Chapter 62 The Beginning of Revenge (3)

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Chapter 62 The Beginning of Revenge (3)




Chun Yeowun started counting.


The warriors who swore allegiance were equally humiliated.


However, for those who had to be killed, this was the worst moment of their lives.


Complex emotions were mixed in their eyes as they looked at their former allies holding weapons in their hands.


“You… you wicked devil!”




Unable to hold back his anger, Jegal Bo-hyun forgot about the huge difference in power and tried to attack Chun Yeowun.


However, there was no way that the executives of Yongchun would leave him alone!


“How dare you!”




In an instant, director Hang Yu-rin, who suddenly appeared behind him, sealed his blood points and knocked him to the floor.




Even though they were on the same level, Jegal Bo-hyun had already suffered internal injuries. Thus he was easily beaten.


Hang Yu-rin, who was pressing the man down, grabbed his hand and said.






“Look closely. Huhuhu.”


Hang Yu-rin’s face was full of joy.


The thought of revenge, to make them taste the pain they felt when they helplessly watched their Lord, Chun Woo-jin, get imprisoned, made her heart pound.


‘Is this what revenge feels like!’


She wasn’t the only one feeling that way.


Chun Yu-jang was also enjoying the moment. Recalling the suffering they all had suffered for 27 years, there was no sympathy in his heart.


Chun Yeowun counted the next number.






‘What should I do!’


People were all confused and scared.


They pledged their allegiance to the Sky Demon Order in order to save their lives, but killing their colleagues was a different matter.


“These traitors.”


“The Murim Association will punish you.”


As they hesitated, the other warriors criticized them.


If it wasn’t for Chun Yeowun’s Air Swords floating in the air, they would have definitely punished the traitors right away, but they couldn’t.


And then the last number came out.






As soon as it fell, the warriors who swore allegiance swung their weapons towards the other warriors, their faces full of pain.


“Shit! Forgive me!”




Puck! Puck!


“Kuak! Y-you people! In the end…”


Screams and blood erupted from everywhere.


“You bastard, you traitors….”


“Even so, you guys are… Kuak!”


It was a weird situation.


As they died, they ended up insulting the traitors and not Chun Yeowun.






At that time, those who were about to be killed pulled out their weapons.


“What are you doing?”


“What? Before I go, I will kill you bastards!”


“AH! Me too!”




The warriors who drew their weapons rushed towards them.


At first, they stood still because they were scared of Chun Yeowun. But if they were to die anyway, then they would at least bring the traitors with them.




Chun Yu-jang tried to stop the rebellious warriors, but.


“Leave it alone.”




Chun Yeowun stopped him.




Chun Yu-jang and the other executives were puzzled.


However, they soon found out the reason.


Things have drastically changed.


The warriors, who were suffering while attacking their comrades, changed.


“Kuak! Traitor? Who is a traitor!”


“You! We have to face the consequences of what you people did!”


“Isn’t this all because of you?”


Those who swore allegiance and attacked their colleagues. At some point, they really wanted to kill them.


Hwang Bo-yun and Jegal Bo-hyun, who were watching the situation, were filled with misery.


It was very painful to watch.




As they weren’t getting involved in the horrific battle, they had no choice but to get angry at Chun Yeowun, the cause of all this.


Both shouted at Chun Yeowun at the same time.


“How could you do such a thing!”


“How can you even call yourself a human being!”


Chun Yeowun spoke in an indifferent voice.


“Why would I care?”


‘T-this man is really…’


Jegal Bo-hyun was left speechless.


It felt like Chun Yeowun was the devil himself.


Unlike him, Hwang Bo-yun was more aggressive.


“What? Ha! Didn’t you take advantage of being strong and drive them into harming each other? What you are doing is insulting the honour of warriors. This isn’t just killing. How can you do that?”


“What a joke.”




Step! Step!


Chun Yeowun approached him.


He lowered himself down to the man, who was pushed down by Huan Myung-oh, and spoke as he looked into his eyes.


“Did they not have a choice?”




Hwang Bo-yun yelled.


“What choice! You were threatening to kill them!”


“If you don’t want to be insulted as a warrior, isn’t there a good way to end this?”




Hwang Bo-yun was speechless.


He thought of saying something, but he couldn’t figure out what to refute.


Those who swore allegiance to the Sky Demon Order had done it because they wanted to live, and it was the warriors of the Murim Association who chose not to stay silent and attack the traitors.


“They chose it.”




Hwang Bo-yun, who realized it, was upset.


He tried to rebuke him.


“Even so, this isn’t right. Are you not ashamed? Even if it is for revenge, for a strong person like you…”






Chun Yeowun grabbed his mouth.


“I thought you were a decent guy, but you talk too much.”


“Ump! Ump!”


“Weren’t you also good at scheming? Didn’t you imprison the Lord of the Cult and then manage to break it up by creating internal problems?”


“Eup! Eup!”




Hwang Bo-yun’s eyes trembled.


He knew that Chun Yeowun was talking about the incident which happened 27 years ago.


At that time, the other three factions focused on overthrowing the Sky Demon Order, one of the four major factions in Murim.


It was a shameful decision, but they had to do it in order to drive out the Forces of Evil and the Demonic Cult. As a result, the factions of the Forces of Justice ruled Murim.


“Your factions always talk about harmony and righteousness.”


Chun Yeowun gripped stronger.




The teeth and jaws cracked.


Blood and saliva began to flow out of the closed mouth.




It was so painful that Hwang Bo-yun tried to push away Chun Yeowun’s hand.


But Huan Myung-oh, who was behind him, pulled the right hand back and broke it.


Crack! Puck!




“Don’t move.”


Hwang Bo-yun was in pain as he couldn’t move.


Seeing him writhe, Chun Yeowun said.


“Bullshit…. No matter how fancy you pack those words, you people are also scum who gain from other people’s pain to reach your goals. That is the answer.”


He looked at the place where the warriors were killing each other. More than half of them were dead, the ground was overflowing with corpses, and the smell of blood wafted everywhere.


They were struggling to live.


Compassion and righteousness were nowhere to be seen.


‘This… this… uh…’


Hwang Bo-yun couldn’t come up with anything.


To refute it, the reality in front of him had to be an illusion, but he knew it wasn’t.


With eyes full of anguish, Hwang Bo-yun mumbled.


“Wh… where …th… jus…tic…”


‘Where the hell… is justice…’


As his mouth was grabbed, he couldn’t pronounce it properly, but one could understand what he meant.


“You are stupid. Would a warrior talk like that?”








Chun Yeowun tore off the jaw joints.


He then spoke to the man who was bleeding profusely.


“Strength is justice.”


At those words, Hwang Bo-yun lowered his head as his eyes went blank.


Chun Yeowun stood up and approached the trembling Jegal Bo-hyun.


He instinctively knew it was his turn.


If only Hang Yu-rin hadn’t sealed his blood points, he would have run away.


“Chun Yu-jang.”




Chun Yu-jang approached Chun Yeowun at the call.


“You said you wanted to take revenge? Go on.”


“Thank you!”


When he was given the chance, Chun Yu-jang’s face brightened.


Chun Yu-jang drew his sword and approached Jegal Bo-hyun.




Looking at the sharp sword, Jegal Bo-hyun trembled.


“Chun Yu-jang!”


Death was definite.


And before he died, he wanted to at least say something.


“Put away the delusions that you will be able to resurrect the Demonic Cult with this. Do you think you will be able to face the whole Murim when you’re weaker than how you were 27 years ago?”


“Is that all?”


Chun Yu-jang raised his sword.


He intended to cut the head off at once.


Jegal Bo-hyun looked at Chun Yeowun.


“You are doing this believing in just that one monster. Chun Yu-jang. don’t think that he is the only monster in the world.”


At those words, Chun Yu-jang narrowed his eyes.


If what Jegal Bo-hyun said was true, then it meant that there was someone on the same level as Chun Yeowun.


Wondering, Chun Yu-jang asked.


“Are you talking about the President of the Association?”


Chun Yu-jang had heard the rumours.


Rumours that the president of the Murim Association was at Divine Master level.


People thought that it was a nonsensical story.


With a smile, Jegal Bo-hyun continued.


“Only a monster could face a monster. However, that man turned into a monster 10 years ago.”


That was what Jegal Bu-hyun believed.


The fact that Chun Yeowun, who was a member of Sky Demon Order, had only come out now, meant that he reached Divine Master level not long ago.


Jegal Bo-hyun glanced at Chun Yeowun and said.


“A baby monster cannot beat a full-grown monster!”


But Chun Yu-jang asked.


“Ah, so?”




Jegal Bo-hyun frowned.


He tried to provoke them, but this wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for.


At least, he expected them to be confused or angry.


With a smile, Chun Yu-jang said.


“Right! A baby monster cannot beat a full-grown monster. How can a Divine Master defeat a Heavenly Master?”




Jegal Bo-hyun’s eyes widened with shock.


He couldn’t think anymore.


Slash! Thud!


It was because his head was cut off.

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