Chapter 5 Unidentified Man (2)

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Chapter 5 Unidentified Man (2)


5 minutes ago.


[First, I would like you to surrender to the Public Security Bureau.]




In an instant, his reasoning cracked.


From when he was a student in the Academy to when he turned into the Lord called the Demon God till now, Chun Yeowun never even thought of the word ‘Surrender.’


It made no sense to him.


‘You want me to surrender?’


If he wanted to, Chun Yeowun could annihilate all the officers, including the snipers, in the blink of an eye.


It was just that he didn’t understand the current era, so he decided to take a step back.


[… you call that being helpful?]




[Please don’t misunderstand. Words aren’t always appropriate. I don’t really mean to surrender.]


[What do you mean?]


[The Public Security represents the Chinese Government. From the government’s point of view, we keep a close eye on the Murim warriors who are active without a registration.]


Come to think of it, the man whom Chun Yeowun was holding did say something about being an unregistered Murim.


It meant that in this era, Murim was being bound.




Suddenly, Chun Yeowun remembered the words of Chun Mu-seong, his descendant.


Chun Mu-seong said that the non-aggression pact between Murim and the empire disappears in the future.


The future the descendant came from was hundreds of years later, and Chun Yeowun wasn’t that aware of the future.


‘I’m stuck. Did Murim regress?’


As of now, he couldn’t figure anything out.


So far, he only found two traces of the Murim.


Of course, Chun Yeowun wasn’t the kind to make hasty judgments based on that.


[I’m just saying, it seems like you are not registered, am I right?]


Since Chun Yeowun wasn’t a person of this age, there was no way his identity was registered.


Chun Yeowun expressed his affirmation.




In Jo Yu-seong’s hand was a simple hand telescope.


With that, he was able to see So Pyeong, performing an identity-check of the Murim man.


‘Optimal talent.’


If the identity couldn’t be found, of course, that meant he was an unregistered Murim warrior.


A person with that kind of stubbornness would have been seen or heard about, but not once did he hear about such a man.


‘Maybe he hid himself.’


Even in modern times, some people hide their identities by disappearing for a long time, especially in Murim.


Jo Yu-seong was convinced that Chun Yeowun was such a person.


[Rather than surrender, I want you to think of it as waiting while cooperating with the Public Security Bureau.]


[… to avoid friction?]


[Right! If you continue to confront each other in a situation with too much attention, it will only worsen. Which is why I’m asking you to pretend to cooperate with Public Security for a while. We need time to prepare.]




They had to prepare him an identity.


It wasn’t sure how it would help, but in the current situation, the only option Chun Yeowun had was to use force.


[How long do I have to wait?]


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Jo Yu-seong answered.


[We will solve it within 24 hours.]


’24 hours?’


Chun Yeowun was puzzled, for which Nano helped him.


[One hour as in two here. 24 hours means 12.]


With those words, the general information on the time unit of the present-day was known.


Chun Yeowun sent a message.


[Too late.]




Jo Yu-seong couldn’t hide his shock.


Since it was late evening, it would take some time to prepare the identity.


Besides, he had to report to his superiors before he did anything.


‘This is becoming tough.’


He needed some leeway.


However, when he heard Chun Yeowun’s voice, he could feel that the man wasn’t interested.


‘He’s as demanding as his skills.’


Even so, he had to show that his organization was capable to some degree.


In a hurry, he replied.


[All right. We will fix this in 12 hours. I promise on my honor.]


In one shot, it was reduced from 24 hours to half the time.


It was on the border between what he could and couldn’t do.


Whether the connection with Chun Yeowun would stay or not depends on how quickly the man solved the problem.




Acceptance fell from Chun Yeowun’s mouth.


Jo Yu-seong, who was worried that Chun Yeowun would keep pushing him, sighed.


But then, Chun Yeowun said,


[But! Promise on your arm, not honor.]




[If you are a little late, I’ll take your arm in return.]


It was the warning which made him tremble.


Jo Yu-seong, who was surprised for a moment, understood that he had to hurry.


[Understood. We can do that.]


Jo Yu-seong barely persuaded Chun Yeowun and left the building he was in.


It was because he had to get away from the jammers to begin his work.


Wei Yang, the 3rd team leader of the Mobile Strike Team, went stiff.


Chun Yeowun didn’t seem like the kind to back down, but now he said that he would respond to the calls of the Public Security Bureau.


It was a bit weird, but it felt like the man was human.


If the man didn’t cooperate, they would’ve been shot together.


But there was a problem.


‘Something’s up.’


At first, he thought Chun Yeowun had decided to step back from the push-and-pull.


No matter how strong the Murim warrior was, Wei Yang believed that anyone would become weary when their life was at stake.


However, this wasn’t the attitude someone who surrendered was supposed to have.


“T-Team leader?”


The team members looked at him, not knowing what to do.


Eventually, Wei Yang had to ask.


“What do you mean you won’t give up your weapon?”


“It’s what you heard.”


Chun Yeowun didn’t bother giving a reason.


Rather, he threatened to cut down anyone who even touched the tip of his blade.


“… look here, man. What am I supposed to think when you clearly said that you will respond and cooperate with us but refuse to release your weapon?”


“For a Murim warrior, our weapon is our life. Isn’t that common sense?”


“Common sense?”


Wei Yang was at a loss for words.


Those who carry around blades or swords are normally subjected to investigation by the Public Security, and if they are imprisoned, their weapons will be taken away.


‘I’m going crazy here.’


And the clothes, the clothes which can be seen in the old martial arts historical dramas.


‘Haa. It isn’t like he’s someone from the past who fell into the modern world with some time machine…’


Shockingly, that was accurate.


However, time machines didn’t exist in this era.


Wei Yang glanced around.




Civilians who thought the case had been resolved came over and cheered.


They were all cheering for the Public Security.


‘Damn it.


And during this time, if they couldn’t even retrieve the weapons of the criminal or handcuff him, they would be ridiculed.


In other words, people would make fun of the Public Security.


However, they couldn’t push their luck with Chun Yeowun.


‘Damn it. Only if he wasn’t a Muri…’


Just a while back, this Murim warrior dragged away their team leader.


That was when he heard someone’s voice.


-Team leader.


It was So Pyeong.


He was the one who helped Lee Myeong, the 3rd team leader, to a hospital by car, as he was hit by two bullets.


However, there seemed to be something in his hand.




Wei Yang recognized it at once.


With a smile, So Peyong, who was far away, said.


-Let’s use this, team leader.


It was something that was borrowed from the 5th Special Mobile Strike Team, which had yet to return.


Before they met Chun Yeowun, they were all thinking of returning that object to the 5th team. They never guessed that they would be able to use it.


‘Good. Now…’


Wei Yang spoke very softly to Chun Yeowun.


“Look. There is something called pride. How would it look if we couldn’t escort the man who was harming the Public Security without following our protocols?”


“I said I would cooperate. I don’t remember surrendering to you men.”


Wei Yang’s face almost contorted.


Ah, it was different. Both words had different meanings.


Although his rage was boiling, he knew that it was physically impossible to suppress Chun Yeowun, so maintaining his calm, he said.


“Citizens have eyes. And we are the guards of the Chinese Government’s law enforcement. Please.”


“I refused.”


Chun Yeowun didn’t back down.


“Sigh, fine. Fine. Then we will give up on retrieving your weapon. Instead, we’ll handcuff you until you enter the bus. And we’ll release you once you get in. I’m asking you to do this in consideration of the honor the Public Security has.”


Wei Yang gave up his pride and pleaded with Chun Yeowun.


“Please, please.”


Chun Yeowun looked into the eager eyes and held out both his hands.


“Don’t try anything.”


“Of course not!”




Wei Yang felt happy.


Not saying anything else, he called for the second-in-command.


As if waiting, So Pyeong put the handcuffs on Chun Yeowun’s wrists.




The handcuffs were different from what the other officers had.


They were on the thicker side, box-shaped, and there was a machine installed on them. After putting them on, So Pyeong pressed a button.






The handcuffs tightly sealed around Chun Yeowun’s wrists.


In addition, special energy rose from the machine, which was in the middle of the handcuffs.


[The mechanical device is generating a wave that disperses energy.]


Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed at the words of Nano.


The wave emitted from the handcuffs had the effect of dispersing the qi and the internal energy he had accumulated in his time.


‘I was right.’


Chun Yeowun shook his head.


He predicted that something was going to happen. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.




If there was one thing he was curious about, then it was why Nano, which had the future’s technology, didn’t know about the identity of the handcuffs.


With a smirk, Wei Yang spoke.


“Thanks for putting on the handcuffs. Let’s go on the bus and make sure you have a good time. Huhuhu.”




“Move. Walk to the bus over there.”


So Pyeong pulled out his gun and pointed it at the back of Chun Yeowun’s head.


Their voices changed as if they were talking to just another criminal.




Chun Yeowun silently moved to the place where the bus with iron grills was.


With a satisfied face, Wei Yang smiled.


‘This works fine. Huhu, in preparation for the future, I will have to ask my superiors for more things that the 5th team uses.’


The handcuffs put on Chun Yeowun were used to arrest Murim warriors.


It was used to dissipate their energy and neutralize them.




“Get in.”


When the door opened, So Pyeong ordered him to enter while holding the gun.


Chun Yeowun silently entered the bus.


“Kay. Withdraw.”




With that, the other strikers boarded the bus one after another.


Finally, Wei Yang boarded the bus and closed the door.


Wei Yang pressed a button on the center console, which was near the driver’s seat.




And then, the transparent windows of the bus darkened to avoid anyone from seeing inside.


When it was completely cut off, the mobile strikers, including Wei Yang, fixed their guns under their seats.


And then pulled out the black rods from their waistbands.




As Wei Yang swung the rod, Chun Yeowun saw that the rod’s length had increased.


It was a stage three stick used for striking.


So Pyeong pulled out a few cords and then said,


“The black box has been powered off.”


“Phew. Well done.”


Tak! Tak!


Wei Yang slammed the rod into his palm as he slowly walked towards Chun Yeowun.


With the corners of his mouth raised into a smile, he spoke.


“Kay now. Let’s try to discipline the stern attitude you showed before. Murim man? Haa! When did young people who learned martial arts become this cocky? For a guy like you, this…”






Wei Yang stopped speaking.


Something unbelievable just happened.


Crack! Fall!


The handcuffs, which were supposed to be firmly closed, fell to the ground.


Shaking his head, Chun Yeowun said,


“You believed in that toy?”


Wei Yang was so shaken that he couldn’t speak.


‘H-How could this happen? Was the device broken?’


No, the handcuffs were working fine.


It was just that Chun Yeowun’s level was far beyond what the handcuffs could dissipate.


Of course, even if that wasn’t the case, his strength alone had surpassed human limits, so he could have broken out of the cuffs.


‘Damn it…’


Whatever the reason, it broke, and this was the worst.


Wei Yang, who believed in the efficacy of the cuffs, tried to get his revenge on Chun Yeowun.


“T… that…”


“Didn’t I clearly warn you to not play around?”


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards the man.


Wei Yang, who was five steps away, got pulled in.


“Oh, NOOOO!”


Wei Yang grabbed onto the bus seat of either side to not get dragged, but.


He was helplessly dragged away.




Chun Yeowun grabbed both his wrists.


Wei Yang, scared, yelled out.


“W-Wait up! If you harm Public Security…”


“You brought this on yourself.”




With an eerie sound, Wei Yang’s arms broke in a bizarre manner, and the shattered bones popped out.




It was so painful that Wei Yang couldn’t stop screaming.


“Team leader!”


“Thi, this… stop!”




Right, Chun Yeowun had to be stopped, but everyone was so frightened that they couldn’t move.


They were holding rods in their hands, but they were scared.


Ignoring them, Chun Yeowun spoke to Wei Yang, who was in pain.


“This is the fun time you’ve been waiting for.”


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