Chapter 75 The Cost (1)

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Chapter 75 The Cost (1)






The sound of cracking could clearly be heard.


Someone shouted as people were screaming in pain.


“Stop it!”




The voice belonged to Wang Shin, the Vice-chairman.


When Chun Yeowun looked at him, Wang Shin extended his hand towards the outside of the room.




Two large swords, large enough to destroy the entrance, flew in.




Completely different from regular swords.


The gigantic sword was longer than an adult male body and had a blade width of 80cm.


It was the dual swords.


“It has been a long time since I saw the dual swords.”


Contrary to his words, Chun Yeowun still looked cold.


“Let the chairman go!”


Was it loyalty to the person he served?


Wang Shin boldly swung the two swords at Chun Yeowun.




Due to the weight and width of the sword, the sound it produced when swinging it was different.


The pair of swords sure had the momentum to destroy everything in front of them, however.




Such destructive swords were blocked by Chun Yeowun’s bare palm.




Blocking those ferocious swords with bare hands was ridiculous, but Wang Shin didn’t stop his attacks.


Swish! Thud!


Wang Shin boldly pulled back one sword and used it again. This time, He spun his body to add additional power.






Martial Dual Sword.


The power to destroy the whole restaurant with a single blow.


Such swords were engulfed in energy aiming to take down Chun Yeowun.


“Your transition is good.”


But the gap between the two was too wide.


Chun Yeowun smashed down the swords.






The two swords, which were countered by Chun Yeowun, were split in half.


Therefore, the broken pair of swords didn’t even reach Chun Yeowun.


“Your loyalty should be directed to me. Descendant of Wang Jing.”


Chun Yeowun changed his form and extended his hand towards Wang Shin.


A hazy sword appeared in the air and was placed on Wang Shin’s shoulder.




“In-invisible Sword!”






Thanks to the devastating power of the invisible sword, Wang Shin flew back and was stuck into the wall.






A truly bizarre phenomenon.


The sharpness of the invisible sword could definitely have cut Wang Shin’s shoulder, but it didn’t.


The invisible sword maintained its form while holding the man on the wall.


‘Does this mean that even the vice-chairman isn’t his opponent?’


‘What unbelievable strength!’


The others couldn’t hide their shock.


Wang Shin, who reached the end of Superior Master, was easily subdued.


Like a child trying to defeat an adult.




The sound of someone chewing.


Members of the Chun Yu-seong faction turned their heads towards the sound and saw Shakena take a bite of the heart and chew it.


Blood was dripping from her lips.


An ecstatic expression was drawn on her face displaying how delicious it was.


“Nice! So good!”


Demons grow their power through predation.


The heart of Sa Ma-kyung, a Super master level warrior, was the best nourishment.


But it was a horror for the others to watch.


‘… crazy bitch.’


Even Yu So-hwa, who wasn’t normally shaken, frowned.


‘S-she is eating the heart.’


‘How can a human do such a hideous thing…’


Well, she wasn’t human.


The terrifying scene was enough to drive them into fear. And any further resistance had died down.


‘We shouldn’t provoke them any further.’


One of the members, Mong Jeon Mu of the Dream Sword clan, ran in front of Chun Yeowun and bowed while shouting.




“Lord Chun Ma! Please calm yourself!”


The other people, who realized now how monstrous the man acted, immediately fell down and began to shout.


“Please calm yourself!!!”


Chun Yeowun looked at them in his cold expression and said.


“Calm myself?”


Hearing that cold voice, everyone felt a chill run down their spines.


Mong Jeon Mu banged his head hard on the floor.




Blood dripped down from his forehead, but that didn’t matter to him.


They had to do something about the current situation and ensure that Chun Yeowun’s anger decreased even by a little.


“We committed the act of disloyalty only to revive the Cult. I know this is unforgivable, but please consider the situation of the Cult…”




Having said that, Mong Jeon Mu looked at Chun Yu-seong, whose head was being crushed under Chun Yeowun’s feet.


Chun Yu-seong’s half-face looked crooked. He was in a horrible condition.


And if it wouldn’t be treated properly soon, it seemed like it could turn bad.


“Lord Chun Ma! Please show mercy! The chairman never wanted to commit this blasphemy against Chun Ma! He will fully reflect on his actions. I will make sure that it will never repeat aga….”


“You are a funny one.”




At that time, Chun Yeowun drew his sword towards him.


And a red line appeared on his neck.




The man’s eyes widened as he sensed that something strange had happened to him.


Even the others, who were watching with their heads raised, were shocked, so shocked that they couldn’t hide their expression.


“M-Mong Jeon Mu, don’t move…”




Before one could even say anything, the neck slid down and fell.


The severed head which fell rolled on the floor.




Blood forcefully gushed out from the body.


Seeing a high clan member die in such a way, the others were shocked.


A high clan member was killed without the blink of an eye.


‘How did this…’


Amid the silence, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.


“This will never happen again? You are all speaking like this is normal dog shit. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place!”


They had no excuse.


Chun Yeowun was absolutely right.


Their intentions to control Chun Ma, the highest authority of the Sky Demon order, wasn’t something that could ever be forgiven.


“And you people.”






When Chun Yeowun pressed even harder, Chun Yu-seong grunted in pain.


‘I-is he going to kill me for real?’


Until a second back, he thought that he wouldn’t be killed.


However, when the head of one of the senior clan members rolled in front of his eyes, he realized that everything he thought was wrong.


Chun Yu-seong shouted.


“Ancestor! The company! I will hand over my company! Ancestor can lead us…”


“Not needed.”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes were cold.


It wasn’t the way anyone would look at someone who shared his blood.


Chun Yu-seong, who noticed it, begged.


“Ancestor…. Ancestor… please, please let me live. If Ancestor spares me, I will lick your shoes with my tongue. I will lick…”


Chun Yeowun looked down at him and mumbled at his pathetic words.


“You are not worth sparing.”




Chun Yu-seong’s eyes widened in shock.


“Lord? Stop dreaming. Just die now.”


As soon as Chun Yeowun said that, he put more strength to the foot holding Chun Yu-seong down.


“A-ancestor! Ancestor…”








The head of Chun Yu-seong, whose face had been crushed, became one with the floor.


The body, which had been wriggling, went still.




People were shocked that the head of the Dream Sword clan had died, but they never thought that their chairman, a direct descendant who shared blood with Chun Yeowun, would be killed.


Due to his loyalty to Chun Yu-seong, managing director Yang Ja-myung couldn’t hide his anger and shouted.


“Lord Chun Ma! How… how can you do this? He is your descendant. To kill an heir to the Cult, if you were truly the ancestor…”


Before he could even finish speaking, Chun Yeowun reached his hand out to him.


His body floated and came rushing into Chun Yeowun’s hand.






Yang Ja-myung tried to revolt and move but to no avail.


Chun Yeowun’s internal energy was too strong.


Looking at the man struggling in his hand, Chun Yeowun spoke.


“So what is that supposed to mean?”


“Kuak… even beasts spare their cubs…”


“Funny. Would someone who really regards me as an ancestor commit this?”




He couldn’t respond.


He spoke up in anger because of his loyalty to Chun Yu-seong, but it was definitely Chun Yu-seong’s actions that had caused all this.


Chun Yu-seong had paved his own death.


“And you agreed to this foolish plan, which is why you are here, right?”




At Chun Yeowun’s words, Yang Ja-myung realized his mistake.


“L-Lord Chun Ma. It isn’t that…”


Chun Yeowun put his hand into the man’s mouth and grabbed it.






“You should know what happens when you let the mouth run for itself.”




Shocked, Yang Ja-myung held Chun Yeowun’s hand and tried to stop him from ripping out his lower jaw.


However, his lower jaw was pulled apart.






Yang Ja-myung, whose lower jaw was pulled out, screamed and cried out in a strange and horrible way.


He died of shock and blood loss.


Chun Yeowun threw his body to the floor.






Shakena, who was watching it, felt her body turn hot.


As a demon, she felt a weird excitement witnessing the cruelty of Chun Yeowun.


‘So cool! He is so cool!’


Definitely a worthy master to her. She was the only one who admired him in that place.


Everyone else was pale and afraid of Chun Yeowun.


“You all should pay for this too.”


Chun Yeowun turned his gaze to the others.




At that time, manager Ko Wag-hyeon hurriedly fell on the floor in front of Chun Yeowun.


“Lord Chun Ma! Please stop! Are you really going to kill all the clan leaders in this place?”


He had no idea about the faction’s plans.


Which was why he was still unable to do anything.


However, seeing the situation go out of control, he risked his life to dissuade Chun Yeowun.


‘I need to convince him somehow.’


He saw that Chun Yeowun wouldn’t even forgive his own blood. So Ko Wang-hyeon took a different approach.


“These are the clan leaders who lead the Cult. If all of them die, the power of the Cult will be weakened. Besides, who will lead their clans?”


A glimmer of hope shone in the eyes of the clan leaders who were scared to death.


As said, they were the power of the Cult.


And objectively thinking, it would be too much damage to the Cult if they were killed.


Director Lee Pyeong-woo helped out.


“Y-yes. Lord Chun Ma. If you punish these many clan leaders, how can the Cult be reunited? Please! Have mercy…”






Before he could even finish, something stabbed him in the back.


As he looked down, he saw the blade of something sharp and cold protruding out his body.






A chill could be felt spreading down his body.


As he listed his head, he saw dozens of ice swords aiming at the heads of the other clan leaders.


“Air Swords!”


The people who noticed the Air Ice Swords couldn’t hide their bewilderment.


Chun Yeowun grabbed Lee Pyeong-woo who was in pain, and said.


“You think you are the only ones who make the cult move? You are highly mistaken.”


“There are no other clan…”


“Despite all the clan leaders, the Cult stayed like this for 27 years?”




Lee Pyeong-woo was speechless.


The cause of dissolving the clan was the power struggle between the three factions.


No excuse.


Chun Yeowun looked at the other clan leaders and said,


“Blood? Clan leaders? Do you think that you could use this bullshit as a shield to save your lives? I’ll say this clearly so listen. You will all die here.”


At that, all the people began to plead.


“L-Lord, Chun Ma!… please… please have mercy…”


“Please give us a chance.”


Chun Yeowun sentenced them to death in a cold voice.


“You should have pleaded from the beginning without thinking of playing tricks.”


Swoosh! Swoosh!


As Chun Yeowun moved his fingers, the Ice Swords in the air rushed to their targets.

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