Chapter 65 Coming to you (3)

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Chapter 65 Coming to you (3)


A pungent smell wafted everywhere.


A burning smell.


Demon and Fire.


The unification of two spirit beasts’ powers, the corrupted Imoogi and the Flame Qilin.


A destructive energy unfolded with an invisible sword.


The unbreakable dome-shaped shield stayed untouched as the sword pierced through the middle of the building.


Only the exterior of the building was blown away, and the thinnest walls remained.


Everything was damaged by heat.


‘He blew up the entire building but not the security system?’


Researcher Seo was confused.


As a result, those in charge of internal security could do nothing but get annihilated.


Chun Yeowun was happy.


‘The power is out.’


Chun Yewun raised the level of the attack in order to overcome the shield’s strength.


However, the problem was that he raised his power several levels to be able to remove the annoying obstacles.


Everything was destroyed, except for the shield.


He was worried he might have killed the man too, but fortunately, he found him hiding inside a safe room on the second basement floor.


Chun Yeowun asked.


“Are you the one?”




Researcher Seo remembered that he had altered his voice during the call with Chun Yeowun.


He decided to act like he wasn’t the one.


“Kuak. Wh… what are you talking about? I am just working here as a researcher?”






Because his life was at stake, he was ready to do anything to survive.


“Hmm, is that so?”


As Chun Yeowun looked half-pleased, he pleaded.


“I am just a researcher. I know nothing. Please let me go.”


He seemed desperate.


He tried to look as pitiful as possible.


Chun Yeowun said.


“You mean, you are just an ordinary researcher?”


“Y-yes! So please have mercy on…”




At that moment, Chun Yeowun violently grabbed his hand.




And broke his wrist.






Chun Yeowun spoke in a harsh voice.


“Researcher? Hiding all alone in this thick room?”


It was nonsense.


There was no reason for a researcher to hide.


‘No! No! If this crazy monster finds out who I am. I am done for.’


“Kuaak. The reason I’m hiding here is because I am a researcher… because I am working on an important project.”


Even in the midst of pain, researcher Seo didn’t stop lying.


It was better to lie than to die.


“The person who spoke to you is at the base. I also don’t know if he is alive or not.”


He was trying to make Chun Yeowun give up on chasing him.


“So, you are saying you’re not him?”




Chun Yeowun looked at him, and then swung his sword against the wall.


Strangely, words were engraved on the wall.




Chun Yeowun pointed to the wall and said.


“Read it.”




Embarrassment was drawn all over the researcher’s face.


The words Chun Yeowun had engraved on the wall were the words he uttered during the phone call.


He wanted to uncover his identity through the tone or phrasing.


‘This… this venomous bastard!’


He thought that Chun Yeowun had already believed him, but no.


Confused, he read the words.


If he had hesitated, Chun Yeowun would have become more suspicious.


“It will be difficult to find them without our help.”


He spoke in a different tone than usual.


‘Without a machine, there is no way he can identify the tone of an altered voice!’


Or so he thought.


[Pronunciation and tone are 80% identical.]


Chun Yeowun had Nano.


There was no way that the usual way of speaking could be mistaken with a slight voice change.


Chun Yeowun shook his head.


“You! You are better at lying than I thought.”




Chun Yeowun swung the sword.




Slash! Tuk!


The cut-off arm fell to the ground.


“Kuaaak! My arm! Arm!”


The pain was incomparable to that of a broken wrist.


He didn’t have the mental strength to endure this kind of pain.


He screamed till he passed out.




However, the moment Chun Yeowun injected thunder qi into his body, he woke up again.






Chun Yeowun looked at him.


“Didn’t I tell you I would find you?”




Completely terrified, researcher Seo begged like crazy.


“Spare me! Spare me! I-I have sinned! Please!”


“What did you say about the Cult?”


“I made a mistake. Without knowing it, I made a mistake… please… ah!”


Researcher Seo, who was pleading, suddenly remembered something.


“If you spare me, I will tell you how to find him.”


He didn’t know everything, but he thought that Chun Yeowun would be interested in the information he could give.


However, his neck was grabbed harder.






“Do you think I would bargain with you?”


It felt like his neck was about to crack.


Unable to overcome the fear of dying, he said.


“Sha-shanghai… Chun… Chun Woo-kyung… kuak… a business partner.”




Shanghai was in the middle part of the trading city.






“Business? Then he has a base?”


“Ch-Chun Woo-kyung… he… he… he is too careful… constantly changing the base…”


Chun Woo-kyung was running an organization. Unlike the other two factions, he constantly moved the base from one place to another.


“Huh. So how do I catch him?”


“Three months… once… in Shanghai… Chun Woo-kyung… holds a meeting at the Hayden Hotel with… business partners… foreign countries… . Next one… next month 4th…”


There were 10 days left.


With this kind of information, he could catch the man.




“No lies?”


“Ahhh! No!”


“Great. So now, let’s talk about your organization.”


According to Nano, the Ultra vibration sword was a major military tech that wasn’t given to the National Guard until the middle of the 22nd century.


But these people had tech ahead of time.


In addition, the remodeling of the human body and the modification of the blood vessels were also not of this time.


“The name of your organization.”








“You can always keep your mouth shut if you want to die.”


Chun Yeowun looked indifferent.


Researcher Seo, who was at a loss for words, eventually said.


“We are m…”


It was then.






Chun yeowun looked at the hole in the ceiling.


A change in the energy of nature occurred around them.


‘The energy around is scattered.’


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.


When he came to this age, he realized that the energy of nature was significantly smaller than his time.




Researcher Seo mumbled as he noticed something.


“EV field!”




The researcher was about to answer Chun Yeowun’s question, when…




The sound of a gun being fired.


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand.


He meant to block the bullets.


However, due to the phenomenon which dispersed the energy, the energy couldn’t form.




Chun Yeowun stepped forward.




He made the cracked floor rise upwards.




The bullet was blocked.


“Damn it!”


A small voice.


When Chun Yeowun looked in its direction, he saw someone aiming his gun at him.


“There were people alive?”


He didn’t feel any life energy other than researcher Seo’s.


Chun Yeowun reached out and tried to pull the man.


However, due to the anomaly, the energy didn’t flow normally.


[Energy has been scattered.]


‘I know. How annoying.’




At that time, the guy on the ceiling aimed his gun at Chun Yeowun and tried to fire again.


“Fine, let’s go there.”






Chun Yeowun jumped up.


Researcher Seo was puzzled when he saw himself fly up.








Chun Yeowun, who stepped lightly, arrived above at once.


Because of the sun, he couldn’t make out his appearance, but the man had terrible burns all over his body.


But still alive.


‘A mod?’


Chun Yeowun could see the man’s body slowly regenerating.


The man, who was running away, finally stopped in front of large trucks loaded with boxes made of steel.


“Given up on running?”




The man opened the safety lock of the truck.


Researcher Seo, who saw that, shouted.


“Wh-what are you doing? Have you lost it? If you, If you open that!”




Chun Yeowun thought that the man had a plan and decided to stop him.


But the man was quicker with pressing the red cross button.




In an instant, Chun Yeowun moved there.




After cutting off the man’s arm, he pressed the button again.




Nothing happened.


It seemed like pressing the button again had stopped it.


“What are you trying to do?”


Chun Yeowun asked.


The burnt man had injured vocal cords, so his voice didn’t come out.


Chun Yeowun looked at his mouth and narrowed his eyes.


From the mouth’s movement alone, he could figure out the words.




At that moment.




From the back of the truck, something appeared.


A naked woman with a transparent-like body and fluttering purple hair.




Chun Yeowun was puzzled as the woman ran towards them with a face full of anger.


The target seemed to be the burnt man.


Chun Yeowun tried to stop her by blocking her way, but the purple woman’s body turned transparent and passed through Chun Yeowun.




Soon the man was pierced.


Actually, her hand grabbed the man’s heart.


Puck! Crack!


She ripped his heart out.


And then, she turned around and kicked Chun Yeowun.




Chun yeowun crossed his arms and blocked it.


A pit about 10 meters in diameter was dug in the ground where he supported his body.




‘What power!’




Shockingly, Chun Yeowun was pushed five steps back.


He didn’t sense any use of internal energy.


When Chun Yeowun looked at her, the woman opened her mouth with a surprised look.


“You are pretty good for a mere human.”

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