Chapter 72 Notarize (2)

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Chapter 72 Notarize (2)


Shenyang Station, early in the morning.


30 years ago, the trains and the underground subways weren’t that greatly used.


When the Gates began to open, the cities ended up being closed off by walls.


Therefore, the concept of trains changed. T


The trains worked underground.


One would think that the station was below ground, but no, it was above ground.


And one had to purchase a ticket to enter the basement platform.


‘Everything of this era is great.’


Chun Yeowun couldn’t help but admire the underground platform.


Even if Nano was helping him through the knowledge of the era, seeing it in person was a different feeling.


‘So fun.’


Everything was different from the time he was from.


Everything felt new and different, like he was on a tour.


Unlike Chun Yeowun, Ko Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung were looking down.


‘The purebred is out.’


Baek Jong-so, his mother and Huan Xia. They did come to the station, but they took a different platform.


They were en route to Jinan city.


‘The Chairman will be disappointed.’


Among the high clans of the Cult, the Pure Kick clan had a huge name.


All factions were aiming to bring the mother and the only descendant of the Pure Kick clan.


However, the Pure Kick clan had never chosen a faction to side with.


‘Chun Ma.’


Who would have thought that he would appear?


He meant a lot more than the clans.


It was because Chun Yeowun meant the Sky Demon order itself.


‘The chairman asked to bring him.’


Chairman Chun Yu-seong, who received the report from Ko Wang-hyeon, didn’t harbor any doubt.


Rather, he gave instructions to bring Chun Ma as respectfully as possible.


‘If Chun Ma sides with the chairman!’


Then the long battle would end.


If that could happen, then the Cult would be reborn.


Ko Wang-hyeon avoided the gaze of Chun Yeowun, who was looking around and sent a message through his phone.


[We are starting now.]


At the same time.


Inside a Building of the Chunshin Group, southeast of Baoding city.


Several officials were gathered in the chairman’s office on the top floor of the building.




Sitting on the right, a middle-aged man with a sad look, grey hair and a blue shirt, looked at the vibrating screen.


“Chairman. Manager Ko Wang-hyeon reported.”


At the report, the mustached middle-aged man sitting at the top, nodded.


In front of him was a nameplate.


[Chairman Shin Song-yu of Chunshin Group.]


But his real name was Chun Yu-seong.


The eldest son of Chun Woo-jin, the imprisoned Lord of the Sky Demon Order.


And this faction was known to be the strongest among the three.


“Chairman. Is that person really right?”


“Why are you suspicious? Mong?”


The middle-aged man in glasses sitting in the second left seat was the managing director Mong Jeon-mu.


Clan leader of the Dream Sword Clan, one of the highest clans.


“There is truth to Mong Jeon-mu’s words. It isn’t that I don’t believe in their judgements, but there is nothing wrong with being careful.”


Said the man with a large nose who was sitting on the other side.


He was Sa Ma-kyung.


Director of the Chunshin group and clan leader of the Samu clan.


At those words, a bald middle-aged man with white eyebrows opposed it.


“But if he is Chun Ma, then we have amazing strength.”


Yang Ja-myung, the managing director.


Clan leader of North Demon Clan.


“Isn’t that evidence that Chun Ma is helping us?”




The person sitting next to Chun Yu-seong was the vice-chairman of the Chunshin Group.


Thick eyebrows and thick lips.


Exuding great energy from his voice.


He was Wang Shin.


Clan leader of the Martial Dual Sword clan.


He was one of the three strongest warriors in the Cult after the Lord Chun Woo-jin and Great Guardian Marakyun.


Initially, this clan didn’t belong to the Cult, but the clan leader Wang Jing had brought it under the Cult during the time of Chun Yeowun.


“Maybe heaven is helping us?”


“For the Great Guardian and the Left Guardian who were wandering around for 27 years in search of that secret prison to be joining us.”


At Wang Shin’s words, Chun Yu-seong smiled.


It happened a while ago.


Both the Great Guardian and the Left Guardian asked him to become the new Lord.


[Father, no, the Lord didn’t allow this, would it still be fine?]


[We can no longer allow the Lord’s position to remain empty. Chairman Chun Yu-seong, the eldest son, should be the one taking the role and reintegrate our Cult.]


The confrontation between the three factions had lasted for too long.


The Great Guardian, who judged that it would be difficult for the Cult to stay alive without a Lord, decided to unite it.


In the end, in order to rebuild the Cult, someone had to be crowned the Lord, so they decided to give that role to the eldest person, Chun Yu-seong.


The vice-chairman continued.


“This is Chun Yeowun we are talking about. Besides, if it is the former Lord who notarizes the ceremony of the chairman, wouldn’t that be the best?”


Wang Shin spoke loudly again. Most people in the room nodded their heads.


But some didn’t.


“Shouldn’t we be thinking what would happen if Chun Ma decides not to notarize this or has already sided with another faction?”


One of the people in the room strongly pointed out.


Clearly, that would be the worst-case scenario for them.


Looking at the members, Chun Yu-seong mumbled.


“I’ll make it happen somehow.”


At around 9 at night.


An underground high-speed train had arrived in Baoding City.


Chun Yeowun looked a bit bored as he wasn’t used to being inside tunnels.


‘But it is fast.’


He just wasn’t used to sitting still for 14 hours.


But this looked better than moving on horses, and the scenery around did look nice.


‘The Gates seem to have taken a lot.’


He knew that due to the Gate, people of this era lost a lot.


General manager Ko Wang-hyeon led Chun Yeowun to the platform.


“The car is waiting outside. Let’s go.”


As they climbed up to the first floor on the escalator, he heard voices.


[What a big chest. How long do I have to wait here?]


[I told you not to call me like that!]


[If you are so dissatisfied with it, then I’ll just call you something else.]


[You really!]


[Be silent for two minutes, please.]


Chun yeowun groaned.


“They arrived.”




Ko Wang-hyeon wondered about what Chun Yeowun said, but he knew it.






Two women were waiting outside and approached them.


They were Chun Yeowun’s exclusive secretaries, Yu So-hwa the Gravity Witch and Shakena.


As they were so beautiful, people kept looking back as they passed them.


“Lord Chun Ma. Who are those women… uh? You!”


Ko wang-hyeon couldn’t hide his shock when he found someone following the woman.


It was Bi Mak-heon.


There was no way that he didn’t know the man. He was from the upper sect of the Phantom Sword clan.


‘Manager Ko!’




That was the same with Bi Mak-heon, who reached for his sword.


They were now in a hostile relationship.


Seeing each other, they couldn’t hold back raising their energy.


“How dare you set foot in here?”


At Ko Wang-hyeon’s words, Bi Mak-heon said.


“You are speaking as if I entered a place I shouldn’t have. Ah, so Chun Yu-seong has to be in Baoding and not Beijing, Manager Ko Wang-hyeon.”


At those words, Ko Wang-hyeon’s eyes flared.


“It seems like you don’t want to go back alive.”


It was true that Bi Mak-heon was from a higher clan, but he was at Super Master level when Ko Wang-hyeon was at Superior Master level.


So he was confident that he could defeat Bi Mak-heon.


It was then.


“Harassing him. Human?”


Shakena intervened.


It was because she sensed the energy flowing from Ko Wang-hyeon.


“I don’t know who this lady is, but if she is involved…”






At that moment, Shakena’s hand turned transparent and dug into Ko Wang-hyeon’s chest.


Her phasing ability.


“W-what is this?”






She grabbed his heart.


Startled at the sudden pain, he wasn’t sure what happened.


But the only thing he could understand, was that a slight harm to the people on her side, and she would crush his head.


“Huak… Huak…”


Shakena, who looked at Chun Yeowun while grabbing Ko Wang-hyeon’s heart, asked with a bright smile.


“Master. This human. Can I kill him? I am acting as your slave.”


With those words, Shakena licked her lips.


She seemed like she wanted to kill the man, who seemed strong.


‘W-what is that expression!’


Ko Wang-hyeon’s face turned pale as he looked at the woman, who looked like a hungry predator.


Chun Yeowun responded to her.






She pulled out her hand right away.




Ko Wang-hyeon, who managed to stay alive, fell down to the floor in cold sweat.


‘That woman. What is she?’


Even the Right Guardian was shocked.


Her abilities were terrifying and dangerous to exist.




She didn’t seem like a warrior. And Chun Yeowun wasn’t explaining anything.


“Secretaries will accompany me. It shouldn’t matter, right?”


“Yes? Secretaries?”


Right Guardian looked at Shakena with a puzzled expression.


The woman who could easily take down a Superior Master level warrior, was just a secretary?


A restaurant located to the east of Baoding city.


A scenery of a small lake.


A wonderful place decorated with nice pictures.


It was a place where lovers would usually hang out.


However, men in suits with weapons in their arms, were inside.


It seemed like a group of people had arrived there.


Around 10 that night.




A grey van arrived at the parking lot.


Men in suits, who were walking in and out, rushed ahead and stood in line.




The van’s door opened.


Manager Ko Wang-hyeon and the Right Guardian got out.


“We are here.”




And then came Chun Yeowun in his black suit.


On either side were his two secretaries and Bi Mak-heon following them.


Looking around, Chun Yeowun asked.


“Not at the company?”


“Chairman Chun Yu-seong wanted to invite you to a meal, since you must have been through a lot to come here.”


“That so? Is he the one?”


In the restaurant, ten middle-aged men walked up and stood in front of Chun Yeowun.




The chairman was the one who was standing in the front. And the rest were all middle-aged people of the Chunshin Group.


Obviously, as they gathered, the air around turned heavy.




Chun Yu-seong glanced at the vice-chairman who was next to him.


Wang Shin nodded his head and sent a message.




Among them, Wang Shin was the strongest.


The moment Wang Shin saw Chun Yeowun, he was confused.


From the outside, he looked like a normal warrior.


However, this meant that Chun Yeowun had reached a level where he could freely manipulate the energy.


And the simple verification was done.




Chun Yu-seong knelt on both knees and shouted.


“Chun Yu-seong greets the great Chun Ma!”




Once he said that, the other members who were behind all bowed down in the same way.


“We greet the great Chun Ma!!!”


Perfect execution.


Chun Yu-seong, who already knew about Chun Yeowun’s attitude from Ko Wang-hyeon, was fully prepared not to anger him.


And the start didn’t seem so bad.


Chun Yeowun, the Chun Ma.


Chun Yu-seong wanted to obtain the notary of this person and be crowned the Lord.


‘I need to make it happen.’


That was his real goal.


At that time, Chun Yu-seong’s body was raised up by energy.




As his body flew, Chun Yeowun approached him.


He thought that Chun Yeowun would feel nice seeing his bloodline act respectfully towards him.


Chun Yeowun looked at him with curious eyes and said.


“It is fine to be polite. But why do I feel like you are trying to play some tricks?”

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