Chapter 45 SS-class Gate Keeper (1)

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Chapter 45 SS-class Gate Keeper (1)




Ha Hyun-gang, the Gate Keepers captain, who was thrown out by an unknown force, looked at Chun Yeowun, who suddenly appeared in front of him.


‘What was it?’


An unknown force suddenly blew them away.


He then realised that the unknown force was energy.


It was something entirely related to the Murim people, called internal energy.




However, this man seemed very different from the other Murim people he knew.


He was exuding an overwhelming sense of intimidation, which he felt only in Gate battles.




Even the other Gate Keepers took fighting stances as their eyes focused on one person.




Chairman Chun Yu-jang gazed at Chun Yeowun’s back.


Chun Yeowun didn’t turn and clicked his tongue while saying.


“Tch, since when did the Cult start paying people? Since when did it start to get pushed aside by bizarre people who aren’t even warriors?”


Chun Yu-jang couldn’t think of an answer.


Rather, he felt terrible.


In the Black Sky Company’s old days, the Sky Demon Order dominated Murim and was untouched even by the government.


Chun Yu-jang wanted to bring back those days too.


‘But. This isn’t the time where one great warrior can change everything.’


The words didn’t come out.


It was because he strongly sympathized with the saying, being weak is a sin.


That was when someone shouted.


“Chairman Yong!”


It was Baek Jin-chang.


He was shouting with an angry face.


“Didn’t we say that the search had to be done? Are you going against the National Guard!”


It was Baek Jin-chang’s last warning.


Actually, that last warning wasn’t necessary, but since he didn’t want the company funds to be halted, he tried to play it low.


‘Please get out of our way. Please! The SS-class Gate Keeper isn’t from Jinan city nor is she someone that I can stop!’


He wanted to say it out loud, but he couldn’t.


Chun Yu-jang couldn’t hide his shock.


Despite receiving permission from the city hall, it was overrun by the National Guard. That meant all the money they kept giving to create contacts was all for nothing.


The SS-class Keeper, Yu So-hwa, spoke to Baek Jin-chang, who was giving warnings.






“They have already interfered with the execution of official duties. Arrest them!”




Baek Jin-chang shut his mouth at her resolute command.


It seemed like leading a conversation was impossible.


Besides, since the Yongchun Group was made of Murim warriors, they wouldn’t easily let themselves get arrested.




Baek Jin-chang raised his hand and shouted.


“Squad 1 and 2. Get Ready to fire!”


“Ready to fire!”


At his command, 20 National Guards took out their guns and aimed them all at Chun Yeowun, Chun Yu-jang, and the fallen company guards.


“Chairman Yong. Please don’t resist. If you move even a little, we will shoot…”






Chun Yeowun took a step ahead before he could even finish speaking.




Now there was nothing else he could do.


It was because he had already warned them, and Yu So-hwa was standing right beside him.


Baek Jin-chang, who had to save his face, shouted.




As soon as the command fell, all the 20 soldiers pulled the trigger at once.




Light flashed from the muzzles as the bullets were fired.


The soldiers’ expressions began to change as they shot at Chun Yeowun.


‘What is this?’


Every time they fired, it felt like they were seeing dots.


Confused, the soldiers stopped shooting, only to be shocked at what they were seeing.


“W-what the hell is this?”




Surprisingly, the bullets didn’t travel more than 3 meters and were suspended in mid-air.


It was as if an unseen wall had stopped them.


The bullets were spinning mid-air, and all the officers couldn’t help but be flustered.


“How can this be?”


Chun Yeowun answered them.


“Go back.”


Chun Yeowun waved his hand lightly.


The bullets, floating mid-air, turned back.






However, as the distance was short, the soldiers couldn’t escape.


It was then.




Bullets that had to fly back to their owners, got stuck to the ground.


Shocked, the soldiers fell back and looked at the scene with startled eyes.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes shone.


The one who blocked the bullet was none other than the SS-Keeper.


The one called Gravity Witch, she dropped the bullets to the floor with the force of gravity.


“Soldiers fall back. This isn’t a place where normal people can step in.”




She asked Baek Jin-chang to call back the soldiers and spoke to Ha Hyun-gang, the Gate Keepers’ captain.


“Force him down.”


The Gate Keepers were bewildered at her order.


Everyone witnessed what had just happened. Hundreds of bullets stopped in mid-air.


They knew that fighting that monster wouldn’t be an easy task.


One of them, a B-class Keeper with a Murim background, spoke.


“Uhm, at that level. That warrior could be above the Tiger level. It isn’t something that B and C-class Keepers can fight.”


Tiger Level.


A level based on the zodiac calendar.


The Murim Association graded Murim people according to their internal energy and skills. The other organisations graded them according to the levels of zodiac deities.


It was the standard used in the current times.


The higher one went, the fewer the number of warriors would be.


And according to the association, there was currently no Rat level (Divine Master level) warrior in the world.


However, there was a rumor that the Chairman of the Murim Association, one of the five great warriors of the current Murim, has risen to that level.


Of course, it hasn’t been officially confirmed.


‘An S-class Keeper can only face a Rabbit face.’


One of the Gate Keepers was a B-class and a Super master level in Murim.


He was the leader of a Gate Keeper Platoon, but even he didn’t want to deal with a monster who could stop bullets.


“These Murim people!”


Ha Hyun-gang shook his head.


He hated how murim people had a habit of figuring out the opponent’s skills before fighting.


And if they deem the opponent superior, they don’t think it is necessary to fight.


“Get out you cowards.”




“I don’t want to hear it. Face the enemy with the alpha class formation.”




The Alpha class formation.


It was a formation made to deal with alpha class entities.


A-class or higher Keepers could deal with the Alphas by themselves depending on the hazard level, but it was difficult to deal with Alphas over B-class or higher.


“Formation B!”


At the signal, the Keepers, accustomed to the formation, immediately moved and ran towards Chun Yeowun from different directions.


As members of the same team, they were all trained to disperse right away.


‘With this formation, we can even take down an A-class Alpha! No matter how good you are, you are nothing in front of an A-class Alpha!’




Ha Hyun-gang pulled out two swords from his waist.


He jumped a couple of times.




His figure vanished as he stepped into the air.


As an A-class Gate Keeper, he had the ability of invisibility and instant acceleration.


‘This is quite annoying.’


As he saw him vanish, Chun Yu-jang frowned.


Since they were in the same city, he saw the man use the ability a few times.


Being invisible wasn’t the problem.


“Be careful! Ancestor! When the man disappears, his energy cannot be traced!”


From his shadow to his breathing, everything got completely erased.


It was something which would normally be impossible to do, but these Gate Keepers had such problematic abilities.


Dealing with them was never easy.


‘Even if we attack from all directions, that guy has the ability to avoid it.’


Instant acceleration ability that could be compared to a Superior Master level warrior’s.


Besides, the synergy between invisibility and acceleration was the best.


If one wasn’t careful, they could get knives stuck in their body.


“You shouldn’t stand still! You need to keep moving so that he doesn’t get too close to you!”


Chun Yu-jang kept informing Chun Yeowun.




‘Ha! Late!’


Ha Hyun-gang smiled.


He was invisible and was already behind Chun Yeowun.




Besides, the Keepers who entered the formation tried to attack him.




Ha Hyun-gang was already aiming his knife at Chun Yeowun’s back.


It was then.


“These bugs are bothersome.”


Chun Yeowun turned his palm and lowered it.




Thud! Thud! Thud!






Even before they could show their abilities, the Keepers fell on their knees, being painfully suppressed.


Chun Yeowun had the ability to make even Supreme Masters immobile.




As Chun Yeowun increased his energy, the people with mind-related abilities fell down as well.


Thud! Crack!






As they were pressed hard against the ground, they could feel their bones breaking.


Chun Yeowun didn’t even bother when they started to scream their lungs out.


At that time, Chun Yeowun pretended to grab something with his left hand.


It was then,




Blood suddenly came out from the air.


Not only blood but also flesh scattered all over the place.


A gruesome spectacle that made a chill run down the spines.


‘N-No way!’


The Keepers’ eyes went wide as they struggled on the ground.




There was something crumbled up like a ball on the floor.


A mixture of flesh, blood and what seemed to be the remains of Ha Hyun-gang’s clothes.


“You must have thought that since you couldn’t be seen, you couldn’t be found.”


Chun Yeowun shook his head.


The floor was soaked with the blood of the dead Ha Hyun-gang.




Chun Yu-jang couldn’t help but feel amazed.


Against Chun yeowun, the overpowered invisibility turned useless.


“Monster….! He is a monster!”


The Gate Keepers, who acknowledged the B-class Keeper’s words, shouted.


However, it was too late.


“Now it’s your time.”


Chun Yeowun raised the energy even more.


It was then.




The ground under Chun Yeowun’s feet cracked.


It was like something tremendous was crushing down on him.


“You! You are a dangerous person.”


Finally, the SS-class Gate Keeper, Yu So-hwa the Gravity Witch, made her move.


Realizing that the other Keepers could do nothing, she decided to take the lead.


‘If he is higher than the beginning of the Supreme Master Level, I have to get serious.’


The force of gravity she applied now was incomparable to the one she used to subdue Huan Myung-oh.


“If you don’t want to die, surrender.”


Yu So-hwa looked at Chun Yeowun with arrogant eyes.


She intended to crush and kill Chun Yeowun if he didn’t yield.


“Do you think that you will be able to withstand a stronger force?”


She reached out and pushed further.






The ground sank more than 1 meter deeper.


The exerted force was doubled.


However, Chun Yeowun still didn’t kneel.


‘More… more!’


She started increasing it more.


At that moment, something unbelievable happened.






Chun Yeowun took a step ahead.


With a straight back and straight knees, he seemed to be totally unaffected by the gravity.




He continued to walk.


Too casually.


“So what is gravity?”


‘No way. How is he unaffected?’


The poker face she kept wearing, shook.


If an Alpha entity was to be put under that kind of pressure, they would’ve been crushed.


As confusion started to appear on her face, Chun Yeowun said.


“On your knees.”




It was then.






Her knees crushed onto the floor.

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