Chapter 80: Legacy of Demon God (2)

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Chapter 80: Legacy of Demon God (2)


‘Ch-chun Ma!’


The man was different from what he had seen in the video.


The existence in the whole place itself turned intimidating.


‘H-how is he here?’


Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t understand it.


He was sure that Chun Yeowun was in Jinan city.


And in Jinan city, a Gate Warning was issued, so no transportation was operating.


Coming here should be utterly impossible.


At his bewilderment, Chun Yeowun spoke in a cynical voice.


“It’s better if you don’t wait for that brain to find an answer.”


Finally, he came face to face with the leader of the third faction.


Because this faction was like an organization, it wasn’t easy to find the members and trace the whereabouts of Chun Woo-kyung.


But he ended up finding it thanks to him aiming for the legacy.


“Greed has made you get caught by the ankle.”


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand.


Energy rose and pulled Chun Woo-kyung’s body.




The red-haired man blocked it.




When the man held out his hand, tremors occurred, and Chun Woo-kyung’s body, which was about to float, fell to the ground.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.


‘He stopped energy?’


It was the first time it happened since coming to this era.


Even Superior Masters couldn’t do that here, which meant this one had to be exceptional.


The subordinate shouted at Chun Yeowun.


“Lord. I won’t let him touch you! If you bully my Lord, I won’t forgive you!”


The moment he heard those words, Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.


A very familiar voice.


‘No way…’


The voice was thicker than the one he knew, and the tone was slurred.


A wording that children usually use.


Unlike Chun Yeowun, who was puzzled, Chun Woo-kyung was surprised by the subordinate’s act.


‘He stopped the internal energy of Chun Ma?’


He didn’t think that he was this strong.


A small ray of hope bloomed in his heart.


‘If he can deal with him, then I may have a chance.’


He thought that there was a slight possibility of taking down the enemy while aiming for a gap.


But not everything goes as planned.




Chun Woo-kyung coughed up blood.


The man started to panic at the sight and supported him.


“Lord! Are you alright?”


“I-I am fine.”


Even speaking seemed difficult for Chun Woo-kyung.


His body was swelling up because of the blood he drank.


He said he was fine, but his insides were burning like fire.


‘I need to stabilize…’


It was urgent to stabilize and control the energy movement in his body.


In the meantime, he hoped that the man could block Chun Ma.


“Subordinate. Stop him, no, just kill him!”


Rather than stopping him, killing him would be the best outcome.


But the response from the man was different.


“Lord. But that person. I feel like I saw him before.”




Chun Woo-kyung frowned.


If this was the legacy of the Demon God, then it had to be passed down from a thousand years ago.


There was a possibility of the person being acquainted with the Demon God at one point.


‘Even with the problem in his brain, he still remembers that man?’


It seemed similar to knowing martial arts.


According to the doctor, it had to take a month for the degenerative behaviour syndrome to cure.


But Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t stop being nervous.


‘I shouldn’t think of other stuff.’


He pointed to Chun Yeowun, who was at the entrance of the cave and spoke.


“Listen up. That person is a wicked person who pretends to be the Chun Ma.”




“He calls himself Chun Ma.”


At those words, the subordinate’s ears went red. It was because he was angry at what he had just heard.


“Chun Ma is my Lord!”




He achieved what he intended to.


If anger was brought out, the man wouldn’t think of anything other than smashing the man in front of him.


Chun Woo-kyung licked his lips.


“That person is trying to kill me and confuse the Sky Demon Order. What should you do?”




The subordinate slammed his hand on the floor.


“He needs to be killed! I will kill him! No one will touch the Lord!”


He was angry.


His brain has degenerated, but he could feel anger.


On the other hand, Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned cold.


“You are pulling strings till the end.”


He stretched out his hand.




Cold spread throughout the cave. Hundreds of Ice swords appeared.


Chun Woo-kyung was at a loss of words at that sight.


“W-what is this?”


“Then both of you die together!”


Chun Yeowun pointed his finger at them.


All the ice swords went rushing for Chun Woo-kyung.


He could have used Sky Flash, but they were in the cave, so he avoided doing that.


“D-damn it!”


Shocked and scared, Chun Woo-kyung closed his eyes.


When he was one step away from turning into a hedgehog.


Something he hadn’t expected happened.




Flames formed like a thick film around them.




The ice swords which hit the shield made of flames, shattered or melted because of the heat.


Not a single sword made it inside.




Chun Woo-kyung was excited and amazed.


He didn’t think that it could be stopped.


“My Lord! Do not bully my Lord!”


The man who blocked the Ice Swords, groaned and slammed his red palms to the ground.


‘What is he trying to do?’


Bewildered, he raised his palms again.


A pillar of fire rose where Chun Yeowun was standing.




The pillar of flame engulfed Chun Yeowun in an instant. But that didn’t seem enough, so the man opened his hands, and dozens of spheres of flames were formed.




Temperature rising even more.




The sphere of white flames created in the air rushed towards the pillars like cannons.




As the sphere of flame entered the pillar of flame, an explosion occurred.


The destructive power was enough to shake the entire cave.






Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He couldn’t hide his shock at the man who had tremendous power in his hands.


He didn’t seem like a human.


‘This is the subordinate’s strength.’


This man looked like he was overpowering Chun Ma.


Within the explosion which looked impossible for everyone to survive.




A huge spear of flame appeared in the subordinate’s hand.


It seemed like he was trying to be certain of his kill. It was the moment he was about to throw the spear of flame.




Something happened to the flame pillar.


Like the Red Sea which split in half, Chun Yeowun’s extended hand was revealed.


“You are pretty good.”


Chun Yeowun said casually.


Chun Yeowun was uninjured, not a single burn.




Chun Woo-kyung was startled.




The man was shocked too.


However, he soon regained his posture and threw the spear of flame at Chun Yeowun.




The spear of flame tried to pierce Chun Yeowun’s heart.


Of course, the subordinate thought he would avoid it, so he threw another spear at the same time towards where Chun Yeowun moved.






Chun Yeowun grabbed the spear of flame flying in.


There was a risk of getting burned, but Chun Yeowun threw the spear of flame back at the man as if nothing had happened.


“Take it back.”




Flames were his power, so he believed that no damage would happen to him.


“Flames are useless to me…”






His expectations shattered.


The spear of flame pierced through the man’s shoulder.


And with that, he bounced back.




After bouncing back a few times, the subordinate got up.


The pierced part was rapidly regenerating.




Blood vessels connecting and muscles reforming.


Several times the speed of any normal regeneration.


Chun Yeowun, who saw it, said.


“Indeed, it is you. You took the blood of Flame Qilin.”


The flame, and the regenerative abilities.


Chun Yeowun was suspicious of the man.


‘Blood of flame Qilin couldn’t be taken by a human.’


Flame wasn’t easy.


It contained energy which men couldn’t take, and without neutralizing the blood, the insides would burn, and the person would die.




There was only one man who overcame that.


Thanks to the neutralizing of blood with Ice qi, the man who called himself the aide of Chun Yeowun, survived.




Chun Woo-kyung’s subordinate felt nostalgia.


More than a thousand years have passed.


The blood did extend the lifespan, but not to this extent.




The only way to dispel the doubt was to check it out for himself.


If he could check the face behind the mask, he would know for sure.




Chun Yeowun’s form dispersed and reached in front of the subordinate.


Most people couldn’t have noticed it, but the subordinate raised his flames when Chun Yeowun closed the distance.




After Chun Yeowun dodged it, he reached for the mask.




Shocked, the man moved back.


[Never take off the mask.]


He remembered the command from Chun Woo-kyung, so he avoided it.


Besides, Chun Woo-kyung, who was unable to concentrate on the energy flowing in his body, kept shouting.


“Don’t take off the mask!!”


The man who heard it tried to run.




Chun Yeowun followed him.


The man desperately tried to escape, but the same thing kept happening again and again.


When he was on the verge of being caught, the man screamed.




“Show your face.”


Not caring about the other person’s wishes, Chun Yeowun kept going after the man, trying to cut off the mask.


At that moment, huge flames engulfed the body of the man.




‘This one?’


Chun Yeowun frowned. He used flames to escape from the crisis.




The man crossed his arms and swung the flame around like a tornado.


Now, a whirlwind of flames was soaring high in the cave right between them.




The whirlwind of flame which was between them kept getting stronger.


‘I-it’s getting stronger.’


Chun Woo-kyung got up from his seat and moved back in fear that the flames would touch him.


If he kept sitting there trying to control the energy, he might get swept away.




The entire cave was devastated.


Cracks and fragments everywhere, powerful enough for the cave to collapse and bury everyone.


‘No! If this goes on, I might die here.’


He didn’t have the time to control the energy of the Flame Qilin in his body.


Chun Woo-kyung, who thought that he might die, tried to escape from the cave passage.


It was then.




The flames which were going around wildly changed.


A terrifying coldness rose, and the flames, which didn’t look like they could go down, were subsiding into water and vapour.


‘F-flame is…’


Shocked, Chun Woo-kyung looked back.




In the dying flames, someone’s body was thrown in the direction of Chun Woo-kyung.


The subordinate.


Bounce, thud!


The floor shattered as the man kept bouncing.


After rolling on the floor multiple times, the man stopped, barely catching his breath and exhaling harshly.


“Huk… huk…”




Meanwhile, Chun Woo-kyung checked to see if his mask was intact.


Fortunately, the mask did have cracks, and the colour changed because of the heat, but it was still there.


The mask was fine.


‘… even this monster is not an opponent for him.’


Victory and defeat.


The subordinate was no match for Chun Ma.


Just seeing that the monstrous man stagger with ragged breathing, was enough proof for anyone to understand it, the man was afraid of Chun Ma now.


‘He is not human… kuak!’


Chun Woo-kyung grabbed his stomach as the Flame Qilin’s blood moved inside.


If he was careless in his movement and control, the Flame qi might devour him.


‘We have no chance of winning.’


Chun Woo-kyung looked at the face of the subordinate.


If this went on, both would die together.


‘… nothing more can be done.’


It was unfortunate, but it seemed like there was no other chance for Chun Woo-kyung to escape.


There was no other way to live.


Chun Woo-kyung, who made that decision, ordered the man.


“Subordinate. Just kill him.”


He said that so that he could run away.


However, the man didn’t respond this time.


“What are you standing there for? Kill him…”


The man turned.




He didn’t realize it as he only looked at the back, but when the man turned, he saw that the mask had been torn off, and the face was covered in blood.


‘Shit. His face!’


He tried to keep the man away from the sight of others, but it didn’t work.


But it didn’t matter.


Either way, the man was only going to buy some time for Chun Woo-kyung to escape.


“Sigh…don’t worry about the mask. Just kill him…”


It was then.






The subordinate moved at the speed of lightning and grabbed his neck.


Shocked, Chun Woo-kyung tried to push him away.


“Cough, what are you doing…”


“Who should I kill?”




“And who is the subordinate?”




Chun Woo-kyung’s face went stiff at the voice, which wasn’t slurred and not child-like anymore.


His eyes trembled at what he thought.


‘N-no way….’


At his bewilderment, the subordinate showed his bright red eyes and shouted with pride.


“I am Hu Bong, the lieutenant of Lord Chun Yeowun, the Demon God of the Great Sky Demon Order!”

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