Chapter 51 Illusion (2)

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Chapter 51 Illusion (2)


‘Director Huan is also in the team?’


Nod nod!


Huan Myung-oh nodded his head with a bitter face.


Regardless of who they were, those with the best abilities in each department were selected.


Since the ones recruited had to be above the Super master level, it was no surprise that the ones directly under the chairman were selected.


‘Y-you traitors!’


The transfer was only possible with the consent of the parties involved.


In a word, all these people moved to the vice-chairman’s office because they wanted it too.


‘I would have accepted too.’


‘Without even asking…’


The other executives couldn’t hide their disappointment.


After all, they wouldn’t even think twice if they were asked to work directly under Chun Ma.




They all looked at Chun Yu-jang and sighed.


From the moment Chun Yeowun appeared, Chun Yu-jang’s role turned into that of a mere secretary.


“Good job.”


“Not at all! I have just executed the orders.”


Having heard the compliment, the executives were stunned at Bi Mak-heon’s appearance.


It was regrettable that they couldn’t notice such a person.


At that moment, Chun Yu-jang opened his mouth.


“General Manager Bi Mak-heon.”


“Yes, chairman.”


“We are going to hold off on your promotion for the time being.”




Bi Mak-heon’s eyes shook.


It was only yesterday evening that he was told he would be promoted to managing director.


And now, he was flustered at the sudden withholding of his position.


“It is unfortunate, but you are being demoted.”


At Chun Yu-jang’s words, Bi Mak-heon seemed to be close to weeping. The executives frowned, thinking that this was their chairman’s way of showing disdain for snatching away his members.




Chun Yeowun answered.


“For the time being, I’ll have you take over as assistant manager for my office.”




Bi Mak-heon’s eyes widened.


He was confused because he thought he was really being demoted, but when he heard that he was appointed as the assistant manager serving under Chun Yeowun, his face brightened in an instant.


“Is this true?”


“Why? You don’t like it?”


“Ah No! It is a lifetime honor to serve under you!”




Bi Mak-heon knelt and bowed to Chun Yeowun.


To become assistant manager literally meant to play the role of being Chun Yeowun’s right arm.


Sure it was a demotion, but in other words, he was going to be in the centre of the new Sky Demon Order.


‘Demotion what shit?’


‘… damn it.’


The faces of some executives darkened.


If the Sky Demon Order was going to be unified in the future, the one working as assistant manager for Chun Yeowun would shine brightly.


Their eyes were dyed with envy.


‘Now there is only one thing to do before heading back to Shenyang and bringing them.’


Numerous plans were being drawn inside Chun Yeowun’s head.


After subduing the three factions, Jinan city will serve as the foundation of the Cult’s resurrection.


The final goal was to retake Gwangju city, which had the Ten Thousand Mountains.


‘We need to take it from Oshin.’


Gwangju city, where Ten thousand mountains were, was said to be occupied by the Oshin Group.


He heard it was one of the three major factions in Murim.


The factions within the Murim Association were the Forces of Justice alliance, Blade Six and Oshin Group.


The Chairman of Oshin Group was said to be the representative of the Murim Association.


‘How dare they take what belongs to the Cult!’


Chun Yeowun’s second goal was to drive out everyone who targeted the Sky Demon Order and planned its downfall.


Before that, it was necessary to have power on their side.


However, the Sky Demon Order needed a very important thing.


‘An achievement…’


Not just Murim, but everyone in this land seemed to think badly of the Black Sky Company and the Sky Demon Order.


Which meant they should seize an opportunity to change the image.


‘We need to instill awareness that the Sky Demon Order is necessary for everyone.’


It was essential to change the perception in order to win the support of the general public.


‘Is there a good way?’


A solution then suddenly came to Chun Yeowun.


A catastrophe of mankind.


An enemy of mankind.


Whether it was the Murim Association or the Gate Keepers of the National Guards, an enemy made them work together.


The Gate.


The disaster coming out of the Gate had only one goal.


To exterminate mankind.


Digging into that gap may be a way to change the perception of the Sky Demon Order.


‘It is a shame that they were ignoring such good chances by fighting with each other.’


The Yongchun Group didn’t register in Murim.


They avoided participating in Gate battles to avoid exposure.


If they had endured the hardships for the last 27 years, the perception would have already changed.


They lost the best advantage they had to fear.


“Bi Mak-heon.”




Bi Mak-heon, who was bowing, got up and answered.


“Prepare the car.”




At that, Chun Yu-jang asked with a puzzled expression.


“Going somewhere?”


Chun Yeowun got up from his seat and put on his coat.


“Which hospital did that wench say she was going to?”




The word wench made him understand.


It was her.


“Ilcheon General Hospital.”


“The treatment I gave her should be adequate, so I should start using her slowly. Hm, using her as a secretary would be appropriate.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun left the room.


Chun Yu-jang was left muttering in confusion.


“… using an SS-class Keeper as his secretary?”


Ilcheon General Hospital was an affiliated group of Yongchun.


In one of its wards, a woman in her late twenties, with brown hair and voluptuous breasts not fully covered by the patient’s dress, was sitting on the bed.


The woman with provocative eyes was an SS-class Gate Keeper, Yu So-hwa the Gravity Witch.


Her gaze was on the flowerpots near the window of her room.


[I wish you a fast recovery. Commander-in-chief of Jinan City Defense Force, General Jo Yoon.]


[With you, citizens are guaranteed safety. Jinan Public Security Bureau Director, Liu Cheng-sun.]


[The Deputy Mayor would like to express his gratitude for your service.]


They were all wishes for recovery.


As an SS-class Gate Keeper, she was loyal to the officials in Jinan.


The director of the Public Security Bureau had visited her in person.


‘I don’t know anything anymore.’


The joint surgery on her right arm was successfully completed.


It was a clean-cut, so the regenerative treatment of the nerves went very smoothly.




Her eyes looked at the room entrance.


Two men in black suits were standing there.


They were the security agents of Yongchun who were monitoring her.


[The National Defense’s affiliated hospital isn’t allowed. Instead, we will arrange for you to receive treatment at our hospital. However, please hold back your words to your visitors.]


Those were the words of someone called Bi Mak-heon.


The words telling her not to reveal that she was now working under Chun Yeowun.


Around a thousand nano bombs were injected into her body.


‘How did it get to this?’


Even if she had SS-class superpowers, there was no way she could remove the nano bombs inside her blood vessels.


She thought of running away.


However, there were agents moving around the whole hospital.


‘If I could, I’d kill them all.’


It wasn’t an impossible task given her abilities, but if she started an assault, they would certainly contact him.


That ruthless monster will detonate the nano bombs without mercy.


‘I need to calm down.’


Unneeded excitement would only make her hurt herself.


It was when she was trying to do that.




With a knock, the door opened and a man in a black suit spoke.


“You have visitors.”


“… let them in.”


Three people entered.


A woman in her late 20s with short hair and red glasses, and two men in casual attire like college students.


Yu So-hwa looked at the woman in red glasses, who stood out.




The door closed.


One of the two men put his palm on the door.


And the woman with the red glasses slowly opened her lips.


“The sound won’t go out, so don’t worry.”


“I didn’t think you would come. Hye-yeon.”


It seemed like they were familiar with each other.


The woman in red glasses answered.


“You are as rude as ever.”


“Are you really calling me that despite your sarcastic way of talking?”


“Whatever. I see it’s true that an SS-class Keeper was defeated? When did my rival become so weak?”


At her words, Yu So-hwa laughed.


Hye-yeon, the woman in red glasses, was an S-class Keeper, who considered Yu So-hwa her rival.


Yu So-hwa acknowledged her strength as well.


Her ability was dangerous even against an SS-class.


“We don’t have time.”


Hye-yeon gestured to the man who had his hand on the door.


While the other man pulled out a small terminal from the sleeve.


Hye-yeon smiled.


“You owe me one now. We used a C-class core to get this.”


“… okay.”


The man pressed the button on the terminal.




The ultrasound of a dolphin echoed through the ears.


After around 10 seconds of ringing, the man turned off the terminal.


“Done. Now that the nano bombs have been removed, let’s move.”


That was the purpose of the terminal.


The device sent out a code frequency which stopped the bombs in Yu So-hwa’s body.


Yu So-hwa’s face brightened at those words.


“I will never forget this debt.”


“Right. Now let’s get out of here. If someone interferes, we’ll destroy everything. Hahah.”


“You can’t do that.”


“Huh? Why?”


“If we do so, he will be contacted.”


“… he, are you talking about the Murim warrior who made you like this?”




“I don’t know how much of a monster he is, but don’t you know my power? If he is a human…”


“Fine. Let’s get out.”


“Ungrateful wench!”


As she got up, Hye-yeon grumbled.


The man who had his palm on the door was sweating profusely.




At that moment, the room opened and the agents in black suits entered.


“What are you people doing?”


“State your identities?”


They were unable to open the door because of the man’s abilities.


Looking at them, Hye-yeon smiled and said.


“Will you be fine staying by my side?”


“What are you talking…. Huk!”


Shocked, one of the agents took a knife from his pocket and then stabbed the agent next to him.




“Kua! Why?”


The stabbed agent was shocked, but the other man took the knife out and then started to stab him again with delighted eyes.


Puck! Puck!


“You monster! Die! Die!”




The stabbing stopped when the man died.


The agent’s eyes ceased to be dazed and then looked at his fellow agent lying dead on the floor.


“W-what the hell is this?”


“You kill your own men with your hands.”


Hye-yeon said with a smile.




The agent kept staring at the blood-soaked knife in his hand when Hye-yeon said.


“You killed a comrade, what are you going to do now?”


Having heard that, the agent’s eyes lost focus again. He grabbed the knife and placed it near his neck.




And fell to the floor.


Seeing that, Yu So-hwa said.


“Still a bad move.”


“They made you like this, did you think I will let them live?”


“Stop. There are civilians in the hallways, so don’t do such things.”


“Pretending to be a nice girl.”


They came out of the room. There were civilians, patients and other agents too.




Hye-yeon shouted.


Expectedly, people’s eyes turned to her.


Clapping her hands, Hye-yeon said.




“Time to sleep!”


Thud! Thud! Thud!


At that moment, everyone fell to the ground. They fell asleep. One could tell from the snoring sounds coming from them.


“Kay. Ready?”


A shocking ability.


Among the S-class keepers, people with outstanding abilities were sometimes given titles.


And this woman’s title was The Illusionist.


At first glance, it seemed like a psychic ability unsuited for combat. However, it was a hypnotic ability classified as dangerous one by the state council.




They hurried to the elevator in the block’s lobby.


Because Hye-yeon had hypnotic abilities, she was thinking of walking out proudly.


However, when they turned the corner and reached the lobby.


They heard the sound of the elevator stopping.




It looked like someone was stopping on this floor.


When the elevator’s door opened, Yu So-hwa’s expression hardened.


“Where do you think you are going?”


She could feel her heart drop.


‘W-why at a time like this?’


The ones who got off the elevator were Chun Yeowun, Bi Mak-heon, and a few hospital security guards.


Chun Yeowun looked at the fallen people in the hallway and asked in a cold voice.


“Maybe I should tighten the leash a little more?”




Chun Yeowun raised his finger.


It looked like he was going to detonate a bomb.


Yu So-hwa bit her lip.


“It doesn’t work anymo…”


Snap! Phut!




Her left hand turned dark with a loud bang.


Hye-yeon looked at Yu So-hwa in perplexion, unable to understand what had just happened.


“I-I disarmed the nano bombs, so how?”

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