Chapter 35 Legend (3)

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Chapter 35 Legend (3)


Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned heavy.


It’s only been two days since he jumped into this time and space, but when he found out that this was the world he disappeared from, his thoughts became complicated.


‘After I disappear… this is how the future unfolds.’


He would have felt a lot better if he fell into a world he had no connection with.


However, when he heard that this world was the one he belonged to, even if he was the Demon God, he lost his composure.




Chun Yeowun was curious about people other than Baekgi.


“Do you know what happened to the cult after I disappeared?”


Geum Oh-yeon couldn’t hide her fluster at that question.


The Sky Demon Order had a vast history of over 1800 years.


No matter how high ranking the members of the cult were, it was impossible to have a detailed explanation on what happened to all of them, they didn’t even know what exactly happened to more recent members.


“I-I’m sorry. It’s believed that it’s recorded in the cult’s records, but after the cult was dissolved…”


She didn’t say anything else, but Chun Yeowun could guess.


Her silence meant that the location of the records was unknown.


Chun Yeowun frowned at that.


“Then, do you know about the one called Mun Ku?”


Chun Yeowun was most concerned about the well-being of his lover, Mun Ku.


“Mun Ku… Mun Ku… ah!”


Geum Oh-yeon pondered the name, and then it seemed like she remembered something.


“Wasn’t she your wife?”




Chun Yeowun smiled very subtly at the word ‘wife’.


Although they weren’t married, Mun Ku, who had his child, was nothing less than a wife.


But then he heard something else.


“The mother of the 25th Lord of the Cult, Chun Un-ku.”


According to Geum Oh-yeon, his wife named their child a combination of their names.


It was like using a character from both his and her names.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes softened at it.


‘… to be named after the two of us.’


As soon as he heard it, he knew Mun Ku’s emotions.


And missed her even more.


In order to go back to her, he needed a time pack or time jet, which can move through time, but such devices were impossible to find in this era.


‘I’m in trouble.’


Maybe he had to wait until they were made.


It wasn’t an impossible task for Chun Yeowun who absorbed the cores of the five spirits beasts and gained eternal life, but that would take too long.


‘I need to figure something out.’


Geum Oh-yeon, who looked at him, asked with a curious face.


“How come you didn’t ask about the 2nd lady…”


“2nd lady?”


According to Geum Oh-yeon, only the married ones were called ladies.


However, there was no way he would marry anyone other than Mun Ku.


“2nd lady Wang Yogun?”




Chun Yeowun put his hand on his forehead, as if it was absurd.


When Chun Yeowun was in Murim, he only had connections with two women.


One of them was Wang Yogun.


She was the daughter of Wang Jing, the Martial Dual Sword, one of the five strongest warriors in Chun Yeowun’s era.


Unlike Mun Ku, who he knew well, his relationship with Yogun was because of an unfortunate incident.


‘So that’s how it ended up? Sigh.’


He could guess what happened.


People treated Yogun like Chun Yeowun’s lover.


And maybe they thought both women were important to him.


‘Haha… Mun Ku allowed it.’


He knew the other woman far less than Mun Ku.


Nevertheless, in the end, Wang Yogun turned into the second wife.


Chun Yeowun, who made two women turn into widows, shook his head.


‘Wang Yogun…’


That was just another reason to go back.


In any case, Geum Oh-yeon told Chun Yeowun the names of the Sky Demon Order’s successive Lords and what she knew about them.


But that didn’t matter to him.


What mattered was why the cult became like this.


“Why did the cult collapse?”


At Chun Yeowun’s disappointed tone, Geum Oh-yeon bowed her head.


It was because she was ashamed to explain that to the 2nd generation Chun Ma, who led the most glorious period of the Sky Demon Order’s history.


“We apologize, Chun Ma.”


“Enough. Tell me.”


“… I don’t know the full story since I wasn’t there, but I heard it from my husband, the former head of the Pure Kick Clan.”


Although she was a member of the cult, she wasn’t in a position where she could access all the information.


Since she didn’t have a major rank, she probably wasn’t even allowed to attend the meetings, and as she mentioned, she learned everything from her husband.


“Perhaps this was what triggered the cult’s collapse.”


It was 28 years ago.


When the First Dimension Gate opened.


Before that, Murim wasn’t a world which existed in the light.


Murim was just something which was seen in movies and dramas.


“At that time, the only people who knew of the real Murim were the famous Murim warriors who held high positions in the business world.”


It was the same as it was in the past.


Only officials, the imperial family, and merchants recognized the existence of Murim.


But, the Murim warriors who operated in the shadows had to appear because of the Dimension Gates that opened all over the world.


The Gates suddenly opened.


And many disasters sprang out from them.


As of that day, Murim and the special humans who were hidden away from the world rose to the top and many things in the world changed.


“When I was young, there were no federation governments such as the Asian Federation or the European Federation.”


However, the world changed as cities were destroyed by Gates.


The world, which judged that no single country could win against them, began to unite and changed into federation governments.


“There were a lot of problems in the process.”


Not all nations wanted to join.


The People’s Republic of China was one of them.


At the center of the strong opposition to the federation system was President Wei Jinyong.


“… at that time it occurred.”


A massacre happened in the city of Huyunpai, which was adjacent to Russia, during a meeting with the prime minister of Russia who, like the People’s Republic of China, opposed the system.




“Yes. It was such a huge event that it was talked about in the world news for weeks.”


There, the president of China and other key figures, even the prime minister of Russia and their foreign minister were all assassinated.


Without that incident, it would have been difficult for the Asian Federation to be established.




Even Chun Yeowun was a little shocked.


The worst happened only after the Gates opened.


However, the problems continued.


“Something… something went wrong. I still don’t believe what happened.”


Geum Oh-yeon said through clenched teeth.


“Our chairman Chun Woo-jin was accused of doing the massacre.”




Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.


He couldn’t understand why the man was suddenly involved in the genocide of two countries’ leaders.


“It was so weird. At that time the chairman went on a business trip to the same place for business reasons.”


“They accused him because of that?”


“… the prosecution showed a CCTV video record of the chairman entering and exiting the summit meetings.”


“That caught him on a CCTV camera?”


That was even more absurd.


Most CCTV cameras in the building where the massacre took place were damaged.


However, that one CCTV camera was fine.


“That was the only evidence?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question Geum Oh-yeon grunted.




“Not long after, our chairman was summoned and went to support the investigation, and then witnesses appeared and evidence was given.”




The evidence was the autopsy of the bodies.


Unexpectedly, the bodies had scars from the Sky Demon Order’s swordsmanship, a technique that only the head of the Sky Demon Order could learn.




Chun Yeowun was flustered.


‘The Sword Force of the Sky Demon?’


It was a technique that was left for the Lords of the Cult.


The sword technique could never be used correctly unless the entire technique was mastered.


The Sword Force of the Sky Demon was a technique Chun Yeowun used.


And before Chun Yeowun landed in this world, he taught the full technique to his grandfather, Chun Inji.


“Who gave the autopsy result?”


Geum Oh-yeon continued the story with her voice full of resentment.


“The result… it was said that it was the common opinion shared by Murim warriors, who were dispatched by each clan to check the sword marks.”


The Black Sky Company, no, the Sky Demon Order, was being oppressed.


Even in modern times, conflicts arose in Murim.


In such a situation, the opposing clans were brought in to check and they gave the result they wanted.


“Forces of Justice Association, Blade Six…”


They all waited and then called the chairman the culprit.


The Sky Demon Order had enemies everywhere.




The Sky Demon Sword, which Chun Yeowun was holding like a staff, dug deeper into the ground.


His eyes were cold with anger.


“Chun-Chun Ma!”


“Continue… keep going.”


Geum Oh-yeon, who was bewildered by the heavy voice of Chun Yeowun, continued.


In the end, the prosecution asked the court to sentence Chun Woo-jin to death.


Since leaders of two nations were killed, the Black Sky Company couldn’t do anything.


Moreover, as that happened when Murim was appearing from the shadows, it drew even more attention.


“We appealed to save the chairman.”


Geum Oh-yeon’s eyes were red.


Just thinking back on all she had been through, she could feel the anger rise again.


“But nothing worked.”


They made an appeal with the best lawyers in the company, but nothing could be done because of the evidence which pointed to the chairman.


Even the lawyers said that avoiding sentencing was difficult.


“The only thing the lawyers could do was avoid the death penalty.”


The defense counsel requested negotiations with the prosecution.


They informed them of what the side effects would be if the chairman was executed.


“In the end, the prosecution took a step back and pushed for life imprisonment, instead of the death penalty.”


The reason was simple.


As the Gates opened, people like Murim warriors were needed.


In such a situation, if the chairman of the Black Sky Company, one of the four major clans, was executed, then they wouldn’t help.


After changing the punishment, the state decided to utilize the power of the Black Sky Company.


“But there was something that us and the government overlooked.”


It was the movement of the Murim clans.


Each clan was in conflict with the Sky Demon Order and they didn’t miss the opportunity to corner the cult.


“But they weren’t the only ones.”


At that time the Black Sky Company was looked at as a company which killed the leaders of two nations, and people boycotted it, their stock price plummeted, and the company deteriorated in a year.


“Amidst all that…”


She couldn’t hold back her emotions.


She hesitated, until Chun Yeowun spoke in a cold voice.


“Tell me.”


She continued while feeling sad.


“There was a struggle for the succession of company management.”


The absence of the chairman, the largest shareholder and the Lord of the Cult, lead to greater deterioration.


No matter what happened, in such a situation where public opinion changed, someone had to fix it.


And the solution was, become the next chairman.


“Because of that the internal situation was even worse.”


Normally one of the chairman’s two sons would have to succeed.


However, because of the chairman’s absence there was no decision maker and the dispute arose.


Then the worst happened.


“… Chun Woo-kyung, the younger brother of the chairman, objected to the succession.”


He pointed out that the two sons were incompetent and argued that the company would go bankrupt or dissolve if one of them took power.


That objection gained the support of many members, and then the company divided into three groups.


Even if they tried to overcome their bad reputation, because of the internal war, nothing would happen.


“In the end, only disputes continued, nothing was resolved, and it reached a point where the situation couldn’t be fixed…”


The Black Sky Company was officially dissolved.


All of that was what led to the Sky Demon Order’s current state.


Geum Oh-yeon was in tears.


She couldn’t even lift her head to look at Chun Yeowun.


‘So this was what happened…’


Baek Jong-so was shocked.


He heard about what happened to the Sky Demon Order for the first time and felt ashamed.


Although it wasn’t the only reason, it couldn’t be denied that the family’s fight was what led to its current state.


‘It’s natural to be angry. And ashamed too.’


Geum Oh-yeon noticed that Chun Yeowun wasn’t saying anything.


It wasn’t her fault, but as a member of the cult she couldn’t face Chun Ma.


She tried to look.






The abandoned factory began to tremble.


Baek Jong-so jumped at the sudden movement.




Cracks appeared in the walls of the building, it looked like the building would collapse at any moment.


Baek Jong-so was bewildered and tried to tell Chun Yeowun that they had to leave.






He discovered the cause of the shaking.


The Sky Demon Sword in the ground was shaking.


“Ch-Chun Ma!”


Geum Oh-yeon looked at him with bewildered eyes.


A terrifying force was escaping from his body.


Chun Yeowun was unable to contain his emotions.


‘To hear this…’


It was so absurd that he was pissed.


He never dreamt that those who inherited his blood would disappoint him so much.




Chun Yeowun looked at the two people in front of him.


They were not sure about what had to be done.


The mother and son were a part of the Pure Kick Clan, which was loyal to the Sky Demon Order.


They kept hiding and wandering around as fugitives.


‘My descendants made the Sky Demon Order like this?’






As his anger increased, part of the building began to collapse.


“Chun Ma! Please calm your anger!”


Baek Jong-so shouted as he covered his mother to make sure she wasn’t hurt.


He was sure that the building would collapse.




Chun Yeowun removed his hand from the sword.




The shaking and the cracking, everything stopped.


The two of them looked at Chun Yeowun with eyes full of fear.


And he, who was silent, opened his mouth.


“Descendants of the Pure Kick Clan. You must have been through a lot.”


Unexpected comforting words came out of his mouth.


They thought they would be punished, but when warm words came out, tears welled in Geum Oh-yeon’s eyes.




“Ch-Chun Ma! How can you say that? What a shame we are as descendants!” ⁽¹⁾


She yelled as she put her head on the floor.


Chun Yeowun looked at them and shook his head.


“You did nothing wrong.”


With that, he pretended to pull something up with his hand.


The Sky Demon Sword, which was in the floor, was pulled out.




“There are others who have sinned.”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes were as sharp as the sword in his hand.


The mother and son looked at him with puzzled expressions.


Calming his emotions, he made a decision.


The decision was.


“I’ll make it right.”




At those words, both Geum Oh-yeon and Baek Jong-so trembled.


It was because Chun Yeowun, the second generation Chun Ma, said he would rectify the Sky Demon Order.




If someone else said that, they wouldn’t have cared.


But hearing it from Chun Yeowun was enough to shake them to their cores.


With a trembling voice, Baek Jong-so asked.


“Are you really going to bring the Black Sky Company back to life?”


“Does it sound like I’m saying baseless words?”




“After hearing that, do you think I would leave it alone? I will bring back the original Sky Demon Order.”


“Oh oh… my lord!”


Geum Oh-yeon looked at Chun Yeowun, whose eyes were filled with a strong will.


And Chun Yeowun added.


“Even if it can’t be fixed, I can always wipe everything away!”


⁽¹⁾Descendants meaning descendants of the Sky Demon Order, just to be clear.


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