Chapter 44 Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon) (4)

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Chapter 44 Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon) (4)


The entrance to the Yongchun group’s headquarters building was through the wide lake.


A National Guard vehicle was encamped there, and more than fifty people of the National Guard were waiting in line at the closed entrance.


In front of them was a shot, a middle-aged man with pale eyebrows. He was Major Baek Jin-chang.


“Major Baek. Do we really need to wait here? Let’s start the search right away.”


Said a bearded man, who was waiting with crossed arms.


“Wait up. Don’t be impatient, captain Ha.”


The bearded man’s vest had the Gate Keepers pattern drawn on it.


He was Ha Hyun-gang, the Gate Keepers captain in Jinan city.


Unable to understand, Ha Hyun-gang protested.


“Don’t be impatient? An unidentified flying object fell here! If it has anything to do with the Gate, it would be a huge problem, right? I can’t quite understand why the Major is being so kind to the Yongchun group.”


Displeased, Baek Jin-chang frowned.


Actually, as the captain said, they had the authority to forcibly conduct a search if there was a Gate-related problem.


The reason he didn’t resort to it was simple.


‘The amount of money we receive from the Yongchun group is worth the wait.’


The search should be conducted as gently as possible so that he and the National Guard keep constantly receiving donations.


However, it wasn’t something he could just say.


“As you know, the Yongchun group are Murim warriors. If they discovered such a dangerous object, they would have reported. But look.”


The premises were quiet.


If a dangerous object had fallen, it would have been noisy.




Ha Hyun-gang realised that it was useless to keep trying to persuade him.


He knew that the Yongchun group had considerable influence in Jinan, but it was a shame that even the National Guard was under them.


It was around 15 minutes after the search request was made.


From the building’s side, Chairman Chun Yu-jang appeared with the executives and about forty men in uniforms that seemed to be like security guards,


“Don’t you feel that something is wrong? Major Baek?”


“… Stay silent.”


Baek Jin-chang, who reprimanded the captain, approached them.


And with a bright spike, he spoke to Chun Yu-jang.


“Oh my! Chairman Yong Yu-chun. Sorry for bothering you late at night.”


Yong Yu-chun.


A pseudonym.


Since the official dissolution of the Black Sky Company, most of the clan leaders, including the Lord’s family, hid their true identities and used different names.


“It is cumbersome. Hahaha. But you people work hard to guard the wall every day, why would a normal businessman be bothered by you?”


The two people exchanged light words.


‘As expected of our chairman.’


Director Huan Myung-oh was happy to see Chun Yu-jang’s acting naturally.


He was anxious since the chairman’s wrist was cut and his Dantian was sealed, but the man acted as professionally as one could.


Baek Jing-chang, who looked at the bandaged left arm with a puzzled look, commented.


“You look like you were injured.”


“Ah… It was a small accident.”


“Is that so?”


‘An accident?’


Baek Jin-chang was confused.


The chairman of the Yongchun group was an unregistered Murim, but he knew that he possessed great martial arts.


In fact, he had seen the man in action several times in the war.


“Anyway, I heard that you made a search request for an unidentified flying object.”


“Hmmm, indeed. The National Defense Agency caught a flying object, but it disappeared at this site.”


Baek Jin-chang spoke as if he was sorry about it.


As if saying that the search was inevitable.


“Ahh, that makes sense. However.”


At that, Chun Yu-jang looked at Huan Myung-oh, who was next to him.


Director Huan Myung-oh nodded his head as he took out a tablet PC from his bag and showed it to Baek Jin-chang.




“We received permission from the city hall security department to give our report by tomorrow mornng after our security team conducts a search of its own.”


Baek Jin-chang frowned at that.


At the bottom of the email was indeed the mark of the Jinan City Hall and an electronic signature of the security department’s head.




He actually wanted to do a rough search of the building because of their relationship and leave, but he felt something was up when they showed him that mail from city hall.


At that time, Ha Hyun-gang, the Gate Keepers captain, who was listening from the side, intervened.


“Major Baek. Even if the City hall gave them permission, isn’t this a matter that the National Defense Agency has to check in person?”


Hearing that, Chun Yu-jang narrowed his eyes and said.


“Isn’t the City Hall Security higher than the Defense? Captain Ha?”


“That’s when it’s not a Gate-related issue. Chairman Yong.”




As Ha Hyun-gang took a step forward, the twelve Gate Keepers behind him walked ahead.


They were showing that they would do it even by force.


‘Cheeky bastard.’


The Yongchun group didn’t get along well with the Gate Keepers.


Chun Yu-jang, who was in a bad mood after being scolded by Chun Yeowun, didn’t accept their actions.


Chun Yu-jang raised his right hand.


And the security guards behind him had their hands on their waist.




“Ha! What does this mean!? Major Baek! The Yongchun group says that they are going to fight the National Guard now! Are we really going to head back?”


Baek Jin-chang couldn’t help but be flustered at Ha Hyun-gang’s words.


‘Damn it!’


He was literally in a dilemma.


Considering the city hall permission they’d received and his relationship with the Yongchun group, the right thing to do would be to give up the search and return.


However, as Ha Hyun-gang said, all the authority rested in the National Guard’s hand if it was a Gate-related problem.


‘I shouldn’t have brought the Gate Keepers.’


If the object was hostile, then the Gate Keepers were needed.


The Gate Keepers seemed to be ready to fight people if they had to.


A confrontation was bound to happen.




At that moment, someone got out of a Gate Keepers car and approached them.


It was a woman in her late twenties with shiny brown hair, a white shirt, a huge chest, and black pants tight enough to show her curves.


The Gate Keepers, including their captain, reacted strangely at the woman’s appearance.


‘What now?’


Chun Yu-jang looked at her with puzzled eyes.


He had been in Jinan city for a long time, but it was his first time seeing her.


She spoke to the captain.


“How long are you going to hold it off? Please quickly proceed with the search.”


To that, Ha Hyun-gang cautiously responded.


“The Yongchun group said that they talked to the city hall security department and said that they would conduct their own searc…”


“Since when did a single company have the authority to stop the searches of the defense and Gate Keepers? Do it now!”


“Alright! Conduct the search!”




At her resolute command, the Gate Keepers tried to enter.




They were blocked by the security guards of the Yongchun group, who pulled out their weapons.


Although they looked like normal guards, they were all first-rate warriors as they were members of the Sky Demon Order.


Chun Yu-jang shouted at the Gate Keepers who were about to enter the site.


“I am sure that I told you we received the permission. If you ignore it, we will have to exercise our right to self-defense.”


“Right to self-defense?”


The woman with brown hair stepped forward and reached out to the security guard.




At that moment, the guards blocking the entrance fell down to the floor.


They were speechless.




“M-my body…”




The guards couldn’t even move.


Unlike internal energy that would push them down, their bodies seemed to have turned heavy.


‘Is that woman an A-class Gate Keeper?’


Director Huan Myung-oh tried to judge her abilities based on what he witnessed.


He looked around at the falling guards and moved to subdue the brown-haired woman at once.




His ankles suddenly crashed into the floor as if something heavy was attached to them.


He was barely holding on.


‘My body feels heavier.’


He knew that Gate Keepers had extraordinary abilities, but he had never experienced such strength before.






Huan Myung-oh decided to unleash energy to block the power that was subduing him.


As expected, when he defended with internal energy, his body could move freely again.




Huan Myung-oh rushed to the woman.


“You are pretty good, but…”


She reached down and then lowered her hand.






Unlike the first time when his body turned heavy, Huan Myung-oh collapsed as if something huge was crushing him from above.


The ground around Huan Myung-ho hollowed out.




He tried to move, but it was impossible.


The more he tried to move, the stronger the pressing force got.


‘I-I wasn’t mistaken. This is gravity…’




Huan Myung-oh’s face dug into the ground.


“What is this?”


Chairman Chun Yu-jang couldn’t hide his shock.


He never imagined that director Huan, a Superior Master, could be so helpless.


Then a Gate Keeper shouted with a confident voice.


“As expected of an SS-class Gate Keeper!”




The Yongchun people went stiff.




The highest level a Gate Keeper could ever be was S-class.


However, among the S-class, there were very few who had amazing strength.


Therefore, the government gave them a special class, the SS-class.


“Why is there an SS-class here?”


It was Chun Yu-jang’s first time seeing a SS class.


Ha Hyun-gang, the captain, spoke to the chairman, who was flustered.


“I guess you are out of luck. Chairman Yong. You are provoking the SS-class Keeper, Yu So-hwa the Gravity Witch.”


The brown-haired woman’s name was Yu So-hwa.


An SS-class keeper capable of handling gravity.


“Stop spouting nonsense and start the search. Is Major Baek going to just stand there?”


“Ah-I understand!”


Baek Jin-chang answered in a shocked tone.


It seemed like he didn’t know her identity as well.


The SS-keepers were considered priority citizens and had the title of world colonels.


‘I am sorry.’


Baek jin-chang shook his head as he could never oppose her.


“Everyone proceed with the search.”




The National Guard tried to enter the site by following the Gate Keepers.


Chun Yu-jang’s face contorted.


‘Damn it!’


The search that should have been stopped was going to be conducted because of an SS-class Gate Keeper.


If his Dantian wasn’t sealed, he would have stood up and fought, but now, there was no one who could stop the monster.




The Gate Keepers reached ahead of him.


And while passing him, the captain laughed at Chun Yu-jang.


It was then.


[Third. You are weak! Although you drew the sword because you wanted the position, you couldn’t rebuild the Cult and only made the members’ confusion grow.]






As they were trying to enter the site, Ha Hyun-gang and the Gate Keepers were thrown back.








They collided with the National Guards behind them and fell down.


The SS-class Keeper Yu So-hwa’s eyes narrowed when she saw them fly back.


At that moment, someone appeared in front of Chun Yu-jang.


It was.




Chun Yeowun.


As Chun Yu-jang was surprised, Chun Yeowun spoke to him.


“It is a sin to be weak.”

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