Chapter 53 Proof (1)

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Chapter 53 Proof (1)


A black sedan was driving down the road in Jinan city.


Sitting in the sedan’s passenger seat was the vice chairman’s assistant manager, Bi Mak-heon, who turned on the tablet PC and handed it.


Receiving it, Yu So-hwa looked at the content of the contract written in it.


The contract wasn’t much different from what regular companies would generally draft.


“Please take a good look and sign.”


“But I am still a Gate Keeper.”


If she signed this one, it would be treated as if she had taken double contracts.


At her concern, Bi Mak-heon smiled and said.


“You don’t have to worry about that. There is also a resignation letter in the next PDF file. Just fill in your personal information and sign. Our legal team will discuss the rest with the Defense Bureau.”


All preparations had been made.


As she looked through the documents, her eyes stopped at the salary.


It was too high for a mere secretary job.


“Wasn’t I supposed to be a secretary?”


Chun Yeowun, who was sitting next to her, answered.


“It is the payment fit for your abilities.”


The annual salary was 5 billion won.


Only the strongest level Murim warrior would be given that salary. Even among the Gate Keepers, only an SS-class keeper would be given such a high salary.


It wasn’t something that a secretary would be given.


‘What is he up to?’


She couldn’t understand.


After all, she had to follow the man whether she liked it or not because of the nano bombs inside her body.


Chun Yeowun answered her concerns.


“The amount was set according to your abilities. There is also a real price that depends on your behaviour.”


“Real price?”


“I will get rid of the nano bombs in your body one after another whenever you do something worth it.”




She was shocked.


She never thought that such an offer would be made.


“Right now, there are 987 bombs in your body.”


It was the number of bombs left after the last explosion.


Yu So-hwa spoke in a voice revealing her disbelief.


“How are you going to remove the bombs one by one?”


Chun Yeowun smiled.


‘Nano. Take one nano bomb out of her body.’




Soon, Yu So-hwa seemed to have a runny nose.


For someone who was often called a beauty, a runny nose was unusual to see.


Yu So-hwa hurriedly tried to wipe it off.


“Stay still.”


At Chun Yeowun gesture, the runny nose slowly moved up in the form of a droplet.


“W-what are you doing?


Yu So-hwa yelled with a blush running up her face.


Looking at that, Chun Yeowun clicked his tongue.


“Tch.I said stay still!”






Chun Yeowun opened the window and moved the drop of water out.




Chun Yeowun snapped his finger.




At that moment, a small visible explosion occurred outside the window.


Yu So-hwa was shocked.


It was so small on the outside, but when it burst inside, it hurt like hell.


‘He was telling the truth!’


She couldn’t put it into words, but she was shocked.


What Chun Yeowun had just shown her was effective.


For her, who was suffering from psychological pressure due to the nano bombs, this was an attractive proposal.


“Now there are 986 left.”


Hesitating, YU So-hwa asked Chun Yeowun.


“Are you… really going to get rid of the nano bombs each time I achieve something?”


“Do I have to repeat myself?”


Yu So-hwa’s hand trembled while holding the pen.


She was someone who fell into despair as she saw other Gate Keepers die in front of her eyes.


However, this proposal gave her a glimmer of hope.




Without any hesitation, she signed the contract with a brighter face.




She handed the tablet PC and the pen to BI Mak-heon.


Bi Mak-heon smiled.


‘H-he really got an SS-class Gate Keeper as his exclusive secretary.’


And the woman had accepted it herself.


If Chun Yeowun wanted, he could have made her succumb to despair and get her to work.


But with the right means, he motivated her.


Now, she will move however Chun Yeowun wants.


“Yu So-hwa. No, from now on, I will call you secretary Yu.”


“Yes. Uhm.”


“It is vice-chairman.”


“Yes. Vice-chairman.”


“With the power of an SS-class Gate Keeper, is it possible to have a private meeting with a mayor-level person?”


She still hadn’t resigned as Gate Keeper.


Which was why, as a member with a high ranking in the National Guard, she would be able to request a private meeting.


Besides, she was the famous SS-class Gate Keeper.


“It is possible, but.”






“Go to Jinan City hall.”




The driver immediately turned the vehicle.


‘Jinan City Hall?’


Yu So-hwa looked at Chun Yeowun with curious eyes.


Jinan city’s Ilcheon general hospital.


CCTV room in the basement of the hospital.


The security staff laid dead on the floor.


It was as if they were asleep, but not breathing.




An unidentified person was checking the footage while typing something on the keyboard.


He was wearing a black hat and a grey burberry coat.


The man who kept looking for something in the recorded folders, pulled out an old cellphone and made a call.


Trrring! Click!


— What happened? Did you find it?


An altered voice answered the phone.


The man in the black hat shook his head and said.


“Looks like we were late.”


— How unfortunate.


“However, there is something strange.”


— Hmm?


“All videos recorded when the target arrived have been deleted.”


— Hmm… they must have done something which shouldn’t be shown to the public.


“Should I investigate?”


— No. Don’t bother. Just focus on your goal.


“Sigh… this is getting a little annoying. I don’t have time because of the Gate Warning, and we were interrupted by them yesterday as well. If I could, I would just deal with them right away, but I keep having to hold back.”


— That is a problem that the higher-ups should solve. We only do what we are instructed.


“Okay. So what will our 2nd team do? Can you tell us where the target is heading?”


— Wait up. Right now, the CCTV network of the road…




The sound of hitting the keys could be heard.


— Hm? No…


“What is it?”


— The target’s vehicle… is coming this way.


“Huh? Then, they are heading to Jinan City Hall?”


It seemed like the altered voice was in the Jinan City Hall.


The voice immediately gave orders.


— Finish cleaning up and immediately lead the 2nd team to Jinan city hall.




Jinan City Hall.




There was an uproar inside the City Hall building.


The staff on the general affairs department on the 20th floor came out and stared at someone in the waiting room.


“Wah… that woman is an SS-class Gate Keeper right?”


“She looks like an actress.”


The person they were looking at was the SS-class Gate Keeper, Yu So-hwa the Gravity Witch.


In a white blouse and black skirt, she looked like an actress who appears in dramas.


“But isn’t that strange?”


“She looks like an assistant.”


“Ehh. No way.”


She was standing respectfully.


Despite the empty chairs in the waiting room.


Bi Mak-heon, who was wearing a dark blue suit, was also standing.


“He looks young?”


“Who is he?”


They were all chatting about Chun Yeowun, the only one seated.


“You must be famous.”


“No, sir.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Yu So-hwa responded bluntly.


Of course, despite denying it, she couldn’t hide her red face, which was turning even redder due to the burdensome gazes.


This was her first time working as someone’s secretary.


It was then, someone came into the waiting room.


“You must have waited long.”


A man in his early forties.


The man was an assistant of the Mayor of Jinan, Sang Yeong.


“The deputy Mayor and even the security chief wanted to join the meeting saying that the Gate Keeper was Miss Yu So-hwa, is that alright?”


At the question, Yu So-hwa looked at Chun Yeowun. When he nodded, she answered.


‘Hmm… why is an SS class Keeper asking permission from Yongchun Group’s vice-chairman?’


The man was puzzled.


He knew who they were as he had to confirm their identities in advance. But he couldn’t understand why the woman wanted to have a private conversation with the Mayor of Jinan.


“This way.”


The assistant led them to the office.


After going through the hallway, he opened the door to the Mayor’s room.


As he said, in the Mayor’s office, there were three middle-aged men who looked like civil servants and two female secretaries in front of the desk.


“Oh, I heard that today is a lucky day, but didn’t realize that I was lucky enough to meet the Gravity Witch.”


A middle-aged man in an all brown suit, Jae-hyun, stood in front of the Mayor’s table.


Standing to the right, was another middle-aged man with glasses and half parted hair. He was So Yang-hyeon, the head of security.


“The new vice-chairman of Yongchun is also visiting the City Hall, this has to be really a nice day, Mayor.”


While talking to the Mayor, the head of security smiled at Chun Yeowun.


He was trying to show a friendly attitude as he was receiving donations from the Group.


Chun Yeowun’s gaze was directed to the middle-aged man on the left side.


He was the deputy Mayor.


He had an unbalanced body shape. Unlike his pale and thin face, his body was pretty thick.




“Come on! Let’s talk there.”


At the Mayor’s words, they moved to a separate room.


The female secretaries served them hot tea.




After putting down the teacup, the secretaries returned to their seats, and Mayor Jae-hyun opened his mouth.


“Okay. Can I know why I was asked for a private meeting?”


Surprisingly, the Mayor seemed to be the kind that liked getting to the point right away.


After all, he had a powerful position.


Besides, there wasn’t much time because of the Gate Warning, which would soon be announced.


“I think it would be better if you talk to the vice-chairman and not me. Mayor.”




Mayor Jae-hyun frowned.


The one who asked for the meeting was Yu So-hwa, but she asked him to speak with the vice-chairman.


“The vice-chairman, why?”


“I am now speaking as the secretary of the vice-chairman and not as a Gate Keeper.”




All three of them were shocked.


The most famous Gate Keeper. It was natural that one would show such a reaction.


“Huh. So..”


At that time, Chun Yeowun gestured to Bi Mak-heon, who placed the tablet PC on the table.


On the screen was a document.


“What is that?”


“Please take a look, Mayor.”


At Bi Mak-heon’s words, the Mayor tilted his head and then started to read the document.


Reading it, his expression hardened.


With a serious look, he asked.


“Isn’t this a contract?”


The document was a contract.


But the problem was its content.


Mayor Jae-hyun asked in a displeased tone.


“Is this the reason you asked for a private meeting? To get this approved?”


“Mayor. What is it?”


So Yang-heyon asked what was going on, and the Mayor handed him the tablet PC.


His face contorted as well.


“The Yongchun Group wants to sign a partnership agreement with Jinan City to participate in the Gate Defense Battle regardless of Murim registration?”


Even those who sided with the Yongchun were shocked.


The contract asked for permission to independently participate in the Gate defense without being connected to the government.


The Yongchun group wasn’t registered in Murim Association, so in a Gate Defense War, they only get to play a defensive role and not an offensive one.


“Look. Vice-chairman. Do you think I will approve this?”


When Murim warriors register with the association, they have to follow the orders of the National Guard.


If they approved this, the Yongchun Group will cross the wall at will without relation to the government and engage in battle.


At the Mayor’s anger, Bi Mak-heon said.


“Mayor. Please don’t overthink it. If you look at the contract, the partnership terms state that in case Jinan faces risk due to the Gate, the Yongchun group will protect you as a partner…”




The Mayor pushed the tablet PC away and spoke in anger.


“Don’t play with words. Protect? Even the government can’t allow this, and even if this is possible with the self-governing power of Jinan city. I don’t know what kind of power a single company has to…”


“Do you think that we would make such an offer without the power to back it?”


The first time Chun Yeowun spoke.




It was just simple words, but the Mayor went speechless.


An unknown feeling of intimidation was emanating from Chun Yeowun, which made his body tremble.


The aura of the strongest.


Chun Yeowun spoke.


“You want proof of power? Mayor of Jinan.”


“V-vice chairman, what are you talking about?”


So Yang-hyeon, the head of security, asked.


Looking at So Yang-hyeon, Chun Yeowun asked.


“If I kill all the murim warriors and Gate Keepers in Jinan, will that be enough proof for you?”

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