Chapter 43 Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon) (3)

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Chapter 43 Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon) (3)


The missing 24th Lord, Demon God Chun Yeowun.


More than a thousand years have passed since he disappeared.


‘Does this even make sense?’


The chairman’s eyes were wide and shaking.


Nowadays, the average human lifespan ranges from 90 to 120 years, thanks to the development of the medical field.


Among the Murim people who always worked on honing their skills, only eight registered Murim warriors had lived over 170.


It was an era in which longevity was possible, but it made no sense for a person to live a thousand years.


‘No matter how I look…’


The man in front of him looked like he had just turned twenty.


It would have been impossible without having immortality.


That was when something struck his mind.


‘The 24th ancestor, the Demon God, was said to be the only person who reached the Heavenly Master level in Murim.’


The last level, which was taught to be a myth, was reached.


The murim people believed that those who would reach that Heavenly Master level would become immortal and live an eternal life.


In a trembling voice, the chairman asked.


“A-are you really the 24th Lord?”


“I guess you weren’t listening to my words.”


Chun Yeowun’s cold words made goosebumps rise all over his body.


It would be better to say that his body shuddered.


‘W-Who can this…’


If he was the Demon God he knew about, then that meant he was an actual ancestor.


After reviving the Sky Demon Order, which was once swayed by the outsiders and re-establishing the Chun family, Chun Yeowun fought for his position and became the Lord.


‘If he really is the 24th lord and ancestor, then I can’t be like this.’




The chairman raised his upper body and then bowed his head to Chun Yeowun.


And cried out in a loud voice.


“I am Chun Yu-jang, 24th…”






Even before he could greet, chairman Chun Yu-jang’s body stood up on its own.


Chun Yeowun, who was looking at him with cold eyes, opened his mouth.


“Everyone, raise your heads.”




The others, who were bowing their heads, couldn’t understand why Chun Yeowun said that.


But, the order of the Chun Ma was absolute.


Cautiously, they lifted their heads and looked at Chun Yeowun.


“You people are a huge disappointment.”


In straight words, all of them ended up lowering their heads at the same time and shouted.


“We apologize!!!”


They couldn’t give an excuse.


They felt like they were kids in front of their parents, unable to hide the shame they were feeling.


Chun Yeowun spoke to them with a firm voice.


“Apologize? Do you think that this matter will pass with just words? Today, you will be punished for ruining the Cult!”




At the word ‘punishment’, the clan leaders’ expressions distorted heavily.


While they were puzzled, Chun Yeowun’s hand went to Chun Yu-jang’s left wrist.


“You will be the first.”




Chun Yu-jang nervously gulped.


Director Huan Myung-oh looked at him with worried eyes.


‘Still, he is a direct descendant, and can be very use…’






A scream erupted from his mouth.


And shock appeared in the eyes of the people who witnessed it.


Chun Yu-jang’s wrist fell to the floor.




“Do you have to go this far!”


The others couldn’t hide their shock as they didn’t expect their arms to be cut off.


Not caring about their reactions, Chun Yeowun spoke to Chun Yu-jang, who was in pain.


“First! The punishment for messing up the Cult and causing all its members to scatter and hide!”




Chun Yu-jang looked at Chun Yeowun with fearful eyes.


He was prepared to take some punishment, but he never thought his wrist would be cut off.


“My Lord!”


Huan Myung-oh stepped forward while kneeling and said.


“This is too extreme. Even if that is true, the chairman is the leader of the faction, and a direct descendant!”




Chun Yeowun snorted and waved his hand.


The severed wrist of Chun Yu-jang, which fell to the floor, moved in front of Huan Myung-oh.




As he saw it, Huan Myung-oh trembled.


Chun Yu-jang’s severed part was emitting a chill as if it had been put in a freezer.


‘It is freezing. No way!’


During the measures of rejoining an amputated body part, the cut parts were often wrapped in a handkerchief or gauze and placed in an ice pack.


It was to minimize the tissue damage.




‘The cut section is clean.’


It looked like he cut it out of anger, but it was done with care.


For those who reached Chun Yeowun’s level, handling the sword to minimize damage was an easy task.


‘He didn’t just cut it.’


He was literally delivering the punishment.


If Chun Yeowun had cut it in rage or anger, then rejoining it would be impossible.


When Huan Myung-oh realized that he wasn’t hurting but punishing them, he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.




Chun Yu-jang, who didn’t know it, was losing his mind.


Because he made one mistake, his wrist was cut off.


He was afraid to think of a second or third mistake that could cost him his neck.




“P-please forgive me.”


Chun Yu-jang said in a pleading voice.


“Second! The punishment for disintegrating the Cult because of self-interest and greed for the Lord position when the entire Cult was in crisis.”






Chun Yu-jang’s eyes widened.


The place where Chun Yeowun’s palm was headed was none other than his Dantian.


He was even more flustered than when his arm was cut off.


“An-ancestor! No… not this… please!”


“Not what?”




Chun Yeowun grabbed the abdomen.


Internal energy began to dig into Chun Yu-jang’s dantian.




Like a piece of paper, Chun Yu-jang’s face wrinkled.


Instinctively, he tried to raise his internal energy to fight it off, but the difference between them was too great.


Chun Yeowun’s energy began to dig deep, causing pain all over the body.




From neck to forehead, veins were popping up. The people seeing it couldn’t hide the fear showing up on their faces.


‘Is he trying to break the Dantian?’


If that is the case, then cutting off the arm was just the beginning.


“Ancestor! Please! Please forgive me! Achhh!”


“I will seal the dantian of the three bastards who ruined the Cult until all of them are gathered at one place.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun released his hand.


The painful burning fire in the body disappeared right away.


“Huh…. Huh…”


‘M-my internal energy?’


Chun Yu-jang’s face turned white.


Sealing his Dantian wasn’t a lie.


The internal energy inside his body didn’t move on his request.




With his arms cut off and his dantian sealed, his eyes reddened as he realised how miserable he was.


What was even more unbearable was that it was happening in front of the clan leaders.


‘Ahhh… how can you do this to your direct descendant?’


There was nothing more to lose.


For becoming the Lord of the Cult, he even broke apart from his own older brother.


And when his only purpose in life was shattered like that, he lost his motivation.


To him, Chun Yeowun said.


“Third one.”




Now Chun Yu-jang felt like crying.


What more could be done after cutting his wrist and sealing his dantian?


It was then.


Beep! Beep!


The office phone rang.


Not only that, but the phones of all the people in the room started to ring.




Chun Yeowun was puzzled.


He made sure to cut off any interference in the room by covering it with energy, but still, something happened.


‘Not the ones outside.’


Outside the room, there were around two prominent people who seemed to be guards.


And they didn’t come in when the ceiling was broken.




Chun Yeowun looked at the curtain in the room covering the scenery outside.


“Answer it.”




At Chun Yeowun’s words, Huan Myung-oh answered the phone.


“I am in a meeting right now.”


He intended to cut it off.


However, Huan Myung-oh’s face was shocked.


He cut the call right away and hurried out to open the curtain that was covering the window.


The moment he opened the curtain, he saw several vehicles of the National Guard gathered at the entrance of the building.


“Defense forces.”


“Why are they here?”


No one could understand it.


Huan Myung-oh spoke in a cautious voice as he looked at Chun yeowun and Chun Yu-jang.


“It is Major Baek Jin-chang of the National Guard.”


“Baek Jin-chang? Why is he here?”


“It seems like an unidentified flying object fell on our building, and it has to be a gate related problem, so they requested us to cooperate with the search.”


Upon hearing that it was an unidentified flying object, everyone’s eyes turned towards Chun Yeowun.


He was the only one who flew through the ceiling.


As he didn’t predict this to happen, Chun Yeowun rubbed his chin.


‘Nano. Didn’t you fly in stealth mode?’


[The infrared camera must have captured the heat rays emitted by the magnetic particles, the radar couldn’t see it.]


The radar could be blocked.


However, the Gate Defense Forces had taken measures to prevent the approach of dangerous objects into the barrier. It was only natural that they detected the movement.




It was when he looked out of the window and started to think about what to do.


Chun Yu-jang spoke.






“If it is Baek Jin-chang of the National Guard, then I think I can do something about it.”


“What can you do?”


“He received a lot of donations from our Yongchun group.”


The Yongchun was able to be listed in Jinan city because it had built a strong relationship with the high-ranking officials.


After looking at his eyes, Chun Yeowun released the internal energy suppressing the people.


“T-thank you for trusting me. I-I will get this done soon.”


Chun Yu-jang, who managed to escape the third punishment because of the unexpected appearance of the National Guard, hurriedly left the room with Huan Myung-oh and others.


Chun Yu-jang’s mouth twitched as he headed to the elevator.


‘Nice timing!’


He felt genuinely grateful for the appearance of the National Guard.

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