Chapter 79: Legacy of Demon God (1)

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Chapter 79: Legacy of Demon God (1)


Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t hide his satisfaction as he looked at the man sitting in front of him.


He was a bit slurred and lacked awareness, but his power was so strong that it was no exaggeration to call him a walking war machine.


Clank! Clank!


Even in the cold, the red-haired man with only pants on his body, was seated on the cold floor and was eating the stockpiled food.


Ravenously, he put food into his mouth with his bare hands, as if he was trying to fill the starving stomach.


‘He already ate half of the food!’


‘Is he the God of Gluttony?’


The amount of food the red-haired man ate was the share of 86 people.


Watching that, the people of the Chun Woo-kyung faction were dumbfounded.


“Lord Chun Ma. If you leave him like that…”


“Doesn’t matter. We can just get more food.”


More important was the condition of the man.


The monster who knelt in front of Chun Woo-kyung and then collapsed.


Staying in the ice seemed to drain him.


[T-that monster… was trapped in ice.]


Ha Woo-chan’s words, who survived from the burns.


How the man got out, how he survived in ice, they were all full of questions about the man trapped in the ice prison.


The coldness of the ice was at -273.15°C. At a temperature where molecular movements would stop, this mysterious man was alive and moving.


‘Maybe the secret to immortality is contained in that.’


Immortality, the dream of mankind. Chun Woo-kyung began to turn greedy.


“Hehhe! Delicious! More! Give me more! I want to eat more!”


The man who ate the whole pile of dried beef jerky spoke excitedly.


He ripped the rest of the canned food.


Then, a middle-aged man entered the tent.




“Lord Chun Ma.”


A half-white, middle-aged man bowed.


“Did you check it?”




The man was a neurosurgeon specializing in the brain.


He was playing the role of a doctor on this trip.


“How was it?”


In response to Chun Woo-kyung’s question, he handed the tablet PC.


The tablet PC contained brain scans and other results.


“You can see here! I don’t know how long he has been in here, but the brain cells have been damaged.”


“Is that why he is like that?”


Chun Woo-kyung asked, looking at the man digging his hands into the canned food.


The man was more like a savage child.


“It is because the nerve cells in the brain have been damaged, and he was left in that state for a long time in the cold, which is why he is displaying such degenerative behaviour.”


Chun Woo-kyung nodded his head.


He did make this rough guess, and this only helped him.


“It is just the brain. The body is well and moving normally. Besides, he has fast regenerative power.”




“The regeneration of cells is several times greater than that of a normal person. If there is a wound, he will heal real quick.”


Chun Woo-kyung was interested in the new piece of information.


The ability to rapidly regenerate without medical intervention might be the starting point to immortality.


“With this rate of cell regeneration, it has potential to clear the degenerative behaviour syndrome, and might become normal in a month.”




Chun Woo-kyung’s expression was weird, making the doctor ask.


“Is there a problem?”


“So the regenerative syndrome can stay if the brain cells are stopped from regenerating?”




At Chun Woo-kyung’s words, the doctor was dumbfounded.


Those were the words that any doctor would hate the most, to keep a patient suffering.




At that question, Chun Woo-kyung licked his lips.


“Cause this is the perfect condition.”


He wanted the power, not the man.


So he didn’t want his original memory to come back, which meant he didn’t want the syndrome to leave.


Making the man believe that he is Chun Ma, is all that he wanted.


“Hehehe! I am full. Nice!”


The red-haired man ate for 120 minutes and was now satisfied as he pounded his belly.


Chun Woo-kyung approached him and asked.




“Yes. My Lord!”


Chun Woo-kyung called him subordinate as he couldn’t know the name.


“Are you all done now?”


“Yes. Indeed, the Lord is the best!”


The others shook their heads.


If one ate all that and wasn’t full, then they wouldn’t be humans.


Chun Woo-kyung leaned closer and asked.


“Subordinate. Do you remember what you said to me before you passed out?”


“What words? Subordinate said nothing.”


“Didn’t you say something inside the cave?”


“Inside the cave?”


The man shook his head and then smiled brightly.


“In the cave. It was very hot.”


“Right! Then!”


Chun Woo-kyung waited for the next words with wide eyes.


At first, he thought that the man was a legacy of Demon God, but no.


The man said he was protecting something inside the cave before he fainted.


And now that he woke up, he completely forgot it.


“Guide me to where it is.”


“Lord orders. I listen to Lord very well. Hehe.”


The man jumped up and tried to leave when Chun Woo-kyung caught him.


“Put this on before we leave. I prepared this for you.”


No matter how great his resistance to cold was, he had to wear something.


On the table was a top and something like a mask in the form of a helmet.


Tinted goggles which could cover the face.


“This is stuffy, lord.”


Putting on the mask, he was about to take it off.


“Always keep this on. This is an order from Chun Ma.”




At that, the man nodded with a sullen face.


Chun Woo-kyung was trying to prevent the others from knowing the man’s face.


In particular, ‘that person’ shouldn’t recognize it.


“Never take it off, okay?”




At first, he didn’t like the mask, but after a few times of constantly telling him not to take it off, he stopped complaining.


After the preparations were done, Chun Woo-kyung tried to re-enter the cave.


But because of the degenerative syndrome, the movements of the subordinate were slurred and unsure.






As they moved slowly, the man suddenly moved so far, unfolding light footwork.


Looking at the posture, it was definite he learned martial arts.


Despite having degenerative behaviour syndrome, the man’s body seemed to remember everything.


When they reached the middle of the cave, Chun Woo-kyung gave orders to the others.


“You guys stay here.”




“Do not let anyone come in.”


A treasure which was the legacy of Demon God, was inside the cave.


He had no intention of sharing it with others.


“Come on, Lord! A little further!”




Chun Woo-kyung ordered his men and went into the cave alone with the man.


And not long after, they reached the place where he was first discovered.


Now the flames were no more, just the ice.


“Where is it?”


“Over there. Lord.”


He ran somewhere, a place tightly closed by the ice.


“Isn’t that blocked?”


“I will break it, my Lord. You wait.”




He put his palms on the wall. Hot flames erupted from his hand, and the old ice wall began to melt.


‘Indeed, he is amazing.’


Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t hide his satisfaction. As a master at the Superior master level, he couldn’t melt the ice with internal energy.


The strength of this man was too much, to break down an ice wall.


‘The best power. Hahaha!’


A subordinate like him was strong.


He thought that with this kind of power, he could even deal with Chun Ma.






Before long, the floor they were standing on was turning into water, revealing a space behind.




Chun Woo-kyung exclaimed at the sight.


A hidden cave.




There was an altar where the man pointed.


On the altar was engraved the word DEMON in red , a symbol of the Sky Demon Order.




Chun Woo-kyung ended up laughing aloud.


The legacy of the Demon God he had been searching for, was finally in front of his eyes.




He approached the altar at once.


It was hot.


There was something on it.


“Is this made of sapphire?”


There were few things that could withstand heat for more than a thousand years.


This green colour vial had to be sapphire.


Chun Woo-kyung protected himself with energy and opened the bottle cap.




A musty smell escaped from within.


It was the smell of blood.


Chun Woo-kyung couldn’t hide his emotions as he smiled.


“Found it.”


What he waited for for so long was inside the vial.


“Blood of Flame Qilin!”


The red liquid inside must be the blood of Flame Qilin!


The power of one of the five spirit beasts and a rare treasure that could enhance the body with a single drop of blood.


“Lord feels good. That is all I need.”


The man waved his hands with a smile.


Chun Woo-kyung said.


“Subordinate. Get away and stand.”


“Get away? What?”


“It means not to touch me.”


Chun Woo-kyung was planning on drinking the blood.


‘With this, I can attain immortality.’


Legend has it that those who had the core of the spirit beasts or the blood will be immortal.


In addition, the spirit beasts contained a certain attribute so, if the Blood of Flame Qilin was taken, he could use flame.


‘This is the source of this man’s power.’


If he drank it, then he would be the same as the red-haired man.


Chun Woo-kyung wanted to drink that quickly.


“Hmm. How do I do that? Lord?”


Everything was fine, except for this.


He has to explain every single thing.


Chun Woo-kyung sighed and pointed his finger at the cave.


“Sigh… go to the entrance over there so no one can enter…”




It was then. The man suddenly turned his head and stared at the direction of the cave.


“Why would you do that…”




A scream from the cave.


“What is that?”


Members and workers were guarding the path into the cave.


So what did the scream mean?


In a solemn voice, the subordinate said.


“Someone is coming. Lord.”




“Strong. Very strong.”


As soon as he said that, another scream followed.






Continuous screams.


They kept getting closer.


Chun Woo-kyung began to lose his happy face.


It looked like the enemy who invaded was indeed strong.




The only people who knew of this place were him and Marayun.


Even if Marayun told the other two factions about this legacy of Demon God, it was impossible for them to come here so quickly.


Impossible to move as their transport was on ground.


‘Then at such times…’


The screams were getting closer and closer. It felt like no one was able to stop the intruder.


Chun Woo-kyung looked at the cave with a troubled face and looked at the vail.


‘Blood of Flame Qilin!’


He can’t let someone else take it.


He lifted the bottle and drank it at once.


Gulp! Gulp!


The blood was as hot as boiling water. He felt his throat burn. Enduring the pain, he gulped every drop of it.




His stomach was burning.


The blood of Flame Qilin was intense.




Chun Woo-kyung, who gulped the blood, sat down.


He wasn’t sure how, but he wanted to absorb the power which was in the blood.


“Subordinate. No one should touch me…”


“He’s here.”




At those words, Chun Woo-kyung’s eyes turned to the cave.


The long shadows of the cave walls.




It was true.


Step! Step!


Soon, the face of the intruder appeared.


He was.




Chun Woo-kyung’s eyes widened.


It was the most unexpected person.


‘Chun-Chun Ma!’

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