Chapter 55 Proof (3)

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Chapter 55 Proof (3)




Manager Oh, whose face turned white, couldn’t open his mouth.


He had just witnessed an unbelievable sight right before his eyes. It was difficult to even dare imagine the level of internal energy one would need to crush the sapphire slabs by just pressing them down.


‘Is he really Tiger level?’


Manager Oh then came to a realisation.


He actually had never met a Supreme Master. So considering that the strongest warrior in the city could only cut down five slabs, this man in front of him must be a monster.


“Who will fight against me?”


Chun Yeowun asked again.


“… Chief, this man is a true strong warrior. There is no one here who can deal with him.”


In response, manager Oh revealed the blunt truth.


If the man was on an equal level, then he would have tried to battle him.


However, even he, the leader of the Murim department, wouldn’t ever dare fight this monster. It felt stupid to even think about it.


“What do you mean? Aren’t you exaggerating? He only did one test!”


So Yang-hyeon, the head of security, questioned.


He had, of course, seen the sapphire slabs being crushed down in front of his eyes.


However, from an ordinary person’s standpoint, he didn’t quite understand why the examiner would let him pass without making him go through all the tests.


“Chief…. Don’t you know who the most talented person in Murim is?”


“I’m saying this because I do! But without completing all the tests, how can you rate the vice-chairman?”


There was only one thing Sa Yang-hyeon wanted to know. Was the arrogant vice-chairman really that talented?


‘If that’s the case, the Yongchun group will get to write the contract the way they want.’


The current Murim warriors were controlled by the government.


However, if a Murim group were to rise in power and have equal strength to the government, it would be bad.


“Is there anyone who would like to take the test?”


So Yang-hyeon shouted and asked the people in the stadium.


However, no one came forward.


Manager Oh was displeased with it.


“We all saw the strength of Yongchun Group’s vice-chairman. It is …”


“Is it fine if I try?”


At that moment, someone interrupted him.


Manager Oh looked puzzled at the person.


“Officer Ji?”


It was Ji Hun-tak, a new office member who was recently assigned to the Murim department.


He knew that he was a Master level warrior in his early thirties, but Manager Oh couldn’t understand what he was trying to do.


“Sigh. This isn’t your time.”


“You need to let me try to know.”


‘Officer Ji, this person.’


He couldn’t tell when he was acting and when he wasn’t.


What he couldn’t really understand was how Ji Hun-tak seemed obviously excited despite seeing the sapphire slabs get crushed.


“Manager Oh. Give me a chance. Who would want to miss this opportunity to compete with such a strong warrior?”


While saying those words, Ji Hun-tak’s eyes were looking elsewhere.


Manager Oh, who didn’t notice it, shook his head and said.


“Sigh, act your level. Do you know what bullshit is coming out of your mouth right now? The opponent you have…”


It was then.




Ji Hun-tak’s form suddenly appeared in front of Manager Oh.




His movement was so incredibly fast for a Master level.


Flustered, he tried to step back, but Ji Hun-tak caught up to him and starched his hand towards his abdomen.


Push! Push!




The sound of something being fired was heard.


Manager Oh took a few steps back and looked at his stomach.


“You, what are..”


His stomach was stained with blood as if he had been hit by a bullet.


He wasn’t able to tell what had just happened.


“Phew. Just die.”


There was something sticking out of his palm, and smoke was rising from it.


“Of… officer… Ji… what the…”




At that moment, a hole was formed in manager Oh’s forehead.


It was a bullet that Ji Heon-tak fired.


“You crazy bastard!”


“Officer Jiiii!”


An unexpected turn of events.


Furious, the staff of the Murim department rushed to him and tried to subdue him.


At that moment, something utterly unforeseen happened.








‘?! ?!’




All of a sudden, those who were supposed to be the stadium employees suddenly started to attack the Murim department workers.


Like JI Heon-tak, they started to fire bullets using silencers. They aimed for the vital points of the Murim department staff and killed them.


“W-what the hell…”


So Yang-hyeon, the head of security, couldn’t hide his shock.


He couldn’t grasp the situation.


In an instant, all Murim warriors were killed right before his eyes.


“What are you up to?”


So Yang-hyeon wasn’t dumb.


He didn’t remember every member of the city hall, but he could make out those who weren’t.


‘Did terrorists enter the city hall?’


20 people.


Confused, he spoke in a low voice to deputy Mayor Mi-chuk, who was next to him.


“Deputy Mayor. I think we need to get out of here…”






So Yang-hyeon’s eyes widened.


Something hard suddenly touched his head.


As he slowly turned his head, he saw the deputy Mayor was aiming a gun at him.


“Deputy… deputy Mayor?”


So Yang-hyeon was shocked.


He never thought that the deputy Mayor would be one of the terrorists.


And then, the deputy Mayor spoke.


“What about the CCTV?”




One of those who attacked the Murim staff answered.


“All taken care of.”




At that, So Yang-hyeon’s gaze naturally turned to the CCTV camera hanging on the stadium.


If they were operating normally, there should be a red dot blinking, but it was off.


‘No way…’


So Yang-hyeon looked at the deputy Mayor with trembling eyes.


He never imagined that Mi-chuk would be one of them.


“Deputy Mayor…”




Mi-chuk put his index finger on his lips and, as a gesture to be quiet.


And then spoke to Chun Yeowun.


“How unexpected. I heard that you were an S-class, but I didn’t expect you were actually this strong.”


Mi-chuk was genuinely admiring him.


He continued to talk while looking at the exclusive secretary Yu So-hwa.


“The plan changed due to the variable, the SS-class Gate Keeper, but my decision wasn’t wrong.”


“Deputy Mayor, what is this?”


Yu So-hwa asked him.


Mi-chuk replied as if he was really sorry.


“Well, I feel bad that you got involved in this. I didn’t think that an SS-class Gate Keeper would be our target.”




“Don’t worry, we will put your body to good use. It is rare to get a chance to hold the body of an SS-class Gate Keeper.”


Yu So-hwa’s eyes narrowed. She looked around at the enemies.


“You think you can stop us?”


Yu So-hwa wriggled her fingers to activate her ability. She was planning on crushing them at once.




At that time, the deputy Mayor placed the gun closer to the head of security.


“Wouldn’t it be better if you don’t move?”




Bi Mak-heon, who was near Chun Yeowun, frowned.


The deputy Mayor was holding the head of the security and using him as a threat.


If the head of security was lost, then all the work that the Yongchun group did to make him on their side would turn to waste. And if he died, then their hard work and donations would be for nothing.


“Did you get a lot from the Yongchun group? Chief So.”


“De-deputy Mayor…”


Deputy Mayor had served for three terms in Jinan.


Of course, he was aware of it.


[Vice-chairman. So Yang-hyeon, the head of security, our company has invested a lot in him.]


Bi Mak-heon sent a telepathic message to Chun Yeowun.


He wanted to tell that So Yang-hyeon couldn’t die.


At that moment, another person appeared on the second floor of the stadium’s railing and jumped to the ground.


“You just made it on time. 2nd team.”


1st and 2nd team, each team seemed to have 10 people.


It seemed like this was a gang.


The man wearing a black hat and a burberry coat, standing on the arched railing, looked like a leader.


“It is a little late to deal with those here.”


As he said, the stadium was silent.


Deputy Mayor smiled and spoke to Chun Yeowun.


“I don’t know why I had to come all the way here to City Hall and do this. but let’s just get this done.”






So Yang-hyeon was startled by the way the gun was moved. The deputy Mayor smiled and continued.


“How about this scenario? The vice-chairman of the Yongchun group was dissatisfied with the registration of Murim warriors. In the Mayor’s office, he even made a radical remark as to killing all the Murim warriors and Gate Keepers. Yes, that sounds good. Huhuhu.”




So Yang-hyeon’s face turned white.


Until recently, he was only a hostage, but now his death was confirmed.


It wasn’t something that the deputy Mayor he served would be saying.


“Okay. Then.”




The deputy mayor raised his hand.


Seeing that, those who were at the stadium surrounded Chun Yeowun, Yu So-hwa and Bi Mak-heon.


Mi-chuk had an expression full of satisfaction.


‘Let’s see how well the modified humans can deal with class A hazard entity…’




That was when Chun Yeowun laughed.


It was close to a sneer.


‘What? That attitude?’


He seemed to have no idea as to what kind of a situation he was in.


The superiors said that these were modified humans created to deal with A-class alpha entities.


They said they could handle even an S-class target.




Chun Yeowun said.


“It was worthwhile to wait for tests and all that, but I guess it was useless in the end.”




“Did you think that I didn’t know about you trying to waste time?”


“What are you talking about…”


It was then.


The figure of Chun Yeowun, who was surrounded by modified humans, disappeared.






“What the?”


Suddenly, he stood right in front of Mi-chuk.






Chun Yeowun slammed the head he caught down to the floor.






He slammed it so hard that its half was stuck in the floor.


As Mi-chuk struggled to get away, he heard Chun Yeowun’s cold voice.


“Thank you for moving the way that I thought you would.”




“You just gave me a nice reason to kill you with my own hands.”


Hearing that, Mi-chuk’s eyes fluttered.


‘T-this bastard… he just let everyone in the Murim department die?’


It was ridiculous.


In the end, he wasn’t the one who wrote the screenplay.

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