Chapter 68 Special Type Entity (3)

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Chapter 68 Special Type Entity (3)




Chun yeowun looked puzzled.


Nano began to help.


[Demons. A symbolic entity that appears in legends and fairy tales. It is an existence that means good and evil, and is opposed to an angel-like being. Sometimes in Christianity or Catholicism, it is called the devil, and in some other religions, it is called Youkai.]




Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled.


Information was being transferred into his head.


The demons known to people in general were the same as the devils in stories. It was said that they often stay in Devildom, Demon realm, or Hell as they deceive people and control their souls.


What was more interesting was that Shakena said she came from a planet.




Humans of this age were desperate to block the Gate.


So, they didn’t care if there was another unknown world beyond the Gate.


And the woman had just mentioned a planet.


‘Nano. She is talking about the same kind of planet we live on?’




Chun yeowun was always shocked by many things when he looked at the information that Nano sent him.


Back in his time, he thought that the place was endless.


‘There is another planet beyond the Gate?’


[It cannot be said precisely.]


‘Can’t it be found in your time too?’




[System locked.]


Nano had several limitations.


One of them prevented it from divulging history.


Even if the time axis changed, the lock was still on, and Chun Yeowun couldn’t do anything about it.


‘I want to unlock it.’


Chun Yeowun wasn’t normally interested in such things, but after coming to the modern era, he ended up wondering about the time axis and history.






Each time the lightning appeared, the woman’s body would tremble.


Chun Yeowun had taken out half the swords stuck in her body.






It was to make her feel comfortable.






“What is your purpose? Opening Gates to slaughter humans and subdue mankind? Why leave the place you live and come here?”


Chun Yeowun thought that these ones were the main culprits of the Gate.


It was because, unlike the other monsters which came through the Gate, they had intellectual abilities and strong fighting abilities.


However, it was wrong.


She explained with a serious look.


“The other Gates on earth aren’t ours.”




“Before we came, the earth was already open. If our clan wanted to conquer earth, we would’ve come as a group and not as individuals.”


‘Our clan’ meant there was a huge ranking system.


And meant they were living in a civilized form.


If their purpose was to conquer, then leading an army was the best way.


“Then why are you attacking humans?”


“That… when the Gate opens, the humans are hostile towards us.”




“When I crossed the Gate, human armies attacked me.”


He knew.


Humanity considered everything beyond the Gate dangerous.


Which meant there was no way to have a peaceful conversation.


If there was a chance for a conversation, humans would suppress the monster first and then talk.


‘On top of that, this woman treats humans as insignificant creatures.’


The woman’s race was far more advanced than humans.


“You mean you would have left us alone if you weren’t attacked?”


“… I am not sure.”




She answered carefully.


“That is because the blood and meat of other races are good nutrients for our clan.”




In the end, the demons had no choice but to hurt the humans.


It was a race that considered humans as prey.


“Our clan constantly fights and eats to grow stronger. The weak are our food.”


“To grow strength through killing.”


A completely different world from the one humans lived in.


The more such beings come, the more harmful mankind would be.


“And do you eat your own weak ones too?”


“No. hurting one’s own kin is prohibited by law. So the winner dominates the loser.”


It was said that the demons were smaller in number.


Numerous races lived on the planet, and the total number of the demon population was less than 100,000.


Even though the human population had decreased after the Gate opening, they were nowhere close to the 3.5 billion human population.


Therefore, in order to preserve, they set up laws.


“Fine. What is the real purpose of coming here? Anything else conquest?”


He wondered why they even crossed the Gate.


“Came to find the traitor on the king’s order.”


“Traitor? A revolt?”


“We have no revolts.”


“Must be loyal.”


“Not that either. We only follow the strong. If anyone defeats the king, they will be the new king.”


Power was law.


And what made their clan particularly strong was self-esteem.


“Good. So the king is the strongest.”


“Thousands of Counts like me, cannot even touch the hair of the king.”


An amazing story.


In pure comparison, her strength was comparable to a Supreme Master.


But with the phasing ability, it would be hard to find a person who can handle her.


“And your title is the standard one?”


“Right. There are a thousand Counts like me, a hundred Marquis above us, ten Dukes and then three grand dukes under the king.”


‘… amazing.’


Chun Yeowun was surprised.


There are 114 people stronger than her.


If they were to form a legion and attack, the present-day earth would perish.


“Woman, what level are you among those who hold the Count title?”






3rd out of one hundred was great. Perhaps the phasing ability was the reason.


Suddenly, Chun Yeowun was curious about something.


“What would my level be according to your standards?”


“You are…”


She thought.


In her head, she compared him to the title-level demons. And then she said.


“You will be in the top 10 Marquis.”




Chun Yeowun’s eyebrows rose.


He didn’t show her his full power, but even then, he thought he would be Duke or higher, but she said Marquis?


‘I am more curious about these ones now.’


Chun Yeowun has never met a worthy enemy other than Blade God.


And he felt the need to grow after a long time.




Shakena was intrigued by Chun Yeowun.


‘You might be higher than the Marquis level too.’


The person in front of her seemed more like a fellow than a human.


As a strong woman, she felt excited.


Chun Yeowun asked.


“And if you catch the traitor, you won’t come through the Gate anymore?”


“Unless the king orders it…”


If the king wanted to invade, they would come back.


It was troublesome.


However, the fact that such a situation didn’t happen meant that the demons weren’t interested in humans.


“Is the traitor a titled demon too?”




“Which level?”


“Baron level… but I am not sure what it is now.”




“Because he ate his own people.”


Anger flashed in her eyes. It was the worst sin.


‘That was why he was a traitor.’


He broke the law and ate his own people, so he deserved to be called a traitor.


But what did she mean when she said she couldn’t know his level since he ate his own people?


Shakena spoke to Chun Yeowun.


“When a clan member is eaten, all the power is absorbed.”


“Absorbing power?”


“We build strength through predation. And it is more effective when done within the same clan for some races.”


Predation of Kin meant 100% transfer.


It would be a huge temptation for demons who want to grow strong.


There was no other easy way to grow than eat one’s own kind.


“Must be greedy.”


The clan seemed to know about it, but they banned it.




It was doubtful to say that eating one’s own kin was banned for the sake of population.


“… A person who preyed on the kin can never resist temptation. We adore the strong, but we don’t acknowledge the strong who turned strong that way.”


She said that.


In any case, she was here to catch the traitor.


It was impossible to guess the traitor’s power as he had eaten a lot more since coming here.


‘If not dealt with right away, the risk level will increase.’


As she said, he would keep getting stronger.


“How to catch him if he is hiding?”


“We can sense the aura of the same clan.”


It was like saying she could feel him.


And if that one was dealt with, the demons will have no reason to come through the Gate anymore.


“What are you going to do with me?”


Shakena asked without fear.


Chun Yeowun convinced her that he wouldn’t kill her and instead take her as a slave.


“Well. I will hire you as my secretary.”




Shakena didn’t know the word and looked puzzled.


So he explained.


“Something like a slave.”


At that, her face brightened, and she shouted.


“Shakena serves the Master!”


After an SS-class Keeper, Chun yeowun had a Count level demon now.


Yongchun group’s conference room.


The atmosphere in the room was supposed to be bright. However, despite taking in the clans of Jinan under the cult, it was gloomy.


The reason was the message that director Huan Myung-oh got.


And a picture of a man wearing sunglasses pulling out a sword in front of a bunker.




The handle on the chair was bent.


It was the last time that Huan Xia contacted him.


The phone couldn’t be called, and the signal couldn’t be traced.


“Director Huan, calm down.”


Hang Yu-rin comforted him. At her words, he yelled out.


“I don’t know where my daughter is. How can I calm down!”


He was cold-hearted when it came to other things, but he wasn’t always rational when it came to his adopted daughter.


The man couldn’t calm down.


Right Guardian, Sub-hyung.


The best self-proclaimed thief.


And a rival of Huan Myung-oh.


“Ha… the right guardian must have joined them.”


It was a huge deal if one of the three guardians was selecting the Chun Yu-seong faction.


As far as they knew, Sub-hyung was focused on finding the secret prison where Lord Chun Woo-jin was kept.


Huan Myung-oh got up from the seat and bowed to the chairman.


“Chairman. This time, I need to go there. I don’t think this can be solved by just sending someone there.”


“Calm down. If you aren’t careful about this, we might end up playing right into their hands…”




At that moment, someone came through the window. ‘




Suddenly, two people appeared through the window, and the people within the room stood up.


“L-Lord Chun Ma.”


It was Chun Yeowun and Shakena, a naked woman with purple hair.




Shocked at her being naked, the male executives all turned red in embarrassment.


“It is truly a convenient ability.”


“Thank you, master.”


At Chun Yeowun’s praise, she nodded her head.


She couldn’t only phase herself, but also had the ability to phase objects she came in contact with.




Yu So-hwa rushed into the room and approached him.


Being his secretary, she had to take up the role of setting up the meeting on his behalf, since he suddenly flew away.


“That woman?”


Chun Yeowun answered her.


“Second secretary.”




When asked why he brought in a naked woman, he said she was going to be the second secretary.


Shakena looked at the other woman.


A weird gaze.


“You! What are you doing?”


Shakena smiled at the displeased Yu So-hwa and said.


“Human bitch. I like that outfit. Take it off.”

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