Chapter 60 The Beginning of Revenge (1)

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Chapter 60 The Beginning of Revenge (1)




At Chun Yeowun’s unexpected words, the Murim warriors couldn’t hide their shock.


If they weren’t mistaken, Chun yeowun just claimed that the people in the place had to be cleaned up.


Jega Bo-hyung shouted in a bewildered voice.


“R-right now, do you even realize what you sai…”


“Kuak! You vastard!”




Before Jegal Bo-hyun could finish his words, Baek Yi swung his sword at Chun Yeowun.


One could see how angry he was. He looked like a devil with the blood dripping down his mouth.


He felt humiliated when his tongue got cut off in front of everyone.


‘I will kill you!’




He began to unfold blade qi.


Chun Yeowun, who looked at it, narrowed his eyes.


‘Blade God Six skills.’


It was a technique of the Blade God Six Martial clan.


Judging from the movement, it was Ascension of Dragon, one of the starting forms of Extreme Art of Blade God.


Unfolding such a technique meant that Baek Ye was a disciple of the Blade God Six Martial clan.




The sharp blade qi, which came out like a tornado, tried to wrap itself around Chun yeowun.


‘Got you!’


Once a person gets caught in it, they would turn into pieces as the tornado would close in.


It was a technique that couldn’t be stopped if one didn’t dodge from the beginning.


“What amazing skill!”


The warriors around couldn’t hide their admiration.


It was no exaggeration to say that it was the best execution of the Blade God Six Martial clans technique.




“You think this is enough to trap me?”


Unfortunately, if someone wanted to corner Chun Yeowun, then it had to be the Blade God, the creator of the blade techniques himself.




Chun Yeowun held his sword and then stabbed the centre of the technique, which was in the process of unfolding.






An amazing thing happened.


As the technique was halted, Baek Ye’s body bounced back.






As he was hit while unfolding the technique, there was no way Baek Ye was going to be fine.


His face was pale as he coughed up blood.


‘Kuka, the technique of Extreme Art of Blade God…’


Baek Ye, who had absolute confidence in his technique, was trembling all over since his best technique was broken down right away.


“No way!”


“No one in Jinan could do it so easily…”


The warriors couldn’t hide their shock.


They did know that Chun Yeowun was a Divine Master, but they never dreamed that a Superior Master level warrior couldn’t even stand against him.


‘A monster.’


This alone made them realize that no one could go against Chun Yeowun.


However, he didn’t stop there.


“There is no reason to keep you, descendant of Blade God Six Martial Clan, alive.”


“uh… uh… wai…”


Chun Yeowun pressed his sword against Baek Ye’s forehead.






As a sharp blade pierced his head, Baek Ye died right away.


As his body fell, his face showed despair.






The warriors of Six Essence yelled as they grabbed their swords.


However, even the fifty of them didn’t have the courage to attack Chun Yeowun.


Their bodies were trembling with fear.


Chun Yeowun spoke.


“Why aren’t you coming? Your leader was killed by my hands.”




Despite the provocation, they were unable to respond.


A single step, and they all felt like they would be killed.


“What the hell is this!”


Jegal Bo-hyun shouted as he saw the dead figure of Baek Ye.


He really knew nothing.


This was a place where the Jinan warriors and Gate Keepers were gathered to subdue the enemy of mankind.


However, Chun Yeowun killed Baek Ye in front of all the audience.


‘Isn’t he even thinking about what he is doing?’


Conflict between warriors should never occur in a place where citizens were present.


Who in the whole world would act like this?


That was when someone stepped ahead.


“I didn’t want to interfere because I thought that this was an internal matter of the association, but I don’t think I can stand by anymore.”


He was the platoon leader, Ma Kang-cheom, the leader of Jinan.


Gate Keepers belonging to the National Defense took over the role of National Guards during defense battles, and he was the man in charge of the situation.


Judging that Chun Yeowun was causing a riot, he decided to interfere.




And naturally, the warriors didn’t like Gate Keepers interfering with their matters.


However, Jegal Bo-hyun thought that it was helpful since he was trying to stop the mess.


‘That monster, why is he acting like this towards us? I don’t know the reason for his attitude, but he won’t be able to lay his hands on the Gate Keepers.’


If that was to happen, then the whole government would turn against him.


Ma Kang-cheom, who approached Chun Yeowun, said.


“Stop this now. In the time of war, in front of everyone, you murdered a significant member of the Murim Association. As a member of national defense, we cannot let this pass. You are under arrest in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 3 of…”


“Don’t interfere in Murim affairs.”


Chun Yeowun cut his words in a cold voice.


However, Ma Kang-cheon showed no signs of backing down.


“I can’t do that. From the moment you committed the murder in the war situation, it was no longer a Murim’s…”


“That so? Then there is nothing I can do.”










Ma Kang-cheom’s neck was bent sideways.


He staggered a little ahead and collapsed with a dumbfounded look.


“P-platoon leader!”


The Gate Keepers shouted in advance.


They didn’t expect that anyone would do such a thing.


Some were bewildered, while others tried to fearlessly use their abilities against Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun lowered his hand.








“W-what is this!”


All of them kneeled. Some who had abilities to raise their strength tried to move, but they couldn’t even budge.


Enraged at it, the 3rd platoon leader, Yeo Gyuk-mun, shouted.


“Stop this right now! Are you going to turn the Gate Keepers and the Defense into your enemies?”


“You are such funny people. You shouldn’t have intervened in the first place.”


Chun Yeowun lowered his hand even further.


The kneeling Gate Keepers fell to the floor.






Their bodies lying on the floor were glued to the ground.


The sounds of their bones crushing under the pressure could be heard.




“Sa-save me!”




At the sight of his members dying under the pressure, the leader couldn’t turn a blind eye.


He shouted loudly as he put his hands on his earphone.


“If you don’t stop this right now, I will be reporting this to the Defense. If that happens, you will become the worst criminal in not just Jinan, but also the chin…”




Before he could finish speaking, the earphones were broken.


As Chun Yeowun looked around, not just the leader’s but all the Gate Keepers’ earphones got broken.








They immediately threw off the earphones.


As a result, their contact with the Defense was cut off.


Shocked, Yeo Gyuk-mun looked at Chun Yeowun in fear.


“H-how can a warrior possess such abili…”


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards the man.


His body trembled and got dragged by Chun Yeowun.




Chun Yeowun grabbed his neck.




“What was that about the National Defense Bureau?”




The man was in utter fear.


He felt like he had touched something he shouldn’t have.


However, if he stayed still like this, he was sure he was going to die.


“So-stop it! This is just a matter of time. The Defense will figure this out and make you pay for…”


“Is that so?”


“What do you mean?”


“If all of you were annihilated while dealing with the entities, why would they target me?”




At those words, Yeo Gyuk-mun couldn’t hide his shock.


“What nonsense are you saying about us being killed while dealing with the entities! Even citizens have seen it… huh?”


In an instant, something flashed through his mind.


He remembered the dead Baek Ye’s words, who mentioned how Chun Yeowun intervened too late into the battle.


‘Maybe… this is the reason he touched… Alpha Shivara…’


His face went stiff.


Only then did he realize why Chun Yeowun waited for citizens to get away from the place.


‘To think about all that in the middle of the war!’


No one was around.


No single citizen was around, no person would know what happened to the warriors and the Gate Keepers.


Chun Yeowun would deal with all the warriors, and then get rid of the Gate Keepers who ignored his warning.


Didn’t that mean that he planned to kill them all from the beginning?


“You, You don’t plan on doing…”


“Did you think I was joking?”






Chun Yeowun tried to break the neck of the leader with his hand.


It was then.




Jegal Bo-hyun screamed, making Chun Yeowun turn.


He was holding a sword glowing blue.


“Are you ready to start showing your true self?”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Jegal Bo-hyun exclaimed with a firm expression.


“Listen, all warriors and Gate Keepers! That heinous man is trying to harm all of us!”


His voice was carried out by energy to make everyone hear.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned cold at that.


‘Did you think that we’d run away when you said that you would take us down?’


Jegal Bo-hyun believed that there was only one way to overcome the situation.


That would be working together.


“Even if he is a Divine Master level, he is still a human! Do you think that he won’t tire down? We have strength on our side and we can get through this challenge! Everyone, please help!!”




The warriors who were terrified by Chun Yeowun’s power, whispered at Jegal Bo-hyun’s words.


Including the injured ones, there were 500 warriors. And adding the Gate Keepers, it would be 600.


“We have the upper hand.”


“It might be possible.”


“As long as he isn’t an entity, he can be dealt with, stab his vital point and he dies!”


All that was needed to take down a human was to hit his vital points.


And that would mark their victory.


The moral of the Gate Keepers and warriors slowly revived.




Chun Yeowun shook his head.


Aiming his sword, Jegal Bo-hyun spoke with a happy face.


“Don’t act pretentious. Even if it is you, you think you can deal with us? You used up a lot of strength to get rid of the Shivaras and the Alpha. Even if you are a Divine Master level, there is a limit to…”


It was then.


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards the air.


Cold air began to spread around and countless Ice Swords formed in the air.






The sky was filled with Ice Swords.


At the marvelous sight, Jegal Bo-hyun was at a loss for words.


It was the same for other warriors.


“It can’t be.”


“I-Is he even human?”


As Jegal Bo-hyun said, everyone believed that Chun Yeowun had exhausted his strength.


They thought that he wouldn’t be able to make a large number of Ice Swords anymore, but the man could still unfold so many at once!






Chun Yeowun broke the neck of Yeo Gyuk-mun and then threw the body away like it was trash and said.


“What do you mean by exhaust my strength?”




Jegal Bo-hyun’s sword stopped shining.


He took a step back with a white face and a broken will.


This wasn’t something that any man could do.




He couldn’t think of any other word.


Even the five strongest warriors would be nothing in front of Chun Yeowun.


Looking at all of them, Chun Yeowun spoke.


“I think you are all still mistaken.”


“W-what are you saying?”




Chun yeowun didn’t speak and just pointed his hand to the side.


Hundreds of floating Ice Swords flew towards the warriors at great speed.








Screams erupted from all over the place.


“A-avoid it!”


“How can we… kuk!”


They were simple Ice Swords, but Ice Swords with sword qi condensed on them. It was as if Chun Yeowun was wielding each sword.


In an instant, fifty people died.




They were all the people of Six Essence.


Within seconds, a strong force of Jinan city was wiped out with a single gesture.


“No way…”


“Are… are you really going to kill everyone?”


Chun Yeowun looked at the ones who were still alive and answered.


“You still think you won’t have to die?”




The way he said it made a chill run down all their spines.


The man in front of them wasn’t lying.


He really intended to kill everyone.


Like everyone else, Hwang Bo-yun, who was trembling in fear, wanted to know the reason.


“What the hell did we commit to deserve this?”


He couldn’t understand it.


The other people nodded at Hwang Bo-yun’s question.


Chun Yeowun spoke to them in a strong voice.


“The sin of daring to touch my cult!”




They were puzzled and unable to understand what he meant.




Nine warriors leisurely passed through the warriors and the Gate Keepers, approached Chun Yeowun, and knelt.


‘Why are they kneeling in front of him?’


They were all members of the Yongchun Group alongside their chairman.


There was no way that Jegal Bo-hyun or Hwang Bo-yun, the descendants of the five great clans, who monitored everything with spies, didn’t know who they were.


‘No way…’


Jegal Bo-hyun’s eyes trembled.


At that time, chairman Chun Yu-jang, who knelt and bowed, greeted Chun Yeowun.


“Lord Chun Ma! Please give us a chance to take revenge for the Cult!”

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