Chapter 58 A Class Hazard Entity (2)

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Chapter 58 A Class Hazard Entity (2)


A ray of blue light fell from the sky.


The Murim warriors and the Gate Keepers were astonished at the marvelous sight.


The blue light spewing from the Ice Swords didn’t strike randomly, but precisely hit the Shivaras.








The hazardous Shivaras were pierced by the swords and started to collapse one after the other.


‘What the hell…’


Baek Ye, the president of Six Essence, who was the branch manager of Jinan City’s Murim Association, couldn’t shut his mouth at the tremendous power.


‘Air Swords!’


If he wasn’t mistaken, what his eyes had just seen were Air Swords.


Only those who reached the beginning of the Supreme Master level could unleash the Air Swords.


It also becomes possible for one to condense sword qi onto them.




‘Is that even possible?’


Such a huge number of Ice Swords.


Even a Supreme Master level could never use that large number of them, not to mention control them with just the fingers.


“Chief Ji. Does this make sense?”


Jegal Bo-hyun, the chairman of the Jegal Cultural Foundation, who was standing next to him, looked in disbelief and asked.


“Who the hell is he? Is he even human?”


Hwang Bo-yun, the president of HB Steel, couldn’t take his eyes off the man.


The members of the Murim Association were shocked at the words of the top three warriors of Jinan city.




“Who the hell is that monster?”


“I never saw him in the Murim Association.”


People couldn’t help but be interested in Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun, who extended his fist, spread open his palm.






The Ice Swords floating in the air soon shattered and disappeared.


The meteor shower ended as if it had never happened.


The four-lane road was overflowing with Shivara corpses.




Without even having to run for their lives, the people just stood there and watched everything unfold.


The faces, which were trembling in fear of being killed by the Shivara, were now stained with excitement.


They were taking videos with their phones.


“Who is the man in the black suit?”


“A Gate Keeper?”


“No. He is wearing a suit?”


“Can a warrior really do such things?”


Despite it being a world in which Gates opened, there were only a few people who had actually seen the Murim warriors in battles.


It was natural for the citizens to be shocked.


“President Baek. Is he a member of the Murim Association?”


A man with long hair and goggles came up to Baek Ye, the branch manager of Jinan Murim Association, and asked him.


The man was called Ma Kang-cheom.


A B-class Keeper and the leader of the 2nd platoon.


Since the leader Ha Hyeong-gang had died and the entire 1st platoon was wounded, he was the next one in line to lead.


“No. We don’t know about him.”


At Ma Kang-cheom’s question, Jegal Bp-hyun shook his head and answered.


There was no reason to deceive people and tell them that the man belonged to the Murim Association.


“He is a real monster. Is it possible for a warrior to do such a thing? I think it would be possible for an S-class or SS-class Keeper. But a warrior…”


Ma Kang-cheom said.


Hwang Bo-yun clicked his tongue.


‘An S-class Keeper is capable of that?’


It was absurd.


He wondered if even the Five Strongest Warriors, who were said to be the strongest in the modern Murim, would be capable of unfolding such a technique.


‘Besides, any warrior would be exhausted after doing such a thing.’


It felt impossible to remain standing after unfolding such an absurd technique.


Baek Ye, the branch manager, spoke after calming himself.


“We should move to the barrier point right now. We’ll have to contact him later and find out when such a great warrior came to Jinan City.”


Their eyes were shining.


Jegal Bo-hyun answered.


“Let’s not push it and head there now. President Baek.”




Hwang Bo-yun agreed.


They both were curious.


A strong warrior at an unguessable level was participating in the war, so it was strange that president Baek didn’t care.


It was then.






“The car is shaking?”


The cars on the road were shaking.


The shaking gradually spread more and more.






“R-run away!”


Surprised, the citizens thought that it was an earthquake.


However, someone pointed to the northeast and shouted.


“L-Look over there!”


Thud! Thuuu! Grrrrr!


The trees to the northwest were breaking down.


The bushes were swaying and the dust was rising as it kept moving towards the road.


And then, something appeared from the thick bushes.


“T-that is…”


“Alpha Shivara!!!”


The Gate Keepers and the Murim warriors identified the monster right away.


It had a body full of muscles, sharp teeth like those of goblins, shining red eyes and six arms.


It looked like a normal Shivara and not at the same time.


The biggest difference was.


“W-what size is that!”


It was so tall that it even exceeded the size of a giant tree.


At first glance, it looked to be 30 meters tall with a huge weight as the entire ground shook when it walked.


But that wasn’t the only problem.


They saw the other Shivara’s running in as the bushes swayed.


And their number exceeded the last batch.




“Was the barrier really breached?”


The warriors and Gate Keepers couldn’t hide their shock.


As if it wasn’t enough that the Gate opened right in front of the wall.


If the barrier was breached, more entities would come rushing into the city.


If that was to happen, even the Murim warriors and Gate Keepers wouldn’t be able to stop it.


“Monsters are coming!”


“Run away!”






Thud! Thud!


With the appearance of the Alpha and the other Shivaras, the road turned chaotic once again.


Citizens rushed out to the southwest side by driving their cars and hitting the other vehicles in the process.


Baek Ye, the branch manager of Murim Association, shouted as he looked at the approaching Alpha.


“Murim warriors, listen! If we don’t defend the city, our Jinan city will be destroyed by the entities which come in from the Gate!”


“Right! We need to stop the Alpha right now!”


That was their only hope.


Only defeating the Alpha and closing the Gate could calm the situation.




Baek Ye took the lead, and the warriors followed.


The Gate Keepers also ran towards the northeast where the Shivaras were flocking from.


The distance between the road and the place where the monsters were was 300 meters.


If the monsters rushed out, they would probably catch up to the fleeing citizens.




Shivaras were coming out faster and more numerous than expected.






Growling, the monsters ran towards the road.


“Stop it! stop them at all costs!”


“Not a single one of them should pass!”


In order to prevent the worst, around 700 warriors and Gate Keepers rushed towards the Shivaras, which were coming in huge numbers.


It was then.


“Kuaaah! ”




The giant Alpha Shivara screamed and pulled out a giant tree with its six hands.


That’s how strong the monster was.


The giant pulled-out tree was thrown towards the warriors.




“Th-this is messed up!”


“Avoid it!”


The warriors shouted loud and tried to avoid the giant flying tree.


But the speed at which the tree came was too fast.








Due to the thrown tree, many warriors ended up getting hit and torn like pieces of meat.


In addition, the area where it hit exploded as there were numerous vehicles there, which made the people close-by get thrown away.


“Ugh! It isn’t over yet!”


There were five trees in the hands of the Alpha Shivara.


And another tree was thrown.






Baek Ye jumped into the air and cut it down with the sword qi.




Considering the tree’s weight and the speed at which it flew, it took time for a Superior Master to hit it.


But that wasn’t the only tree.






The Alpha threw another tree again.


Like a rocket, the tree flew towards the warriors and the Gate Keepers with great precision.




“We are here!”




Jegal Bo-hyun and Hwang Bo-yun, also famous for their abilities, flew up and blocked the tree.


As they were at the beginning of Superior Master level, they managed to cut it down, but then the cut tree was thrown away.












Another group of Gate Keepers were hurt by another tree.


They tried to block it, but the attacks of the Alpha were different from what they imagined.


“So this is an A-class Alpha Hazard entity.”


It was different from the other hazard entities they had faced so far.




The problem was the attacks of the Alpha.


Shivaras were rushing in huge numbers, and the warriors and Gate Keepers were trying to stop them.


“What is this?”


The monsters were evading the warriors and Gate Keepers as if their only purpose was to kill the citizens.


“No! Get them away!”


“Stop them!”


It was then.




Thud! Thud! Thud!




The Alpha, which threw another tree, ran towards the warriors and Gate Keepers.


Each step it took shook the ground below.


Baek Ye, who saw it, was shocked.


‘Is he… trying to stop us while the others enter the city and harm the citizens?’


Hazard entities were known to have intelligence, but he didn’t expect it to be this smart.


He thought that the Alpha would act defensively as it had the core, so he was puzzled.


“Stop! We need to keep them away!”


Hwang Bo-yun hurriedly shouted towards the Murim warriors.


It wasn’t a problem that could be solved by going after the Alpha.


“Damn it!”


“Catch them now!”




At his command, the warriors turned and tried to catch the Shivaras that had crossed them.


It was then.








The Alpha Shivara ran towards the warriors and slammed the six hands to the ground creating a huge shock wave and cracking the ground.


Thanks to that, dozens of warriors and Gate Keepers slipped and fell.


“T-this monster!”


Hwang Bo-yun, who was running, jumped up and avoided the wave, but his anger soared as he raised his sword and flew to the Alpha Shivara.


To cut down its head.




It was the 5th form of the Thunderbolt Sword, the Thunderbolt Sword to Defeat, of the Hwang Bo clan.


Like a sword made of lightning, it aimed at the Alpha’s neck as it flew with blue light of energy.




Bung! Pak!




The Alpha Shivara, which was over 30 meters tall, swung its palm, making the body of Hwang Bo-yun crash down.






Hwang Bo-yun coughed up blood as he suffered an internal injury.


He tried to block the palm, but nothing seemed to work against the Alpha.


‘This is too much.’


Baek Ye bit the inside of his cheek.


The 30-meter long giant monster was too much.


‘What should we do?’


In order to subdue the Alpha, it seemed promising to let all the warriors and Gate Keepers rush in, but more than half of the Shivaras were dispersed.


“T-they can’t be stopped!”


“Damn it!”


The warriors tried to stop the rampaging Shivara, but they couldn’t, so they kept running towards the road.


Citizens who managed to escape were definitely going to be slaughtered.


It was then.






Five buses ran down the road and stopped.




“Yongchun group?”


Looking at the logo on the bus, they could tell it was the Yongchun group.




When the bus stopped, the warriors of the Yongchun group appeared.


Among the warriors, there were strong ones like the chairman Chun Yu-jang.


Chun Yu-jang, who got down holding a sword, looked at the running Shivaras and shouted.


“By the order of Lord Chun Ma! Eliminate all those entities without leaving a single one alive!”






About two hundred people pulled out their swords at once and rushed towards the Shivaras.


“Is the Yongchun Group participating?”


“Why them?”


They couldn’t help but wonder why unregistered warriors were participating.


That wasn’t it.


Bang! Bang! Bang!






The Shivaras, who were running down, fell to the floor.


Around a hundred fell down.


Among the warriors of Yongchun was a woman who held her hand out, she was the Gravity Witch Yu So-hwa.


“Gravity Witch!”


The Gate Keepers who recognized her shouted.


They didn’t know why she was with the Yongchun group, but the appearance of the SS-class Keeper was enough of a shock to them.


“I’ll put them down, hurry up!”


Bang! Bang! Bang!


As Yu So-hwa expanded the range of gravity, hundreds of Shivara fell to the floor in an instant.


The wider the range, the less effect her ability had, but still, she was extremely strong.


“Yes! Kill them!”




Thanks to her, the warriors of Yongchun could deal with the Shivara.




The warriors who were trying to stop the monsters cheered.


Thanks to the timely arrival, they managed to stop the slaughter of citizens.


“The Yongchun is participating in the war…”


Baek Ye, the branch manager, frowned.


It was surprising that they, unregistered warriors, showed up without even asking for their help.


But it was fortunate.


Baek Ye shook his head and looked at the Alpha.


‘The Alpha Shivara needs to be killed first.’


With Yongchun participating in the war, his hands were more free, so he had a chance to kill the Alpha and get the core.


An A-class core was extremely rare.


But the question was how to kill it.




Thud! Thud!


The Alpha was trying to smash down the warriors as if they were bugs by using its legs and palms.


‘What should I do?’


The Alpha could take down the techniques by slapping with his palm.


The most effective thing was to decapitate it, but the six arms wouldn’t let anyone get close to it.


It was then.


Swush! Thud!




Someone flew and stood right in front of Baek Ye.


It was Chun Yeowun.




“To stay stiff like ice in front of such a thing. How unfortunate.”






Before Baek ye could even respond, Chun Yeowun went towards the Alpha.


At the sudden appearance of Chun Yeowun in front of it, the Alpha tried to swat it away like a fly.


“I-it’s dangerous!”


Baek Ye panicked and cried out, but then something amazing happened.


When Chun Yeowun gently moved his hand.




Thud thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!




The six arms of the Alpha Shivara were severed. Seeing the giant arms fall to the ground, Baek Ye and the other warriors opened their mouths in shock.


‘A-alpha… Shivara… arms…’


The man cut down the arms, which countered their sword qi, so easily.


“T-that is!”


“Invisible Sword!”


Hwang Bo-yun shouted in shock.


Six hazy swords were floating around Chun Yeowun.


Invisible Swords.


“It is the Invisible Swords!”


“No way!”


Only those who reached the level of Divine Master level could unfold the invisible swords.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun reached out to one of the invisible swords and held it.




“It has been long.”




Chun yeowun sprinted ahead and flew towards the Alpha.


With that, his form was divided into 24 afterimages and then merged into one.




Thud! Thud!


Sensing the danger, the Alpha tried to step back and move away, but Chun Yeowun’s form moved past his head like an illusion.




Chun Yeowun stopped right behind the head, and released the sword.


At that moment.


The Alpha Shivara’s head.




Just exploded.


The body of the Alpha, whose head was blown, staggered and fell to the ground.




Chairman Chun Yu-jang, who was watching it from afar, mumbled with trembling eyes.


“To… see this with my… own two eyes…”


It was the final form of the Sword Force of Sky Demon Sword, the unification.


A legendary swordsmanship that no descendant could ever perform.

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