Chapter 33 Legend (1)

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Chapter 33 Legend (1)


‘Damn, damn it…’


Neung Do-myung couldn’t hide his shock.


He didn’t expect much, but he was hoping that Lee Myeong, the 3rd team’s leader, would at least hit Baek Jong-so.


But before such a miracle happened, Chun Yeowun appeared.




Lee Myeong was caught by his neck from behind.




‘He… he really saved her?’


He couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his own eyes.


The woman he was holding was Geum Oh-yeon.


He knew her because he personally arrested Baek Jong-so and her at their home and then transported her outside the wall.


“Damn it, just how?”


The Gate Warning alarm was sounded.


When a gate opens, disaster strikes.


The outside must have been a battlefield, and saving that woman was nothing short of a miracle.




Tears flowed out of Baek Jong-so’s eyes.


When he saw his mother, who was unharmed, his legs trembled.


‘He really saved her… ahh!’


He looked at Chun Yeowun with eyes which began to trust him even more.


After leaving the cult, the two played no role, yet they were being looked after.


However, someone was suffering in that situation.


“Kuak! Yo-You…”


Lee Myeong, who was caught by his neck, couldn’t move.


This was the second time.


‘I got caught again?’


It was embarrassing and humiliating for him.


It had been so long since he felt humiliated, the first was when he wasn’t able to perform martial arts like the others in his family.


‘My hands feel numb too.’


His eyes fell on the machine gun which was dropped on the floor.


With his neck grabbed from behind, his body went stiff, unable to move.


Chun Yeowun spoke to him.


“I showed you a favor, but here you are prepared to do something that offends me again?”




At Chun Yeowun’s words, Lee Myeong’s eyes fluttered.


If he hadn’t listened to the doctor in the emergency room, he wouldn’t have thought much of what Chun Yeowun said.


[You said that you’re the leader of a Public Security Bureau team, indeed, this is the work of a professional.]




[Hmm. I’ll have to take a closer look to find out more, but at first glance, this bullet pierced very cleanly. Both in the shoulder and the thigh, the bullet went through flesh and not bone.]


But he thought that it was a coincidence.


But after listening to Chun Yeowun, he knew that it was on purpose.




He wanted to say something, but the back of his neck was grabbed and he couldn’t speak.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun released his hand.


He thought that his struggling legs would naturally touch the floor, but




“W-What is this?”


His body was floating in the air.


Confused, but he knew what it was.


“This is!”


As a child of a Murim family, he knew the basics.


He knew what it was, but he never thought that someone could actually do it.


He wondered if he could move his body, but he couldn’t.




With that, Chun Yeowun let Geum Oh-yeon go to the ground.


Geum Oh-yeon looked at Baek Jong-so who was standing in the middle of the factory with trembling eyes.


As if waiting, Baek Jong-so ran towards her.




“My son. Sob!”




The two hugged each other with tears running down their faces.


The son was in tears because of his guilt and longing for his mother, and the mother was just happy to see her son alive.


The two lived each day in despair.


Baek Jong-so even had a nano bomb planted in his body for the sake of his mother who was taken hostage.


Geum Oh-yeon, who held her son, was thinking about the time when she was outside the wall.


It was a miracle for them.


‘What’s wrong with them?’


Lee Myeong, who didn’t know what had happened, was confused.


He knew that they were mother and son, but he couldn’t figure out why they were hugging and crying.


“It looks like you don’t know.”


Lee Myeong looked at Chun Yeowun at his question.


“What do you mean?”


“If you’re a detective at the Public Security Bureau, shouldn’t you know what your people have done?”


At that question, Lee Myeong frowned.


Even if he was in the same Bureau, information is usually not allowed to spread around, especially not to different departments.


Moreover, information control was even tighter when it came to the Mobile Strike Team, who were all dead in the abandoned factory.


[If the Six Road Toys have figured it out, he’s of no use.]


-Click…. Do you want to throw him away?


[Isn’t that why we took him in?]


-Click! Alright.


[I’ll send you a location, so have team leader Go guide and gather all of the 4th and 5th strike teams and special agents.]


Lee Myeong had heard that information as he wiretapped the director’s office.


He found out a dark side of Sang Yu-geun, who he trusted and followed.


He still couldn’t forget the last words he heard.


[His identity record will be completely destroyed, report to me once you kill him.]


Lee Myeong wanted to see it with his own eyes.


Was this all happening according to what he heard?


He was confused.


‘Then those corpses?’


Seeing the dead Mobile Strikers made him wonder if the Director was taking too huge of a risk.


He really couldn’t understand what was going on.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.


Seeing Lee Myeong, it was as if the man knew nothing.


‘This is fun.’


Then, he wondered how he would react if he told him the truth.


Chun Yeowun reached out to the side of the abandoned factory.




Then, Neung Do-myung, who was unable to move due to his blood points being sealed, was dragged.


Neung Do-myung, who was dragged in front of Chun Yeowun, didn’t know what to do.


And Chun Yeowun said.


“This one doesn’t seem to know anything, tell him what you guys did.”




Neung Do-myung was speechless.


What they were doing was confidential.


There are a lot of things the bureau did which the general public or ordinary detectives weren’t informed of.


‘Damn it, why is this guy making me do this?’


Since he brought a machine gun, he thought Chun Yeowun would kill him.


But he never thought that such an embarrassing situation would be created.


It was then.


Tak! Bang!


A nano bomb on the left side of his chest exploded.




The man screamed.


The pain when nano bombs exploded in his palm and soles was indescribable.


And the pain in his chest wasn’t any less.


‘My-My chest!’


His left nipple was blown away.


It was a nano bomb, but the explosion burned his clothes, and Lee Myeong frowned seeing that.




He couldn’t speak.


A finger snapped, and the chest seemed hurt.


To the man who was in pain, Chun Yeowun said.


“Tell him.”




“Looks like the words aren’t coming out.”


Chun Yeowun raised his hand and then folded one finger after another.






Neung Do-myung’s face turned pale, not knowing what to do.


It would be better to die than to give out something so important, but the word sacrifice wasn’t an easy thing to do.


While he was hesitating, Chun Yeowun’s fifth finger folded.


Snap! Bang!




The right nipple of Neung Do-myung was blown away.


Lee Myeong, who couldn’t bear seeing the man in pain, tried to stop it.


“Stop it! How can you do such a thi…”




However, his blood points were sealed and he was forced to shut his mouth.


Chun Yeowun stretched out his fingers again and looked at the lower body and said.


“This time it’s on the bottom.”




The eyes of the man trembled.


The place where Chun Yeowun’s gaze fell was a place where the pain would be unbearable.




Just the thought was terrifying.


As Lee Myeong was also a man, he closed his eyes so he wouldn’t be able to see what would happen.




One finger folded.


At that moment, Neung Do-myung shouted with a mad man’s voice.


“I will tell you! I will tell you everything!”


A declaration of surrender.


Chun Yeowun lowered his hand.


Neung Do-myung, who almost lost that place, revealed the truth.


What they do, the 3rd special division of the Public Security Bureau, and the Director’s orders.


‘H-How… could you do such shameful things!’


Hearing about them, Lee Myeong was unable to hold his expression.


His disappointment in the Bureau couldn’t be expressed in words.


Since he was a detective, sometimes he too placed traps to conduct investigations and attract criminals, he even didn’t hesitate to work undercover.


However, he never took a civilian hostage to achieve the desired results.


On top of that, the public security decided to remove the person because the mission failed.


‘And all of this was under the director’s orders…’


He couldn’t believe it.


He never dreamed that Director Sang Yu-geun, who values integrity and uprightness, would do such a thing.


When a person’s sense of justice and value collapses, the disappointment of those around them reaches its peak.


Lee Myeong’s eyes were red.


Neung Do-myung, who revealed the truth, looked at Lee Myeong who looked disappointed and bit his lip.


“Don’t look at me like that. Is it wrong to make sacrifices to prevent crime? How, how do you maintain justice without that?”


Lee Myeong shook his head.


Those words sounded like a cowardly excuse.


Neung Do-myung bit his lip harder; this time drawing blood.


“You do realize that in order to light up the darkness, we need to head into the darkness, right? The director and I entered the darkness.“


Even when it was said, Neung Do-myung’s words didn’t seem satisfactory.


Would Lee Myeong have been fine with it if he knew it from the beginning?


“Kuk, you think it’s ridiculous to say something like that. Don’t pretend to be naïve like you’re any different from us. Your family, too, has built a business under the guise of being a political faction, and spilled more blood than this.”




At those words, Lee Myeong’s eyes became heavy.


“I don’t know if I will survive here, but look at the records when you get out. Your family’s company has done a lot of dirty things, more than you could imagine. Team leader Moyong Lee Myeong.”


“Moyong Lee Myeong?”


Chun Yeowun mumbled.


When he first looked at the dantian of Lee Myeong, he thought that the man belonged to a Murim family, but he didn’t think that he was actually from the Moyong clan.


“Are you the 3rd team leader of the violent crimes squad? Lee Myeong?”




When his identity was said by Chun Yeowun, Lee Myeong’s eyes went wide.


“Huh, this is nice.”


Chun Yeowun stroked his chin.


The name was written on the Blade Six’s instruction paper.


There was an order to secure the one called Moyong Lee Myeong of the 3rd team, so he was curious about who the person was.


‘Is it related to this?’


Chun Yeowun’s gaze moved to Lee Myeong’s dantian.


He was about to say something to him, but then someone came over and fell in front of him.


She was Geum Oh-yeon.




Neung Do-myung and Lee Myeong were puzzled by the sight of her in tears.


Next to Geum Oh-yeon, Baek Jong-so was restless.


It seemed like the mother and son had ended their reunion.


‘Hmm. We’ll have to talk later.’




Chun Yeowun reached out and touched the blood points of Neung Do-myung and Lee Myeong.


The two men were stunned.


“Get up.”


Despite Chun Yeowun’s words Geum Oh-yeon spoke while still bowing on the ground.


“My Lord, Chun Ma. Even if I die a hundred times or a thousand times, there’s no way that I can repay your favor.”


She sincerely thanked him.


Aside from being a member of the Sky Demon Order, she had done nothing for the cult.


Geum Oh-yeon made an oath.


“My Lord Chun Ma. Even though I’m nothing but a powerless woman who has lost all her weapons, I’m not a shameless person who doesn’t know grace. Please accept me so that I can contribute to your cause in any way I can.”


‘… mother.’


Seeing his mother like that, Baek Jong-so’s heart ached.


She was originally a devout member of the Cult.


However, because of her belief that it couldn’t protect her son, she gave up everything and lived the life of a fugitive.


“Give me one more chance to be a member of the cult!”


Actually, Baek Jong-so was unaware of it, but Geum Oh-yeon had destroyed her own dantian when the people who wanted to build the Sky Demon Order had approached her.


Baek Jong-so, managed to live a nice life despite not having a father because of his mother’s love, a mother who didn’t want to put her son at risk.


Even the ones who wanted to rebuild the cult had no choice but to let her go as she had shown her determination to abandon martial arts.


‘And it changed like this.’


Although it was a misunderstanding, Geum Oh-yeon thought that Chun Yeowun was the son of the chairman in prison.


The person she met then lacked the ability to rebuild the Sky Demon Order.


She believed that rebuilding would cause strife, and tried to bury the spirit of the Sky Demon Order inside her heart and preserve the normal life of her son.


But now things have changed.


“I saw it. The absolute majestic power of Chun Ma!”


Having confirmed the power of Chun Yeowun, she developed a strong conviction.


She finally thought that the rebuilding of the Sky Demon Order would happen.


“What are you doing? Jong-so yah! Pledge your allegiance too.”




Baek Jong-so was puzzled at his mother’s words.


From the beginning he accepted that he was a member of the Sky Demon Order, but he couldn’t understand why she was asking him to swear an oath of allegiance again.




With that strong voice, Baek Jong-so fell down.


As they laid, she said in a loud voice.


“The Pure Kick Clan swears allegiance to the chairman’s eldest son, Chun Yu-seong. We support Chun Yu-seong, who’s the god sent from heaven and who obtained the Sky Demon Sword, as the next Lord!”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed at that.


It sounded like a simple pledge of allegiance, but she said she would support him as the next lord.


“You’re going to support me as the next Lord?”


Geum Oh-yeon raised her head at Chun Yeowun’s question.


“I know that it’s upsetting, but I heard that there was a dispute between your uncle, Chun Wu-kyung, and second son, Chun Yu-jang, over who would become the Lord.”




With those words, Geum Oh-yeon put her head on the floor.


“Although there are two sons who share the same blood, we support Chun Yu-seong as the Lord.”




At Geum Oh-yeon’s words, Chun Yeowun put on an expression that seemed like he didn’t understand it.


Geum Oh-yeon, who noticed that, asked in a perplexed voice.


“N-Not just us, but the other sects will also support Chun Yu-seong if they find out that you are Chun Ma!”


With that, Chun Yeowun could understand where the discussion was headed.


The Black Sky Company, no, the Sky Demon Order was dismantled, as if that wasn’t enough, the reason to not rebuild the cult was that there was a dispute over who would become the next Lord.


‘Why… why is he like that?’


She swore allegiance to him and told him that she would support him, but Geum Oh-yeon couldn’t raise her head as Chun Yeowun said nothing.


Baek Jong-so, who had never heard about the cult’s situation, was also confused.




Chun Yeowun’s black wrist guard turned into the Sky Demon Sword.


Chun Yeowun, holding the sword, lowered the tip of it to the floor.




A crack occurred on the center of the floor where the Sky Demon Sword was placed.


In a voice filled with anger, Chun Yeowun said something that the two people couldn’t understand.


“The Cult has been messed up very badly.”


“Wh-What do you mean by that?”


Chun Yeowun pulled something out of his pocket and threw it on the floor.


It was an elaborately crafted jade plate.


In the middle of the jade plate, with the seal of the first Chun Ma, the words Sky Demon Order was written.


24th Lord of the Sky Demon Order, Chun Yeowun.

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