Chapter 32 Core (2)

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Chapter 32 Core (2)


The president of Six Road Toys, Yeom Ki-seop, glanced at Chun Yeowun.


Originally, he had no intention of interfering.


He arrived later than Peng Neung-gyeom and Moyong Geum, but he, too, could see Chun Yeowun slash the Alpha in half.


And when he saw the core in his hands, he decided.


If the core fell into the hands of a monster like that, who could take it?


He thought that it would be better to quietly go back to the company, but a golden opportunity arose.


‘Yun Mun-pyeong. You think you’ll be given preference if you give him the company card and act like his dog?’


Humans are strange creatures.


It was clear that they were in an oppressed situation, but still Yeom Ki-seop didn’t want the director of Six Road Toys to be ahead of him.


‘Life is all about timing.’


Moyong Geum, the only one who could oppose him, had fallen.


Who would dare go against the Yeon Company?




“Protect the president!”




Soon, the Murim warriors belonging to the Six Road Toys arrived.


Although there were only 20 people, Ki-seop alone could deal with many warriors.


‘Tch. Why did Yeom Ki-seop have to intervene?’


Moyong Yi-sun was shocked when the man suddenly intervened.


Ki-seop was one of the four End Stage Superior Masters in Shenyang.


And Moyong Geum was the only one in the Yeon company who could face him.


‘Is he trying to fuck us over?’


In addition to the Gate Keepers, even the Murim warriors began to gather.


And if the remaining Horn Jackals were subjugated, then everyone’s attention will be drawn to them.


Actually, the answer was simple.


All he had to do was take his father back without complaining.


Enduring the humiliation could minimize the damage; it was better than fighting.


But his position was holding him back.


‘Father became like this and if I step away like a defeated dog, my position, aiming to be the next head of the Association will be shaken!’


The position of Shenyang Murim Association director was occupied by the Moyong family from generation to generation.


Their company had no problem with succession as their family owns 70% of its stake.


However, it would be difficult for that to happen, if their image was shattered.




He was conscious of his surroundings.


The Murim warriors who gathered were looking at the scene with interest.


It was natural that they were interested, the Yeon Company, one of the most competitive companies, and an affiliate company of the Blade Six were confronting.


‘Damn it!’


Moyong Yi-sun looked at Chun Yeowun.


Had it not been for what he did, the situation wouldn’t have been such a mess.


‘President Yeom Ki-seop is a person who doesn’t move unless it benefits him, so why is he taking this man’s side?’


Moyong Yi-sun frowned.


When Moyong Geum fell, his vision became enraged.


But when he looked closely, the face felt familiar.


‘Where did I see him? I’m sure that I saw this one’s face…’


He had a great memory.


A face one wouldn’t forget.


Yet, he couldn’t remember where, who could…




Moyong Yi-sun’s eyes widened.


He remembered it.


Since the man’s style changed he couldn’t remember right away, but he was the 9th man recruited by the Six Road Toys.


‘It’s him!’


The one who took down all of the pursuers he sent.


Moyong Yi-sun’s hand, which was holding his sword, trembled.


‘He’s Yeom Ki-seop’s person?’


When he was convinced that Chun Yeowun and Yeom Ki-seop were related, his anger grew even more.


He thought that their act was to shame and embarrass the company and its successor.


‘This bastard.’


He didn’t like Chun Yeowun’s relaxed expression.


“You don’t seem like you’ll back off!”




Ki-seop took a heavy step ahead.


The ground below his feet cracked.


His destructive power and both his physical and internal energy was recognized by the Murim people of Shenyang.




It was turning into a battle between two sides.


Moyong Yi-sun’s gaze went towards Peng Neung-gyeom, who was watching it from one side.


He was the only one who could take down Yeom Ki-seop.


‘Father will hate this, but…’


There was no other way.


It was really fortunate that his father had collapsed.


Moyong Yi-sun sent a message to Peng Neung-gyeom.


[Elder. I know it’s really rude to ask this of you, but please help us out just this once, as we’re the descendants of the five great clans.]


Peng Neung-gyeom’s eyes shimmered.


When he didn’t say anything back, the message continued.


[Only the elder can help us out; you’re the only one who can subdue president Yeom Ki-seop and the man who made my father like this.]




[I know that the relationship between you and my father isn’t great. But I’m different from my father. I have respected you since I was young.]


It’s true, Moyong Yi-sun had always been polite to him.


Peng Neung-gyeom was the same, he always treated Moyong Yi-sun gently.


[I’m not simply asking for help. I will give you the C-class core, if you help.]


Moyong Yi-sun was a businessman too.


He knew that the most basic thing in a transaction was to negotiate with the corresponding price.


And the only way to get the old man to help would be to give up the core.


‘It’s upsetting to lose the core, but if we can reverse the situation…’


Moyong Yi-sun looked at the man with earnest eyes.


But what came out was different than what he expected.


[I’m sorry. Executive director Moyong.]




Moyong Yi-sun looked at him with bewildered eyes.


He offered a huge reward, so why was he rejected?




[As a member of the Association, I can try and mediate. But this something which is happening between the same Association’s members, I don’t think this old man should intervene.]


Moyong Yi-sun hurriedly sent a message.


[That’s not true. That man behind him isn’t a member of the Association. And he’s an unregistered Murim warrior. If such a person is allowed to behave so arbitrarily, what will happen to the Association’s reputation?]


He spoke in such an eloquent manner.


He tried to convince Peng Neung-gyeom.


However, the man didn’t change.


He sighed and spoke with regret.


[Sigh… I’ll be honest. In this situation, I think that it would be better to step down and take your father away.]


‘You coward!’


Moyong Yi-sun’s face contorted.


He expected the man to help, but as he was rejected, he couldn’t help but get angry.


The five great clans, he thought that it was a thing of the past, but he thought that it should still have some weight.


‘Now, I understand why my father hates him.’


Peng Neung-gyeom tried to give some last advice to the young man.


[Listen to this old man. Moyong. Considering our relationship, I will tell you this bluntly. If the situation doesn’t end now…]


[No need. I no longer seek help from you.]




Peng Neung-gyeom frowned.


He was going to tell him something important, but seeing how he was cut off, he felt disappointed.


[Even when your relationship with my father wasn’t good, I still respected you. But what my father said, seems to be true.]


[Wait. Listen to what I have…]


[No. What does it mean when you say such things when my father is in that state over there? I don’t think we need to continue this relationship with you, no, elder Peng. Thank you for what you did till now.]




At those words, the old man shook his head.


Moyong Yi-sun was unable to grasp the reality.


He arrived late and didn’t know who cut down the Alpha, and even if he thought that his father did, seeing his father like that in front of a strange man, any rational man could understand the situation.


Blinded by anger and rage, he couldn’t see anything clearly.


‘Tch tch, you are no different from your father.’


Peng Neung-gyeom gave up.


The kid decided, and he wouldn’t change no matter how much he said.


The Moyong family cut down their relationship just because he refused a request, even Peng Neung-gyeom thought that seeing them get their noses broken would be a treat.


‘Huh! Great. More than this…’


When he couldn’t get help from the old man, he decided to try something else.


With that he decided to narrow down his targets.


Nothing good would come from a confrontation with the Six Road Toys.


[President Yeom.]


Moyong Yi-sun sent a message to Yeom Ki-seop.


At the sudden message, Yeom Ki-seop looked at him with doubtful eyes.


[The person standing behind you. He’s the 9th unregistered Murim warrior recruited by the Six Road Toys, right?]


At that, Yeom Ki-seop frowned.


Although it was a secret of the company, there were spies in the company, so he guessed that others would know about it.


Even so, he didn’t want to acknowledge it.


[What are you talking about? Hmm.]


[There’s no use playing innocent. We have information. Or should I send you some proof?]


There was photo evidence.


However, since Yeom Ki-seop denied it, he could still use it in the future.


Yeom Ki-seop looked at him and said,


[What do you want to say?]


[Let’s do this. After all, the guy behind you has touched my people, not just the chairman. It’s hard for me to let go of the past.]




[If the president is standing up for him, it means that he’s under you, right? Please hand him over to us.]




Yeom Ki-seop couldn’t understand it.


Moyong Yi-sun bit his lit and said.


[The Yeon company will give up the bid for the munition factory that’s going to be built on the southern outskirts of the city.]




At those words, Yeom Ki-seop’s eyes widened.


This was a huge offer.


The reason why Moyong Yi-sun was ordered to be assassinated was because of the munition factory.


‘He’s going to give up their bid?’


If it was a normal situation, he would have accepted the offer at once.


If it could be done, the Blade Six would enter the defense industry and make huge profits.


A factory that every company in Shenyang wants.


If Yeom Ki-seop took the deal, he would be able to leave the affiliate and get recognized by the Blade Six.


‘… although it’s an opportunity to increase the size of the company.’


Moyong Yi-sun was dead set on holding Chun Yeowun accountable.


With this, he thought even the president of the Six Road Toys would accept it.


Unregistered Murim warriors were the kind who could get thrown away once their work was done. And them giving up their bid was huge.




Moyong Yi-sun smiled as he looked at Chun Yeowun.


How shocked would the man be when his defender abandoned him because of the agreement they came to.


‘Huh. Your time will be over soon.’


Seeing Chun Yeowun stand there arrogantly snapping his fingers, Moyong Yi-sun wanted to break his fingers.


While he was in thought, Yeom Ki-seop shouted.


“The way the Yeon Company’s executive director is making a deal with us is rotten.”




Moyong Yi-sun was shocked.


“Wh-What are you saying…”


He was shocked, and Yeom Ki-seop continued to shout.


“Why are you acting all innocent? Executive Director Moyong Yi-sun, you said you would give up your company’s bid for the munition factory for your own sake. No matter how incompetent you are, making such a dirty request for your needs is against the morals of the Murim Association!”


‘This… this bastard!’


Moyong Yi-sun was at a loss for words.


He was revealing the secret proposal, and made it sound like Moyong Yi-sun was the culprit.


He was worried as he looked around.




The murmurs of Murim warriors could be heard.


‘Did they make a deal?’


‘The executive director of the Yeon Company?’


They weren’t sure if the man would act like that, but it was as if everyone despised Moyong Yi-sun.


It was an embarrassing situation for him who was conscious of his reputation.


“Wha, just what nonsense are you talking about…”


“I’m making it clear in front of my fellow Murim warriors. If there’s even a single lie in my words, I, Yeom Ki-seop, the president of the Six Road Toys, will live like a slave!”


Ki-seop came out even stronger.


When the head of a big company in Shenyang put himself on the line, it was obvious how the public’s opinion would move.


Moyong Yi-sun was going crazy.


“This… this…”


He wanted to refute it, but his mind went blank.


The situation was far from being rectifiable.


As much weight as his words as the executive director carry, the words of Yeom Ki-seop carry weight too.




Yeom Ki-seop sighed as people were looking at Moyong Yi-sun. Yeom Ki-seop was drenched in cold sweat.


Earlier, while Moyong Yi-sun made a tempting offer, Chun Yeowun, who was behind him, suddenly started snapping his fingers.


Shocked, he was able to return to reality where his body held nano bombs.


‘Did he hear us? No! That doesn’t work with telepathy! But it’s still making me tremble.’


All he could hear now was the snapping sound.


And he heard Chun Yeowun’s voice from behind him.


“I guess the slave part worked.”




As soon as those words were over, he disappeared.


Yeom Ki-seop turned, but couldn’t see Chun Yeowun who was carrying the woman.


The person behind him disappeared, and the only people who noticed the disappearance was him and Peng Neung-gyeom.


He mumbled as he turned back.


“Is this all worth it?”




The expression of Yeom Ki-seop, who was nervous, brightened.


And then he suddenly frowned.


‘… no. Did I actually like him half-praising me?’ ⁽¹⁾


For a second he thought he was going crazy.


Meanwhile, in the abandoned factory in the southwest of the city.


There was a person who couldn’t stand still and kept moving around.


It was Baek jong-so.


He’s been freaking out since Chun Yeowun left to save his mother.


He actually wanted to go together, but Chun Yeowun said that he would only get in the way and asked him to keep an eye on Neung Do-myung.


“Sigh. Sigh.”


The sound of sighing from Baek Jong-so was making Neung Do-myung feel frustrated.


He felt like he was living on borrowed time.


Looking at how Baek Jong-so acted, if Chun Yeowun was unable to save his mother, then it was definite that he would die on the spot.


‘Damn it…’


His heart was filled with despair.


In the place where the gate was open, was there even a way to rescue a person from outside the wall?


He gave the coordinates, but it seemed impossible.


‘When he comes back, I will die.’


It was painful how he was feeling despair.


It was when he was looking at Baek Jong-so, who was walking back and forth with a dark expression.




The sound of the door to the factory opening echoed around.




Baek Jong-so looked at the door with a trembling heart when he felt a presence.


But at the entrance.


“Oh my…”


Not Chun Yeowun, but a man was standing with a machine gun.


The man was shocked at the sight of all the officers dead on the ground.




Do-myung’s eyes fluttered.


The man who appeared was someone he knew well.


“Lee Myeong!”


It was Lee Myeong of the 3rd team of the violent crimes squad, who had been suspended.


While he was scared that Chun Yeowun would appear, this was nothing short of a miracle.


He screamed out.


“Lee Myeong, team leader! Did you bring reinforcements?”


Unfortunately, it was impossible for a suspended officer to bring reinforcements.


Seeing the situation inside of the abandoned factory and the appearance of Neung Do-myung, Lee Myeong aimed his gun at Baek Jong-so and shouted.


“Don’t move! If you move, I shoot!”




Baek Jong-so pulled out a dagger from his sleeve.


It wasn’t a pistol, but a machine gun that was being aimed at him, so he had to be careful.




Neung Do-myung was lucky, and he hoped that Lee Myeong would shoot Baek Jong-so.


The man shouted again while aiming his gun.


“This is your last warning. If you don’t surrender, you’ll be killed unconditionally.”


Lee Myeong was never this kind of person.


He brought a machine gun with him because he was prepared to kill in order to deal with that Murim warrior.


‘We were always told to aim for the heart.’


It was when Lee Myeong was about to pull the trigger.


Baek Jong-so suddenly shouted with a bright face.






At that sudden shout, Lee Myeong missed his timing to pull the trigger.


And someone grabbed the back of his neck from behind.






He was shocked as it was sudden, but the voice was familiar.


“Wasn’t getting hit by a bullet enough for you?”


‘Thi-This voice?’


It was impossible to forget the voice in such a short period.


Chun Yeowun, who had used his body as a shield against a sniper rifle.


⁽¹⁾Damn Chun Yeowun making grown-ass men want to serve him lmao

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