Chapter 64 Coming to you (2)

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Chapter 64 Coming to you (2)




Chun Yeowun was flying across the sky using the nano suit.


Since the speed of flying was close to 13 Mach, flying without the suit would be impossible.


Beep! Beep!


The position information was visualised on the ocular side of the nano suit.


Mt.Tae came into view, with a small city down its foot.


Taean City.


A wall stood tall at the city outskirts.


Until the gates were built, the city was famous for its sacred mountain. However, it was now nothing but a small town blocked by the wall.


Chun Yeowun was approaching the wall.


‘Nano. Cover us.’


[Activate the reverse panel shield.]


As the reverse panel shield was applied to the suit, it turned transparent.


‘I will fly by myself.’




The magnetic field particles which were spraying from his feet stopped.


Chun Yeowun raised his energy and flew by himself.


The last time he crossed the barrier, there was a conflict with the Defense department as he got caught in the infrared cams.


So Chun Yeowun decided to learn from his mistakes.


[Crossing barrier in 50 meters, 30, 10 meters.]




Chun Yeowun passed through the wall.


There was a concern, but with the technology of this era, he was sure that the cams couldn’t record the panel reflection.


An abandoned building northeast of Taean city.


There were numerous monitors inside the basement. They were all showing underground tunnels.


The high-speed trains, which travel through the tunnels, still operated.


There was a man in his early 40s carefully watching the images on his monitor.


The images were transmitted from the hacked CCTV cams installed in the tunnels.




Feeling nervous, he couldn’t take his eyes off the tunnels connected to Jinan city.


On the signboards of the tunnel, the red light was flickering.


The man who was looking at it sighed.


‘Stupid. The tunnel to Jina isn’t operating as the Gate there is open. What am I so worried about?’


He looked at the broken old cell phone put on the table.


The man was the owner of the altered voice that spoke with Chun Yeowun.


‘Maybe I don’t know what I got myself into.’


He couldn’t get the word ‘I am coming’ out of his mind.


But thinking about it, it seemed stupid.


Taean was close to Jinan, but it would take 40 minutes by train.


And with the Gate Warning being issued in Jinan, all modes of transport were halted.


“Researcher Seo.”


The door opened, and someone called him.


A man in his late 30s with a grey suit and white hair.


“As requested, all information has been sent to the head office. All stored data has been formatted and deleted.”


The one called researcher Seo stood up and said.


“Good job. Did you destroy the documents too?”


“Everything has been burned. If we put the non-disposable research materials in vehicles, we can move.”


“Got it. The last thing is the monitor room. Let me know once everything is ready.”


After giving the order, the researcher sat in front of the monitor again.


However, the white-haired man didn’t leave the room. He went closer and said.


“Researcher Seo. Still, there is one month left for us to move base. Is it okay to do this when the approval from the head office is still pending?”


The man followed the order, but he disagreed with it. Even if the person in charge was the one who made the decision without asking the head office, everyone in the place could be held responsible.


“We never know.”


At researcher Seo’s words, the man asked.


“Are you doing this because of the target?”


“Just in case.”


The white-haired man sighed.


“Even if the Alpha hazard entity was defeated and the Gate was closed, it will take two to three days for the warning to be lifted. We still have time to wait for the approval.”


“It is up to me to decide that.”


“… aren’t you too scared? Don’t you trust our security system?”


The white-haired man asked.


He couldn’t understand why the researcher was so nervous.


“You were next to me when we saw the video.”


He saw the video sent from Jinan city.


Only 2% of the video was transmitted, the first part was 10 seconds long, and the second was 8 seconds.


The first showed Chun Yeowun using a hundred Ice Swords.


“… it was extraordinary.”


That was something anyone would admit.


He got goosebumps all over his body when he watched it.


Researcher Seo bit his lip.


“Do you know why I became a researcher? It is because this feels great. If there is any risk, I have the chance to avoid it.”


“It is also the job of the security officer to protect you. And we have a manual for dealing with monsters.”


Hearing that, researcher Seo shut his mouth. It was because he knew that the pride of the security officer was hurt.


‘This is why fighters always…’


Despite being the chief security officer here, the researcher knew that the man had been to several battles in his life, including the Gate War.


But researcher Seo was adamant.


“Get ready. There is no change in my decision.”


In response to the stubborn attitude, the security officer sighed again.






A vibration hit all over the place.


Shocked, researcher Seo turned and looked at the CCTV installed outside the building.




Looking at that, researcher Seo’s face hardened.


The CCTV was showing someone floating in the air outside the building.


It was Chun Yeowun.


His black coat was flapping as he stood mid-air.




Researcher Seo trembled at what he had just seen. He did guess that the man would come.


But he expected the man to come in 3 days at the shortest, not in 30 minutes.


The security officer’s eyes shook as he looked at the screen.


“Hehe… is flying in the sky?”


“No way…”


Researcher Seo jumped up and shouted.


“No way! Did he fly here!?”


It was unbelievable.


After the Gates opened in the world, mankind lost control over the sky.


Humans lost their planes and had no choice but to dig underground tunnels for the sake of movement.


“How could thi…”


The security officer hurriedly spoke.


“Researcher, go to the safe room on the second basement floor.”


“To the safe room?”


“The fact that he is still there means that he hasn’t broken the shield. We will activate the defence system, so head to the safe room.”


As he said, Chun Yeowun seemed to be blocked by something on the screen. It was a camouflage shield around the building.


It did look like there was nothing around the building, but Chun Yeowun must have noticed it.


Researcher Seo asked.


“Can it stop him?”


“The shield can withstand a force of tens of thousands of tons. It will not break.”


The security officer shouted at researcher Seo.




“Ah, yes!”


At the urging, he ran out of the monitor room.


When the professor left, the security officer exhaled deeply and pressed the radio on his waist.


“Activate the defence system. All security personnel to the location!”


— Roger!


The security officer looked at Chun Yeowun on the monitor and muttered.


“Even if he is a monster, he is still a human. He could never be compared to a hazard entity. This stronghold was built to withstand even a Gate situation.”


In the video, he did see Chun yeowun use the Air Swords.


But he thought that breaking the shield would be impossible.


At that moment, blue light formed on Chun Yeowun’s hand.




Chun Yeowun blasted the sword qi at the shield.


Claash! Woong!


The sword qi collided with the shield but couldn’t penetrate it and scattered in all directions.


This was the advantage of the dome-shaped shield.


Even if a strong energy attacked it, the shield could disperse it upon impact.




The security officer smiled.


Even with a shock of that level, only wind blew and the shield stood still.


‘We don’t even need any kind of internal defence.’


He thought that Chun Yeowun would just give up after failing to penetrate the shield.


However, Chun Yeowun suddenly distanced himself from the shield.


‘Is he going to use it?’


He saw Chun Yeowun use Sky Flash in the video.


The security office instructed.


“Increase the shield energy to max.”


— Roger!


Once the instructions were given, the energy shield grew stronger.




The shield’s energy consumption was high, but it didn’t matter. The security officer smiled and said.


“Do it if you can.”


At that time, Chun Yeowun held out his hand.


It was holding a sword.


The security guard looked closer.


‘What? That?’


The security officer, who didn’t know about the invisible sword, watched curiously.


Chun Yeowun grabbed the invisible sword and flew up.


He climbed higher than the shield, and then aimed the sword down.


‘What? Are you sure you want to do that?’


At that moment, black flame rose from the invisible sword.




“Is that… flame?”


The momentum of the black flame was unusual.


Not just the sword, but everything around Chun Yeowun was covered in the black flame.


Soon, the entire area was engulfed in it.


— Security officer!


The voice of the shield administrator was heard.


“What is it?”


— A tremendous amount of energy is condensing over the shield.




There were several detectors in the security room.


Since it was the same detector used by the National defence, it could measure the energy pretty well.


“To what extent?”


— This amount of energy would be comparable to an explosion of 100 ton…


It was then.


Chun Yeowun pointed the invisible sword towards the shield.


At that moment, the black flames erupted from the sword’s tip and hit the shield.




The moment it collided with the shield, a tremendous bang was heard, and the screen was distorted.


“… nonsense!”


The shield couldn’t disperse the energy.


Panicked, the security officer shouted.


“Stop! Stop him! Even if you have to use all the energy, stop…”




At that moment, a loud sound was heard.


The moment the security officer tried to get up.


A scorching heat entered the building.




Researcher Seo was inside the safe room in the 2nd basement.


It was very safe there. The room was made of a special alloy and was 1m thick.


However, it was frustrating since he couldn’t know what was going on outside.


“Damn it!”


Because they constantly changed their location, they never installed CCTV cams in the safe room.


The security officers were strong fighters and could even handle a Gate war.


‘Huh. Let’s just trust them and wait. Whoa!’


He took a deep breath and calmed himself.


Researcher Seo closed his eyes.


If he waited and meditated, the result would come out soon…


Clash! Slash!




He was startled by the sound of something being cut, so he opened his eyes.




Researcher Seo was at a loss for what to do.


A shining light made him frown.


‘’Isn’t this the basement?’


He looked up, blinking his eyes several times.


Shockingly, there was a hole in the ceiling and light was coming through.


“How the hell…”




Someone grabbed him by the neck.




Researcher Seo’s face turned white.


Chun Yeowun looked at him and said.


“You are the one?”

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