Chapter 81: Legacy of Demon God (3)

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Chapter 81: Legacy of Demon God (3)


H-how does he remember already?’


The doctor said it would take an entire month for his brain to get back to normal.


Well, that’s in normal cases.


When trapped in the whirlwind of those fierce flames, in order to subdue the rebellious Hu Bong, Chun Yeowun inflicted a hit to the head.


That was the starting point.


The moment the head was injured, the Flame qi and Flame Qilin’s blood began to heal it, regenerating the brain cells in the process.


But Chun Woo-kyung was unaware of it, so he was shocked.


At that time, the grip on his neck was so strong.






Hu Bong, who revealed his identity, couldn’t hide his anger.


When his memory returned, he remembered everything he had done.


“How dare you pretend to be him?”


He couldn’t forgive the man.


For Hu Bong, there was only one Chun Ma.


‘I-I can’t breath…’


As if the Flame Qilin’s blood inside of him wasn’t enough, Hu Bong was now killing him.






Hu Bong grabbed the man’s hand.


“Let… g…”


“Let go of what?”


Hu Bong broke his wrist without warning.






The broken bone twisted in a weird form.


If not for the pain, then Chun Woo-kyung’s face was red because of being grabbed by the neck.


Hu Bong showed no sign of releasing him.


“How dare a bastard like you seek the title and legacy of the Lord!”


Despite having the blood of Qilin inside of him, Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t handle Hu Bong’s Flame qi.


That was when someone called him.


“Hu Bong.”




The moment he heard that voice, Hu Bong’s face contorted.


He was unable to hold back his emotions, and with tears forming in his eyes, he threw away the body of Chun Woo-kyung and rushed to Chun Yeowun.




Hearing Hu Bong’s winy words, Chun Yeowun had a change of expression too.


Even though Chun Yeowun’s emotions were never shown, he never dreamed of meeting Hu Bong in this era.


“My Lord, your first and eternal lieutenant Hu Bong is… ugh… wahhh…”


He couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down.


Hu Bong’s feelings couldn’t be expressed in words.


“Same here. Hu Bong.”


Chun Yeowun spoke to him in a soft voice. It was because he was moved by the unchanging loyalty.


“My Lorrrd! Wahhh!”


Hearing that, Hu Bong burst into tears once again.


Despite having the looks of a man in his 30s, it seemed like Hu Bong hadn’t changed.


Hu Bong was still Hu Bong.




Chun Woo-kyung, who had been thrown away by Hu Bong, grabbed his stomach and groaned.


He wasn’t feeling well.


‘Flame qi… I am unable to control it…’


And as time went on, the Flame qi in his body grew stronger.


His intestines were swelling up as if he suffered from internal injuries.


If he wouldn’t be able to control it, then he might die right there.


‘Kuaa. I need to get out of here.’


Chun Woo-kyung forced himself to endure the pain in order to escape the place.


The pain was so severe that he felt like he would lose his reason.


Even if it meant he had to crawl, he had to get out of the place.




That was when, something pierced his left calf.




Not only that.


He felt another thing pierce his right calf.




Chun Woo-kyung screamed and looked at what lodged itself in his calves.




It was nothing but the ice swords.


Two Ice Swords pierced his calves to the ground, making him unable to move.




As he fell into bewilderment, Chun Yeowun appeared in front of him.


“Who told you you could go?”


“Ch-chun Ma!”


Chun Woo-kyung’s face darkened at Chun Yeowun’s words.


Since the moment he saw Chun Yeowun in the video, he had been certain that such a day would come.


“You must realize your sins, right?”


The fake Sky Demon Sword and the fake jade plaque.


He even declared himself as the next Chun Ma.


Death was the only possible punishment for those who committed such grave sins.




Chun Woo-kyung ground his teeth.


Hatred was emanating from his eyes more than fear.


‘If only you… you hadn’t appeared…’


Unlike Chun Yu-seong, who begged for his life in the face of death, this man resented Chun Yeowun.


If Chun Yeowun hadn’t appeared, his plan would have been executed without a single hitch.


‘Sky Demon Order…. The title of Chun Ma… all mine.’


He could have had all that, but now, everything had collapsed.


He resented the man for it.


Chun Woo-kyung, who decided that it was too late for him to escape, spit out all the words he had been holding in his heart.


“From the moment the Cult was dissolved and till now, you didn’t bother showing yourself once, but now you come up when it was going to finally have a Lord? Why are you even meddling in the affairs of your descendants…”






Before he could even finish what he was saying, Chun Yeowun looked bitter.




As he kept coughing up blood, Chun Yeowun said.


“Meddle? What a joke..”




“Right. Whether you fight for the position of Lord or not is your matter, but how could you allow yourself to impersonate Chun Ma?”


Chun Woo-kyung, who was coughing up blood, raised his head and said.


“Kuaak… a thousand years… are you saying that it was wrong to use the title of Chun Ma, not used since a thousand years ago, for the sake of reuniting the scattered Cult?”


There are people who do not bend their beliefs in any situation.


Chun Woo-kyung was such a man. He never thought that he did anything wrong.


“After the dissolving of the Cult, the members were all divided into 3 factions, and they fought each other for 27 years. Despite enemies lurking around, our confrontation kept going on. How could such a Cult be brought into one? By killing others? Do you think that by killing and weakening the power, you will make the Cult one?”


When Chun Yeowun said nothing, he continued in anger.


“How can we know whether the lost Sky Demon Sword still existed or not? How could we know you would actually stay alive for a thousand years? Even if it was a fake sword, it was to bring everyone together…”




Before he could finish, Chun Woo-kyung’s head was crushed to the floor.


Chun Yeowun said in a cold tone.


“I can’t hear this anymore.”




“A person who cares so much for the Cult hires assassins because I appeared?”


Chun Woo-kyung’s body trembled.


He wondered why the man on the phone never called him back, but he was sure that assassins had gone to Chun Yeowun.


Not caring about the man’s thoughts, Chun Yeowun continued.


“And the fact that the Cult has been like this for 27 years is because of your incompetence, but you’ve put up a good font with all that bullshit.”


No excuse was acceptable.


Considering that he was his descendant, he didn’t kill him right away and heard the words. But the excuses were disappointing.


“You aren’t even worth keeping alive.”




When Chun Yeowun took his foot off the head, Chun Woo-kyung’s body was lifted up.


It was more painful as his calves still had ice swords struck in them.




Chun Woo-kyung’s battered face was screaming, but Chun Yeowun didn’t mind and put his palm on the Dantian.


“What are you…”


“Taking back what you coveted.”






At that moment, energy rushed into his Dantian.




A wave of energy.


Chun Woo-kyung, who couldn’t handle it, bent.


The energy, which entered his Dantian, broke it apart.


Noticing something, Chun Yeowun said.


“I thought you must have absorbed even a little, but you don’t seem the least bit talented.”






Chun Yeowun slowly brought up the palm which was on the Dantian.




A reflux-like feeling was felt within, eventually, the palm reached the neck.




Red thick liquid gushed from the mouth.


The blood of Flame Qilin, the liquid he had drunk.


Chun Woo-kyung was unable to absorb the blood because of its attribute.




The blood, which came out of the body, floated in the air without a single drop being wasted to the ground.


Chun Woo-kyung looked at that in disbelief.


“It is dirty, but it is a waste to let this go.”




“My lord, here.”


Hu Bong came to his side carrying a vial.


Chun Yeowun put the blood of Flame Qilin into it.




In the end, not a single thing Chun Woo-kyung wanted, had happened.


Even the blood of Flame Qilin was stolen away.


Chun Woo-kyung looked at Chun Yeowun with resentment.


“The same till the end. That is the one thing I like about you.”


But he wouldn’t spare the man.


Chun Yeowun grabbed something in the air.


Chun Woo-kyung’s head collapsed under the internal energy.






And then, Chun Yeowun clenched his fist tighter in the air.




The head shattered like a watermelon.


The last member of the three factions, who dreamed of being the Lord, lived a tragic end.


Even though he was his blood descendant, Chun Yeowun didn’t show mercy.


“Hu Bong.”


“Yes, my lord.”


“Burn him.”






Flames rose from Hu Bong’s hands and burned Chun Woo-kyung’s corpse.


Chun Yeowun and Hu Bong, who left the cave, went up to the point where the barracks were set.


Chun Yeowun asked Hu Bong what he wanted to know the most.


“What the hell happened?”


Hu Bong was here in the current era, and Chun Yeowun was curious about how that happened.


Hu Bong, who was still happy to see Chun Yeowun right in front of him, spoke with tears in his eyes.


“My Lord! My Lord was said to have fallen into the distant future. How could I not have waited for you?”




Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled at those words.


Unlike the Great Guardian, Hu Bong seemed convinced that he had crash-landed into the future instead of some random cooked up story.

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