Chapter 57 A Class Hazard Entity (1)

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Chapter 57 A Class Hazard Entity (1)


So Yang-hyeon, the head of Jinan security, whose blood points were released, sincerely thanked Chun Yeowun for saving his life.


“Thank you. Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for the vice-chairman, I don’t know what these terrorists could have done to the city hall.”


Actually, it wasn’t Jinan City Hall’s fault.


Who could even imagine that the person who served as the deputy Mayor’s office for three years was actually a member of an unknown organization. No one could.


However, it helped Chun Yeowun.


“Contract approval? Hm. Of course, it will go through.”


His life was saved, there was no way they would refuse it.


In addition, although manager Oh was dead, he did say that Chun Yeowun was a Murim warrior at a higher level.


“Hmm, I wonder how to fix this.”


The place was a mess.


There was blood all over the place, and the bodies of the dead Murim department were scattered everywhere.


So Yang-hyeon had seen the mess unfold.




“The deputy Mayor and the corpses of those damn peop…”


The bodies all melted as if they were dipped in sulfuric acid.


Thankfully, no trace was left.


No matter how unfavourable it was, Chun Yeowun couldn’t prevent the bodies from melting.


“Well, don’t worry. Vice-chairman. With my own two eyes, I saw what they were doing.”


So Yang-hyeon assured him.


As a result, no damage would come to Chun Yeowun.


“It is a pity that we didn’t find out who was behind these guys. In any case, the documents will be approached by the Mayor and emailed to your company by today.”


Chun Yeowun and the others left the rest of work to So Yang-hyeon and went away.


As soon as they came out, Chun Yeowun spoke to Bi Mak-heon.


“I want names of organizations which start with the letter M. And they need to be related with technology.”




Before his body melted, the only word that the deputy Mayor said was M.


When both his arms got cut, he tried to say something.


His body began to melt before that, though.


‘Even the world with great technology is a mess.’


With the development of science, the tech was definitely superior to Murim.


And it was certain that the deputy Mayor and the others were nothing different from consumables.


Since they were attempting to assassinate without leaving any evidence.


‘And aiming for me…’


Chun Yeowun’s lips turned into a smile.


At this point, there was only one person who would come after him.


‘Chun Woo-kyung.’


It was certain.


Chun Yeowun was disappointed.


He thought the people leading the Sky Demon Order would be strong and fight their opponents head-on, but he never expected them to hide behind others.


‘Someone like him was trying to be the Lord by impersonating the swords…’


The man had crossed a line he should never have.


Chun Yeowun moved to the parking lot.


Wheeing! Wheeing!


A siren sounded.


A siren echoed throughout the city.


“Gate Warning!”


Bi Mak-heon said shocked.


The Gate Warning was supposed to go off today or tomorrow, but this was unfortunate timing.


Their contract with Jinan city was just done.


Chun Yeowun looked northeast.


‘It’s different.’


This energy was different from the energy he felt at the first Gate.


The strong energy wave stimulated all his senses.


Similar time.


Beep! Beep! Beep!


An alarm sounded in the monitoring room of the defense bureau of Jinan city.


“Major Wei!”


The person shouted at the person called Major Wei Hun.


“Has it opened? It is faster than I was told!”


He felt it every time, but the timing of the Gate opening was too irregular this time.


Wei Hun asked while looking at the monitor.




“N-No way…”


The lieutenant, who checked the location, was unable to speak.


“Coordinates are 36°44’29.0″N 117°11’51.9″E… right in front of the 20th barrier on the northern east side of G-13.”






The entire room turned chaotic.


There was a simple reason as to why they were surprised.


It was because the Gate, which should have opened 3 Km away from the defense wall, was opening right in front of it.


“GE wave activation 37% progressed.”


Wheeing! Wheeeing!


Before long, the wave alarm began to resound.


In a location that close, citizens in the northeast had to be evacuated right away.


The Major, who was flustered, immediately gave his orders.


“Send the Jinan City into defense. Inform the commander-in-chief of this and inform the guards to be on standby.”




Fortunately, the Gate Warning was issued during the day, so many military people would be on duty. It was lucky that the National Guard was stationed in the north east preparing in advance.


However, the location where the Gate opened is so close that the probability of the wall being broken was high.


If that happens, there would be human casualties.


“Contact the Public Security Bureau, the Jinan Municipal Murim Association and the Gate Keepers.”


They were all looking at the GE wave activation, which was rising rapidly.


‘We should hope they get there in time.’


The location of the Gate was too close to the city.


Time was short.


In addition, the National Guards would need time to set their tanks and artillery.


“Major Wei, look at this!”


At the scream, he looked at the screen.




Something was moving rapidly from wall G-17. It has developed muscles and blue skin with a height of about 5 meters.


It was a two-legged and four-armed entity.


The moment he saw it, Major Wei muttered.


“No way… it can’t be that!”




One of the soldiers monitoring shouted.




A four-armed hazard entity that got its name from the God Shiva, a Hindu God of destruction.


However, the reason they were shocked wasn’t because of the entity.


“A… A class…”


Given their appearances and the well-suited names, the hazard entities were A class.


They were more intelligent than the other ones and more beastly. T


There were only five cities in the entire world that managed to destroy a Shivara.


It wasn’t A class for nothing.


“This is insane. A class?”


This was the worst.


They were told that the entity would be B class or higher.


But they didn’t think it would be a Shivara.


Jinan City had a better defense than other cities, but an A-class was too much.




At that time, a cannon was fired at the Shivara.


When the explosion occurred, the camera shook.


With the Gate opening right in front of the wall, it was natural for the defense forces in there to respond quickly.


“It started.”


Lieutenant Cha Seon-kyung said in a serious voice.


It was a dangerous situation because the Gate Warning was already issued, but the Murim warriors or the Gate Keepers hadn’t gone there.


Besides, there was another huge problem.


“If it is Shivara, then it is Alpha…”




At that moment, about five screens of cameras installed on the wall turned blank simultaneously.


They looked at the G-17 barrier camera, which was on the main screen.


Thud! Thud!


A huge six-armed entity could be seen approaching from within the smoke.




An elevated road not far northeast of Jinan.


Many vehicles were leaving that place because of the Gate Warning, which caused traffic jams.


Originally, people in the vicinity of the wall would be evacuated, but the citizens were given a message to move to the southwest quickly.




The horn sounding on the roads was loud.


It wasn’t easy to let the vehicles of Public Security move with the huge traffic.


“Shit! Get out of the way quickly!”


“What are you doing! Move the car!”


People opened their windows and screamed out loud.


If all the roads were 4 or 5 lanes, it would have been nice, but there were only 1 or 2 lanes roads, which made the path clogged.


In addition, some people were anxious and ended up bumping into another car, which made things even worse.


“We might die here!”


“What are the traffic police doing?”


Citizens were running around.


Vehicles were coming from the opposite direction, and everyone was in a panic.


And then came the buses, those people who recognized it, screamed and cheered.


“Gate Keepers!”




The bus was carrying the Gate Keepers.


In addition, several SUVs had Murim Association marks on it.


They were the Gate Keepers and Murim warriors who headed to the wall after receiving the emergency call.




And their vehicles moved very fast.


In the driver seat of a black SUV.


A bald middle-aged man with a beard, holding the steering wheel with one hand and phone in the other, asked.


“What do you mean? We aren’t that far.”


At this question, an altered voice came from the other side.


-A class… I mean, this situation doesn’t seem that good right now.


“How did the 1st and 2nd team get hit? Wasn’t the purpose of those people to support us and get us the cores?”


It was natural to be nervous.


It was because an A-class entity had appeared.


And an A-class hazard entity was an Alpha. The cores of such entities could only be gotten when the entire team worked together, but two teams were already annihilated.


Accomplishing the mission was difficult.


-Hmm, it seems like the information we received from the client is wrong. We will have to resolve the problem later, and this mission will have to be done by just the 3rd team.


“Proceed with the 3rd team? Ha!”


The man was shocked.


How could the 3rd team deal with an A-class alpha entity?


Rather, it would give the Gate Keepers and the Murim Association a chance to get the core.


-Yes. 2 out of the 3 teams were missing, so it is a mess here, please understand.


‘What kind of bullshit is that?’


For a moment, he was furious and decided not to respond.


He was aware of the fact that he would withdraw from the organization at any time.


As he said nothing, the altered voice continued.


-Gan-ong, your team members have learned martial arts, so you might be able to work with the Murim people and look for a chance.


“Look for a chance?”


-After all, we will finish this mission and dispatch new ones to Jinan City. So, for the time being, go along with them. We only have one goal anyways.


At those words, Gan-ong asked.


“… are you talking about the core?”


-If the Murim Association gets the core, seize it. they will be invested in dealing with it, and when they face the Alpha head-on, preserve the power, and stay alert…


It was then.




An explosion occurred on the other side of the road.


Gan-ong’s expression turned still.


He had another 15 minutes to reach the northeast wall, so why the explosions?


The explosion seemed to be because of vehicles.






On the side of the road filled with smoke, people were running away.


In addition, the Gate Keepers bus, which was moving ahead, and all the vehicles behind it, stopped.


-Gan-ong! Gan-ong!


Gan-ong didn’t respond.


His eyes trembled as he looked at the being which appeared through the smoke.


Thud! Thud! Thud!


Blue skin and four arms.




A 4-meter long Shivara stepped on and pushed a car aside. It then began slaughtering people at random.


“Barrier was breached!”


It has been just 20 minutes since the Gate Warning went off.


And the worst has happened.


In addition to the one on the road, hundreds of Shivara jumped from here and there.


“Fellow Murim Association members! They need to be stopped now!”


“Gate Keepers! All out!”


They weren’t in a situation to head to the wall.


If they left it as it is, the citizens would be slaughtered.


Warriors and Gate Keepers got out of their vehicles and tried to cross the road.


It was then,




Something came flying from the southwest.


The eyes of fleeing citizens, warriors and Gate Keepers turned there.


Something was coming in at an incredible speed and stopped in front of a rampaging Shivara.






It was when he stood that they saw it was a human.


A man in black suit.


The warriors who were on the other side shouted.


“H-he, Space Hover!”


The only way one could fly was Space Hover.


It was natural for the warriors to be shocked, as it was something that only a Supreme Master level person could do.


-Gan-ong, what is happening?


Gan-ong pulled out a telescope from the car’s storage box and then looked at the person who appeared.


Gan-ong saw a young man with a white face and sharp knife-like eyes.


“He is the one.”


-The one?


“The S class target!”


Chun Yeowun.


Until 30 minutes ago, Chun Yeowun was in Jinan city hall, and now he was in the northeast.


But the shock didn’t end there.


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand in the air.


It was then.




A thousand Ice Swords appeared in the sky.


“This… what the…”


“What is that?”


Not just Gan-ong, but the warriors and Gate Keepers running towards Shivara looked at it with ridiculous expressions.


The thousand Ice Swords turned blue.


“Sword qi!”


No martial artist wouldn’t know it.


Having sensed something unusual, the Shivara looked at the sky bewildered.


Beep! Beep! Beep!


Hundreds of Shivara were marked with red crosses in Chun Yeowun’s eyes, who opened augmented reality.


[Target Lock On! Target Lock On! Target Lock On!]


When all Shivara were locked, Chun Yeowun clenched his fist.


[Activating Sky Flash.]




Thousands of Ice Swords bombarded the Shivara like a meteor shower.



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