Chapter 88: Alpha Ghost (1)

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Chapter 88: Alpha Ghost (1)




Hu Bong shouted loudly.


At the thought of kicking some asses after a long time, he soared with determination.


“Come on! Who should I start with?”


Hu Bong uttered.


And then he pointed to the leader, Hong Pal-son, and added.


“Hehe, aren’t you the head? Let’s start with you.”


It was as if he was giving the weaker ones some time to rest.


“How dare you act this rude!”


Hong Pal-son was around 59 years old.


He was selected as the head of the Murim Association.


He had also taught many people martial arts.


With his outstanding talents, he managed to learn most of the essential techniques of the Forces of Justice formations. He was known to be the centre of the Forces of Justice.


He rose to the brink of greatness and was one of the few people known to be the next great warrior.


His pride was overflowing.


“I guess you young people don’t know your place. There is no need to even think about asking you to understand.”


Looking at his red face, anyone could tell how angry the man was.




Chun Yeowun laughed openly at those words.




It was unforgivable for a man in his early twenties to talk back to a branch president of the Murim Association.


“I am going to fix that bad habit of yours now.”




Hong Pal-son quickly moved at Chun Yeowun, who was standing close to him.


True to his skills, he moved in the fastest yet subtle way.


‘He offended the head.’


‘Tch tch, he brought this on himself.’


The warriors of the Beijing Murim Association shook their heads.


Being attacked by Hong Pal-son meant that the young man would suffer badly.


‘Eighteen Palms of the Dragon!’


From his right hand, a dominant force like the power of a dragon was unfolded.


The technique, which was meant to block the opponent’s escape, aimed for the enemy’s blood points.


“Take this!”


“Where do you think you are going!”


Hu Bong stepped ahead with great force.


“I should be the one dealing with this bastard.”


“What? Bastard?”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Hong Pal-son turned even more enraged.


Chun Yeowun casually outstretched his hand.


‘What is he trying to do…’






The moment the palm touched the index finger.


Hong Pal-son’s movement halted right away.


The formation stopped.


Since it depended on the lower body, he dug into the floor.




“W-what is this?”


“He blocked the president with one finger!”


The Murim warriors, who were watching, couldn’t help but be shocked.


Hong Pal-son was trembling as his body was stopped when Chun Yeowun didn’t seem like he even did anything.


“Who is the young one here?”


Chun Yeowun said.


‘This guy… who the hell is this guy?’


Hong Pal-son was shocked.


He was stopped by one finger. Just one finger.


‘Was he hiding his skills?’


No, that wasn’t the case.


Since Chun Yeowun reached the highest point in martial arts, his energy could never be felt, unless his opponent was stronger than him.


‘This is so embarrassing.’


Hong Pal-son’s face turned beet red.


It was shameful that his juniors were seeing him in such a miserable state.


‘I can’t let this happen.’


He hurriedly pulled himself and took a step back, pretending to be bold.


He then clasped his hands.


“I thought you were young, but you have exceeded my expectations. Could you tell me the name…”


It was a trick.


Pretending to be obedient, he would gather the energy and hit Chun Yeowun in the crotch.


No matter how strong a man was, he wouldn’t be able to stand if that part of his body was hit.








Chun Yeowun stepped on his foot before he could even move.


He stepped on it so hard that the foot dug into the floor.


The foot was crushed, not broken.


“You troublesome old trash. Stop using your brain.”


“Kuak… you… you…”


“And your mouth too.”


Chun Yeowun reached for the mouth.






His hand went past the helmet and grabbed the lips.


It was as if Chun Yeowun was trying to rip them out.


“You can’t control this mouth, right?”




Hong Pal-son tried to cut off Chun Yeowun’s hands.


But Chun Yeowun had always been faster.






As he kept grabbing the lips, he hit the body.


Kick! Thud!




Hong Pal-son, whose body was thrown to the floor, struggled to get up.


Chun Yeowun threw something to the floor.


It was the torn lips of Hong Pal-son.


The other warriors were at a loss for words.




Hong Pal-son shouted.


“Wha ar ydoi? Evey on atck hi!”


‘What are you all doing! Everyone attack him!’


With his lips torn off, his pronunciation was off.


But what was more annoying.




Despite his scream, not a single warrior moved.


They had just seen a Superior Master get his ass kicked so hard. Who is the idiot that would throw himself at such a monster?


‘Those bastards!’


Hong Pal-son was getting more and more pissed off.


He thought that no matter how strong the enemy was, the juniors would come together and support him, but not a single person stepped forward.


“I guess not everyone is stupid.”


Chun Yeowun approached him.


Seeing that, Hong Pal-son’s face turned white.


‘Is he going to kill me?’


It was such a funny situation.


The person who was intending to kill was now thinking of his own death.


Terrified, he tried to move backwards.


“Hya, wa. I am the bra head of Wuriw. So harw we is to sallenge the austorisy of…”


“Yah, wait. I am the branch head of the Murim Association of Beijing. To harm me is to challenge the authority of the Murim Association…”




Before he could even finish speaking, Chun Yeowun waved his hand.


And with a sharp sound, Hong Pal-son’s arm was cut off.


“Kuaaak! My hand! Hand….”


Chun Yeowun said.


“What about the Murim Association?”


‘Y-you… isn’t he afraid of the Murim Association?’


The Murim Association was the centre of the Murim world.


No warrior would challenge the authority of the Murim Association, which was backed by the State Council.


But Chun yeowun didn’t even seem bothered.


When Chun Yeowun tried to raise his hand, Hong Pal-son began to shout.


“Let me go! Please! I have done wrong!”


“If you realize, then accept your punishment.”


Words didn’t seem to work, so Hong Pal-son used his last resort.


“Please spare my life! I have a young daughter to look after. If I die, she will have no one to look after her.”


An emotional appeal.


Chun Yeowun looked at him with a disgusted expression.


“You are a funny man. What about the people you were about to kill? Don’t they have families too?”


Pointing to the survivors.


“B… bu…”


The survivors were clearly angry at the Murim warriors.


He tried to kill them to hide the truth, and now he was dying in a humiliating way right in front of them.


“Kill him!”


“He doesn’t deserve to live!”


Some survivors shouted.


If it was a normal day, they would have thought rationally about it, but not today.


These people suffered and saw their beloved die at the hands of Ghosts.




Everyone shouted.


“I see.”


Chun Yeowun smiled and tried to draw his sword.


“I-I can’t die!”




The desire to live was so strong that Hong Pal-son forgot about his injuries and flew towards the Murim warriors.


They didn’t help him, so he decided to use them as a shield and escape.


“Did you think you could run away?”


Chun Yeowun reached out and pulled him back with internal energy.






At that time, a somber energy flowed around, which startled Chun Yeowun.


It was completely different from the cold feeling going around.


The energy was so strong that Chun Yeowun wasn’t the only one who noticed it.




“T… this energy?”


All the warriors turned their heads around and checked.


The direction was at the factory entrance, which was right behind them.




Starting from the entrance, white frost began to fall down on the floor and walls.


The walls and floors were all losing their color and turning white as if there was a drop in temperature.


The phenomenon was spreading out so fast that no one could even recovered from the shock of seeing it.


All of a sudden, the phenomenon which was moving around came for the warriors who were standing still in fear.




Noticing that, the warriors gulped and looked at the gloomy energy.


Something pure white had appeared through the wall.






The warriors, who looked at it, were shocked.


It was a Ghost three times larger than a normal one, which would normally be the size of a human.




With white particles moving behind and around it as if it was waving a dress, the identity was easy to know.


“Alpha! Alpha!”


The warriors who recognized it spoke out loud.


This was the key to closing the Gate, which opened right inside the city.


‘Damn it!’


Hong Pal-son was losing it. An Alpha entity had appeared right where he was and he wasn’t even in the state of dealing with it.


This was the worst situation.


When he looked behind, he saw Chun Yeowun looking at the Alpha Ghost.


‘He is interested in the Alpha too.’


Any warrior would be interested in an Alpha.


Killing an S-class Alpha and getting the S-class core was the dream of any warrior.




In that brief moment, Hong Pal-son thought of an idea.


He thought of it as an opportunity.


The Alpha Ghost was an enemy which threatened humanity.


He thought that with this, he could convince Chun Yeowun, so he shouted at him.


“Look. No more fights between us. How about working together and getting rid of this? I will yield the core…”


It was then.




A warrior shouted in surprise.


“What happened? Huh?”


Hong Pal-son was shocked and wondered why there was a scream.


He saw that the floor was turning white, and the eerie energy kept on moving.


The colour of the Murim warrior’s shoes had changed.


That was just the beginning.




“W-what is this? My, my feet are cold. They aren’t moving! What is this! Kuak!”


In an instant, the man’s body turned pale and fell.


Seeing the frozen body fall, the others shouted.


“H-he is dead!”


“Everyone run!”


Flustered, the warriors retreated away from the white frost.


Each time the alpha Ghost moved, the range of its control would widen.


So they kept on running away.




‘What kind of monster…’


They all knew that Alphas were different and hard to handle.


With ordinary Ghosts, they only had to worry about being touched, but this one was able to use its power on the ground and walls.




Another unexpected thing happened.




White particles rose from the body of the dead warriors.


It was.




“Ghost came out of the body!”


At the birth of a Ghost from the dead body, the warriors went stiff.


Even though the Ghost had a fuzzy shape, it looked very similar to the dead man.


It was as if he had died and turned into a ghost.


At that moment, the voice of someone could be heard from the earphones in the helmet.


-click! This.. is west… team… 1… can… you… listen?


The voice belonged to Peng Neung-gyeom, the leader of the west team.


The cracking voice continued.


-Click! Among the Ghosts… the team members who went from the east…. We found similar shaped Ghosts… shhh… we guess… the hazard entities… are from humans… these Ghosts have to be… click.


With that, the voice cut off.


It sounded like the connection cut off because something wasn’t right, but each warrior could understand what Peng Neung-gyeom was saying.




“Then the Ghosts we killed so far were people?”


The Murim people were shocked.


The Ghosts did seem like humans.


They were shocked, and the culprit of this situation was the Alpha.


Ghosts came from dead humans.




Meanwhile, the Ghost that rose from the dead body rushed for them.


A warrior used sword energy and shouted.


He was Ha Hyeon-woo.




“Does that change anything? In the end, dead people never come back. If that is the case, there is nothing wrong in killing them again! Hm!”


Ha Hyeon-woo used his sword.




Something unbelievable happened.


The Ghost which came running at him evaded the sword and unleashed a footwork?




As if being a Ghost wasn’t enough, it held something like a sword in its hand.




The Ghost swung it at Ha Hyeon-woo.


However, the sword wasn’t simply moving but was unleashing a sword technique.


The sword technique of the dead warrior.


‘Martial arts?’


Flustered, Ha Hyeon-woo responded to it.


He thought that the Ghost would be vulnerable to heat so he used sword energy as he unleashed techniques.




“No! How is it stopping sword energy?”


Even sword energy could be stopped.


He looked at the Ghost which was moving, and the hand which seemed to be holding something hazy like another sword.




At that moment, the Ghost’s hand, which looked like a sword, pierced the chest of Ha Hyeon-woo.


Shocked, he tried to block it with his bare hands.






The moment he came in contact with the Ghost, his body turned white and died.






The warriors who were close to him shouted.


But that was just the beginning. Several Ghosts appeared through the wall behind the Alpha.




And they were all Murim Ghosts coming from the south.

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