Chapter 41 Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon) (1)

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Chapter 41 Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon) (1)


Sky Demon Energy.


It had originated from a fallen dragon.


Pure hatred.


Murderous intent.


Pitch Darkness.


They were obtained by killing an ascending dragon.


It was the Sky Demon energy that brought all of those characteristics together.


The first Chun Ma had left behind his technique and energy for the prosperity of his future successors.


The person who managed to obtain it was Chun Yeowun, the 2nd generation Chun Ma.


‘Demonic energy.’


Before he disappeared, Chun Yeowun had left the demonic energy to the cult members.


Cultists, who had excellent strength, were able to absorb the demonic energy inside the corpse of the fallen spirit.


Their Lord had disappeared, but the demonic energy had been passed down from generation to generation and remained a symbol of the Sky Demon Order.


Thud! Thud!


Huan Xia shouted while banging her head to the floor.


“This lowly member of the Sky Demon Order recognizes the 2nd Chun Ma. Please forgive my act of rudeness in the presence of the Demon God!”


The only energy that the demonic energy could succumb to, is the Sky Demon energy.


She felt it in her bones.


She couldn’t help but admit that the man in front of her was Chun Yeowun, the 24th Lord who had disappeared.


“Raise your head.”


“How can an ignorant lowly member of the cult who couldn’t even recognize the true Chun Ma lift her head? I cannot do it unless I am properly punished.”


She was nervous and embarrassed.


She couldn’t forgive herself for pointing her finger at Chun Yeowun and for uttering that his sword was fake.


She didn’t have the confidence to look at his face.




Against her wishes, her body flew.


Blood was dripping from her forehead and covered her pretty face that was showing anxiety.


“Ahh…. Lord Chun Ma.”


However, what Chun Yeowun said was completely opposite to her expectations…


“Don’t mistake this. I am not going to punish each and every one of you individually.”




“You and all the other members who are currently fighting will be punished.”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned cold.


Not only was the Sky Demon Order, which held a great history and power for more than 1,800 years, disbanded, but also its members are fighting each other instead of working on rebuilding it.


Furthermore, the Chun Woo-kyung faction had coveted the Lord’s position by putting forth a fake Sky Demon Sword and a fake White Dragon Blade. Not only that, but also the jade plate. Chun Yeowun has every reason to never forgive that man.


“You will all be punished according to your sins, so be prepared.”


“L-Lord Chun Ma…”


For a moment, Huan Xia felt terrible.


In Chun Yeowun’s days, it was common for brothers and sisters from one parent to kill each other to covet the position.


It was Chun Yeowun, the Lord and the 2nd Chun Ma, who eradicated it.


He made sure not to let any outside organization interfere with the Sky Demon Order’s internal affairs and made sure there was no war within the cult.


‘Wait. Wasn’t it the 2nd Chun Ma who is said to have killed all the outsiders and cut all the arms of the brothers who were competing…’


Although much had been forgotten over time, Chun Yeowun was a legendary figure with many things written regarding him.


He wasn’t the kind to let people go just because they were his descendants.




“Huh? What do you mean…”


“Tell me where your faction’s base is.”


“T… that…”


At Chun Yeowun’s direct question, she wasn’t able to answer.


Rather, she wanted to know if he was asking about Chun Woo-kyung or Chun Yu-seong.


Actually, she didn’t know the location.


The location where Chun Woo-kyung publicly revealed the swords was found to be a random place and not their actual base.


The reason why Chun Yeowun didn’t mention Chun Woo-kyung’s base was because he knew about it from the data he found on the smartphone.


“Don’t think of changing topics.”




Huan Xia fell on her knees and spoke with tears in her eyes.


“My Lord. Please have mercy on me.”


In the end, she gave all the information she had.


She couldn’t even remember how many times she cried in the process.


‘Jinan City.’


The base of general manager Chun Yu-jang was in Jinan city.


It was a city located in the northwest of Shandong province.


Finally, he found out about the whereabouts of the three factions.


“My Lord. I congratulate you.”


Baek Jong-so, who swore an oath to rebuild the Sky Demon Order by following Chun Yeowun, delivered his congratulations.


He, too, hadn’t expected their bases’ locations to be found out so quickly.


Since they said they would come after the Gate Warning, The location of Chun Yu-seong faction’s base could then be easily found.


“We will be busy once the Gate Warning is over.”


Baek Jong-so smiled.


However, what Chun Yeowun said was completely unexpected.


“I know the location, so why do I need to wait?”




He couldn’t understand what Chun Yeowun meant.


The operation of the trains was suspended until the Gate Warning was over.


Moreover, to get to Jinan city, one would have to pass through 7 cities, taking at least 2 days.


“My Lord. What are you talking about…”


“Baek Jong-so.”




“Take your mother and follow the successor of the Ghost Illusion clan to the hideout we talked about earlier.”


“Sorry? Then, what about Lord Chun Ma?”


“It might take longer, but I will be back in three days.”


“What do you mean by that?”




Even before he could finish his question, Chun Yeowun soared into the air.


It wasn’t the light footwork that he knew about.


Huan Xia mumbled with surprised eyes.


“N-No! Space Movement!!”


What Chun Yeowun unfolded was the Space Movement, the most incredible feat one could ever do.


A state where one can fly freely by using the internal energy.


It was an absolute light footwork technique that even most Supreme Masters couldn’t do.


“… he isn’t human.”


She always heard about it, but never witnessed it.


And now she has just seen Chun Yeowun use it as he flew into the sky.




It was a dark night, and he was too high to see.


Phut phut!


As if a rocket was launched, something moved the man as he flew to the southwest at a tremendous speed.


Huan Xia was confused when she asked Baek Jong-so.


“Wh-what did I just see?”


Shenyang City. Gate Defense site.


The atmosphere at the Gate Defense was like a festival.


The alpha that had to be caught was captured much sooner than expected.


“West d-12 barrier.”


“West D-13 barrier.”


The monitoring agents were reporting.


Most of the barriers were intact, and Bu Hyeon-dong, the one in charge of the wall defense on the western wall, also reported that all the remaining entities would be cleared soon.




Lieutenant in charge, Wei So-yong, couldn’t hide her overflowing joy.


She was nervous the whole time, thinking that the barrier would break, but she was fortunate.


‘It was C class but it passed safely.’


She was lucky.


Of course, behind the luck was Murim.


According to a report from Bu Hyeon-dong, he said the man was an unregistered Murim, so she was curious about his identity.


‘I want to repay his favor.’


She heard that the Alpha Horn Jackal, which had suddenly appeared towards the West E-3 barrier, was cut with one strike. It was deduced that if the person was a Gate Keeper, he would be an A-class or an S-class.


‘Well, hopefully we can get the core of the alpha.’


Occasionally, the Murim association would offer high prices for the core, so unregistered Murim warriors would often sell it to them.


It was when she was curious about it.




An emergency warning light appeared on the detection radar.


An agent monitoring the screen shouted.


“Commander on duty! Please look at this!”




The man typed something on the keyboard and brought it onto the main monitor.


A radar that shone on Shenyang city.




The people in the room were confused.


The red dot, caught on the detector, was moving southwest across the city at a tremendous speed.


Wei So-yong, who was confused, shouted.


“Activate the anti-aircraft defense system now!”


However, before they even could do anything, the red dot had already left the city.


It was incredibly fast, with a speed of Mach 13. ⁽¹⁾


“Passed Shenyang!”


The beeping of the radar stopped.


All the soldiers in the monitoring room, who were nervous, sighed in relief.


If this unidentified flying object hovered over Shenyang, it could’ve been a Code Red emergency.


Wei So-yong, who had lost the feel of her legs, mumbled.


“Damn it… what the hell was that?”


People were traveling on the road in RV vehicles of the Public Security Bureau.


They were Baek Jong-so, his mother, Moyong Lee Myeong, Huan Xia of the Ghost Illusion clan, and the wounded man from the prison.


Baek Jong-so, who was holding the steering wheel, was talking to someone on the phone.


“Okay. So, empty my room and the room of Ho-jeong.”


— No! Director Yun Mun-pyeong knows?


“Just hurry. We are hurt.”


— Ha. Team leader Ho-jeong should’ve informed me. It would have been better.


The person talking to Baek Jong-so was in the hideout.


The hideout was where Baek jong-so and the mission team of the Six Road Toys had lived, a private bunker.


“If that person snaps his finger, you are dead. If you have no intention to die, just do what I asked,”


He wasn’t wrong.


Everyone in the hideout had nano bombs in them.


At those words, the person on the phone grumbled.


— … What is he? Thanos or something?


“Don’t act smart and get ready!”


— beep!


Cutting the call, Baek Jong-so sighed.


If there was a safer place, he would have guided them there, but at the moment, the hideout was the best.




Huan Xia, who was sitting in the back seat, was holding her phone.


She was trying to contact her father.


However, as Chun Yeowun cracked the phone, there seemed to be a problem with the communication chip. Even normal texts didn’t work.


‘Please! Please! Just work!’


Jinan city, Northeast.


Far out of town, there was a large lot with a lake in the front and small ridges in the back.


There was a 30 story building and about ten office buildings clustered. At the entrance to the site, there was a large company sign called Yongchun group.


The 30 story building was the headquarters of the Yongchun group.


Even though it was late at night, there were eight suited middle-aged men. They seemed to be senior officials as they sat in a staff meeting room on the 29th floor.


At the very top of the table sat a man in his mid-50s, with white hair and sharp-looking eyes.


“I definitely said no.”




A bearded middle-aged man in a navy blue suit said with an impatient look.


“Director Huan. I’ve definitely said no a lot of times. The National Defense Agency said that a Gate Warning will be issued within a day or two. Where do you want to go?”


“But I lost contact with my daughter!”


The middle-aged man called Huan bit his lip.


The chairman responded with a sad expression.


“Gate 19 is in the North. The defense people said that the Gate could be B class or higher this time. If you are absent in such a situation, then who will control the cult members?”


Class B Gate.


A disaster with a very high risk.


When a disaster type came, it was dangerous for everyone.


The chairman continued as director Huan’s expression darkened.


“You are the most important person here. How could you, the head of an information gathering network, be unable to control your emotions?”


“… I apologize.”


“In any case, Shenyang city can’t be entered because of the Gate Warning there. Hold on a little. Once the warning is lifted, the cult members waiting in the city will move.”


Even though he was speaking softly, the president didn’t want to say it.


As far as he knew, Huan’s daughter was an adopted one and not his real child.


He heard that director Huan’s clan had problems with female children because of the strong yin.


‘She was sent there to avoid getting caught up in this war, but it still made a fuss.’


However, for him, director Huan was an important person.


And he didn’t want to make him feel bad.


“Anyway, the first thing to do is to find the authenticity of the item that he said he retrieved…”




Director Huan’s phone vibrated.


The interruption irritated the chairman, but then director Huan seemed pleased for some reason.


“Chairman! It is my daughter’s text!”


“See. Didn’t I say that everything will be fine.”


‘He and his daughter… sigh.’


Especially at the current times, it was extremely difficult to conduct a meeting.


However, after reading the text, director Huan’s expression seemed to have changed.


Curious, the chairman asked.


“Is there a problem?”


“I have no idea what this means. She said that…”




Another text came in.


“Chun… Ma?”




It was then.




A loud roar was heard from above the building.


Something suddenly pierced the ceiling and landed on the table.


At the sudden scene, everyone stepped back at once.


“Wh-what is going on?”


The chairman, who also got up and moved back, had his eyes focused on something in the middle of the table.




A precious black sword with a unique black brilliance different from a normal sword.


It seemed familiar.


There were three letters engraved on the sword. The chairman’s eyes shook as he read them.




It was then.




Another thing fell from the ceiling and entered the room through the same hole.


This time, it was much bigger, and the entire room was covered in dust.


“What is it?”






People pulled out their weapons.




Then, the dust settled with a weird sound.


A young man with a fair face and black coat.


Chun Yeowun.


“Who dares to…”


Chun Yeowun looked down at the people and said.




At that moment, the seniors in the room were forced to kneel against their wills.


Thud! Thud!




“What the hell is this!”


Everyone couldn’t hide their shock at what was happening.


What made them even more shocked was.




The arrogant chairman was no exception.


⁽¹⁾Mach 13 ≃ 16,000 km/h or 10,000 mph

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