Chapter 69 Right Guardian (1)

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Chapter 69 Right Guardian (1)




When asked to take off her clothes, Yu So-hwa’s expression didn’t change. However, her face turned red in anger.


“What are you talking about!”


“Take off those clothes.”


Rather, it was the executives who were embarrassed with Shakena’s bold request.




Even if they were elderly, they were still men.


And the situation was so weird.


The only person who could watch it without diverting her gaze was Hang Yu-rin.


‘I don’t know who that woman is, but she must be a huge deal.’


Yu so-hwa was an SS-Class Keeper. And if she was a Murim warrior, she would be a Supreme Master.


Shakena looked over at Yu So-hwa’s clothes in a greedy way.


“If you don’t want to, should I take it off for you?”




If a man had said that, it would have been a dangerous situation.


The woman approached Yu So-hwa, thinking she could do it.


“You!! You need to know your place.”


The fingers of Yu So-hwa twitched.


She was ready to use gravity.




The floor trembled, but Shakena smiled.


“Hehe, looks like you don’t want to take it off.”


As a fighter, she had no reason to avoid a battle. Purple energy began to rise from her body.




‘This woman, isn’t she just plain crazy?’


Yu So-hwa narrowed her eyes. Since Chun yeowun brought her, she thought that the woman would be strong, but the woman just kept on ridiculing her.


Everyone in the room was nervous.


‘Who is she?’


‘What is that energy…’


As she entered through the glass, they thought Shakena had special abilities, but the energy she was releasing was different.


‘Where the hell did Lord Chun Ma find such a monster?’


They were all curious about her.


Of course, more serious than that, the two women were going to fight each other till death.


It was then, Chun yeowun opened his mouth.








Both answered at the same time.


As soon as they heard him, the two women called back their energy.




The seniors looked curious at Chun Yeowun’s ability to control the two monstrous women at once.


Handling an SS-Class keeper and a special type entity was like playing with two bombs.


“Yu So-hwa, if you have extra clothes, lend them to Shakena.”


“… yes sir.”


She agreed.


However, Shakena mumbled while shyly twisting her body.


“Master. I like the clothes that the human bitch is wearing…”


“Are you going to try your luck despite being a slave?”


“Ah, No!”




Flustered at Chun Yeowun’s cold words, Shakena knelt down and lowered her head.


She was aware of her position.






“She is the first secretary. So be mindful.”


“Yes. However, if you give me the chance, I would like to covet the title. Please allow it.”




Yu So-hwa was confused.


She couldn’t understand to which era this woman belonged.


Moreover, despite bowing to Chun Yeowun, the naked woman kept glaring at her.




Chun Yeowun grabbed her on the shoulder.


And she groaned at the pain which hit her brain.






“I told you not to cross the line.”


“I-I apologize!”


Shakena had a different way of thinking from humans.


Therefore, Chun Yeowun was being more strict towards her.


“Treat her like you treat an elder.”






Despite not understanding the situation, Yu So-hwa felt grateful when Chun Yeowun treated her in a special way.


When Chun Yeowun took his hand off her, Shakena bowed to Yu So-hwa.


“I apologize.”


As if to let her know that she didn’t like it, she looked at Yu So-hwa with a bitter look.


And silence fell again.


Yu So-hwa smiled and then looked at the woman’s breast and said.


“My clothes will be baggy to you, but they might fit.”




Shakena didn’t understand what she meant.


However, when she left the conference room to get clothes, her face distorted as she looked at Yu So-hwa’s voluptuous breasts.




Regardless of race, they were both women.


And now they were secretaries.


Chun Yu-jang approached Chun yeowun once the two left and reported.


“Lord. There is a problem.”




“Director Huan.”


Huan Myung-oh approached Chun Yeowun with a dark face, then showed him the phone and said.


“Lord Chun Ma. My daughter has been caught.”




If it was Huan Xia, then she was supposed to be hiding with Baek Jong-so and his mother in the Six Road Toys bunker.


Puzzled, Chun Yeowun looked at the photo on the phone.


The moment he saw the picture, Chun Yeowun said.


“Crazy Blade.”


There was no way Chun Yeowun didn’t know about the sword.


It was his first teacher’s, Right Guardian Sub-meng’s sword.


The fact that this person was holding it could only mean one thing.


“Right guardian?”


“Yes. It seems like the Right Guardian has joined the Chun Yu-seong’s faction.”


It was weird. The Guardians only serve the Lord.


If one of the Guardians, Sub-hyung, joined the Chun Yu-seong faction, then it couldn’t be ruled out that the other Guardians did so too.


This could be trouble for Chun Yu-jang, as it meant that the Guardian found the secret prison where the Lord was being kept with the help of another faction.


‘I can’t tell this to Chun Ma. Ugh…’


He wasn’t sure what could happen.


He knew that Chun Yeowun was very strict when it came to putting someone as the Lord.




At that time, Huan Myung-oh knelt down and begged.


“Lord Chun Ma. Please save my daughter!”


“Director Huan!”


Chun Yu-jang panicked.


It was understandable that he was impatient and unable to contact his daughter. However, Chun Yeowun was Chun Ma, and he couldn’t ask someone like him to do such tasks.


Even he, who shared the same blood, would only allow himself to receive orders and never request anything.


“I am sorry, chairman.”


But Huan Myung-oh couldn’t back down.


‘Only Chun Ma can free my daughter.’


It had been over 40 minutes since he got her message. Even if the Right Guardian took them away, they couldn’t have left the city yet.


It was their only chance to catch them.


“I want to go and rescue my daughter myself, but it will take two days for me to get to Shenyang.”


If he had wings, he would have left right away.


And since he didn’t, Chun Yeowun was his only hope.


“Please! Please!”




Huan Myung-oh banged his head.




He kept hitting it till he was stopped.




As he raised his head, hoping for a positive answer, Chun Yeowun said.


“Be quiet.”




“Tell me.”




“Not you.”


Huan Myung-oh was confused.


He had already told him everything.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes were moving, he had opened up augmented reality.


[Calling Lee Myeong.]


He was talking on the phone.


The call was done through the phone of Yu Mun-pyeong, the director of Six Road Toys.


Nano had hacked the receiving chip and taken the code. Thanks to that, Chun Yeowun was able to make calls without the phone.


In his ears, he could hear the voice of Lee Myeong.


— Cough cough… I’m chasing them right now.


On an overpass in Shenyang City.


Inside the white RV which was driving down, Lee Myeong was holding the steering wheel with blood-dried hands.


His top was stained red with blood, and he didn’t seem to be in good condition.


Even when he looked like he was on the verge of dying, he wasn’t letting go of the wheel.


— What happened?


Chun Yeowun’s voice came through the Bluetooth speaker.


Lee Myong looked at the 12 seater grey van, which was 30 meters ahead.


“Ahha… haaa.. unknown people attacked us.”


— Was there anyone who wore sunglasses among them?


Lee Myeong was shocked at that question.


“Yes. How did you know?”


— Huan Xia sent a message to her father.


“I see. Cough.”


— You don’t seem to be in a good state.


“I got hit by a guy.”




As he said that, Lee Myeong grunted.


He was out shopping with Baek Jong-so. When they returned, they found out that they had been attacked.


The people were already done with their work and were leaving. That’s when they met and were hit by them.


Baek Jong-so’s team member was hit and died right away, while Moyong Lee Myeong was hit in the stomach.


He still remembered what he was told.


[I see you are a normal civilian. Consider yourself lucky to have come this far. If you are fortunate enough to survive this, forget about everything that has happened here.]


With those words, the man took Huan Xia and Baek Jong-so’s mother and left in a van.


However, something happened.


‘Was it luck?’


When ordinary people are hit with internal energy, their organs rupture and turn unable to move.


After coughing up blood several times, Lee Myeong was able to move.


He himself was shocked. But he decided not to waste time thinking about it.


He immediately got into his RV and started chasing them.


“For now, I am trying to catch up, but if they get past Shenyang, I won’t be able to do anything.”


That was his concern.


The car was moving southwest towards the high-speed underground train.


— Keep the call going.




Lee Myeong couldn’t understand it at all.


However, he had no chance but to do as told.


Meanwhile, inside the grey Benz going ahead.


Baek Jong-so was unable to move due to his blood points being sealed, but he was glaring at Sub-hyung.


“You are making a huge mistake. Right Guardian.”


At his words, Sub-hyung didn’t seem fazed and said.


“Before I hit you more, I expect you to stay silent, Pure Kick clan’s kid.”


“Try doing that!”


The reason Baek Jong-so was angry was simple.


It was because he was hit by the Right Guardian, whom he trusted.


Next to Sub-hyun sat a large man.


“You will surely pay for kidnapping my mother and me! Believe this.”


“Understand this. We have a duty to protect the last purebred descendant.”


“You call this protection?”


In the back seat, Geum Oh-yeon and Huan Xia had passed out.


It was kidnapping, no matter how you look at it.


“Lord Chun Ma won’t forgive you!”




At Baek Jong-so’s word, the Right Guardian snorted.


And then he suddenly pressed Baek Jong-so’s chest as he spoke in a daunting voice.


“You and I can be Chun ma too, but this so-called purebred couldn’t even save his own ass. Do you even have a chance to succeed in following your father’s footsteps?”


“I see that you are ignoring the truth?”


“Truth? How funny! Do you think that we’ll believe in the nonsense that the 24th Lord from a thousand years ago is still alive? Chun Ma will come? Hahaha!”


“Those words… you’ll regret it…”


Baek jong-so warned, but Sub-hyung smiled.


“You will regret it.”


— Right Guardian.


Hearing a voice in his ear, Sub-hyung stopped his words. It was the voice of the driver in the second car.


He touched the earphone and said.


“What is it?”


— Someone is following.


“Following? Who is it?”


— Looking in the mirror, it seems like he is that guy who was left in front of the bunker.




Sub-hyun frowned.


He was sure that he had left the man on the verge of death.


However, such an ordinary human seemed unshaken and was following them?


‘He definitely wasn’t a warrior.’


It was questionable. However, since the guy was identified, he could just check it later.


He pulled down the van’s curtain and looked.


“Can you lure the vehicle to a visible place?”


— Alright. I will lure him.


The driver of the 2nd car turned away.


The road leading to the high-speed train was densely blocked.


But since they were driving for 20 minutes now and were getting closer to the wall, the vehicles on the road began to decrease.


At that point, there were two vans and one RV behind them.


“Damn it.”


Moyong Lee Myeong, who was tracking them, groaned.


Since he fell outside the usual road, something felt strange, and his prediction was correct.


They noticed that he was tailing them.


‘What should I do?’


For his safety, it was right to give up on tailing them.


However, Chun Yeowun said that he had to keep following them.


It was when he was in thought.




The van slowed down, and he got stuck behind the slow car.


Lee Myeon tried to move to the left lane and speed up, but another van came to the next side.


“Damn! I’ll be hit.”


He couldn’t move anywhere as he was being sandwiched.


And then the car and the van moved ahead, putting Lee Myeong in the middle.


The driver of the 2nd car smiled.


“Caught you!”


He stepped on the accelerator to hit the RV.


It was then.






Something fell in front of the van.


“A man?”


Shocked, the driver in the 2nd van tried to drive away, but then the man who landed raised his hand towards the van, and.




The front of the van was lifted up.


“W-what the hell!”


Shocked, he ended up pressing on the accelerator and then the brake. As a result, the van turned over.




Hearing the screams through the earphone, Sub-hyun, who was in the van ahead, shouted.


“Car 2… what is going on?”


Baek Jong-so, who was sitting opposite to him, licked his lips and said.


“Didn’t I say that you were going to regret it?”


“What nonsense are you uttering now…”




A huge shock with a loud roar.


The van ended up stopping right away.




In an instant, everything turned into a mess.


No one knew what was happening.


When they looked at the ceiling, they saw footprints engraved on it.






It was then.


The ceiling tore open like a piece of paper.


Someone was looking down on them.


‘W-what is this?’


A young man with a sharp face and pure white eyes.


Ko Wang-hyeon and Sub-hyung were confused until Baek Jong-so exclaimed loudly.


“Baek jong-so of the Pure Kick Clan greets Lord Chun Ma!”

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