Chapter 89: Alpha Ghost (2)

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Chapter 89: Alpha Ghost (2)


60 or so Ghosts, with hazy weapons in their hands, moved.


If each Ghost was able to perform martial arts like they had just witnessed, then everyone in the factory was in a huge crisis.


‘W-what should we do?’


The only advantage they could have was if there was someone stronger than the Ghosts among them. However, the branch president of the Murim Association was now injured.




The Alpha Ghost moved, not giving them time to ponder.


As it moved, the range of the ice floor widened even more.


And now, it occupied nearly a fifth of the factory.


“W-we have to run away!”


“We can’t go against all of them!”


Terrified, the warriors began to run.


They turned and ran to where the survivors were.


Shhh! Shhh!


From the side of the factory, regular Ghosts arrived.


In huge numbers.


At first glance, it seemed like all the Ghosts in the vicinity flocked to this place.


“Damn it!”


All the exits were blocked.


Flustered and bewildered, the warriors heard something similar to a burst of eerie laughter from the Alpha Ghost.




A hazy ghostly laugh. The sight and sound were both creepy.


“Is it summoning Ghosts around here?”


It was a known fact that the Alpha was the leader of the group.


But this was the first time they were seeing such a level of intelligence.


This Alpha knew how to control its kind.




“This is it. We are all going to die.”


The survivors were all scared, looking at the huge number of Ghosts.


There was no way that anyone would be calm in such a situation.


Even the warriors were the same.


‘This is it. There is only one way to go out.’


‘It is unreasonable to face the Alpha and the warrior Ghosts at the same time.’


Their eyes naturally turned to the survivors.


The Ghosts were coming in huge numbers, but at least sword energy works on them.


If their objective wasn’t to subdue the enemy but to break past them, then there was only one chance.




The range of the ice moved further as the Alpha moved a little.


The Ghosts went closer to the people, enjoying the fear in their eyes.




The creepy laughter from the Alpha was heard again.


The warriors, who looked at each other, nodded.


And the moment they decided to move.




Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.


“Hu Bong.”


“Yes, Lord!”


“Change of plans. Take refuge with your wife and those people. I will clean this place.”




Hu Bong was disappointed, but he still answered.


He wanted to fight with Chun Yeowun too, but he couldn’t leave his wife or the other people alone.


‘For the sake of my wife.’


He didn’t care too much about the survivors who didn’t belong to their Cult, but he couldn’t ignore his wife.


Hu Bong raised his arms, and at that moment.




Dozens of flame spheres appeared in the air.


The Ghosts, who were slowly narrowing the distance, didn’t come any closer because of the heat.


‘W-what? Is that guy a monster too?’


Hong Pal-son was shocked.


He didn’t expect Hu Bong to be this strong.


It was hard to believe that Hu Bong was a martial artist in the first place. This just made him go silent.


‘He fully embodied the Flame qi.’


Chun Yeowun was satisfied with Hu Bong’s development.


He did see Hu Bong fight in the cave. It felt like he had fully taken in the qi.


It was beyond metamorphosis.


At that, Hu Bong smiled and said.


“I might not be able to handle it as precisely as my Lord, but this much is good.”


Hu Bong reached out towards the Ghosts.


The flame spheres rushed at them at once.


Wheik! Shhh!


The Ghosts tried to avoid being hit by the flame spheres, but there were too many of them, and they got hit.




The targeted Ghosts were torn apart.


Hu Bong didn’t stop with that. He concentrated on hitting the walls with flame.




Kwang! Kwakwakwang!


As a result, the northern entrance which was filled with Ghosts was opened.


Not missing the chance, Mun Ran-yeong yelled.


“I will take the lead, everyone, follow me!”




She stepped forward with a flame sphere in her hand and used it whenever a Ghost got close.


She had exhausted her energy, so now she was using a small amount of energy to deal with normal Ghosts.


“H-Hurry up!”


“We will live!”




The survivors, who were scared of dying, shouted as they followed her.


Hu Bong followed behind them and eliminated the Ghosts that were following.


“Done! Open the way!”


“We should follow them too!”


The scared warriors flew in the other direction.


In order to not miss the chance, Hong Pal-son also tried to escape from there.






The Murim warriors, who were running at their best, were blocked by something and bounced back.


They tried to move again, but something like a strong wall was blocking them.


“What is this?”


“I can’t get past this!”


Hong Pal-son, who knew what it was, mumbled in shock.


“T-this… internal energy?”


Although he was injured, he could feel the energy. And what stood in their way was energy itself.


“This is internal energy?”


The eyes of the Murim people turned towards Chun Yeowun, who had his hand outstretched.


It was absurd that this man was trying to prevent them from leaving the place.


“What the hell is this!”


“Aren’t you going to pull back the energy?”




Gradually, white color spread on the floor to where they were standing.


Chun Yeowun spoke calmly.


“Since when did you think that we were on the same side?”




At those words, the murim people couldn’t hide their shock.


Who would have thought that Chun Yeowun would still consider them as enemies despite a greater enemy standing right in front of them?


“Please don’t do this!”


“I beg of you. We are all Murim warriors here. Please open the way.”


“This isn’t the right way!”


The Murims were begging.


But Chun Yeowun didn’t even blink his eyes and said.


“Have a good battle.”


And he smiled.


“Damn it!”


“I am going to break this.”


In the end, the Murim people tried to break down the wall of energy using their swordsmanship.


But that was an impossible thing.




Because the Ghosts which went back flew towards them.






The warriors hastily confronted them.


As seen before, warrior Ghosts could use their swordsmanships.




It was as if two warriors were fighting.


However, since Ghosts were extremely dangerous at a close distance, the Murim warriors had to fight them from afar.




Hong Pal-son was the only one who couldn’t fight because of the injury and remained in front of the invisible wall, staring at Chun Yeowun with hateful eyes.


[You are not human. If you really want to get rid of the resentment, you should deal with those entities which are the enemies of mankind first.]


His lips were ripped off, so his speech was slurred.


That’s why he sent a telepathic message.




[Aren’t you trying to use me and the other warriors here to fight the Ghosts? Since no matter how strong you are, you are alon….]






Chun Yeowun extended his arm and acted like he grabbed the neck of Hong Pal-son.


Who now seemed to be in pain.


“You are misunderstanding something.”


“Cough… what?”


“Do you think I didn’t let you people go out because I am using you?”


At those words, Chun Yeowun stretched out his other hand to the sky.




An uncountable number of Flame swords was generated inside the factory.


The factory turned hot all of a sudden.


“W-what is this?”


“Flame swords?”


The warriors who were fighting Ghosts couldn’t help but be shocked.


This flame was different from the flame sphere that Hu Bong used.


Hong Pal-son, who looked at that, forgot his pain and stared at Chun Yeowun.


‘W-who the hell is he?’


Five Great Warriors of the current Murim.


No, even the president of the Murim Association, who is known to be the strongest, could he do this?


Chun Yeowun said.


“Why do you think I did this? It was to get rid of all of you here at once.”




At Chun Yeowun’s words, Hong Pal-son’s face turned pale.


The man’s intention was to kill everyone within the factory.


And that was the reason why he sent the survivors, Hu Bong and Mun ran-yeong outside.




The Alpha Ghost made a strange sound.


And all the Ghosts which were fighting with the warriors rushed at Chun Yeowun at once.


“Even the monster has a smart brain.”


Alpha Ghost knew that Chun Yeowun had to be stopped.


Chun Yeowun looked up at him and smiled.




And then, he lifted his arm which was holding Hong Pal-son’s neck.




‘Uhhh? What are you trying to do?’


Hong Pal-son’s eyes trembled and moved his body.


But nothing worked.


Chun Yeowun immediately threw Hong Pal-son at the Ghosts which were rushing in.


“N… Nooooo!”


He screamed as much as he could.






But he collided with the Ghost head-on and lost his life right away as his body fell to the ground.




The warriors were shocked at the outrageous death of their head and glared at Chun Yeowun.


Who could have thought that the man would be thrown at the Ghosts?


“You ruthless man!”


“How could you do that!”


Chun Yeowun extended his hand, not bothering with them.


“You all should worry about your own lives.”






At that moment, all the flame swords came down at once.




“C-crazy bastard!”


“Avoid it!”


Terrified, the warriors tried to avoid it, but the flame swords were faster.




Sky Flash of Flame Swords.


This was much stronger than the normal Sky Flash.


The flames indiscriminately destroyed not just the Ghosts but even the warriors and the factory.


400 meters away from the factory site.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Explosions erupted everywhere.


“Wh-what is that?”


“Look over there!”




Rays of flames were seen across the sky in the distance.


The survivors who were fleeing were stunned.


Because the explosions were coming from the factory they were in.


Only Hu Bong was smiling.


“Hehe. Indeed my Lord is the best!”

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