Chapter 73 Notarize (3)

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Chapter 73 Notarize (3)


Chun Yu-seong looked at Chun Yeowun with a puzzled expression.


It was as if nothing could be hidden.


“No! How can I do that to the great Chun Ma, my ancestor?”


Chun Yu-seong looked at Chun Yeowun with scared eyes.


Chun Yeowun, who was looking at him suspiciously, calmed down.




Once the energy surrounding his body disappeared, Chun Yu-seong was able to move freely.


“Thank you.”


Chun Yu-seong bowed 90 degrees to show respect.


His eyes, which were looking at the ground, narrowed.


‘We can’t act vigilantly.’


Chun Yu-seong sighed.


He was grateful that he had run too many simulations in his mind for this situation.


If it wasn’t for the simulations, he would have failed before even starting.


‘A legend is a legend. Too sharp!’


He thought that getting the notarization might be difficult. Chun Yeowun didn’t have a single ounce of trust in his eyes.


However, he wasn’t hostile either.


‘I can’t read his thoughts. But I am sure that he doesn’t have any trust in me.’


Convincing this kind of person was the most difficult.


However, all the preparations were done.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes looking at the bowing Chun Yu-seong had a questionable expression.


Everything seemed to be the opposite of what he was told.


[I am sorry to say this as he is from our bloodline, but the eldest son, Chairman Chun Yu-seong is really frivolous. There are many rumors that the second son Chun Yu-jang would be the one to take over the position of the Lord as the eldest son has no talent in martial arts.]


Those were the words Geum Oh-yeon had said.


From what he heard, the eldest son was weak.


It was wrong.


‘He is better at martial arts than Chun Yu-jang.’


The energy he felt was all the proof he needed.


He was on the verge of reaching the end stage of Superior Master level.


In addition, he calculated every move.


[Lord Chun Ma. Our chairman has changed. Now, more than anyone else, he wants to save the Cult.]


That was what Ko Wang-hyeon had said to Chun Yeowun.


Did the man really change?


Chun Yu-seong, who got up, bowed politely again.


“Ancestor. Why don’t we go inside instead of staying here? We have prepared a meal too.”


Although the lights were on, the outside wasn’t the right place to talk.


And when Chun Yeowun’s permitted it, Chun Yu-seong directly led him to the restaurant.


The layout of the room was unique.


There were three rooms, but each had sliding walls in between.


This room had three tables.


A long table with only two seats facing each other.


And then, two small tables were placed for a large number of people to sit.


Next to the room, was an open kitchen where chefs in white clothes were preparing the dishes.




The sound of a knife hitting the board and the smell of soup boiling, filled the room.


“Please sit here.”


Chun Yu-seong guided him to the table with just two seats.


“Secretaries and those…”


Chun Yu-seong looked at Bi Mak-heon.


It was because he knew that that man belonged to the Chun Yu-jang faction.


“It has been long, chairman.”


“Huhu, you are pretty bold. Coming here with our ancestor.”


“I only serve Lord Chun Ma.”


“I hope you understand that we cannot give you a seat close to our ancestor.”


It was something he couldn’t understand.


Bi Mak-heon was in the middle of an enemy camp.


But he didn’t say anything, just a little sign of nervousness here and there.


“Since the relationship in the family isn’t that great, would it be fine for him and the secretaries to sit at the table over there?”


Chun Yu-seong asked Chun Yeowun for permission.


It didn’t matter, so Chun Yeowun nodded, but Shakena mumbled.


“I want to sit next to master.”


Of course, it wasn’t because she was worried about him. She just didn’t want to be away from him.


“Even if we are at different tables, we are eating in the same space, so I hope the beautiful secretaries will understand.”


Chun Yu-seong spoke in a polite and soft manner. He kind of liked the exotic-looking woman.


The love for beauty was something all men had in common.


However, Shakena didn’t care about that, so she turned away with a frowning expression and mumbled under her breath.


“What did you say? You human subject.”




For a moment, he doubted his ears.


But because he was in front of Chun Yeowun, he didn’t react.


Like Shakena, Yu So-hwa had a blunt expression as well.


She bowed before heading to the third table with SHakena.


‘Arrogant ones.’


Chun Yu-seong clicked his tongue and sat.


“Oolong tea, sir.”




As they sat down, a pretty woman in a waitress costume came over and poured the hot tea for Chun Yeowun.


Once everyone was seated, Chun Yu-seong said.


“Each of us will greet the Chun Ma one after another, sir.”


As if waiting, people began to come to introduce themselves and greet him.


The first one was, of course, Wang Shin, the vice-chairman.




Kneeling on one knee and bowing, he said.


“Wang Shin of the Dual Martial Sword clan. It is an honor to meet Lord Chun Ma, who took us in.”


‘Oh ho!’


Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.


He had indeed invited Wang Jing to his Cult and given him the position of Great Elder, but he hadn’t settled in the Cult yet.


Now it was a clan under the Cult.


‘He is supposed to be the best.’


In his time, Wang Jing was one of the Five Strongest Warriors.


And he was now probably the strongest in the Cult.


The other people began to stand up and introduce themselves too.


“I am Jeon-mu of the Dream Swordsmanship clan. It is an honor to meet the great Chun Ma.”


When all the seniors finished the greetings, Chun Yu-seong pointed to the bald man with no hair, who looked like a chef.


“I forgot about the most important person. This is the chef. He is a famous chef who received 3 Michelin stars in his career as the main chef in the 5-star hotels of Beijing. As his cooking suits my taste, I often come here.”


At Chun Yu-seong’s words, the man bowed.


“Yeo Mun-hyung.”


“We look forward to delicious dishes.”


“Yes, chairman.”


Chef Yeo Mun-hyung answered with a smile and returned to cooking.


From the kitchen side, employees were busy moving around bringing dishes to the dinner table.


The start of the meal was soup.


“This is the Crabmeat Soup.”


“Please have some. Ancestor.”


When the waiter put down the dish, Chun Yu-seong invited Chun Yeowun to try it.


While everyone was waiting for him to raise his spoon and take a spit, Chun Yeowun shook his head and asked.


“Enough about the food, get to the point.”


“Huh? I heard that you didn’t eat anything on the train.”


“Did you think I came to see you and have dinner with you?”




The atmosphere within the room, which was supposed to be brightened and happy, turned gloomy at the cold tone.


‘This won’t be easy.’


Chun Yu-seong was trying to create a relaxed atmosphere through food and alcohol.


But Chun Yeowun didn’t look like he wanted any of those.


“Sigh, we can’t help it.”


“Start from why I was called here.”


Chun Yu-seong stood up at Chun yeowun’s question.




He knelt and bowed his head.


“Lord Chun Ma must have met with Chun Yu-jang, so I think you are aware of the current situation of the Cult.”


“A total mess.”


At that, Chun Yu-seong banged his head on the floor.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed at the sudden action.


“What are you doing?”


“Forgive me! All this happened because of my weakness. If I had not been stupid and had managed to be strong, the Cult would have never been divided.”


The man seemed to have accurate judgement.


When the Lord was taken away, if he had the strength to maintain such a strong position in the absence of the Lord, this split in the Cult would have never happened.


“You seem to have realized it quite quickly.”


“I have no excuses. Even if I have to be punished, I will accept it.”


‘This one…’


A completely different attitude from Chun Yu-jang.


This guy was the kind to grab hold of people.




When Chun Yu-seong, who was bowing, snapped his fingers, a member standing at the entrance came in with a briefcase.


He took out a tablet PC from it and placed it in front of Chun Yeowun.


A PDF document was displayed on it.


“And this is?”


Chun Yu-seong answered.


“Please read it.”


The title was written on the first page of the PDF document.


[Sky Demon Order Resurrection Plan]


Chun Yeowun tapped on the tablet and turned over the pages.


In the PDF document, the plans to revive the Sky Demon Order by the Chun Yu-seong faction were planned in detail.


Shh! Shh!


‘Is he even reading it?’


The pages were being turned too fast.


It was practically just flipping through it within seconds, and everyone wondered if he was really reading it.


100 PDF pages within 2 minutes.


After reading all that, Chun Yeowun smiled.


“This is your plan?”




Unlike before, Chun Yu-seong looked at Chun Yeowun with nervous eyes.


If he read the PDF, then everything was written in detail.


More than 70 percent of the plan was done.


“I am well aware that my ancestor cannot turn a blind eye to the mistakes we made. However, please, give me a chance. Even if it means for me to take a punishment, I will be sure to bring the Cult back to life.”




Chun Yu-seong banged his head on the floor once again.


He wanted to move Chun Yeowun’s heart as much as he could.


‘Perfect plan.’


It was a proud plan.


If the plan could be executed, the Sky Demon Order would be able to rise again.


He thought that since Chun yeowun was the ancestor, he wouldn’t ignore it.


‘If it is for the sake of reviving the Cult, then he has no choice but to help me out. Even if you were a legend in the past, you aren’t the Lord of this time.’


And if Chun Yeowun agreed to help, the plan would go much faster.


He was, after all, one of the three strongest legends of the Cult.


‘What will he do?’


At that point, Chun Yeowun picked up the tablet and said.


“It sounds pretty good.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Chun Yu-seong’s face brightened.


“You understand….”


But Chun Yeowun cut off his words.


“However, the first premise of all these plans is that you become the Lord, right?”




The basic premise for unifying the Cult.


Since everyone was fighting for that position, it felt natural that he wanted to be appointed as the Lord. That way, the conflict between the three factions would come to an end.


“The conflict between the three will lead to endless bloodshed.”


A reasonable statement.


Chun Yeowun asked in a colder voice.


“So, you will take the Lord position of the Cult first without even reintegrating the Cult?”


“Once we release that order, we can bring back the members of the Cult.”


“Who talked about this order?”


Chun Yu-seong smiled at the question and answered.


“The Great Guardian, Order of the Sky Demon, had agreed to do it.”


The one who proposed it was the Great Guardian.


The Great Guardian had the authority to use the Order of the Sky Demon and select the next Lord, if the current one was absent.


“Once the Order of the Sky Demon is activated. The Cult members of the two other factions wouldn’t be able to deny it.”


Chun Yu-seong’s hidden card.


One could never imagine how much it cost him to convince the Great Guardian to agree to this.


The Order of Sky Demon has the seal of the 1st Chun Ma.


No one could resist it.


Except for one person.


‘Chun Ma.’


Because he held the title of Chun Ma.


If Chun Yeowun didn’t acknowledge it, then everything would be in vain.


However, if thought the other way, if Chun Yeowun was to agree to it, then all the members of the other factions would willingly come under Chun Yu-seong.




Chun Yu-seong banged his head.


“Please lend me your strength so we can unite the Cult before any more bloodshed happens. Please notarize the inauguration as Lord!”


Thud! Thud!


At his cry, the other Cult members fell on the floor, banged their heads, and pleaded.


“Please notarize it!!!”


Everyone asked with earnestness.


However, Chun Yu-seong, who was bowing his head to the ground, didn’t have that kind of expression.




His lips turned into a smile.


‘This is the right atmosphere. If you really care about the Cult, you wouldn’t be able to deny this request.’

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