Chapter 3 The Man who fell from the Sky (3)

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Chapter 3 The Man who fell from the Sky (3)


Shenyang City Public Security Bureau’s 2nd Mobile Strike team leader Wei Yang received news that an unidentified flying object fell from the sky and rushed over to rescue people with a nervous mind.


There was no Gate Warning, and in that situation, it was really dangerous if something popped out.


‘How could the defense system on the walls not catch it?’


Unless it had a stealth function, the medium-altitude surface-to-air missile system (HQ-36) should have been operated and used to intercept the flying object.


But that didn’t happen.


It was like something else fell from the sky.


As they hurriedly boarded the team bus and moved, another piece of news came in.


“What? A human?”


That was unexpected.


They thought that it was an object from a Gate. At least their anxiousness disappeared.




But another question arose.


“That means that a person fell from the sky?”




They didn’t know if they had to go ahead with their strike.


But, a human, that wasn’t impossible.


‘A Gate Keeper or a Murim warrior?’


Falling from a high place would be dangerous for anyone, but sometimes, exceptionally talented people would show up, those who transcended the limits of human beings.


‘If it’s a Gate Keeper, they must apply for permission from the Public Security Bureau in advance to engage in activities. They wouldn’t do such things.’


If so, there was a high probability that this person was a Murim warrior.


The weird thing is even the Murim warriors were registered, which made it strange that one of them would appear in the middle of public like that.


‘I need to see it for myself. Among the Murim, some of them shouldn’t be allowed to run wild.’


It wasn’t difficult to find where the incident took place.


The area with vehicles and a crowd of people.


Experienced team leader Wei Yang first sent out the snipers to the surrounding buildings and then pulled out something like a mechanical telescope to inspect the situation from a distance.




Around more than 300 meters away, but he could see.


“What? That crazy bastard.”


“Huhu! Is that true?”


It was thought that it could be a Murim warrior.


However, it was the kind of clothes that the people in Murim usually wore in historical dramas.


He saw a young man with long hair in old-fashioned attire in an image on the tablet screen held by So Pyeong, who was next to him.


“Check their identity with facial recognition.”




After that, So Peyong tapped the tablet a couple of times, then an identity search window popped up, and he dragged the young man’s image onto it.


As the program ran, the facial recognition proceeded rapidly.




The pictures kept changing on the screen.


Soon the results were out.


Frowning, So Pyeong frowned and showed the tablet to team leader Wei Yang.






This wasn’t an expected result.


They searched through the Chinese government’s identity network, but nothing came up.


There should have been some kind of minimal information, but nothing could be found.


“What’s this?”


In that case, there were two assumptions.


There was a possibility that the identity wasn’t registered or the face was altered by some surgery.


“Tch. Nothing is working out.”


If so, it would only be possible to learn his identity after capturing him and getting his fingerprints, using iris recognition, and doing blood tests.


And then voices came from his earpiece.


-A1 at Sangmyung shopping center 6th floor ready to shoot.


-A2 at Yeonwoo building 17th floor ready to shoot.


-A3 at…


One after another, the snipers of the Mobile Strike Team sent radio messages saying they were ready.


Once the sniper deployment is complete, the strike team would need to set up a siege.


Team leader Wei Yang spoke into his earpiece.


“There are a lot of people, so be careful. Aim your lasers and wait.”






With the hand signal from the team leader, the Mobile Strike Team carefully moved.


It was then.


-This is B4, team leader! The 3rd team leader of the violent crime squad has been taken hostage!


Wei Yang’s face distorted at the report.


“3rd team leader? Lee Myeong? No. What is wrong with that bastard!”


There was no time to be surprised.


If a hostage was taken, they were pressured to prevent the unknown man from doing anything stupid or running away.


And it was for this purpose that the snipers were brought in.


“All snipers aim at the suspect with your lasers.”




When the order was issued, the red lasers aimed at the young man with long hair.


Meanwhile, the Mobile Strike Team secretly approached and tried to encircle him. They quickly passed through the gaps in the crowd.


Team leader Wei Yang shouted in a loud voice.


“Don’t be shocked! You are being surrounded.”




“Public Security Mobile Strike Team!”


When about forty armed people appeared, the citizens cheered.


From their point of view, the young man who broke a police officer’s arm was nothing more than a dangerous person.


“Kuk… if you take your hand off my neck, I will guarantee your safety.”


Lee Myeong of the 3rd violent crime squad made a proposal to Chun Yeowun.


It was all done.


Chun Yeowun’s entire body was being aimed at by sniper rifles.


He would have no choice but to back down.


“You better get your hand off my neck…”


“I see that you can still smile.”








Lee Myeong’s face turned pale in an instant.


He thought that the Murim man had no choice but to give up. He was practically trapped between the Strike Team and the snipers.


But the man brought a pure white blade to his neck.


“W-What is this… do you really want to die?”


The man stuttered as he spoke.


However, Chun Yeowun looked around, not caring.


‘Ha! Is he not afraid for his life?’


2nd team leader Wei Yang thought.


The sniper rifles all aimed for his vital points, one shot was enough to kill the man, but the man brought out a blade and threatened the hostage.


‘Is he coming out strong?’


Some criminals didn’t give in to threats.


A strong strategy.


However, team leader Wei Yang had a lot of experience.


‘Threatening the police. You are putting yourself at a higher risk.’


There was one thing that the Public Security Bureau was praised for being better at than other police forces.


If the life of a public security officer is threatened, the suspect will be eliminated at any cost.


‘Arms and legs can be shot.’


Team leader Wei Yang raised his hand and sent the signal.


And one sniper answered.


-This is A3 sniper. Roger!


It was a Mobile Strike Team sniper aiming for Chun Yeowun’s wrist, which was holding Lee Myeong’s neck.


If the sniper shoots, Chun Yeowun would lose his wrist.


‘You brought this on yourself.’


When the signal came again, the sniper pulled the trigger without hesitation.




Chun Yeowun’s wrist was being shown on the screen…




As the bullet moved, a shriek could be heard.




The sniper who pulled the trigger was confused.


He was one of the top three snipers among the Shenyang City Public Security Bureau’s Mobile Strike Team.


Which was why he was given permission to aim at the wrist, which was the most difficult place to hit.


“What the hell…”


Chun Yeowun’s wrist was intact.


It was none other than 3rd team leader Lee Myeong, who screamed from being hit by the bullet.


When the bullet was shot, Chun Yeowun pulled back, and the bullet pierced the left shoulder of Lee Myeong.


‘That idiot! Making a mistake at such a crucial time!’


Team leader Wei Yang thought it was the sniper’s mistake.


And now, this will make the suspect more aware of his surroundings.


But the reaction was strange.


‘What now?’


On the contrary, it was the same casual expression.


Be it a Murim warrior or not, when someone’s life is being threatened, some kind of response has to be there.


Whatever it was, people were watching everything.


If things weren’t resolved quickly, the status of Public Security would fall.




Wei Yang changed the hand signal.


Blowing off his wrist proved risky, so they decided that it was better to shoot his leg.




The sniper, who was aiming at the back of the right calf, pulled the trigger.




The calf was wider than the wrist, and the chance of the hostage getting hit was less.


It was then.








A scream.


But again, it was Lee Myeong who screamed.


‘N-No fucking way!’


Wei Yang was at a loss for words.


As soon as the bullet was fired, Chun Yeowun swung the body and used Lee Myeong as a shield.


Lee Myeong, who had his thigh pierced, felt like he was going to die.


‘He noticed the sniper?’


Something outrageous happened.


It couldn’t be a coincidence that the unknown man was using Lee Myeong as a shield.




Wei Yang ground his teeth. He didn’t know the unknown man’s origin, but he was definitely not a normal Murim warrior.


‘… a master?’


If so, he felt sorry for Lee Myeong, who got caught.


While the others were hesitating, Lee Myeong shouted.


“Kuaaak! Strike team leader! Don’t worry about me and sh…”




As Chun Yeowun clenched tighter, he was unable to speak.


However, it was well known to the others that Lee Myeong was ready to make sacrifices.


‘It can be dangerous.’


Sniping was the only answer.


It wasn’t known how this Murim man was detecting the snipers, but if all the snipers shot at once, he wouldn’t be able to use him as a shield.


‘Lee Myeong. This is a bummer, but you make the Public Security proud.’


With determined eyes, Wei Yang tried to signal the snipers to shoot all at once.


It was then.








Wei Yang’s body, which was about to give a hand signal, floated and got dragged.


It was upsetting how nothing could be done.


The man in the shadows standing by the window of the opposite building explained.


“Hidden Void Energy!”


The art of moving things with profound energy.


It was only possible to learn it at the Super Master Level, and to drag people, that was only possible for those near the Superior Master Level.


‘He’s a great master!’


The man’s eyes gleamed with greed.


Meanwhile, Wei Yang, who was being dragged, got grabbed by the neck.




Now, Chun Yeowun had a second shield.


With a cynical voice, Chun Yeowun spoke to Wei Yang.


“You are the leader.”


He saw how this man gave so many hand signals.


When the leader was captured, the other team members went stiff.




“Now send the hand signal for those in the distance to shoot their firearms.”






At those words, Wei Yang’s face turned pale.


Now that he was taken hostage, he couldn’t command the snipers.


‘Kuak! This bastard!’


When Wei Yang was silent, Chun Yeowun’s lips formed into a smile, and he asked Lee Meyong, who was in his other hand.


“When did things ever turn?”

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