Chapter 47 Shareholders Meeting (1)

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Chapter 47 Shareholders Meeting (1)


The following day, Jinan City Defense Bureau.


All the highest positions in Jinan City were gathered in the Defense Bureau headquarters.


General Jo Yoon, the Commander-in-chief of the National Defense Bureau, frowned as he looked at the report from the previous night.




The military used paper reports for quick disposal at any time.


Having carefully looked through the reports, General Jo Yoon asked Baek Jin-chang, who was standing in front of his desk.






“The unidentified flying object that flew over the city last night was a hazard entity equivalent to A-class?”




Baek Jin-chang responded.


But nervousness was apparent in his eyes.


Because 90% of the report that he wrote consisted of false facts.


“According to the report, it was too fast to be captured and its size was quite small.”


Baek Jin-chang stuttered a little as he spoke in response to the General.


“Y-yes sir! In collaboration with the security guards of the Yongchun group, we confirmed the object to be a human-like sized entity.”


“That’s why you wrote that it was a special entity in the report?”


“Yes sir!”


“A-class Gate Keeper Ha Hyun-gang died. 10 others were seriously injured. 7 Defense soldiers were injured and even an SS-class keeper Yu So-hwa suffered from serious injuries.”


General Jo Yoon stroked his head as he looked at the report.


If it was a special entity or an A-class entity with flying ability, then this much damage was understandable.


Rather, he thought that this damage was rather fortunate.


“We were lucky. Major Baek!”


“Ah… yes”


“If it wasn’t for the Murim people in the Yongchun group and the SS-class Keeper, the damage would have been bigger.”


Baek Jin-chang sighed in relief.


He was worried that the Commander-in-chief, Jo Yoon, might be suspicious, but fortunately, he seemed to have believed the report.


“It is unfortunate! If Yu So-hwa hadn’t completely destroyed the entity’s body, you could have done something to contribute.”


“Not at all! I did my duty and oversaw the situation.”


“Hmm. That is a good attitude.”


General Jo Yoon praised him.




Baek Jin-chang sighed inwardly.


It seemed like the General was going in the wanted direction.


Unable to overcome the fear, he wrote the report as the Yongchun group had requested, but if a small loophole was found, his entire career would be disrupted.


“I have a meeting, so let’s head back to our duties.”






Baek Jin-chang saluted him and then tried to head back.


When the General called him.






Bewildered, Baek Jin-chang stopped walking and turned around.


General Jo Yoon said.


“The Yongchun group said that one important building was blown up and the damage was great.”


“Ah, I see.”


Baek Jin-chang frowned.


‘Damn it. I thought I was caught.’


Manipulating the reports was something he never wanted to do again.


‘I did everything I could. I no longer want to be associated with that Group or that monster.’


He didn’t even want their donations anymore.


Around two o’clock in the afternoon.


The Yongchun Group president’s office, Jinan city.


“Yes yes. I am glad that it all worked out. Yes.”


The middle-aged man hung up the phone with a happy face.


His name was Bi Mak-heon.


He was the leader of the swordsman class and the general manager of the Yongchun group.


Bi Mak-heon hung up the call and reported to the middle-aged man sitting across from him.




“I contacted Baek Jin-chang and he did a good job. The Defense department said they would provide compensation for the destroyed factory.”


“Ah-great. You did well. General manager Bi.”


“Yes. Chairman.”


The middle-aged man was Chun Yu-jang, the chairman of the Yongchun group.


A young man in a black suit was standing near the window behind him.


It was Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun’s gaze was directed towards the ruined factory site.


The building, which had been fine till last night, was deliberately exploded.


The idea was General manager Bi Mak-heon’s.


He boldly asked Chun Yeowun to resolve the situation, saying that the National Guards would make a big deal otherwise.


‘He is bold.’


Despite his overall ignorance of the current world, Chun Yeowun knew that sacrificing a factory would severely damage the company’s profits.


Despite that, Bi Mak-heon asked to blow up the factory to calm the doubts.


It wasn’t a significant loss as it prevented the National Guards’ interference.


In addition, since the Defense Bureau had promised compensation for the destroyed factory, the actual damage would be reduced.


Chun Yeowun turned around and said.


“You are quite useful.”




Bi Mak-heon, whose expression was tense, smiled brightly.


His lips were twitching to form a smile.


Since he had very little say in his position, he usually took the role of executing the decisions taken at the executive meetings.


“T-thank you. It was all because Lord Chun Ma had trusted me.”


The chairman or the other executives would have never listened to him.


Who would accept the idea of blowing up a factory?


However, Chun Yeowun gave him a chance.


“Chun Yu-jang.”


“Yes, ancestor.”


“To use this one as a general manager, your eyes must’ve been wronging you.”




“Use him accordingly.”


In other words, it sounded like Chun Yeowun was asking the man to be promoted.


Bi Mak-heon couldn’t hide his surprise at those words.


He only stepped forward once and resolved one matter, but Chun Yeowun valued him too highly.


‘He won the favor of my ancestor. So lucky.’


“Understood. We will deal with it at the next board meeting.”


Chun Yu-jang accepted Chun Yeowun’s wishes.


As a result, Bi Mak-heon’s promotion was guaranteed.


‘Such a tremendous person!’


Being too happy, BI Mak-heon immediately knelt on the floor and shouted.


“I will live up to your expectations!”


Chun Yeowun was someone who valued skilled people.


And it was Bi Mak-heon’s luck that helped him show his abilities at the right moment.




It was then, the phone in the chairman’s office rang.


After answering the call, Chun Yu-jang nodded and hung up.


“Ancestor. It is ready. Let’s head to the conference room.”


Yongchun Group’s headquarters building, 28th floor, conference room.


Many people in suits were crowded inside that room.


They were the shareholders of the Yongchun group. Heads of offices, directors and affiliates’ presidents.


Naturally, most shareholders were members of the higher clans of the Sky Demon Order.


“Do you know why the meeting was held today?”


“No. I heard about this for the first time today.”


“Does Mr. Geum know?”


“Well. It is surprising that a general meeting of shareholders was held so suddenly.”


All the gathered shareholders were puzzled.


Since a Gate warning would be issued in Jinan city, calling for a general meeting was totally unexpected.


‘What is happening?’


Lim Kang, the managing director of the affiliate, Yongchun Trading, closely watched the others.


Usually, if a shareholders meeting was held, the agenda would be told, but most people were unaware of it this time.


‘Is it because of… Sky Demon Sword?’


The Sky Demon Sword, shown by the Chun Woo-kang faction four days ago, was still something only higher officials knew about.


‘I was worried that the shareholders meeting would be canceled, but it somehow worked out.’


Lim Kang saw this meeting as a good opportunity.


He was trying to reveal that Chun Woo-kang had the Sky Demon Sword at this meeting.


‘If only I can unite them into that faction with this sacrifice!’




Lim Kang was a member of the Chun Woo-kyung faction.


As the clan leader of a small clan, he has been active in affiliates of Yongchun Group for a long time, and kept sending information about this company to Chun Woo-kyung.


‘This place would turn into an empty grave.’


He was resolute to do it.


In Lim Kang’s eyes, something strange was seen.


“The chairman is here. All shareholders stand up.”




With the secretary’s announcement, the door opened, and Chairman Chun Yu-jang, accompanied by the senior executives, entered the room.


All the shareholders stood up.






Shareholders were puzzled at the appearance of chairman Chun Yu-jang wearing a cast.


It was the first time since the establishment of the Group that Chun Yu-jang was injured.


Even during the Gate Warning, the chairman Chun Yu-jang never suffered any injuries as the other executives protected him in times of crisis.


However, there was something even weirder.


‘Who is that person?’


There was a young man in a black suit walking beside Chun Yu-jang.


No, he was walking a step ahead, and the chairman even politely gestured at him.


‘But, that seat?’


‘Ah, maybe…’


There were two higher seats in the room where the chairman was supposed to sit.


And as they were watching, the chairman sat beside the young man.




‘Who is that person sitting next to the chairman?’




The shareholders mumbled amongst themselves, making the room turn noisy.


At that time, director Huan Myung-oh, who was in charge of the meeting, put the microphone near his lips and said.


“Please take a seat.”


At once, the noise died down.


All the eyes were fixed on the young man sitting next to the chairman.


The young man with a white face and sharp-looking eyes seemed to be in his twenties.


‘Who is he?’


‘Someone close to the chairman?’


The shareholders that were supporting Chun Yu-jang as the next head were feeling uncomfortable.


At that time, Shim Young, the president of Yongchun Electronics, the largest affiliate, got up from his seat and bowed to the chairman.


“Please forgive my rudeness! I am going to sound a little disrespectful to the chairman. Even though we were gathered here because this was a shareholders meeting with an undisclosed agenda, we would like to know who the person sitting next to the chairman is?”


Hearing that, the other shareholders nodded.


Director Huan said.


“Even if you didn’t ask, we were going to tell this right away. Today the meeting wasn’t held with an agenda as it was only held to inform the shareholders of three important matters decided by the board of directors.”




Again, noise broke out.


Usually, the decisions made at the board meeting were notified through the company’s computer network rather than holding a meeting for it.


“The first thing.”


Everyone focused on Huan Myung-oh.


When he got all the attention, he pointed to the young man in the black suit.


“This young man is the vice-chairman who was chosen at the board meeting.”




All the shareholders were puzzled.


A young man whose face they never saw was suddenly appointed as the vice-chairman.


Indeed it was too sudden of a decision.


‘This is fun.’


Lim Kang, who heard it, smiled.


To his knowledge, Huan Myung-oh was the top candidate for that position. Besides, some circulating rumors stated that Shim Young of the electronics affiliate would be the new senior executive.




At that, Shim Young’s expression was distorted.


This meant that his opportunity to be a leader of the Chun Yu-jang faction was pushed aside.


‘This is a good opportunity.’


Shim Young was an upper clan member of the Sky Demon Order.


Even the other clans acknowledged how excellent his clan was.


People knew that there were a lot of small and medium clans who followed him, but if the news about Sky Demon Sword came out, those clans would surely abandon him.




Unsurprisingly, with a face full of anger, Shim Young got up.


Biting his teeth, he said.


“Even if it was a board meeting, isn’t this too sudden? And a young man!”


Shim Young said while pointing to the young man next to the chairman.


“A young one we have never seen is now the vice? There are a lot of seniors who made huge contributions, so I can’t quite understand this decision.”


He turned around and complained.






Director Huan was about to answer, but the young man raised his hand and stopped it.


Huan Myung-oh went silent as the young man took command.




Confusion appeared clear on all the shareholders’ faces.


It was their first time seeing Huan Myung-oh, the real working head of the Group, taking commands.


At that time, the young man who was appointed the vice-chairman looked at Shim Young and said,


“It is the nominated vice-chairman.”




Shim Young was confused.


He had lost it completely as his dream was pushed away in front of his eyes.


“What nonsense is…”








Shim Young sat down at once.


“W-what is this…”


Shim Young, who was forcibly seated in his chair, was flustered.


He couldn’t understand what had just happened.


The others were equally astonished.


‘Did president Shim just follow the order of that vice chairman?’


‘Why did he sit?’


Except for the senior executives, no one could understand what had just happened.


Shim Young got angry and was about to get up once again when the man said.


“I don’t warn twice.”




The moment he heard that, Shim Young’s face turned pale.


He himself didn’t know why.


But fear overwhelmed him.


“W-who are you?”


Shim Young asked in a trembling voice.


The young man got up and stretched out his right arm.






The hidden black wrist guard on his hand suddenly turned into a sword.


Everyone’s attention was focused on the black sword.


Du Mun-cheon, one of the presidents of affiliates, shouted.


“S-sky Demon Sword!”






The shareholders, who were startled at those words, jumped up from their seats.


The eyes of Lim Kang, who was leisurely watching everything, awkwardly widened as he looked at the black sword.


‘Sky Demon Sword? What nonsense are they talking about!’

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