


“This is…”


A vast energy around the place stimulated their senses.


It was the energy of the S-class core.


The Murim people who had a good sense went closer.


“Ah! Leader! There!”


A warrior pointed to the centre, where only rubble remained.


Someone was standing there with a sword.


Chun Yeowun.


“Oh my!”


The eyes of all the warriors turned in a certain direction.




One meter in front of Chun Yeowun, a star shaped core was emitting a dazzling light.




The faces of warriors who discovered the core turned greedy.


It wasn’t a normal core.


It was an S-class.


It was the greatest treasure for all the people.


Of course, not everyone looked at the core.


Bu Do-kyun, the president of Six Life Insurance, was puzzled.


‘… why is he being like that in front of the core?’


Chun Yeowun was watching from a distance as if he had lost his mind.


He couldn’t see if the man was dazed or just lost consciousness, but his eyes were open.


It was strange for someone to act like that in front of a core.




A warrior, who couldn’t hold back the greed, flew there.


“What are you doing?”


“Whoever gets it first is its owner!”


“Come on, wait up! We don’t know anything yet!”


“That man has lost his mind, so the owner of the core hasn’t been decided yet!”


“Shit! That one!”




In order to not lose the core, the other warriors too went there too.


They no longer saw their leader as a leader.


They were all wanting to get their hands on the S-class core.




‘I need to get the S-class core!’


The time when everyone raced there with hopes.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes, which had lost focus, were back to normal.


The warriors who didn’t see that, were only focusing on the core.


‘Rats have flocked over here.’


Seventeen were running towards the core.


Trying to be faster than the others to catch it.


‘This is good.’


Chun Yeowun smiled as he looked at them.


There was something that he wanted to check out.


Chun Yeowun put the Sky Demon Sword to the ground and touched it.




That moment.


Blue light flashed from the Sky Demon Sword, and its colour began to change like frost.


The ground where the sword touched turned all white.


“Wait! Stop everyone!”


Bo Go-kyun, who was watching it from afar, shouted at them.


However, since they were too greedy, they didn’t care and kept going for the core.


It was then.




Five warriors, who were running ahead, stopped, and their bodies trembled.




“Why did they stop?”


The warriors who were behind them were puzzled.


All five of them turned white.


And went stiff.




This was something they had seen.


A phenomenon that happened when one died in the hands of a Ghost.


At that moment, the voice of Bu Do-kyun entered the other warriors’ ears.


“Get away now! Don’t touch the ground!”


Shhh! Shh!




Suddenly, the floor ahead was losing life in it.


Flustered, the warriors backed away.


“What is this? Why is the ground…”


But their shock didn’t end there.




From the five bodies which lost life, a hazy thing emerged.


It left ghost traces and white particles as it moved up.




It was the hazard entity Ghost.


From the eyes of the blurred Ghosts, blue light was radiating.


Like the one coming from the Sky Demon Sword.

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