Chapter 39 Another One (2)

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Chapter 39 Another One (2)




Huan Xia, who was draped over the masked man’s shoulder, couldn’t hide her surprise.


She knew that the masked people were strong since she’d just fought with them.


Despite not being strong like the captain, the other members were skilled enough to subdue a strong person. However, their captain himself had just lost an arm.


‘Is he someone that father sent?’


It was her first time seeing that face.


She could feel his strength, but he looked to be only in his 20s.


If her father sent him, there was a high probability that it was a mask.


‘I don’t know who you are, but please!’


She wanted to be saved.




The captain’s mouth was blocked by Chun Yeowun’s hand.


The man was unable to do anything because the opponent’s energy was beyond imagination.


‘W-who the hell is this monster?’




The masked captain groaned.


Chun Yeowun warned the masked man and the others holding the woman.


“Put down that girl and I will only cut your arm and spare your life…”


It was then.


One of the masked men, aimed his gun equipped with a silencer.


What he aimed for was.


“I am sorry.”




He didn’t aim for Chun Yeowun but for the captain.




The captain’s body was moved to the side.


If he was even a little late, the captain’s forehead would have been pierced by the bullet.


‘These ones, not colleagues?’


Chun Yeowun frowned.


Although he was merciless to his enemies, he would never try to hurt his own men or comrades, especially not someone who was higher than him.


‘It seems like there is no use holding one as a hostage.’


Even in the current times, extreme training seemed to have been provided.


In the event of a crisis or unexpected situation, colleagues can abandon each other and even kill without showing mercy.


“Nothing can be done.”


Chun Yeowun, determined just to subdue all of them, tried to move.


Making the masked man holding Huan Xia shout.


“If you don’t want this girl dead, stop.”






The masked man took out a knife, and put the woman down as he pointed it at her neck.


He threatened to kill her.


‘Ahhh! No! I haven’t even gotten married yet! I can’t die as some lonely virgin!’


Huan Xia seemed to be a woman with many regrets in her life.


She wanted to scream, but couldn’t as the blood points were sealed, so she just shook her body.


“If you rebel, I will kill this bitch.”


The masked man threatened.


Woong! Phat!


The masked man raised the sword qi and pointed it at Chun Yeowun.


The masked man had pushed the knife deeper into her neck, trying to show that he wasn’t bluffing.


In the meantime, a new masked man narrowed the distance to two steps in front of Chun Yeowun at once.




The masked man’s sword qi pierced through Chun Yeowun’s neck at once.


It was then.






The masked man was flustered.


‘How is he holding a sword qi with his bare hands?’


He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing.


Chun Yeowun’s hand wasn’t cut, nor was there blood.


At that moment, the masked man pushed the knife a little more into the neck and shouted.


“You mean it doesn’t matter if this bitch dies?”


Chun Yeowun snorted at it.


“If you planned to kill her, you wouldn’t have tried to kidnap her in the first place. Besides…”




‘W-Wh… What the hell is this…’


The masked man’s finger that was holding the knife began to open.


It was as if a tremendous amount of energy was pulling it out.




The knife was about to fall to the ground.


When it happened.


The falling knife suddenly flew up and pierced the masked man’s forehead.








The knife was pushed so strong that it even went through the head and pierced the wall behind.


The masked man speechlessly fell down.


Thanks to that, Huan Xia, who was stabbed a little, fell to the ground.




In an instant, silence reigned.


The remaining four men were shocked.


Unless they were seeing things, it couldn’t be the…


“A-Air sword!”


Air Sword


Literally, it was a state of handling the sword as efficiently as speaking.


It was possible to do it at Supreme Master level, at which people became a lot better at the execution of sword techniques.


“Supreme… Master!”


“In this corner, there is a human class monster…”


Actually, Chun Yeowun was at a level higher than that.


The masked people who realized that their opponent had overwhelming capabilities had no choice but to hesitate.


There was only one thing to do if there was no way to subdue the opponent.


“All open…”






Chun Yeowun hit the neck of the masked man, who used a sword qi with his hand.


The masked man fell down, grabbing his neck.






When they saw one of them falling, the remaining three decided to run away by unfolding light footwork.


“Escape? I told you that I won’t let you go.”


Chun Yeowun lowered his palm.


A tremendous energy spread over the entire alley and suppressed the masked people.






“W-what energy!”


The masked people who were suppressed couldn’t take another step and knelt.


They tried to, but it was of no use.


Chun Yeowun grabbed the neck of the man in front of him and asked.


“Where are you from?”


At the question, the masked man groaned and opened his mouth.


“Kuak. Kill me.”


At that, Chun Yeowun shook his head.


“I guess that is what you want. Well it doesn’t matter to me. If you won’t speak then I can think of other ways.”


Chun Yeowun reached out to remove the mask on the man.


What made life in this current world easier for him was that they always had phones in their ears and radios to get in touch with other people, their leaders.


Perhaps, this one had that.


It was when Chun Yeowun grabbed the mask.




A red glow arose from the body, and a scorching heat began to spread.


It happened so quickly that even Chun Yeowun wasn’t able to stop it.




The masked man’s body blackened as it turned into ashes.


Chun Yeowun had seen it at Six Road Toys.


‘Nano bomb?’


It wasn’t just this one man.


All the other masked men he defeated had turned into ashes.


Chun Yeowun’s eyebrows rose.




He didn’t know who did it, but the people were killed by detonating the nano bombs within their bodies to hide their identities.


‘So I wasn’t the one he asked to kill him.’


Perhaps he said that to the person he was in contact with.


Nano bombs were more annoying than he thought.


He could prevent them from exploding if he had time, but Chun Yeowun couldn’t stop it once the explosion started.




But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t do anything.


With this incident, he managed to come up with a countermeasure.


‘However, where did they come from?’


According to Yu Mun-pyeong of Road Six Roys, the nano bomb was difficult to obtain due to its rarity.


If they could put that in all the bodies of the masked people, then it meant that the organization behind them was wealthy.


Moreover, they tried to kidnap a Sky Demon order clan member, who didn’t even have any influence.


At least, there was a high probability that their target was the Cult.


Surely this wasn’t an internal conflict.


‘It wasn’t our Cult’s cultivation method.’


While he was in thought, the woman groaned.




Her eyes were shining.


Chun Yeowun approached her with an annoyed expression and released her blood points.




The moment she was released, Huan Xia tried to hug him.


“Thank you! I thought I would die before getting married. Euu!”




Chun Yeowun pushed her away.


“Don’t push it.”




Huan Xia fell on the floor.


She was actually interested in Chun Yeowun, who had an overwhelming strength.


So she tried to hug him to make him help her, but she failed.


‘Ugh, I am embarrassed.’


Being pushed away was more embarrassing for her.


When she was active, she was the centre of men’s affection. But, she never experienced someone like Chun Yeowun.


After a moment, she regained her composure.


“Hmm, thank you. For saving my life. Maybe my father sent you?”


Chun Yeowun was the only one who appeared at the right time.


So she assumed that her father, who knew about the crisis, had sent him.


But the answer that came from Chun yeowun’s mouth was weird.


“Is this father the head of the Ghost Illusion clan?”


“Did you just call my father ‘the head’?” ⁽¹⁾


She yelled at Chun Yeowun, who was treating her father like some child.




Then she heard the sound of a car stopping outside the alley.


Afraid that another enemy might appear, she said.


“L-let’s get out of this place first. Come on.”


“Where are you going?”


“Are you planning to fight every single one?”


She frowned at Chun Yeowun.


At that moment, she heard the sound of someone rushing from the vehicle that had stopped.


And as they entered the dark alley.


“Lord Chun Ma!!”


It was Baek Jong-so.


Since the entire city was under lockdown, he took the RV vehicle of the Public Security, but Chun Yeowun moved ahead with his light footwork.


‘He arrived much faster than the car I drove at the speed of 180…’


So fast that Baek jong-so was shocked.


Of course, looking at it now, it seemed like Chun yeowun made the right decision.


Huan Xia mumbled.


“Chun Ma?”


If she didn’t hear it wrong, Baek Jong-so just said ‘Chun Ma’.


Baek Jong-so yelled at her.


“Hey! Don’t you know how to get down on your knees in front of Chun Ma!”




Huan Xia couldn’t understand what was happening.


She knew about Baek Jong-so because she kept an eye on him under orders.


‘Wasn’t he the outcome of a misfortune?’


But she couldn’t figure out why ‘Chun Ma’ was coming out of his mouth.




The wrist guard on Chun Yeowun’s wrist disassembled and changed into a sword.


Her soul was blown away by the appearance of the Sky Demon Sword.


Huan Xia‘s eyes focused on the letters engraved on the sword.


“Sky Demon Sword?”


At that, Baek Jong-so urged.


“Aren’t you going to show respect even after seeing the sword?”


He thought that she would feel the overwhelming feeling that he and his mother felt.


However, the woman’s reaction was weird.




She suddenly widened the distance between her and Chun Yeowun and then pointed to him.


“Who are you? How dare you deceive a descendant of the head of the Ghost Illusion clan with a fake Sky Demon Sword?”


At her words, Chun Yeowun asked with an expressionless face and a cold voice.


“Fake Sky Demon Sword?”


⁽¹⁾Out of respect, he had to call her father ‘Clan Leader’. But since he’s Lord, he just needed to say ‘Head’.

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