Chapter 86: S-class hazard entity (2)

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Chapter 86: S-class hazard entity (2)




“W-what is that?”


The driver couldn’t hide his shock at the flame swords swirling around the truck.


“Don’t concern yourself with that and keep driving.”




Chun Yeowun grabbed one sword with his outstretched hand and shook it lightly.


At that moment, the hundreds of flame swords around the truck went right for the Ghosts flying towards them.




The flame swords, which were made of pure heat, swept away the Ghosts.


Where the flame sword swept through, there wasn’t even a trace of what was hit.


This was like watching a tyrant be born.


“Senior Peng…. W-who is that guy?”


Oh-hyeon, the clan leader of the Oh Sword clan, was shocked at the sight.


It was the same with Peng Neung-gyeom.


He knew that the man was strong, but this exceeded his expectations.


‘He used all those swords with flame? All flame swords? Is he even human?’


Hundreds of flame swords moved at Chun Yeowun’s will in an instant.


He knew about Air Swords, but never knew that so many swords could be handled simultaneously.




The flame swords left a trail behind them as they moved.


The flame swords devastatingly crushed the Ghosts.


The word S-class hazard entity looked meaningless in front of Chun Yeowun’s power.


‘What the hell am I seeing now?’


‘He isn’t human.’


The Murim people were all bewildered.


It was so overwhelming that their overwhelming fear for the Ghosts started to subside.


“Kya! Indeed, my Lord!”


Hu Bong was the only one who looked at it with proud eyes.


Chun Yeowun in action. He hadn’t seen that in a long time, so seeing it made a chill run down his spine.


‘Hehe. This is the Demon God of the Great Sky Demon order. You stupid idiots.’


Hu Bong couldn’t speak, so he kept thinking all sorts of things he wanted to say.


Thanks to Chun Yeowun’s overwhelming power, the military truck overcame the crisis and was able to move.


The other warriors kept their mouths shut.


In front of a monster like Chun Yeowun, they couldn’t help but be silent.


And that was the case with Oh-hyeon too.


‘I see why Senior Peng got on this truck.’


There was no reason why anyone wouldn’t choose the safest military truck.


Meanwhile, the truck ended up entering the innermost wall.


“Thank God. I don’t see any Ghosts.”


“Phew, I can finally breathe.”


The warriors, who were tense seconds ago, took deep breaths.


The area close to the barrier was overflowing with Ghosts.


However, as they went inside and drove further into the roads, they couldn’t see any Ghosts around.






Horrendous sights were awaiting them.


Exploded cars.


Overturned vehicles.


And the most horrifying sight was the dead frozen bodies, white as frost.




‘How can this…’


All of this was the result of the Gate opening inside the barrier.


It looked like the end of the world.


-Click! This is the commander unit. I am lieutenant Lee Ho-sung. West team 1! Can you hear me?


At that moment, the voice of the lieutenant who did the briefing was heard.


Originally, the team leader was supposed to be Peng Neung-gyeom, but everyone ended up looking at Chun Yeowun.


Even Peng Neung-gyeom.




When Chun Yeowun waved his hand with an annoyed expression, Peng Neung-gyeom nodded and then answered.


“We can hear you.”


-Haa… that is good. Commander, West Team 1 has entered safely.


At the lieutenant’s words, all the warriors were puzzled.


It was as if the lieutenant was saying the other teams had faced some trouble, so Peng Neung-gyeom asked.


“Was there any problem with the other teams?”


-The two teams that had entered from the east were entirely wiped out.


At those words, the faces of warriors darkened.


The fact that two teams were annihilated meant that 60 warriors were dead.




The strongest person in the east team was at the end of the Super Master level.


It was weak compared to the other teams, but annihilation was still shocking.


-The other teams weren’t that lucky either.


Just as they entered, the other teams were attacked by waves of Ghosts too.


Hearing the calm voice of the lieutenant, they guessed that there were loss of lives in the other teams.


The lieutenant asked.


-Any casualties in the team?


“None yet.”




He seemed shocked.


-No one hurt?


“Fortunately, no casualties or injuries on our side.”


-That… that’s amazing!


The lieutenant was genuinely shocked.


They were the only team with zero casualties.


“It was all…”


Peng Neung-gyeom tried to make it known that Chun Yeowun was the one responsible but.


[Do not say anything.]


He stayed silent at Chun Yeowun’s warning.


It was necessary to gain fame and name for the revival of the Sky Demon Order, but he didn’t want his information to be passed to the government.




“Nothing. We were all extremely lucky.”


-You are being humble. Anyway, it is good that all team members are doing well. Could you explore the coordinates we are sending you?




The coordinates were marked on the goggles.


Peng Neung-gyeom asked.


“Why this place?”


-…we have information that the Alpha object could be at those places. Please explore.


“Hmm… I get it.”


Peng Neung-gyeom wasn’t convinced, but he just agreed for now.


If there was an Alpha entity, it was right to head to the place.


However, since they weren’t sure of how the situation inside the wall was, he wondered if he had to go for the Alpha right away.


‘Any survivors?’


There was no way to know.


In any case, it seemed better to follow the instructions of the Defense, so instead of wandering, they went searching for the Alpha.


“Hm, hm, what about you?”


Turning off the radio, Peng Neung-gyeom asked for Chun Yeowun’s opinion.


He respected him as the strongest there.


However, the words which came out were unexpected.


“Only till here.”


“Huh? What do you mean?”


“Literally. You can go to the coordinates.”


“There could be an Alpha entity! You don’t want it?”




Not just Peng Neung-gyeom, but the others, too, were shocked when Chun Yeowun said that he wouldn’t come.


They thought that if Chun Yeowun came along, then they would be able to survive.


However, when they heard his words, they lost all hope.


Oh-hyeon hurriedly stepped up.


“If you don’t come, what will the Murim people here do?”


It was he who wanted to let Chun Yeowun do all the work.


Chun Yeowun tried to get off the truck with Hu Bong when they complained.


“Isn’t it irresponsible to neglect a mission and derail?”


Anxiety and dissatisfaction.


Someone grabbed that man’s throat.






“Yah. Who do you think you are talking to? Huh?”


It was Hu Bong.


The murim warrior who was caught was a Super master level warrior, but he was never trapped in such a speed.


As soon as he was caught by Hu Bong, he felt heat spread in his body.


“Kuak… Let go!”


Hu Bong spoke with enraged eyes.


“Why? A bastard like you who insulted my Lord needs to have his neck broken…”


“Let go, Hu Bong.”


“Huh? But this guy just…”


“He isn’t worth killing.”


With that, Hu Bong released the grip.


Thanks to that, the Murim people no longer tried to stop Chun Yeowun from leaving.


“A warrior? expecting someone to protect you? How pathetic!”


They really weren’t worth killing.


Chun Yeowun clicked his tongue and disappeared along with Hu Bong to the northwest direction.


The faces of the warriors on the truck were full of despair.


Chun Yeowun, who got out, went straight to the coordinates that Marayun had given him.


His original purpose was to wake Mun Ran-yeong, who was hibernating.


The coordinates were to the northwest of the Datong city, where mountains made of sand and stones were concentrated.


Thanks to the tremendous movement speed, they reached the place in less than 30 minutes.


A hidden cave emerged as they entered through the rugged place.




On the way, Hu Bong giggled as he thought of seeing his wife.


However, as they entered, the smile disappeared.


They hadn’t even gone halfway in, and the cave had collapsed.


“No way!”


Since they had already seen that Baekgi was nowhere to be found, Hu Bong was anxious and scared.


There was no ice found or Ice qi felt in the cave.


“L-Lord! It couldn’t be that the MS people took her?”


Hu Bong’s face turned red.


He was so furious he jumped to conclusions.




Chun Yeowun looked at the collapsed cave.


It didn’t seem to have collapsed due to an external shock.




[Wind is blowing inside. It isn’t entirely filled.]




He had the same thoughts.


“Hu Bong, look at this.”




Chun Yeowun reached out to the stones blocking the way.


The stones were shaking because of the energy which was being induced and then started to move.


When a few large stones were moved, the passage was seen again.


“Oh!! The cave!”


“Let’s go.”


They entered through the cave.


“Uh? Lord, over there.”


There were things scattered on the floor.


It was bones.


When they got closer and looked, the skeletons seemed charred.




When Chun Yeowun gently shook his hand, the soot moved away from the bones.


Most of the skeletons had blows to the ribs and other parts, and the bones were cracked or crushed.




Chun Yeowun, who examined that, smiled, making Hu Bong ask.


“L-Lord, why are you smiling?”


Chun Yeowun asked.


“These damages were caused by Demon Dragon technique.”


The Demon Dragon technique belonged to the Demon Dragon clan.


And that was the clan to which Mun Ran-yeong belonged.


A steel mill to the southwest of Datong.


Numerous traces were visible within the sight.


Bodies that were believed to have died when fleeing.




There were still many Ghosts floating around in the factory, creating a gloomy atmosphere.


However, there was one place where the Ghosts didn’t go.


It was where the furnace of the forge was on.


As the factory was operating, the furnace was on, and the Ghosts didn’t even approach that place which was hotter than anything else.


But it didn’t seem like that would last long.


“Damn it!”


A man in his mid-30s wearing a grey suit cursed.


“Stop cursing. I am becoming more worried because of you.”


A woman in her fifties yelled at him.


At that, the man in the suit shouted.


“You? Ha! Even a cleaning lady is yelling at me!”


The woman was also angry at the man, so she didn’t hold back her words.


“What? Cleaning lady? Right! Enough words! Once the electricity runs out, the furnace will go out, then everyone should just die! I don’t even want to speak another word with you! You are like my son! What if you are the city hall planning director?”


The man was the head of the planning department of Datong City Hall.


He was Cho Hyung-man. The eldest son of the head of Internal Security.


“What? You old lady must have lost your mind!”






Cho Hyung-man couldn’t stand it and hit the woman in her stomach.


“How can this man!”


The other people around couldn’t stand it and tried to come at him, but a strong-looking man stopped them.


“Everyone, calm down! How can we fight here?”


All the people were on the verge of breaking down.


“What! What about that guy there? Are you taking sides as he is from the city hall?”


“You said you were the deputy of the Murim department, but man! You are all the same.”


The man with a muscular physique was shocked at those words.


He was the deputy director of the Murim Department of Datong City hall, Han Jun-pyo, and he had no other option but to work for his boss.


‘Everyone is on edge.’


The gathered people were all survivors.


20 people.


They could survive as the Ghosts couldn’t come close to the furnace.


However, once the city had cut off the electricity, the situation changed. The furnace slowly began to drop the heat.


‘This guy is the biggest problem.’


Han Jun-pyo understood the people’s words.


If he could, he would have hit Cho Hyung-man right away, but he couldn’t




[Deputy director Han Jun-pyo, if you can protect me from this hellish place, I will tell my father to try and push you into the Murim department of the State council.]


That was the biggest reason.


Which was why he has been taking care of the man till now.


But with the way he was acting, the task was turning out to be more difficult.


“Tch. Idiots.”




Cho Hyung-man kept throwing snarky comments at the people.


No matter how much the deputy director tried, the situation didn’t seem to calm down because of that. The kid was a golden spoon, so he always trampled on people.


There was one person who understood it well.


[Secretary Mun. Calm the man.]


At Han Jun-pyo’s words, an attractive woman with short hair and a brown pencil skirt nodded.


She was the secretary of the planning department.


“Chief. Please be patient.”


At her warm voice, the man looked proud.


Even though he was a married man, he always made sure to dress well for her.


“Ahh. Secretary Mun. Don’t worry. I don’t know what they will do, but I will make sure that secretary Mun gets out of this hellish place.”


Cho Hyung-man said.


It was hard to believe that this man’s wife had died just yesterday.


“My father is the head of Internal Security. The national guards will come to rescue us, so trust…”




A scream which tore their ears.


A woman with a pale face pointed somewhere as she kept screaming.






A Ghost had appeared.


“Damn it, already?”


It had been just two hours since the power went out, and the furnace was still hot.


Shocked, people turned around the factory to avoid the Ghosts.


Han Jung-pyo tried to dissuade them.


“Everyone! Please calm down! It is just one. If you keep making a fuss, more of them will come here!”


There was no way panicked people could ever calm down.


They were running to get as far as they could from the Ghost. Everyone trying to save their own lives.


“C-Chief Han!”


“Stay behind me.”




Han Jun-pyo drew his sword to protect the chief.


He had fought with the Ghosts several times as he brought the man here, so he knew that sword energy worked on them.


“This guy!”




Han Jun-pyo slashed through the body of a flying Ghost.


The Ghost split in half and fluttered to the side as he scattered some white stuff.




Han Jun-pyo shouted at the people around.


“I killed the Ghost, so come…”




At that moment, the Ghost’s split body passed through the body of Han Jun-pyo.




As the Ghost passed, his body turned white.


As if he had been frozen to death.




He fell.


“D-deputy Han!”


At the man’s death, only Cho Hyung-man kept on screaming. He wasn’t sad. He was just scared that no one was there to protect him anymore.


Someone shouted.


“Look over there!”


“Ghosts are coming in swarms!”




Through the walls, numerous Ghosts began to rush in.


There was no escape from Ghosts which were coming through all the walls.


People were stunned.


They couldn’t even move when they saw so many of them approaching them.


“Damn it! Shit! What the hell is my damn father doing!”


Unable to overcome the fear, he kept cursing while crying.


Secretary Mun, who was next to him, stepped forward.


“Secretary Mun. what are you doing?”


Cho Hyung-man was puzzled as she boldly ripped the skirt which came down to her thighs and took her shoes mumbling.


“Haa… I tried not to get involved.”




At that moment, flames rose in her hands.




Cho Hyung-man’s mouth was hanging open at the sight.


As she stretched out her arms, flames shot out at the Ghosts like a flamethrower.




The Ghosts melted away without leaving any trace.


It would be more correct to say that Ghosts were being swept away.


Pak! Pak!


Each time her hand moved, Ghosts disappeared.




People cheered.


No one cared why she had such an ability, but if she wasn’t there, they would die for sure.




However, her face was full of sweat.


She hadn’t used her power for such a long time that she was getting tired fast.




Secretary Mun frowned.


She didn’t know why, but every time she used her power, she was in pain.


However, she managed to deal with the Ghosts who entered the factory for now.


“haaa… Ha…”


She gasped for air.


She was exhausted because she used Flame qi after a long time.


“Secretary Mun!”


Someone hugged her from behind.


It was Cho Hyung-man.


“if you had this strong ability, why didn’t you tell me? Secretary Mun? Were you a Gate Keeper?”


Cho Hyung-man was extremely happy about this.


After Han Jun-pyo died, he was scared that this was going to be his end, but thanks to the woman, he thought he would live.


“This… let go of me. Chief.”


She spoke weakly.


Instead of letting her go, he whispered into her ear.


“I think Secretary Mun is tired, so let’s sneak out. If we try to move with trash like them, we might die.”


He was speaking about abandoning people like it was a normal thing to do.


He thought that if he had her, then he could surely get out of the place safely.


That was when secretary Mun spoke coldly.


“I told you to let go of me.”


“Huh, I will hold you until you agree with me.”


He moved closer to her, speaking in a sly tone.


Tired, she was unable to push him away from her.






Someone suddenly grabbed the man by his head and lifted him up.


Flustered, Cho Hyung-man tried to move, but the grip on his head kept getting stronger and stronger.




And then, someone spoke.


“Yah fucking bastard! What do you think you are doing holding someone else’s wife?”




Cho Hyung-man was the only one who was shocked.


Secretary Mun, on the other hand, smiled brightly.


“Bong Bong!”


Bong Bong was Hu Bong’s nickname.


Despite being caught like that, Cho Hyung-man didn’t come to his senses and said.


“Kuaak… what fucking… marriage…”


“What are you spewing! You worm!”




Hu Bong’s finger dug into the man’s head.



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