Chapter 74 Notarize (4)

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Chapter 74 Notarize (4)


The plan was laid properly.


Chun Yu-seong wasn’t reckless.


Only one chance.


If Chun Yeowun didn’t allow it, then he could use it against him and put him in a bad light.


‘Yes or no?’


He waited for Chun Yeowun’s answer.


Everything depended on it.


And Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.


“Stop rolling your head to make things work out only for you.”


The result was negative.


Chun Yu-seong erased his obedient face and raised his head.


“Are you going to act emotional at this time?”


“Are you sure that you didn’t ask an unreasonable request, which is only in your favor?”


“Nothing can be done.”




Chun Yu-seong got up from his seat and snapped his finger.




Changes occurred in the seat where Chun Yeowun was sitting. A transformation occurred in the floor with a 2 meters radius.


Red LED lights turned on, and a noise was heard from the floor.


Clang! Clang!


The lights in the restaurant weakened due to the enormous power consumption.


“Is this another joke?”


“Huhu, I have no malice towards the ancestor. Because of your nature, I did expect this kind of answer to some extent. I knew you wouldn’t go along with this.”


With that, Chun Yu-seong looked at someone.


It was the chef, Yeo Mun-hyung.


With the blink of an eye, he extended his hand towards Chun Yeowun.




Everything around Chun yeowun froze, except for the head.


Chun Yeowun couldn’t move.




Chun Yu-seong smiled.


“Did you think that I didn’t prepare anything against you, the legend of the Cult?”


The chair where Chun Yeowun was sitting had a device installed in it.


It had handcuffs which block the internal energy like the ones used by the Public Security Bureau.


However, the effect was 100 times greater.


And in order to restrain Chun Yeowun, the greatest warrior, they were using electricity from 1km of the area.


“Even if you are my ancestor, we can’t let you go around.”


“How dare you!”


Bi Mak-heon tried to get up.




“Don’t move.”


Mon Jeon-mu placed his sword on his neck and warned him.


The same with Shakena and Yu So-hwa.


The highest members in the faction appeared and placed their swords on their necks.


“I really didn’t want to use swords against pretty girls.”


Sa Ma-kyung warned.


At that time, Yu So-hwa looked at the chef and said.


“Ice Demon!”


“Huh. I guess you weren’t just an ordinary secretary.”


Chun Yu-seong was amazed when she named him.


The chef Yeo Mun-hyun was a talented person with a long past.


The face had changed a lot, so the only way to recognize it was with the abilities.


‘How is he?’


Ice Demon.


He had the ability to create an ice storm in an area of 100 meters.


Even before the SS-class was introduced, he held a reputation for being an S-class keeper.


He was so talented that people said if the SS-class was present at that time, he would be the first one.


‘He is supposed to be in prison…’


The man disappeared 8 years ago.


Supposed to be imprisoned in a secret prison for using his abilities to kill civilians.


Chun Yu-seong looked at Chun Yeowun and said.


“The Guardians weren’t the only ones who tried to save my father who is being imprisoned. I searched for a long time as well.”


And he found this man when he was searching in the secret prisons.


Chun Yu-seong looked at someone who stood behind Chun Yeowun and said.


“Start it.”




The woman who poured him tea, supposedly an employee, seemed to be a servant of Chun Yu-seong.


She approached Chun Yeowun, whose body was frozen.


“What are you trying to do?”


“I don’t intend to harm you, Lord Chun Ma. I am just trying to change your perception of me.”


“Change my perception?”


“She has the ability to manipulate others’ memories. A dangerous ability. She and the chef were imprisoned in the secret prison. We can’t let such good people rot in prison, right?”


Chun Yu-seong asked.


She was the reason he didn’t mind meeting Chun Yeowun.


In case of rejection, the plan was to manipulate Chun Yeowun’s memory.


‘I can get my hands on the Demon God!’


His lips slowly turned into a smile just thinking about it.


The female employee asked him.


“How should I change it?”


“Hmm, I’d love to have a teacher who cares for me.”


He took into account the eyes of others.


It was impossible to keep Chun Yeowun as his subordinate.


So all he needed was to make Chun Yeowun follow him.


After she thought of a specific manipulation of memory, she took Chun Yeowun’s hand.


That was when Chun Yeowun said.


“Is the reason why I couldn’t feel the demonic energy also a part of the plan?”


Chun Yu-seong answered while laughing.


“Hahaha, isn’t that obvious? If our ancestor commanded us to harm ourselves, we would have done it as you possess the Sky Demon energy, we can’t do that.”


Chun Yu-seong was prepared.


Despite the fact that the demonic energy could amplify martial arts, he discarded it.


To be free from the control of the Sky Demon Order.


“Forgive my disloyalty. If the Cult is brought back, I will surely ask for forgiveness.”


Chun Yu-seong wasn’t hiding his feelings anymore.


He felt happy that he managed to trap Chun yeowun, a great Lord, with his plan.




Chun Yeowun sighed.


A look of disappointment.


Chun Yu-seong, who was convinced that he won, joked.


“I am sure those emotions will turn into affection…”


“You won’t do.”




It was then.




The female employee who reached out to Chun Yeowun, coughed up blood.


And with a pale face, she grabbed her chest, stepping backward as she fell down.




She screamed as she convulsed.


“What? What is with her?”


“My heart… my heart… kyaaak!”


Chun Yu-seong was shocked at that, but that wasn’t the end.




A crack appeared in the ice covering Chun Yeowun’s body.


Chun Yu-seong was dumbfounded.


‘How is this…?’


An industrial machine was the one drawing the electricity.


Chun Yeowun shouldn’t be able to move as he couldn’t draw out his internal energy.


“Damn it!”


Yeo Mun-hyung, who noticed that, reached out to him.




Cold ice rushed for Chun Yeowun, and this time, it was aiming to cover the entire body.


It was then, Chun Yeowun’s body began to burn up and burst into flames.






The heat radiating from his body was beyond one’s imagination.


The ice turned into water and then evaporated.




Flustered, Yeo Mun-hyung tried to draw more power.


At that time, his body was lifted and pulled into Chun Yeowun’s hand.






“A cook should be used to the flames.”






Fire flowed from the hand which was holding the chef.


Even when he tried to cool his body with ice, the difference between the two wasn’t something the chef could handle.






Flames engulfed the body.


The chef screamed and screamed, trying to get away from the grasp of Chun Yeowun until his body turned to nothing but ashes.




Chun Yeowun threw the head, which wasn’t burned, to the ground.


And then trampled it with his feet.




“N-no way!”


Shocked, Chun Yu-seong got up.


Chun Yeowun turned his head towards him and stepped forward.






Sparks shone from the cracked floors. The air conditioning in the room which had been installed was destroyed.


‘How did this happen…’


Despite having a thorough plan, he wasn’t able to control Chun Yeowun.


How could one not be affected by so many forces?


It wasn’t just that which shocked him.






When he turned his head, he saw an officer employee lying on the floor with Shakena clutching a bloody heart.


And she asked with a bright smile.


“Master. Can I eat it?”


“W-what crazy bitch!”


Shocked, the others tried to attack her.






They all ended up turning suppressed by the gravity and crushed to the floor.


It was Yu So-hwa who caused it.




Super Master level warriors couldn’t even lift their heads, and when one person tried to get up. Yu So-hwa lifted her finger.






The body dug deeper into the ground. The others could hear the sound of bones being crushed.


‘Damn those bitches…’


He thought they were normal secretaries, but they were monsters.


It was absurd.


Chun Yeowun reached close to him, exuding intimidating energy.




Confused, Chun Yu-seong tried to step back, but his body didn’t move.


It wasn’t out of fear.


‘M-my body…’


The profound energy was what was holding him.


And it was obvious who was doing it.


Realizing that he was done for, he changed his tactics.




He tried to kneel down and beg.




At that moment, he felt something, and when he looked down, a red line appeared on his thighs.




A straight horizontal line.


Chun Yu-seong’s body, which had both legs cut off, fell forward.




He was in terrible pain.


“Kuaaak! Aaccckkkk!”




Chun Yeowun stepped on Chun Yu-seong’s head who was writhing in pain, and pressed on it.


He stepped on it so hard that it looked like the head would burst.


“Kuaaak! A-ancestor! Please… please! Forgive me!”




He begged and begged, but the leg didn’t.


“Kuaak! Ancestor! Ancestor! I-am your blood descendant! Blood descendant of you!”


In a cold voice, Chun Yeowun responded.


“So what.”

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