Chapter 66 Special Type Entity (1)

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Chapter 66 Special Type Entity (1)




Researcher Seo shut his mouth.


Deep inside, he wanted to curse out.


‘Crazy bastard! If you want to die, die alone! Why do all this bullshit!’


It was like the man detonated a bomb hoping everyone would die.


Despite being on the outskirts, they released it within the wall. It was the worst situation.


‘Stupid bastard! Releasing a monster to catch a monster!’


The released monster was more than capable of destroying the whole Taean City.


All of the security systems, including the shield around the base, were made in case the monster escaped.


And since Chun Yeowun broke down most security systems, there was no way to stop the monster.


‘Can this one stop that bitch?’


Researcher Seo looked at Chun Yeowun.


He saw that Chun Yeowun was pushed back with the kick.


Despite looking like a human, that woman wasn’t something he could deal with.




The purple-haired naked woman turned her head and looked at him.






Terrified, researcher Seo tried to step back.


But he couldn’t.




Chun Yeowun had stopped the bleeding of his arm by sealing the blood points, but it still had its consequences.


It was the worst situation as he couldn’t run away.


“Doing an experiment?”


The purple-haired woman looked away from Chun Yeowun and tried to move towards the researcher.


However, Chun Yeowun intervened.




“He is mine.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, the purple-haired woman smiled bitterly.


“Human. You think you can stop me?”


As soon as she said that, she ran towards the researcher.


It wasn’t light footwork. It was real speed.


‘Ahh, I see.’


Chun Yeowun created a sword qi.


A simple attack of sword qi had passed through her body before, so this time, he created sword qi with condensed energy.


“Will this go through?”


Chun Yeowun released it.




However, the sword qi was immediately dispersed in the air.


Because of the anomaly of dispersing the energy, Chun Yeowun couldn’t use the attack.


‘This is so annoying!’


The control on qi was dispersed.


In the end, it seemed like he had to go for close combat.


Meanwhile, the purple-haired woman approached Chun Yeowun.


‘Then I will do it!’


Chun Yeowun used the sword with energy to stab the woman.




At that moment. Her body turned transparent, and the sword passed through her.




‘Condensed sword qi too?’


Chun Yeowun frowned.


He didn’t think that sword qi with condensed energy would pass.


At that moment, she aimed for Chun Yeowun’s heart.


“Can’t kill me, human.”




The moment her transparent hand passed through his body and tried to grab his heart, Chun Yeowun spread the distance.


“Where are you running away?”




She kicked her feet and narrowed the distance.


She reached right in front of Chun Yeowun in an instant.


The woman seemed like she didn’t master martial arts, making it hard to believe that she could achieve such incredible speed.


“You can’t get away from me, human.”


Thinking that she captured him, she smiled.








As Chun Yeowun’s body dispersed, something appeared behind it.


It was an illusion.


Despite being a human, Chun Yeowun was beyond the limits of human beings.




A blurry invisible sword emerged in his hand.


Unlike sword qi, which was made of internal energy, invisible swords have a power surpassing internal energy.




‘1st formation of Sword Force of Sky Demon.’


24 Demon Sword was unfolded with the invisible sword.


Chun Yeowun attacked her.






Chun Yeowun was shocked.


He thought if the sword was made of pure qi, then it would definitely hurt her, but even the invisible sword passed through her.


Watching that, the researcher’s face darkened.


‘No use. The monster’s phasing ability breaks down much smaller than the atomic unit. There is nothing we can do.’


Through numerous experiments, he tried to uncover the secret of her phasing.


It was because, if such a tech could be understood, it was possible to create the strongest biological weapon able to easily subdue the best talented warriors.


However, no progress was made as it was an ability unexplainable with human science.


‘There is only one way to stop…’


Their organization discovered a way to capture that monster.


Although it couldn’t kill her, it could stop her.


The problem was that the base was devastated. And there was no way that any device survived.


‘I need to run away.’


Researcher Seo stood up staggering.


There was no other way than to contact the base and let them know that the monster had been released.


He wanted to move when Chun Yeowun was still fighting her.






Her fists slammed the floor.


At that moment, the floor sank down.


Not just the phasing ability, but she seemed to have tremendous physical power as well.


‘Definitely not human.’


It did have a human form, but the skeleton was different.


There was a high probability that the inside of the body was an internal structure completely different from that of humans.


‘Something from the Gate?’


The only one who knew about it was researcher Seo, the only survivor now.


Chun Yeowun looked at the researcher, who staggered towards the ruined base.


The purple-haired woman noticed it too.


“Huh. Human, I will take him down first and then you.”


She was able to evade the attacks, but she wasn’t able to handle Chun Yeowun, so she ran for the next target.


‘No can do.’


Chun Yeowun overtook her, thinking he should catch the researcher first.


It was then.


“Caught you. Human!”


As Chun Yeowun caught him, she put her hand on the floor. At that moment, the floor was dyed in purple,








The floor turned transparent, and Chun Yeowun fell down.


Chun Yeowun kicked the air and tried to climb up, but.




The moment she released her hand, the floor went back to its original state.


“Kal kal kal, stupid human.”


She smiled.


It seemed like she could pass on the ability of phasing to other things too.


It was just that the range wasn’t wide.


“Die right there.”




With those words, the woman headed to capture researcher Seo.


Her anger was raging as he had been tested for a long time for experiments.


And finding the man wasn’t difficult as the place was all destroyed.


Researcher Seo was rummaging through something.


“There you are.”


She wiggled her fingers and walked towards him.


Not caring about anything else, she only wanted to kill the man who experimented on her body.


She would torture him until he asked her to kill him.




Her hands turned transparent.


“I will pull out your organs one after another and watch you die.”


It was the moment researcher Seo turned around and pointed something at her.




A small machine gun.


The moment she saw the machine gun, which was connected to something like an output device, her expression distorted terribly.


Researcher Seo pulled the trigger.




Blue sparks fired from the machine gun.


The woman, who was 6 steps away, was struck directly by it.






When her body was electrocuted, her hands, which turned transparent, returned to their original state.


‘Yes! It worked!’


Researcher Seo’s face brightened.


But that feeling didn’t last long.






He thought that she wouldn’t be able to move as she couldn’t use the phasing, but she stepped forward.


“H-how? No…”


When he looked at the outer unit connected to the gun, he noticed that one point was left open.


As the base was destroyed, the power was insufficient.


“Damn it…”


The box was supposed to hold the A-class core.


Since the base was destroyed, there was no way that it could work well.


“Let’s kill you.”


She took strides with an angry face and snatched the machine gun.


She then smashed it.




“How dare you! Huh!”




Her body was still showing sparks.


Her hand reached out to researcher Seo’s abdomen.




She grabbed something.




The pain was so excruciating that he groaned and twisted his body.


“A human being cannot survive without even one organ missing, right? I’ll take one out.”


“Kuak!, please! Please!”


Researcher Seo begged.


Feeling delighted, she tried to search for something in his body with a red face.


“The longest one!”






When she pulled out her hand, his duodenum came out.


She tried to pull it out with force to hurt him.


It was then.




The ground shook violently.


She looked puzzled at what was happening.




A hand came out and grabbed her left ankle.




Shocked, she tried to use her phasing ability and move.


At that moment.




A huge shock occurred.


The machine gun couldn’t even be compared to this.




Unable to use her phasing, she staggered as her ability stopped working.


Shocked, she stomped on the floor.




And soon, the floor cracked and someone came out.




Chun Yeowun.


Covered in dirt and mud, Chun Yeowun lifted the woman’s body by her ankles and.






He hit her body on the floor.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


“Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack!”


Her face darkened.


She didn’t realize what had just happened.


“How dare a human!”


She clenched her teeth and tried to kick Chun Yeowun’s head.




Chun yeowun raised his left hand and blocked it.


Kwang! Crack!


The floor where Chun Yeowun was standing cracked, but he didn’t even budge.




Her feet were trembling.


“Stopped it?”


She thought he would bounce off. It was a kick that could produce power close to hundred tons.


“Did you think I couldn’t stop it?”


She didn’t know it, but Chun Yeowun had the strongest internal energy.


“How can a mere human do this?”


“Human in every line. How annoying.”




In an instant, Chun Yeowun’s fist hit her face.








Due to the blow loaded with thunder qi, she bounced back.


Not being able to use phasing anymore, she got up with an angry face.


“Y-you are only one human…”


She was losing it.


This situation was different from when she was captured.


At that time, she was exhausted, and she was captured only after two days of fighting with hundreds of people equipped with lightning equipment.




Chun Yeowun walked and asked.


“Bitch. Do you have any other ability to show?”




At Chun Yeowun’s question, her expression was distorted.


It was as if Chun Yeowun was testing her.


‘Cheeky human!’


She was about to get angry, but Chun Yeowun’s next words were weird.


“I think that ability is quite useful.”


“What nonsense are you talking about? Human!”


“I just need to tame you and use it!”


“How dare you!”


Hearing those words, her eyes turned red.


She felt more angry than the time when she was restrained.


It was then.




The remaining power in the base was exhausted.


As a result, the EV field which surrounded the perimeter was also terminated.


The energy which was being scattered stopped, and the place was back to its original state.


The corners of her lips turned into a smile.


“Human. I will make you regret what you said.”


Her body floated.




She stretched out her arms as her purple hair fluttered in the air. Energy began to condense from all directions and turned into a sphere of white light.




Hundred of white-colored spheres with energy appeared.


“As the restraints on my power are now released, you, human, will never be able to get out alive!”


She wasn’t able to use the full extent of her power because of the EV field.


After being freed from it, she was able to manipulate the energy freely, and now she wanted to kill the human in front of her.


However, Chun Yeowun’s expression didn’t seem to change.


‘Why isn’t he scared?’


Despite the hundred energy balls, he looked relaxed.


At that time, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand into the air and said.


“Right. Being restricted was making me frustrated.”






The sound of sparks was heard.




For a moment, she turned her head at the sound of thunder she felt behind her.


Swords of thunder qi had covered the air above her.


‘W-what the hell is…’


It was a terrifying sight.


As her confidence was shattered, she mumbled in a terrified trembling voice.


“You, are you really a human?”

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