Chapter 30 Gate (3)

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Chapter 30 Gate (3)




The Air Swords fell down like rain, unparalleled in power.


Hundreds of Horn Jackals, which came near the bunker because of the smell of human flesh and blood, were killed.






Running away was of no use.


The scariest thing about the Sky Flash is how precisely it targets the enemies.


Beep! Beep! Beep!


The enemies’ coordinates were displayed in Chun Yeowun’s eyes which opened augmented reality, and the Horn Jackals were marked by red crosses.


The hundreds of Air Swords were able to be controlled because of the computational power of Nano.


A combination of martial arts and technology.


“… what the hell is that?”


Bu Hyeon-dong, who was looking at the bunker, was shocked.


He couldn’t send reinforcements because defending the wall was more important, which was why he was keeping an eye on the bunker with a sad face.


And then, something unknown happened.


He hoped to see something, but everything was happening too fast. However, not long after, his hope was answered.


“Wh-What kind of laser bombing is that?”


The light was so bright that he couldn’t see what was happening through the telescope, it seemed like a laser.


It wasn’t known for sure, but he was confident about one thing.


The Horn Jackals around the bunker were almost wiped out.




‘They’re avoiding that place.’


The Horn Jackals, which sensed the crisis, moved away from the bunker and towards the wall.


He couldn’t understand what happened.




‘What’s that?’


‘A newly developed weapon?’


It wasn’t just one or two people who saw that.


More than half of the soldiers who were holding the mid-range artillery on the wall witnessed it.




“Huh… uh?”


The lieutenant, who was looking at that, frowned.


He touched the earphone in his left ear and asked.


“What’s that supposed to mean?… What!”


Shocked, the man hurried to Bu Hyeon-dong.






At the urgent voice, he looked.


Pointing to the southwest, the lieutenant shouted.


“Variables are popping up. The Alpha type is heading towards the E-3 barrier, not here!”




Bu Hyeon-dong couldn’t hide his shock at the new information.


Currently, most of the forces and the Gate Keepers were gathered around D-13.


However, the Alpha, the leader which had the core, appeared near the E-3 barrier where a low amount of troops are.


“What should we do?”


The man was unable to decide.


Even if it was the Alpha, too many Horn Jackals are rushing to the wall they are on.


‘Shit! This is a mess.’


There was a reason why the Major was worried.


As the individual type, the Alpha was the leader of the pack which comes from the Gate.


The strength and risk category of it was incomparable to the general type.


‘Is this some kind of a mistake or coincidence?’


Looking at the situation, it didn’t seem like the dangerous entities were driven by the intent to kill.


They just looked like ferocious wild monsters.




But he didn’t have time for such questions.


“The power that the Alpha has, it has quick mobility and…”


Tak! Tak! Tak!


Hitting a button on the radio three times, Bu Hyeon-dong spoke.


“This is the commander.”


Meanwhile, the infantry, the Murim warriors, and the Gate Keepers continued to battle with the Horn Jackals in front of the wall.


The monsters hadn’t reached the wall yet.


It was because the Murim warriors and those with special abilities were doing their best.


Among them, the most prominent ones were,






Moyong Geum’s splendid sword, which was slashing down the Jackals.


Even the hard skin of the monsters was useless in front of his sword.


There was another person who was killing dozens of Horn Jackals alone.


‘Let’s go Thunderbolt Sword technique.’




Four Horn Jackals were cut down at the same time.


The Thunderbolt Knife technique


It exerted great power in the hands of Peng Neung-gyeom, who belonged to the Peng clan.


‘That technique is amazing. It looks stronger than chairman Moyong Geum’s.’


The president of the Six Road Toys, Yeom Ki-seop, bit his tongue.


Even if they were all Superior Masters, the difference was clearly visible.


In that aspect, Peng Neung-gyeom’s ability was outstanding.


‘… but compared to that monster.’


He wasn’t enough.


He was forced to sit on his knees and get treated like a junior. He didn’t even want to think of that situation again.


That was when a voice came through the radios, which were in the protective helmets.


-Click! This is the commander from the command tower. This is an emergency. The dangerous entities’ Alpha is approaching the E-3 barrier. Murim warriors with light footwork are welcome to move.


Light footwork.


It’s a basic technique that all Murim warriors learn.


If one learned it, one could respond effectively and even run faster than anyone at the speed of a sports car.


For that reason, the commander asked the Murim warriors for help.




Ki-seop’s eyes widened.


The Alpha was expected to appear near D-13.


‘It crossed us.’


For the Murim warriors who participated, the core of the Alpha was the best reward.


They couldn’t let anyone else have it.




Without even having to think about it, Ki-seop moved to the southwest.


He wasn’t the only one who did this.




More than 30% of the people had left the D-13 barrier at the same time.


From the moment the Alpha was discovered, it was a battle for the core.


[Huh! Everyone is aiming for it! Yi-sun-ah. Father will head there first. You lead the people of our company and follow me.]




Moyong Geum rushed away.


He did his best to catch up to Peng Neung-gyeom, who was ahead of him.




The Air Swords had devastated the area around the bunker.


[All dangerous objects within a 200m radius have been removed. Terminating the panel control system.]


With that, Chun Yeowun relaxed.


The presence of Horn Jackals couldn’t be felt in the 200m radius.


Chun Yeowun turned his head.


Behind him, Geum Oh-yeon was still crying.


“I never dreamed that I would be able to witness this in my life. The Sky Demon Sword…”


Geum Oh-yeon’s gaze didn’t leave the sword in Chun Yeowun’s hand.


When she saw the sword, which was supposed to be a legend, she couldn’t control the outburst of emotions.


Bowing, with her head on the floor, she said.


“I apologize for not recognizing you right away. To see Chun Ma born in my time… I, I really appreciate it! I, no, the cult is blessed!”


Chun Yeowun nodded his head without saying anything.


Like Baek Jong-so, Geum Oh-yeon thinks Chun Yeowun is the new Chun Ma.


He didn’t want to explain everything, so he let them assume what they wanted, and the woman spoke.


“I have heard from Director Go that the current cult is trying to unite its forces and rebuild itself on behalf of the chairman who is in prison.”




Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.


He listened to her words.


“Nevertheless, it’s a sin that I didn’t participate in it, but yet, you have come running to this dangerous place to save an old member of the cult.”


Thud! Thud!


Geum Oh-yeon banged her head against the ground.


At her words, Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.


‘They’re trying to rebuild the cult?’


If those words were true, then the dissolved Black Sky Company didn’t actually disappear.


They were planning on resurrecting it secretly.


‘Then, when she was unable to recognize me now… this woman is mistaking me for someone else.’


Chun Yeowun’s thoughts were confirmed.


Geum Oh-yeon raised her crying face.


“I didn’t know that the Lord would be so grown up. I only saw you when you were young. The former chairman will be so pleased.”




It seemed like she was mistaking Chun Yeowun for the grandson or son of the Black Sky Company’s chairman.


It seemed like she knew something.


It was then.


“Chun Ma… cough.”


The woman suddenly coughed.


If it was a simple cough, it wouldn’t have mattered.


“Cough… cough….”


Blood was running down her lips.


Upon closer inspection, the whites in her eyes were red, but it wasn’t because of her tears.




Chun Yeowun approached and felt her pulse.


Her energy was very weak.


‘… the dantian?’


Chun Yeowun frowned.


If she was the wife of the previous head of the Pure Kick Clan, he thought that she must possess a fair amount of skills, but because of her destroyed dantian, she had a small amount of internal energy.


‘She’s getting weaker. Nano, what’s wrong with her?’


[This is due to the polluted air filled with toxic substances…]




It was something Chun Yeowun hadn’t thought about.


When the bunker was closed, the air purification was operating normally, but as the Horn Jackal broke open the door, the air from outside came in.


All the soldiers and Gate Keepers and even the Murim warriors outside were wearing protective suits.


‘Her condition isn’t good.’


He noticed that the air quality dropped once he crossed the wall.


However, it had no effect on Chun Yeowun as he was at Heavenly Master Level.


“Cough… cough… I, I’m… fine.”


“Don’t talk.”




Chun Yeowun infused internal energy into her body.


And stretched out his hand to expel the polluted air around him and replaced it with wind, which was from one of the five spirit beast cores he had absorbed.


Within a radius of 10m, it was safe.


“Haa… haaa…”


She lifted her head as if breathing became easier.


However, she was already exposed, so she had to be treated quickly.


‘Staying here is unreasonable.’


The presence of the Horn Jackals, which had gathered near the bunker, now began to move.


The two had to head inside the wall.




Chun Yeowun lifted her body.


Flustered, she waved her hand in embarrassment.


“M-My Lord. You don’t have…”


“Stay still. I will take you to the place where your son is.”




Phat! Swoosh!




Before she could realize it, the things around her changed.


It was as if she was on a high-speed train. The surroundings kept changing rapidly, and she was so shocked that she screamed.


Meanwhile, the E-3 barrier area west of Shenyang city.


A battle different from the one at D-13 was taking place about 200 meters away from the wall.


“Damn it…”


A harsh sound came from the mouth of B-class Gate Keeper Tae-pyung.


His face inside the protective suit was drenched in sweat.


“It’s a total monster.”




His right arm was trembling badly.


Even without a diagnosis from a doctor, he knew that the bones in his arms were shattered.


Despite defending himself with telekinetic power, he wasn’t able to block the destructive power of the monster.


“… Leader!”


Yang Tae-pyung looked at where Do Jung-rak was fighting something.


It was a size different from a typical Horn Jackal.


It was several times larger and almost the size of a bus, and it had a massive horn on its back.


The Alpha.






One hit from it made the man fly more than 20 meters away.


Despite the suit and the steel skin protecting him, the force he absorbed was too great.




‘Haa… haa… this is completely different from a D-class hazard entity.’


He was an A class Gate Keeper, but still, he was unable to deal with the monster.


Actually, he was no match for it.


The body was much harder than a normal Jackal’s, and cutting through it with swords made of special alloys was impossible.


The broken sword in his hand was proof of that.






At that moment, someone got torn by the claws of the Alpha.


Startled, Do Jung-rak shouted.




He was a C-class Gate Keeper who got hit while hovering around it.


Not just him, the Gate Keepers below C-class turned out to be incompetent for the mission.


The only role they played was to not take their eyes off the monster and not let it approach the barrier.


‘Shit, what should I do?’


It was when he was thinking.




A blue light flew through the air and hit the back of the monster.


The Alpha, which was hit by sword qi, turned around angry and roared.




Thud! Thud!




“My ears!”


The soldiers held their ears tightly at the screech.


Even the Gate Keepers covered their ears.


“An Alpha. You can withstand the sword qi of this old man.”


The one who used that was Peng Neung-gyeom.


After hearing the support request, he ran to where the monster was, but contrary to his expectations, the monster was alive even after the attack.


‘Once more.’




Peng Neung-gyeom moved towards the front of the monster and attacked again.


Among the techniques of his clans, the Thunderbolt Knife technique was the most destructive one.


Unfolding it, he aimed for the neck of the monster.




At that moment, the Alpha turned at a tremendous speed.




The Alpha, which turned to the side, swung its front foot at Peng as if to counterattack.


Surprised, he stopped unfolding the technique to defend himself.




After being hit, he ended up backing away.


He didn’t fall down like Do Jung-rak, but the force was so strong that he was on one knee.


“Huh! Look at this guy.”


This wasn’t normal.


He knew that Alphas were strong, but this one was too strong, riling up his will.


It seemed like his wish to engage in a battle of life or death was fulfilled.


“I’m excited about this. But once that man arrives, our battle will become difficult, so let’s do this now!”




Blue sword qi began to rise again.


It was then.


Someone mumbled.


“Look over there.”


“Wh-What is that?”


“Horn Jackals?”


He glanced around and saw Moyong Geum running hard from the Northwest, where the Gate Keepers and infantry were protecting the other wall.




He wondered what happened.


Behind Moyong Geum, something unbelievable was seen.




“H-How is that…”


Some kind of fragments were bouncing up from behind Moyong Geum, who was running away from the Horn Jackals.


The fragments were of the Horn Jackals, which were being swept away.


Moyong Geum, who felt something was odd, turned his head.


‘Why is everyone reacting like this…’


At that moment, something faint appeared right behind him.






Moyong Geum hurriedly moved to the side.




Something passed through the path he was just taking.


It passed so quickly that he couldn’t see it properly, but it was a person.


‘He outran me?’


Since it was sudden, he ended up avoiding it, but Moyong Geum was stunned.


What was even more shocking was that person seemed to be holding someone else.




The Alpha roared.


Maybe it noticed it too. It turned its head away from Peng Neung-gyeom and rushed towards the person who was running at the speed of light.




The floor vibrated as the heavy monster ran.






He couldn’t lose the Alpha, so Peng Neung-gyeom followed behind it.


He wasn’t sure who the person running through the Horn Jackals was, but the Alpha was dangerous.


And this monster had outstanding durability, which could withstand sword qi and sword energy.


‘Even if that person is unknown, I can’t just let them bump into this monster!’


However, the Alpha had tremendous speed despite its size.


As if it was a puma, the Alpha’s body moved so fast that no one was able to catch up to it.


‘It’s fast!’


Tap tap tap!


The Alpha, who ran at such speed, roared at the man who was running.


Peng Neung-gyeom yelled.


“It’s dangerous! Move away!”


It was then.


“What’s this?”


The man who was running stretched out his hand.




The sound of something cutting through.




The sound was so intense that it made goosebumps rise on the body of Moyong Geum, who was known to be the best in Shenyang city, and the same even happened to Peng Neung-gyeom.








That scene shocked everyone.


The huge body of the Alpha, which was running forward like a bull, was cut in half.


Peng Neung-gyeom was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth.


‘Th-This can’t be… even sword qi wasn’t cutting it.’


As if the man cut something soft, it was a clean cut.

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