Chapter 25 Portent (3)

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Chapter 25 Portent (3)


Inside the bus that the agents of the Public Security were riding.




Baek Jon-so groaned as if the gas he had inhaled wasn’t properly removed.


He had inhaled the gas from the anesthetic bombs as he was in a state where his blood points were sealed, and as a result, he was experiencing numbness.


Fortunately, there was an antidote, and he managed to take it, but his body was still a mess.


His internal energy had depleted.


‘He hid it from me too. Ha…’


Baek Jong-so clicked his tongue as he shook his head.


At the same time, he thought.


‘How could he use the surveillance cameras and wiretapping devices this way? He is as smart as a spy.’


Thanks to Chun Yeowun’s mind, the Public Security Bureau’s mobile strike team was caught.


In a way, he thought it was for the best that he wasn’t told the plan, as his reaction was more natural.




That was when he heard a groan.


Baek Jong-so got out of the bus and looked.


‘Are there twelve people?’


The man in a grey jumpsuit was clenching his teeth, trying to overcome the pain.




The finger dug into the man’s right shoulder came out.


The pain was unbearable.


Chun Yeowun was the one who inflicted such pain on him.


“Kuaaa… ugh… ackkkk…”


The man let out a ragged and raspy breath as the finger was pulled out.


Glaring at Chun Yeowun, he shouted.


“Haa… haa… haaa… you bastard! Do you think that we’ll start talking if you torture us like this?”


Chun Yeowun nodded at his words.


Surely these people were well trained in enduring torture.


From ten mobile strikers to two agents in civilian clothes, he had inflicted the same pain on them all, but no one spoke.




Of course, to some extent, Chun Yeowun changed the severity of torture.


If he was in the Murim era, he would have plucked out their nails or cut off their fingers one by one, but now he just used his finger to penetrate their flesh.


If Chun Yeowun’s former subordinates saw this, they might have said, ‘Our Lord has become gentle.’


“Well, your mouth seems too heavy for you to speak. Then should we see if your boss will be the same as you?” (1)


“You jerk…”




The man who was drenched in blood lost consciousness.


Chun Yeowun turned his head.


The team leader with saggy cheeks was looking at him with a pale face.


As he watched his team members suffer one after the other helplessly, this was a natural reaction.


‘Shit, that wicked bastard!’


The team leader still couldn’t help falling into the trap Chun Yeowun laid.


But he wasn’t the kind to blame himself and feel bad.


That was when Chun Yeowun approached him and asked.


“I will ask you the same question. As long as you answer, I will send you away.”


As soon as he said that, the index finger of Chun Yeowun touched the right shoulder of the team leader.


The team leader’s breathing quickened.


‘Fuck. The guys have endured this, and if I can’t stand this, it’ll be shameful for me.’


Chun Yeowun asked.


“Geum Jong-so’s mother. Where did you hide her?”


“… don’t, I don’t know.”


“Yeah. Right.”




Chun Yeowun’s finger pierced the team leader’s shoulder.


He was prepared for it, but the pain was too great.




He seemed to understand why the other agents had clenched their teeth.


“Fuck! Fuck!”


It was just one finger, yet he was cursing.


As soon as Chun Yeowun’s finger came out of his flesh, the clothes near his shoulder were soaked in blood.


Now, the finger went to his left shoulder.


“Once again. Guem Jong-so’s mother. Where did you hide her?”


“Shut up… fuck! I don’t know you bastar…”






Another scream with the finger digging in.


With an expressionless face, Chun Yeowun had his finger on the thigh this time.


“Geum Jong-so’s mother. Where did you hide her?”


The team leader’s face turned red as he urgently shouted.


“Wait! Wait!”


“Are you going to answer?”


“You bastard… do you think you can handle the aftereffects of this?”


“That isn’t the answer I want.”




Chun Yeowun tried to push his finger in again.


Startled, the team leader shouted.


“D-Do you have time to torture us like this?”


Chun Yeowun looked puzzled as he asked.


“… what are you saying?”


The team leader, who thought that he had drawn his attention, spoke in a calm voice.


“You made a mistake.”




“Do you think that if you destroy all the cameras and devices in the home, no one will know?”


As he said, the room was a mess.


It was because Chun Yeowun had removed all the devices.


The team leader, convinced that his words worked on Chun Yeowun, spoke with a sly smile.


“Do you think we are the only ones looking at the camera feed? You pretend to be smart, but you are stupid. You broke them and thought that no one would notice? Hah! All the power in the Public Security Bureau should be coming to this place at any moment.”


“That’s such a bluff.”


“Kuak, you think I’m bluffing? Why do you think they kept silent despite being tortured? They all waited patiently for the reinforcements to arrive!”


Chun Yeowun looked into the man’s eyes.


His eyes were trembling, but he looked confident.


Just then. Baek Jong-so came into the living room.


When Chun Yeowun looked at him, Baek Jong-so nodded.


“You’re lucky.”




Chun Yeowun lifted his finger from the thigh.


And leaving him alone, he left the house.


Eventually, the sound of the engine starting was heard from outside, along with the sound of the car departing. The team leader sighed in relief.


“Sigh… haaa….”


He was afraid of being introduced to the same pain again.


He felt fortunate that his improvisation worked.


‘I’m glad I deceived him.’


In fact, it was a lie to say that the Bureau would come.


Despite being in the Bureau, this team operated secretly.


For that reason, all the equipment and information have been disconnected from the headquarters.


And that was why Chun Yeowun tortured them, yet no one gave the information.


‘Haha… still, I’m glad that everyone here is safe. I need to tell the head that the spy planted in the Six Road Toys is… oh… what?’


Suddenly, something was odd.


No matter how much he had bluffed about the bureau, it was suspicious how all of them were spared.


‘Damn it! I would have been hurt more!’


The team leader wriggled his body and picked up a piece of broken glass that had fallen on the ground.


He had to cut the ropes which were restraining his hands and feet.


The team leader, who barely released himself, woke up his agents.


“T-Team leader! You’re safe.”


“We don’t have time for small talk. We’ll talk inside the bus and wake everyone up.”


At the impatient attitude of the team leader, the agent nodded and woke the others up.


When everyone woke up, they hurried into the van.


The bus departed, and the team leader explained what happened.


Agent San-young spoke with a happy face.


“You’re such a reliable person! Indeed you’re amazing, sir! I thought that they were smart but how stupid. If they punctured the tires of the bus, we would have wasted more time too. Tch tch. They’re stupid.”


The team leader scolded him.


“They aren’t stupid. They didn’t puncture the tires on purpose.”




“We were almost deceived. He’s a really clever one.”


“What do you mean?”


“They let us go on purpose. They pretended to have gotten tricked by us as none of the equipment we had was traceable.”


At first, the team leader thought that he had deceived Chun Yeowun.


But then, it seemed strange.


A person bold enough to kidnap them wouldn’t give up so easily.


Even if not for Chun Yeowun, Geum Jong-so, who was in his party, should be emotionally outraged by them giving up on his mother, but he was calm too.


“Then why? Can’t he go to where the chief is?”


“There’s no way that clever bastard will go after them right away. Uhm. He must have installed a tracking device in the bus.”


“Damn it. Quickly search for the tracking device!”


Surprised by those words, San-young gave the order to the others.


The team leader shook his head.


“Stop. They aren’t idiots. They didn’t install them in visible places. First, let’s head to the nearest repair shop.”




The man driving searched for a place in the navigation system.


The team leader wiggled his fingers with an anxious face.


They had to rush to a repair shop. Remove the device and contact their chief.


Shenyang, Public Security Bureau Director’s office.


Director Sang Yu-geun, who was holding a radio, was stiff.


A man’s voice could be heard from it, but it was hoarse.


-Click! Director. What should I do? They are at the repair shop and waiting for instructions.


At that, the director stroked his chin.


He got a report of the situation, which was completely different from what he expected, and it complicated his mind.


‘Is it him again?’


When the order to investigate was given, he never expected it to turn out like this.


He predicted that there would be problems, especially since he held the man’s mother and asked him to act like a spy.


‘What an annoying one you are.’


He looked at the picture of Chun Yeowun on his desk.


Like a loach, he was taking away everything the director planned.


‘I don’t know what kind of trick you used, but you crossed a line you shouldn’t have.’


And if such a person was left alone, more problems would crop up.


Having made a decision, the director pressed the button on the radio and said.


“Superintendent. Have the team leader stop them from disabling the tracking device.”


-Click! Sorry? What is that?


“If the Six Road Toys know he’s a spy, then he is of no use to us.”


-Click!…. Are you throwing him away?


Superintendent Neung’s voice was heavy.


It wasn’t that he was feeling regret or guilt about discarding the man, but it was disappointing that all the hard work they did would be in vain.


“Isn’t that why we used him?”


-Click. Yes.


“I’ll send you a location, so have the team leader guide them there and gather the 4th and 5th teams and the special agents too.”


-Click! Yes!


“Ah! The tech team just sent me some good stuff. I will send the file now.”


Director Sang Yu-geun turned on his monitor screen.


A line that looked like a frequency and things like numbers were written underneath it.


[The detonation code of the MS bomb.]


The file’s identity was the frequency code for the nano bomb.


Looking at the screen, the director muttered.


“I never thought that it would be used this way. Tch.”


At the same time.


An RV not far from the Public Security Bureau.


Inside was a man intently listening to something through earphones.


It was Lee Myeong, the 3rd team leader of the violent crimes squads, who was suspended.


-I never thought that it would be used this way. Tch.


It was the voice of the director of Public Security that was coming in through the earphones.


Lee Myeong had installed a wiretapping device in the director’s office.


As he was suspicious of the director the day he visited the office, Lee Myeong had secretly installed the device.




This man was freaking out.


This wiretapping device was a cheap product, yet unimaginable information came out of it.


“Damn it! What the hell is he doing?”


He couldn’t help but feel disappointed when he discovered the other side of the Bureau, which he never knew of.


He thought the director was hiding something, but he never expected that words of destroying someone would come out of his mouth so easily. (*)


Lee Myeong, who was worried, immediately turned the car around.




One hour later.


The southern outskirts of Shenyang city.


Not far from the wall of an abandoned factory.


Most of the factories around seemed to have been destroyed by bombs, and there was only one unbroken.


As the sun went down, the dark abandoned factory looked like a ghost residence.




The door to the closed factory opened.


The sound of two pairs of footsteps entering.


Step, step!


It was when the footsteps moved to the center.




The opened door closed.


At the same time.




LED lights turned on in the abandoned building, the dark space became bright.


The lights in the middle showed two people, Chun Yeowun and Baek Jong-so.


“Don’t Move!”


“You are under arrest!”


Clink! Clink!


Numerous mobile strikers revealed themselves.


More than sixty people aimed their machine guns at the two men from the second floor.


[T-Too many.]


Shocked, Baek Jong-so sent a message to Chun Yeowun.


They came here following the tracking device, just as the Public Security expected.


They knew that people would be hidden inside, but there were too many.




Then he heard a laugh.


Three men appeared among the mobile strikers.


One familiar face.


It was the man who was tortured by Chun Yeowun a little while back.


“Neung Do-myung!”


Baek Jong-so looked at the man next to the team leader with furious eyes.


However, the other man called out.


“Geum Jong-so…”


It felt sorrowful.


The small, short middle-aged man with sad eyes was Neung Do-myung. One of the two superintendents of the Public Security Bureau’s special task force.


The one who put Baek Jong-so into the Six Road Toys as a spy.




Chun Yeoun’s looked at someone else.


Unlike the mobile strikers holding firearms, one man with curly hair held a grey sword and stared at Chun Yeowun.


The one leading these men stepped forward and talked as if he enjoyed the moment.


“Stupid bastards. Did you think that we would be deceived by such nonsense?”


With those words, the team leader threw something on the floor.




Baek Jong-so frowned.


It was the tracking device they had installed on the bus.


The team leader pointed to Chun Yeowun and spoke with a smile.


“Haha. I’ll pay you back for before. It’ll be really good.”


Editor’s Note –


(1) “Well, your mouth seems too heavy for you to speak.” This means that he is hard to crack through torture. He’s basically saying that since he’s not breaking, his mouth must be too heavy to speak with.

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