Chapter 9 12 Hours (3)

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Chapter 9 12 Hours (3)


The 5th Special Mobile Strike Team buses were lined up to the building on the right.


Some of the buses were heavily damaged.


There were holes in the ceilings, and more than half of the windows were shattered. Repairs were urgently needed.


At least they were vehicles made exclusively for people with special abilities. If these were regular buses, then all that would have come back would be scrap metal.


“Be careful while coming in. Don’t step on the rope over there!”


From inside the bus, members of the Special Mobile Strike Team came out while slowly leading the criminals into the building.


Two, two handcuffs exclusively for special abilities were on their wrists and ankles.


And the other criminals who were wounded and didn’t have the strength to resist were being pushed into the building.


Of course, not everyone went in smoothly.


“Let me go! You bastards! Let go!”




A bald, muscular man whose face was covered in blood was rebelling.


He was Son Mang-dal.


He was an important member of the Forces of Evil sect in Shenyang.


In the past, it was a wonderful group, but now it has developed into organized gangsters.


Although it managed to develop into an organization, the root of it was the Murim people.


With the handcuffs on, he couldn’t use his internal energy anymore. However, it looked like he didn’t neglect his physical training. Despite two officers pushing him, he was able to resist.


That was when someone kicked him in the stomach.






Two mobile strikers pushed him to the ground, and the bald man began to cough up blood from the kick.


Wiping the blood off his mouth, he yelled at the man.


“Ouch! You fucking bastard. To use these handcuffs which forbids us from using internal energy, just to use it on us!”


If it hadn’t been for the kick, which used internal energy, there would have been no blood.


The man who kicked him took off his helmet.


This man, in his late thirties with a short and athletic hairstyle, was the leader of the 5th Special Mobile Strike Team, Yeom Chan.


“You talk a lot for a drug offender! Son Mang-dal. Just be grateful that I didn’t kill you on the spot with my gun.”


The Chinese government didn’t take drug crimes lightly.


It was because they struggled with opium in the past.


“Evil bastards like you, your roots never disappear despite not being active for years. All your crimes are based on drugs.”


With those words, Yeom Chan tried to kick Son Mang-dal, who barely stood up.


It was then that someone intervened.


“Team leader Yeom. Stop that. Isn’t he already in custody?”




The person who stopped him was Lee Taek-yoon, the head of special crimes.


He also learned martial arts and was the chief of the division, which was dedicated to crimes committed by special abilities users, including Murim warriors.


“It’s because this bastard needs to come to his senses…”


“You are an officer. And I understand how you feel, but there is something to be done. They need to be placed in prison.”


“… understood.”


Since the chief was his superior, Yeom Chan calmed his emotions.


“Take him away.”




Those on standby grabbed the man and dragged him away.


Son Mang-dal, who was being dragged away, glared at Lee Taek-yoon and said.


“You must be wanting to play Good Cop Bad Cop, but you are all the same.”




“Even if we distribute the drugs, we aren’t government dogs like you. Kayak! Spit!”




The thick phlegm of Son Mang-dal smeared the jacket of Lee Taek-yoon, who was on the right.


The corners of Lee Taek-yoon’s lips raised.




Yeom Chan’s face went stiff.


This man should be taken away fast, but it was too late.


Lee Taek-yoon’s hand grabbed Son Mang-dal’s face.




‘This… this one’s eyes?’


Lee Taek-yoon’s eyes changed.


In an instant, the man seemed to have a different personality.


“Dogs of the government? I should have just left you to die. The pests of society.”


Lee Taek-yoon raised his internal energy, lifted Son Mang-dal, and then threw him on the ground.






Blood oozed out of his head which hit the floor.


There was no way to protect his body when the cuffs were still on.


“Don’t try to act strong. In the end, you are criminals hated by the civilians, and we are civil servants that everyone envies.”






Lee Taek-yoon kicked Son Mang-dal’s head with his foot as if his anger wasn’t resolved yet.


He groaned for a while, and then Son Mang-dal didn’t move anymore.




Team leader Yeom Chan bit his tongue.


Lee Taek-yoon was famous for showing a restrained appearance, but he was even more famous for his violence when he got angry.




Mobile strikers checked if Son Mang-dal was dead and sighed.


It seemed like he only fainted after being kicked in the head.


‘You idiot. Why did you have to anger the chief!’


Yeom Chan thought to himself.


Lee Taek-yoon was known to be unable to control his anger and to have killed criminals.


If what he heard was right, then Lee Taek-yoon could have been the head of the Forces of Evil.


“Take him.”




Mobile strikers supported Son Mang-dal and dragged him into the building.


And then, the process proceeded without any further problems. A familiar face appeared in front of Lee Taek-yoon.


“… is the transfer complete?”


“As… chief Song.”


He had come down like 5 minutes ago, but Song Wei-kang decided to stand back, as something seemed to have happened.


CCTV room on the 1st floor of the Bureau.


Chief Lee Taek-yoon, who was looking at the large monitor playing footage from the 5th basement floor, stroked his chin.


What he was watching was something recorded two and a half hours ago.


The facial expression of team leader Yeom Chan of the 5th team who was watching the video wasn’t great.


Dong Joo-myung, one of the team members, opened his mouth with a firm face.


“Unless my eyes are showing me wrong, chief…”


“… Superior Master Level!”


Lee Taek-yoon said that.


The team leader and the members were all aware of how strong the Murim man was.


In order to show such a level of skill, it was only possible for those who reached the state of Superior Master Level.


‘An unidentified person?’


It was even more questionable that this person’s identity was unknown.


Song Wei-kang, who was watching it, asked.


“Is this tough?”


It was Lee Taek-yoon, the chief of special crimes, who could answer that question.


It would be no exaggeration to say that their demotion would be confirmed if they took up the mission to save the Deputy Director and failed.


“We need to rescue the deputy director as soon as possible.”


At those words from Song Wei-kang, Lee Taek-yoon asked.


“Did you say that even fingerprint and iris recognition aren’t working?”


“Yes. We were trying to run a blood test, but then everything turned violent…”


There was no need to continue.


Everything was shown on the CCTV footage.


“Hmm. It smells fishy.”


“You think so too?”


“There is no way that a person can avoid ID Checks. Maybe it has something to do with ‘them.’”


Song Wei-kang nodded in agreement.


Falling from the sky to voluntarily entering the Bureau, there were too many questions and no answers.


Lee Taek-yoon got up from his seat.


“Phew, nothing can be done. We don’t have a lot of time, so let’s hurry.”


“We don’t have time?”


“This man needs to be dealt with within 24 hours.”


“What do you mean?”


Lee Taek-yoon pointed to Chun Yeowun on the monitor and said.


“Didn’t he say not to bother him until he wants to leave?”


“Yes. One cheeky bastard.”


“Yes. He is.”




Song Wei-kang ground his teeth just thinking of Chun Yeowun.


“If he was a Superior Master, he could have escaped from any number of strike squads, but the fact that he deliberately entered the Bureau on his own feet means he’s waiting for a legal exit.”


“Legal exit?”


“If he is related to some organization, they will try to get him out within 24 hours, before the formal investigation is conducted and he is put on trial.”




Song Wei-kang was shocked by the sharp insight.


He was so concerned about the safety of the Deputy Director that he didn’t think it through.


Clearly, Lee Taek-yoon was an excellent person in the Bureau.


As if the results were out, Song Wei-kang’s face brightened.


It was when Lee Taek-yoon asked him.


“Then, is it okay if he dies?”




He, who was just reassured, was confused.


He was ordered to capture and investigate the man who fell from the sky.


The man had to be captured.


“Can’t he be captured?”


“… for a Superior Master, it’s hard to do. If we want to catch him, we’ll end up sacrificing half of the team.”


At that, team members of the Special Mobile Strike Team nodded their heads.


Song Wei-kang, who had no knowledge of the Murim warriors and their skills, couldn’t realize how dangerous the situation was.


‘Right. Even if he’s captured, he will only cause more trouble for us. If he gets out, then we’ll miss the chance to bring him down. Rescuing the Deputy Director is more important.’


His job was more important to him.


Making a decision, Song Wei-kang asked.


“So, is killing him possible?”


03:20 AM.


The team leader and members of the 5th Special Mobile Strike Team, who were fully prepared, were divided into teams of 10 people in front of the elevator and the stairs on the left and right of the building; they also completed the preparations in a rush.


Contrary to hurrying, the time they started their mission was late in the morning.


Of course, this was part of their plan.


Lee Taek-yoon’s earphone was working as someone spoke.


-Check! Chief, he’s a Superior Master. Won’t he wake up from a single change in the air?


“No matter how strong he is, there’s a difference between being in perfect condition and not being nervous. Ours is a strategy where we lower the opponent’s power as much as possible. Just focus on your mission.”




Lee Taek-yoon seemed off.


Even though he was fully prepared, he couldn’t hide the tension of dealing with a Superior Master.


It was the same with the other team members too.


“Turn on the cam.”




The video was being sent to the other team members who had their goggles on, and the CCTV screen too was being shown.




In the CCTV footage, Chun Yeowun, their target, was sitting still with his eyes closed.


They weren’t sure if he was asleep or not.


But the Deputy Director Ho Il-kyung, who was sitting across from him, was nodding his head from left to right as if he was asleep.


“We might miss something. CCTV, I want it to be monitored and report anything that changes.”




As the goggles were displaying two videos, he was worried that they would miss something.


“Team A and B enter from the left and right stairs.”




The team members who were waiting near the stairs on the left and right went down carefully when Lee Taek-yoon gave the order.


Twenty people went down, but the sounds of their footsteps couldn’t be heard.


It was because of the specially made silent walkers.


-This is Team A. second floor stairs on the left.


-This is Team B. second floor stairs on the right.


They were going down the stairs very carefully, one step at a time, trying to kill any presence they had.


Lee Taek-yoon, who checked the CCTV footage, was relieved that the target didn’t notice and ordered them to move another floor down.


With tense eyes, the team members went down another floor.


It would normally take 3 minutes to reach the 5th basement floor, but now, they have taken 20 minutes.


-This is Team A. 5th basement floor on the left.


-This is Team B. 5th basement floor on the right.


While they were moving, a smile appeared on Lee Taek-yoon’s lips as he looked at the CCTV.


It seemed like trying to catch the target before dawn was the right decision.


In the video, Chun Yeowun was still, with his eyes closed.


“Team A and B use industrial anesthetic air gas bombs as per plan.”




Anesthetic gas.


It was developed to deal with Murim warriors.


When the gas is inhaled, it acts like an anti-internal energy toxin.


And it works wonders on paralyzing the nerves.




Team A and B gently opened the stairs’ emergency exit doors and rolled five fist-sized balls.


They were the gas bombs.


Normally two or three would be enough to cover the basement.


However, considering that he is Superior Master, they decided to use five from each side just to be sure.




As the bombs with a silent function rolled on the ground and reached the right place, a hole formed, and the gas spurted out in all directions.




The gas slowly seeped into the air.


Colorless and odorless gas, even the Murim man wouldn’t notice.


About 5 minutes later, the team members who were holding their breath because of the tension relaxed.


‘Haaa. I was told he was a Superior Master, but it looks like I was nervous for nothing.’


‘This much means nothing.’


They weren’t the only ones with those thoughts.


Lee Taek-yoon, who was staring at the CCTV footage in front of the elevator, was also convinced that his mission was done.


If exposed to the gas for more than 5 minutes, even the Superior Master will have his energy dispersed and become paralyzed.


“Team A and B enter the interrogation room at the same time and send a signal.”




With that, Lee Taek-yoon spoke to the team on standby.


“Open the elevator and move.”




The plan was to open the elevator ceiling and then use the line.


Judging by the current situation, he thought taking the elevator would be fine, but then he asked them to use the line just to be careful.


A mobile striker pressed a button on the elevator, and the door opened.




It was then,




Inside the elevator was the young man with long hair.


Their target, Chun Yeowun.


‘W-What the hell?’


It couldn’t be.


The CCTV footage clearly showed that he was in the room with his eyes closed.


Then, how was he in the elevator!


“D-Damn it!




The team hurriedly tried to aim their machine guns at Chun Yeowun, but he vanished and appeared in front of Lee Taek-yoon.






Shocked, Lee Taek-yoon tried to move away, but it was too late.






His neck was grabbed.


Power so strong that it felt like his neck was going to break.




With an annoyed voice, Chun Yeowun spoke.


“How long were you going to make me wait?”

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